Cell Phones Cause Cancer…Any Questions?

To date, many scientists and physicians have gone on record to state, that cell phones cause brain cancer and that the danger to human health from mobile phone radiation is real.  Still no legislative action has been taken. If you want to protect yourself, YOU are going to have to protect yourself.

Brain Cancer is Too High a Price to Pay for Delay

cell phone cancerIt may seem too early to start talking about product warnings regarding how much we use our mobile phones, or how often. It might seem too soon to talk about legislating the number of cell masts and strength of transmissions (electromagnetic fields) that can be installed in any given location.  It might be seen as reactionary to want to raise public awareness on a large enough scale to initiate an outcry.  Delaying precautionary measures until there is politically endorsed “conclusive proof” that cell phones cause cancer might seem like a more reasonable approach.

But can we afford to wait any longer?

To delay another year or five year’s or even ten years,  as some suggest, will mean that countless lives will be lost to cell-phone-radiation-caused brain cancer.  Or on a lesser scale, delay will certainly cause more of us to fall ill from the unpredictable effects that radiation from mobile phones imposes on our health.

Act Now, Before Another Child Gets Cancer from Cell Phone Use

The scientific research that has been conducted so far is enough to warrant action.  We know enough to start taking a stand against careless and unregulated telecommunications expansion. Do we really need a repeat of the situation we faced with smoking and lung cancer and big tobacco before we do anything?

Our health, the health of our environment and, most importantly our children’s health–perhaps their very lives–are at stake.  We cannot afford to sit idly by while cell phone radiation continues to impact our well-being. Click here to read my cell phone radiation protection tips.

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