Headaches? Brian fog? Itchy skin? Digestion issues? Sleeplessness? Fatigue? …Simply ‘not feeling yourself’ lately?
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“Your Invitation To Join Me, Lloyd Burrell, For An Exclusive 12-Day Health Transformation Using The Secrets, Insights And Techniques Of Natural Healing”

All in less than 1-hour per day from the comfort of your own home -
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From Lloyd Burrell


From: Lloyd Burrell

RE: Why using the secrets of Natural Healing could be the best thing you do for your body, mind and financial well-being this year.

June 13th, 2024

Dear Friend,

Are you currently living with pain?

Or have concerns that your health is not currently where you’d like it to be?

If so, you’re not alone.

According to 2022 research, a staggering 50.2 million adults in the U.S. experience significant pain “on most days or every day”.[1]

As shocking as this is, it’s unfortunately only part of the story, because the symptom of physical pain is just the tip of the iceberg.

Academic research[2] has shown pain is linked to:

  • Restrictions in mobility
  • Opioid dependence
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Poor perceived health
  • Reduced quality of life

But that’s not all.

The underlying causes can also have a massive impact on your financial well-being, in fact:

Medical Issues Are The Number One Reason For Personal Bankruptcy In The United States

For example, one study[3] found three quarters (66.5%) of personal bankruptcies in the U.S. were due to medical issues – either due to high healthcare costs, loss of work income, or both.

Medical expenses pose more of a risk to wealth than unaffordable mortgages or foreclosure (45%); spending beyond one’s means (44.4%); helping friends or family (28.4%); student loans (25.4%); or divorce and separation (24.4%).

Statistics are one thing, but when you see the health and financial consequences affecting a loved one, or even experience them yourself, it can be devastating.

I should know.

Back in 2002, in a matter of a few short days I developed multiple debilitating symptoms.

Day long blinding headaches, chronic fatigue, brain fog, sensitivity to light, prickly, tingling skin.

All this came on, literally out of the blue one day when I answered my cell phone. 

Within a very short time, the pain became so intense that I could no longer use my cell phone, and before long I was reacting to my computer, the TV, the radio in my car and even my regular corded landline telephone. 

And it was a vicious circle. 

The more I pushed and tried to carry on, the worse I felt. 

Fortunately, I was able to shift roles in the small holiday rental business I was running with my wife at the time, we were able to keep afloat…and I was able to stay sane.

Many others are not so lucky.

Why Natural Healing is The Single Best Way To Transform Your Health

For two years I went for scans, tests and saw a long list of specialists. They all drew a blank. 

But that experience kick-started my mission, which has led to a 20+ year journey: a deep dive into researching and exploring every possible solution (and even some ‘impossible’ ones!).

What ties everything together is energy, frequency and vibration… we are subtle beings of frequency.

And the key to health and wellness are aligning with the forces of nature and natural healing to change your ‘state of being’.

Simply put, nature heals.

Ancient civilizations learned and aligned with this long ago.

But now, even mainstream science is catching up.

A growing body of research is quietly confirming the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health benefits of natural healing.

Simply immersing yourself in nature can yield powerful benefits.

For example, regular exposure to green and blue spaces (such as rivers, lakes and forests) has been shown to be associated with:

  • Lower distress and anxiety[4][5]
  • Cognitive relief and subsequent increased attention[6][7]
  • Maintenance or renewed sense of self[8][9]
  • Eudaimonic well-being[10]
  • Favorable responses in cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory, and immune systems, leading to reduced risks of hypertension, obesity, and even cancer[7]

Research conducted in offices, schools and hospitals has even found that placing a single plant in a room can lead to a significant reduction in stress and anxiety.

And these benefits are just for starters. 

The truth is…

“Being in nature” only scratches the surface of the benefits you can receive from Natural Healing

And this is where things start to get really exciting.

Natural Healing is the key to unlocking:

  • A holistic approach to health that treats underlying causes, not symptoms
  • Cost-effectiveness (elimination of, or less reliance on, overpriced drugs and treatments)
  • Minimization of side-effects (again, unlike much conventional medicine)
  • Better personalization for you, rather than one-size-fits-all therapies

But above all Natural Healing is about healing the way nature intended….it’s about a re-connection, re-alignment with the healing forces of nature and the essence of who you are… to change your ‘state of being’.

But there’s a big problem.

Natural Healing is a huge and rather vague topic.

Search Google and you’ll find an endless supply of books, courses, seminars, and practitioners.

Don’t get me wrong, more information is definitely a good thing.

After all, I know from my own experience some years ago, getting access to any useful information was a massive challenge in itself.

But if you’ve got pain now, or are experiencing symptoms that are eating away at the quality of your life… or perhaps something just doesn’t feel right, what do you do?

Where do you start?

With books or summits which can take an awfully long time to absorb and put into practice?

With courses which can be expensive and time-consuming?

With 1-to-1 consultancy with a practitioner… But who can you trust?

That’s why recently, I started thinking…

It began back during the Covid lockdowns when many of us were confined to our homes.

During this time, our main conduit to the outside world was, of course, the internet.

