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Cell Phone Radiation, What The Industry has done to hide it, What You Can Do

Devra Davies : Five years ago, like many of you, I had two cell phones; and I loved the convenience it gave me to stay in touch with my family, to use it working with my colleagues, but I began to wonder, how much do we know about the safety of cell phones.  And, as someone working in public health, I began to look at what we really have information on.

Now today, we know you can use a cell phone safely, with an earpiece, with a speaker phone, and certainly for texting.  But, we also know that children should not be using cell phones next to their brains, nor should the rest of us.  I was astonished, as I began to look at this, to find that the governments of Israel and Finland and France have all advised that children not use cell phones, and that phones not be held directly next to the brain.

What I’ve learned is that scientists for years have understood the dangers of cell phone radiation.  This model (Dr. Davis holds up a model of a brain) was developed by scientists working for industry.  What they found is that cell phone radiation gets into the head of an adult, and it also gets much more deeply into the head of a child.  We don’t know what this will mean for the long term, but we know that children’s brains are developing and exquisitely sensitive.

And that’s why this precaution on how to use cell phones today.  That’s why we started the campaign for safer cell phones, and that’s why I wrote my book “Disconnect”  about cell phone radiation and what the industry has done to hide it, and what you can do to protect your family.  We can do better and we must do better.