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Can BioAcoustic Biology Repair EMF Damage?

Sharry experienced a near-death drowning when she was six years old.

Subsequently, she realized something in her life had changed.

She started hearing new sounds, it activated something in my ear that dolphins have but humans have dormant“.

Most humans do not hear those sounds, they are emitted from a part of the ear called the sacculus.

At first, she did not know what to do with these sounds but she wanted to learn more and try and understand what was happening.

She started repeating the sounds she was hearing.

She realized that the sounds she was repeating would make people’s headaches go away, and similar phenomena.

It became clear to her that her hearing had developed differently than that of most people.

People really hear the same thing that I’m hearing, but I think it’s masked by electricity and sound going on all the time. I think this is an ancient talent and we can help people rediscover it.

This gift of nature led Sharry into the field of BioAcoustic Biology.

She discovered the importance of balance and the impact of stressors such as EMFs [1], and how this impacts our health [2].

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University has proven that it is a high-pitched frequency coming out of the ear that Sharry is hearing, called otoacoustic emission.

Many prestigious organizations, like MIT and the Mayo Clinic are now using vocal anomalies in search of a basis for frequency-based medicine.

Sharry’s amazing work with the human voice over the last 30 years reveals that people who share similar traumas, stresses, diseases, toxicities…share similar, if not identical, vocal anomalies.

Through her pioneering work at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry has developed a computerized means of giving us all dominion over our health through the use of vocal profiling, to determine our health status, and the use of low-frequency analog sound to offer protection and promote healing with regard to different health conditions.

Interview – Can BioAcoustic Biology Be Used To Repair EMF Damage?

Thursday, 25 February at 12 noon ET (9 AM PT or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Sharry Edwards [3].

Sharry is the acknowledged pioneer in the emerging field of vocal profiling using BioAcoustic Biology.

For many years, she has provided the leading-edge research to show the voice as a holographic representation of the body that can be used to change the face of medicine.

Her work has been the subject of several documentaries and she’s a recipient of The Scientist of The Year Award by The New Frontiers of Science. She is the faculty emeritus of the Capital University of Integrative Medicine.

Listen to my interview with Sharry Edwards and discover:

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