And in many respects, it still is.

That got me thinking about the sheer overwhelm and confusion that can come from so much “unfiltered” and often conflicting information.

Then it occurred to me… I have probably contributed to this overload myself!

You see, as part of my two-decade mission to help people with EMF mitigation and natural healing, I’ve published a huge body of work.

Take just my audio content for example, which alone consists of over 200 hours of expert interviews.

To put that in perspective, if you were to listen to all of it you’d have to spend over 5 hours per day for 40 days to even access the information.

Let alone digest it and apply it to your personal circumstances in order to benefit.

For someone with symptoms today, I realized that this can seem almost impenetrable… not to mention slightly intimidating.

Yet, this is the likely reality that you face if you’re currently suffering symptoms.

Too. Much. Information.

A Massive Breakthrough...

Frankly, it took me a while to gain clarity on how I could best help the most people.

People that are experiencing the very same challenges that I once experienced.

If you are feeling confused, and at a loss as to what direction to take….

Well now, you have the opportunity, here on this very page, to let me help you, guide you.

It’s something which you’ll find easily accessible, and immensely enjoyable.

In fact, I absolutely, 100% guarantee you will not be disappointed (please see my no-questions-asked iron-clad guarantee below).

It’s also 100% unique.

Simply put, you’ll not find ANYTHING else like it, anywhere online.

Here’s what I’ve done for you…

I have spent the best part of a year and quite a few late nights, to personally review my 200+ hours of expert interview content and curate the very best secrets, insights and techniques.

The end result is a collection of “golden nuggets” from some of the World’s most knowledgeable, experienced and preeminent health and natural healing experts.

So these are not just “golden nuggets” they are “actionable golden nuggets” slotted together to create a comprehensive program.

It’s called…

Why Joining Me For This 12-Day Transformation Into The Secrets Of Natural Healing Could Be The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Body, Mind And Financial Well-Being This Year


Valuable doses of concentrated wisdom….

I’m so glad that I made time for the Best of the Best program….. Primed by what I was learning, I took some immediate steps to better handle the added stress and maintain my vitality. Aside from providing me with valuable doses of concentrated wisdom from a variety of health experts, this program trained me, with Lloyd as my cheerleader, to make my health a priority on a daily basis.

Sam Wieder
Author of the book Unplug: How to Survive and Thrive in a Wi-Fi World Gone Wild

I’ll speak frankly for a moment.

Are you stuck in first gear?

Do you feel as though you are going nowhere with your health…or even that your symptoms are getting worse?

Are you in a state of overwhelm and feel lost?

But somewhere, deep down, is there a flame flickering?

Or perhaps the flame seems to have gone out?

Don’t worry I will help you re-kindle it.

And if you can only see glimmers of the flame, that’s already a start.

Either way, together, we will get the flame burning brightly… the flame of eternal hope.

That’s our foundation, but without clear guidance and a plan you won’t get far. 

And that’s what my Best of the Best program offers you… 12 days of natural healing transformation.

Can you really transform your health in 12 days?

It’s possible, I’ve seen it done, and I certainly encourage you to be open to that.

What I guarantee* is that in 12 days you’ll kick-start this transformation process and be headed firmly in the right direction, equipped with the insights and motivation for better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

(*See my money back guarantee below.)

How does it work?

First, just sit back and relax…

I’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Over the last 10 years I have interviewed over 200 natural health experts of every type and approach imaginable, including:

  • Medical doctors
  • EMF consultants
  • Building biologists
  • Functional medicine doctors
  • Naturopaths
  • Detox experts
  • Energy medicine practitioners
  • Healers
  • Holistic physicians
  • Shamans
  • Neurologists
  • Herbalists
  • Nutritionists
  • Bodywork therapists

I have pulled together the key insights and organized them by topic, so each day has its own natural healing theme. 

And each day not only do I share the key insights from a handful of carefully selected natural health experts on a given theme, I also give you my personal overview and analysis.

Inside, you’ll see this labeled as “Lloyd’s Daily Overview”.

This brings you clarity on the key understandings so that you can integrate what you have learned into actionable steps, and everyday you can come away and either apply what you have learned immediately or start taking steps to do so. 

Best Of The Best is not about learning a bunch of stuff, which you then promptly forget as you move on to the next bright new shiny object. 

It’s about acquiring key understandings, in some cases life-changing understandings that will help you shift the needle in your life and change your state of being. 

Each day is designed to create multiple “a-ha moments” in your head which provide the excitement and motivation to move you forward and reap the benefits. 

It’s these incremental actions and benefits, over the coming days and weeks which will allow you to unlock the transformation you desire.

Just theory?

Far from it!

While the theory and rationale is explained (because it’s important!), the core healing methods are delivered in a way that’s practical and pragmatic, so you can put them to use immediately to start seeing benefits.

A strict rule I used in my curation process was to focus only on the most powerful and actionable information. 

In other words, the stuff that will really “move the needle for you”.

You will gain these insights and understandings from some of the most brilliant minds in their fields….experts that have gained their knowledge from years of experience. 

