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Cell Phone Towers And Cell Phones And Misconceptions

What Is The Biggest Threat To Our Health Cell Phone Masts Or Cell Phones?

There are now said to be 4 billion cell phones worldwide, this is a figure which is often cited, but what we don’t talk about is the number of cell phone towers or transmitters.

I cannot give any approximation of the number of cell phone towers worldwide what I do know is that as cell phones are being used more and more as communications become cheaper and cheaper and as the phone companies offer more and more free time deals the existing cell phone masts cannot cope with the demand.

Which poses the biggest threat to our health cell phone masts or cell phones?

The answer is simple they are both dangerous but they impact our health in different ways. The difference between the two is one of choice. To have a cell phone is a personal choice, but living or working near a cell phone transmitter you have no choice.

In the media there is much more talk about the health risks of cell phones and cancer but we hear less about cell phone transmitters and cancer. So why is this? One of the reasons is that it is very difficult to do epidemiological studies of populations exposed to cell phone transmitters, as it is unlikely that this is the only exposure to radio frequency radiation that they will have. The regulatory bodies and phone companies claim that the exposure from masts are so low in comparison to a cell phones, that the radiofrequency radiation could not possibly be harmful.

Public Pressure To Dismantle Cell Phone Towers

Despite this there have been numerous cases in France particularly where cell phone towers have been taken down following a legal ruling that they could be dangerous. These legal rulings, based on the principle of precaution, are becoming more and more frequent. There are a number of cases where transmitters have been taken down because of their proximity to schools.

Studies Prove Adverse Effects Of Cell Phone Towers

Studies conducted by Navarro (2003), Oberfield (2004) and Hutter (2006) has shown a consistent pattern of ill effects reported by people living near masts, when compared with those living further away. Specifically, studies show that it’s essentially within 400 m of the cell phone tower that adverse health effects take place. An epidemiological study published by Doctor Gerd Oberfield in 2008 found statistically significant increases in cancer (especially breast and brain cancer) risk for people living near a mobile phone base station, with the most exposed showing the largest increase in risk.

Lots of studies have detailed the microwave syndrome affects of cell phone transmitters, the Preece study of 2007, notably, which studied the health response of two communities to military antenna in Cyprus and also the 2004 Wolf study which identified an increased incidence of cancer near as cell phone can transmitter station.

Indeed there are dozens of studies on the subject which all point to the same conclusion and yet we continue to see more and more cell phone transmitters being erected. Why? One of the reasons is because we are so openly misled. In 2007 the UK Secretary of State for health in presenting to the House of Commons the research that her department had commissioned into the potential effects on health of mobile phone masts stated “exposure levels from living near to mobile phone base stations are extremely low, and the overall evidence indicates that they are unlikely to pose a risk to health”.

Cell Phone Tower Radiation Protection Low In United States

Radiation standards for cell phone towers in the USA are amongst  the lowest and least protective in the world. The radiation limits vary around the world, in the United States the limit is 580 to 1,000 microwatts per sq. cm, which offers little protection compared to Australia, for instance where the limit is 200 microwatts per sq. cm. In Russia, Italy and Canada the limit is 10 microwatts per sq. cm, in China it’s 6 microwatts per sq. cm. and in New Zealand it’s 0.02 microwatts per sq. cm.

Why are we being misled? Money. It is estimated that in the UK mobile phone related revenue now exceeds more than £20 billion a year. Indeed often the UK government has been behind the installation of these masts. All UK operators were required by the end of 2007 to provide 3G service where at least 80% of the population live.

So what can we do? Protest and protect. In another article I will cover what protective measures you should undertake if you live near a cell phone tower.

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