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Cell Phone Radiation and EMFs – Be prepared to be surprised

Are you worried about cell phone radiation? [1]

Are you concerned that WIFI [2] or Bluetooth [3] might be bad for you?

Maybe you live near a cell phone tower [4] and you are worried about the EMFs?

Why Can I Help You?

I became electrosensitive [5] in 2002. I suffered for years, in fact until 3 years ago I was still suffering. My body became highly receptive to the ever present electromagnetic fields in our environment to such an extent that my life became a living hell. My symptoms; a constant headache, I developed joint pains, my ears ached and my eyesight deteriorated, I developed high blood pressure and lived in a constant state of fatigue. I got better. Using a variety of techniques I now live a normal life again. I would like to share these techniques with you.

How Can I Help You?

If you are concerned about EMFs I will share with you my personal insights on how to protect you and your family from the fastest growing environmental menace.

If you are already suffering from symptoms of electrosensitivity [6] you get the benefits of my own personal unique experience, not as someone who is disinterested but as someone who has been through the mill on this subject. This is not another corporate website trying to sell you their latest gizmo.  I actually want to help. Because I have suffered you do not have to suffer.

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