Lloyd Burrell

EMF Practical Guide

The Simple Science of Protecting Yourself, Healing Chronic inflammation, and Living a Naturally Health life in Our Toxic Electromagnetic World


  • 5 minute video on the EMF spectrum—discover how the electromagnetic spectrum shows different types of radiation from lowest energy to highest here
  • Get my latest recommendations for EMF meters—discover my top EMF meter picks in this 16 minute video here
  • Air tube headset recommendation to make using your cell phone safer— watch a 4 minute video review of my recommended air tube headset here
  • See the effectiveness of airplane mode being tested with an EMF meter— watch my 3 minute video of airplane mode being tested with an EMF meter here
  • How to make your modem/router safer—watch a 7 minute video on how to reduce the transmit power modem/router here
  • Low EMF router review —watch my 1 minute 20 seconds video of the JRS low EMF router here (significantly reduce your Wi-Fi exposure without reducing performance)
  • How to use your existing coaxial wiring to hardwire your Internet—watch a 7 minute video here
  • How to disable the public WIFI on your home router—watch a 30 second video on how to do this on a Xfinity router here, this article explains how to do this with an AT&T router
  • Common wiring errors—watch this 36 minute video which explains common wiring errors in homes here
  • How to trace errors on building wiring—watch a 22 minute video here. Download the transcript here.
  • How to eliminate magnetic fields on water pipes—watch a 2 minute video on how to insert a dielectric coupler to eliminate magnetic fields on water pipes here
  • How to test for electric fields in your home—watch a video on how to test for electric fields in your home here
  • How to detect dirty electricity on a light bulb—video of how to detect dirty electricity from a low energy light bulb with an AM radio here.
  • Organizations working to bring awareness about 5G and stop 5G at a local and national level—list here
  • How to disable the wireless setting on your computer—watch a video on how to do this on Windows here and Mac here
  • How to hardwire your tablet—for Android here and Mac here
  • How to protect yourself from laptop magnetic fields with a laptop shield—watch my 8 minute video here
  • Microwave oven dangers—watch a video showing how even new microwave ovens leak here
  • How to protect yourself from smart meter radiation—see my recommendation for a smart meter shield here and my recommendation for a full smart meter shielding kit here
  • My recommendation for RF shielding foil and tape here—suitable for shielding from cell tower  radiation, Wi-Fi and similar (get 5% discount when you use the coupon code ‘ES-1010', insert the coupon code before ordering to ensure the discount is properly applied)
  •  Amazing healing stories about earthing—click here
  • How to use a multimeter to measure your body voltage—step by step instructions here
    (if you have a body voltage meter here)
  • Earth more safely with earthing shoes—my recommended brand here
  • List of organizations that can help you remove WIFI and lower the EMFs in your school here—plus mp3 recording of how Cece Doucette did this in her school here
  • Recommendation for blue light blocking glasseshere

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