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My reader bonuses will be on their way to your inbox within a few minutes! In the meantime, I want to ask you a small favor. There are millions of people, men, women and children, suffering, some of them quite badly, from the effects of EMFs. Unfortunately, most of them are totally ignorant to the fact that EMFs are in any way causing or contributing to their dis-ease. This is largely because there are huge corporations that are doing everything in their power to prevent people knowing the truth.

I need your help to get the message out there and set more people free. One of the ways you can do this is by writing a positive review of the book.

Of course, I only ever want you to be honest…

But if you ARE loving my EMF Practical Guide I would be extremely GRATEFUL if you could write a review. Just click this link . Then scroll down to the reviews section (about halfway down the page) and click:

It really is that simple, but the two minutes you take to do this will go a VERY long way to help spread the word about EMFs. Here's that review link again. (Note: this link is for Amazon.com, if you purchased through one of the other Amazon platforms please leave your comment there.) Thank you!