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Cell Phone Radiation Protection – Do Air Tube Headsets Work?

Cell phones emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

This particular EMF is called radio frequency (RF) radiation or microwave radiation.

This radiation is emitted by your cell phone whenever you talk, text, stream videos or stream music.

Even when you’re not doing all this and your cell phone is on standby, it still emits EMFs.

Some people feel symptoms when they use a cell phone.

Other people feel nothing – its not because you can’t feel anything that cell phone radiation exposures are not doing anything to your health.

Thousands of independent studies link cell phone radiation exposures to a long list of very serious diseases, including cancer [1].

Nevertheless, I know that some of you reading this absolutely love your cell phone.

No matter what the studies say or I or anybody else says about the dangers you’ll carry on using your cell phone.

But how about learning to use it safely? Or at least more safely?….

What Is An Air Tube Headset?

airtube headsetAn air tube headset [2] is a pair of earphones coupled to a microphone with an ‘air tube’ component. Regular headsets consist of a 100% wired connection.

The difference is that an air tube headset has typically a part wired component and a section of hollow flexible airtube, replacing the wire. This wire and hollow tube component transmits the sound from your device (cell phone, mp3 player or other) to your ear. The peculiarity of this airtube is that it contains no metal.

An airtube headset plugs into the jack on your cell phone the same as a conventional headset.

How Does An Air Tube Headset Work?

A conventional headset has a wire cable. Wire has metal in it. This metal conducts the radiation coming from your cell phone allowing it to easily travel up the wire and into your head.

Wired headsets can act as an antenna attracting ambient EMFs, transmitting radiation directly to your brain, thereby increasing your exposure.

The air tube headset uses hollow air tubes to conduct the sound from your cell phone, or other device, using “sound waves”.

For the Kinden low radiation airtube headset I’m reviewing today, the manufacturer claims a 98% reduction in electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

This short video explains how the airtube headset works:

Can An Air Tube Headset Reduce Radiation?

An air tube cell phone headset allows you to put distance between you and your cell phone. It’s this distance that reduces your radiation exposure.

That’s the theory. Actually its a bit more than theory. The manufacturer has had their product tested at the Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology – I share the test report in the video.

This testing shows 98% shielding effectiveness.

Sounds too good to be true? There are some downsides.

What Are The Downsides?

Let’s look at the downsides of the Kinden low radiation airtube headset:

Should You Buy It?

If you are using a cell phone for speaking, using an air tube headset is a no-brainer. The Kinden low radiation airtube headset, for the price (currently around $20), offers a very good value for money. Note: because it has a standard jack fitting you can also use on other devices like an mp3 player or computer.

Firstly, a word of warning. If you do buy one, buy it for the right reasons.

An air tube headset does not make your cell phone safe. FACT.

BUT it can make your cell phone safer.

IF when you call you put a good distance between your phone and your head. AND you don’t up your cell phone usage because you’ve bought an air tube headset.

AND you do apply my cell phone protection tips [3] when using your cell phone.

Where To Buy?

You can buy your air tube headset from LessEMF [2]. But make sure what you buy is compatible with your phone. The model shown here has a 3.5mm jack


If minimizing your exposure to cell phone radiation without giving up your cell phone is high on your agenda buying an air tube headset is a good move.