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BioInitiative Report on Electromagnetic Field EMF Dangers

The BioInitiative Report is the single most important report published to date on the dangers of EMFs (updated in 2012 see below).

What Are The Objectives of the BioInitiative Report?

The Bio Initiative Report’s objective is to establish a “Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)” it is about producing a benchmark for good science and public health policy planning.

1. to focus on the science, to highlight the studies that people need to be made aware of

2. to talk about what kind of precautionary actions countries are taking around the world.

Essentially it’s about alerting the decision makers in the world, so that the science can be translated into good public health policy.

How Does The BioInitiative Report Set About Achieving These Objectives?

Bioinitiative reportThe 2007 BioInitiative Working Group reviewed 30 years of scientific studies documenting bio-effects and adverse health effects from EMF exposures. It documents the adverse health effects and public health conclusions about the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) including extremely-low frequency (ELFs) and radiofrequency (RF) or microwave radiation.

What Did The 2007 BioInitiative Working Group Do?

It was a group of 14 independent scientists, researchers, and public health policy makers that looked at more than 2,000 peer reviewed studies. That’s to say published science, including studies on brain tumors, Alzheimers, breast cancer, and the effects on the immune system. It looked at the growing number of electrically sensitive [1], those people that are hypersensitive to EMF exposures.

What Are The BioInitiative Reports Recommended Safe Limits For Radiation?

For ELFs ( low frequency EMFs) the BioInitiative Report recommends 1milliGauss (0.1 microTesla) planning limit for habitable space adjacent to all new or upgraded power lines and a 2 mG (0.2 μT) limit for all other new constructions. It is also recommends that a 1 mG (0.1μT) limit be established for existing habitable space for children and/or women who are pregnant (because of the possible link between childhood leukemia and in utero exposure to ELF).

For RF radiation the Bioinitiative report recommends a limit of 0.1 μW/cm2 ( 0.61 Volts/meter) for outdoor exposure and a limit of 0.01 μW/cm2 ( 0.19 Volts/meter) for indoor exposure.

What Is The Big Question That The BioInitiative Report Raises?

How is it that its been clearly established that non-ionizing radiation poses a threat to human health, and yet we are still living with the same old standards we’ve had for years?

The BioInitiative Report underlines the issue that EMF exposures are going to cost all our societies very dearly if we don’t take action very quickly.

****UPDATE: In January 2013 an update [2]was published to the 2007 BioInitiative Report reviewing the 1800 new studies that have been published in the intervening period Click here for a free download of the 2012 BioInitiative Report. [3]