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Cell Tower Radiation – Is It Strong Enough To Knock You Down?

Here is a letter one of my readers sent me relating his concerns of EMF exposures. Its an eye opening account. The subtle effects of these man made frequencies are well known (on this website at least). But his experience suggests that the effects could be more overt for some people. Here is the letter:

A note to some of my family members,
Having communicated with some of you lately regarding the likely hazards of electro-magnetic radiation from the ubiquitous cell phone towers especially, and other sources as well, below is the link to a good video about the research into these topics. It is about 1 1/2 hours long
I personally have been feeling the effects of living within 300 yards/meters of a cell phone tower which is approximately 75 feet tall with multiple radiation antennas on it. I would not say that I have been debilitated by this one but I often am awakened with high frequencies in my head (for want of any better way to describe them) and sense a warmer than normal body temperature from this radiation. These sensations are not consistent and it is as though the intensity of the radiation varies for unknown reasons to me. Perhaps there are more sources than I am unaware of. Perhaps it depends upon who is using their cell phones and the company that is serving them as well as how far the signal must be sent to the customer which would determine its strength and possibly its frequency.
As I have mentioned to some of you, slightly over a year ago now, I had a unique experience (for me, in this lifetime!) as I was casually walking along in the evening in a large, well-lit parking lot of a local business that was closed for the day, while my good dog was getting some exercise prior to my going to a small meeting with some of my acquaintances. We had been there perhaps 10 or 15 minutes when, ******!… with no warning, I was on my back with no memory of what might have happened, or how I ended up in that position. Neither my head nor arms felt as though they had been impacted from falling backwards, but my main torso seemed somewhat numbed and unusual when I found my dog licking my face probably confused as to why I was lying there. I urged him to move away a bit while I tried to determine whether I might have any internal injuries. I decided to get up within about 5 minutes, and my body gradually seemed to return to normal within a half an hour, and I do not seem to have any ill effects from this experience.
However, I had noticed prior to this, and especially afterwards, that there is a cell phone tower that I estimate approximately 60 feet tall, near the end of the business building, and about 30 meters from where I was standing or walking at the time of the incident.
I cannot say with certainty that the cell tower was responsible for what happened to me but I am telling of this experience, mainly to see, if anyone else has had any similar or comparable experiences, or know anyone who has.
Never before, had I any particular concerns regarding the cell phone towers and related, but I have since read on the “Electric Sense” website about electric charge building up in the human body in various ways, some from free-radical accumulation, but especially from our living in a relative “fog” of electromagmetic radiation from all of the many thousands of these cell phone towers throughout this country alone.
And, relative to this build up of charge, I have read that there are people in business who are producing “earthing shoes” to help to “ground” this charge back to the earth since most of our footwear is insulative instead of conductive. I have noted that Lloyd Burrell, of the website Electric Sense, cautioned one about being too close to a cell phone tower while being too good of a “grounding rod”, so to speak. Being well grounded in a drizzling rain near a cell tower, might be hazardous to one’s health?? Lloyd has stated that going bare-foot is a good way to ground such charge back to earth, though not so convenient for most of us, and, of course, with the above precaution.
I have wondered if some people may have had such experiences as I, alone or with others and assumed that they might have had a stroke or some other sort of attack without considering their proximity to cell phone towers. If there were a quick manner to determine the average (should one call it “normal”?) charge on an individual and then a reasonable range of deviation according to size, body mass, etc., it may be easier to conclude likely causes; and one might even find that there would be an excess residual charge left in the body after such an experience, if it were, in fact, caused by the cell phone tower. Just some thoughts for how to proceed in a relatively un-investigated area, but one that would be advantageous for those in the realm of diagnosing medical and/or biological problems which seem perplexing.
Also, relative to some of the concerns in the video below, I too, have noticed a marked reduction in this area of the bees and birds populations in recent years which will have serious ramifications for us people as well.

https://www.electricsense.com/4558/the-sun-the-moon-the-winds-the-tides-our-lives-and-emfs/ [1]

Sorry for this being a bit lengthy but I think it is all relevant to the topic at hand.
Thank you.
Jon Draw (email withheld)