And perhaps more importantly, some of these insights and understandings are shared by people who have themselves overcome and recovered from debilitating health issues.

Imagine how your health and life would look like with access to the very best natural healing techniques from over 20-years, all curated and delivered to you in digestible daily installments.

At this point you’re probably wondering what exactly we’ll be doing each day.

So here’s a little snapshot to whet your appetite…

Just a small glimpse of what you’ll discover, during our 12-day Best Of The Best journey…


  • The #1 foundational issue you MUST look at (many people ignore this) if you're serious about health.
  • Eating the right foods, but can't seem to process them? Here's probably why and WHAT to do.
  • How EMF sensitivity AND inflammatory foods can be a DEADLY combo – the foods you need to avoid.
  • Pro tip – a quick, easy and inexpensive way (almost free) to pull EMFs out of your body.


  • EMF sensitive? Here are your next TWO priorities (assuming you've dealt with EMF mitigation).
  • Born before 1980?  Why your lead body burden may be a particular concern and what you need to do
  • Everyone has heavy metal toxicity – 2 effective & little known ways to combat this.
  • A simple, safe & effective detox protocol (no fancy equipment needed)


  • DANGER! The worrying link between heart disease, cancer, dementia AND sleep deprivation.
  • BEST Bedtime? How to calculate it and work out how much sleep you really need. 4 guidelines to improve your sleep cycles
  • The 3 important aspects to sleep hygiene you MUST address if you want to optimize your sleep 


  • Has your brain hardwiring gone haywire? Here's how to retrain your brain to overcome your sensitivites
  • Are you limbic? This may be why you feel like your body is HYPER-vigilant – what you can do to feel better 
  • Discover a powerful holistic 6-part program to overcome your sensitivities.


  • Essential oils, natures frequency medicine? Yes! They work at the vibrational level.
  • Stop chasing symptoms! How essential oil blends can balance different organ systems and promote health and well-being.
  • Want to feel more stable, courageous & confident? Learn which flower essences to use in which situations.
  • Finding sleep challenging? This simple nightfall routine can make all the difference


  • Here's what you should know BEFORE taking supplements
  • Are supplements compatible with natural healing? Yes and no. Here's what you need to know.
  • ALERT! The 2 things you MUST look out for when buying supplements
  • Learn a really novel way, a form of respiratory kinesiology, for deciding which supplements you need


  • Mitochondria 101: what they are, where they are in your body, why they are important
  • +6 ways you can repair your Mitochondria
  • Mitochondria + epigenetics + circadian rhythm: how this all fits together and what you can do to improve your mitochondrial health


  • In denial with your emotions? (Most of us are, but don't realise it) 
  • How to use flower essences to retune aspects of your emotional being.
  • Retrain your brain to heal trauma? Here's 2 ways you can do just that.
  • Learn how your limbic system works (it works against you sometimes!) and what you can do about it. 


  • Stress can dehydrate you? YES! and why you should check your pH levels
  • Hydration without water? Yes, discover how desert communities would do this – the fourth phase of water 
  • 7 alternative and adaptive forms of hydration 


  • How being in a forest changes your vibration.
  • How you can connect with nature without going beyond your front door.
  • Nature calms – How to take control of your own trajectory and live a more nature-oriented lifestyle.
  • Rewilding – the ultimate antidote to modern life?


  • How mold can impact you decades after the original exposure.
  • How EMFs and mold work together in a very profound way. 
  • STOP using bleach?! How to effectively deal with mold in your home without man-made chemicals.
  • How to deal with dampness (don't confuse with mold) in an inexpensive & practical way.


  • How to choose the best crystals for YOU – how to clean and maintain your crystals & develop a ‘relationship' with your crystals
  • Learn how to use crystals for EMF protection – they can actually be programmed
  • The A-mazing properties of Orgonite (technically this is NOT a crystal!).
  • What to look for when buying Orgonite PLUS how it can protect you.

You Also Get

The Best Of The Best 12-Day Natural Healing Program also includes these resources…

But that’s not all, when you join today I’m also including this special welcome gift…

Your Exclusive Welcome Gift:
Earthing Masterclass Bonus

Recently, I invited a small group of my top tier clients to an exclusive, closed-door masterclass about Earthing and the benefits of direct physical contact with mother earth. 

As you may know, Earthing, otherwise known as grounding, is an important cornerstone of natural healing and allows you to rejuvenate by “dumping” your non-beneficial energies, replacing them with loving, healing beneficial energy to promote health and well-being.

Science-backed benefits include reduced pain, inflammation, and stress, with improved blood flow, sleep, and vitality.

Perhaps the most important benefit of earthing, is it creates coherence in your biofield. Most people's energies are incoherent. They have stray, unintegrated frequencies in their minds and bodies.

Contact with nature, and earthing specifically promotes coherence. When you are in a state of energetic coherence all the vibrational patterns in your system are in harmony.

In this powerful masterclass you will learn:

  • Are you sufficiently Earthed?
  • Benefits of earthing
  • The science of earthing
  • The risks of earthing
  • 3 powerful ways to earth
  • Earthing as a tool for consciousness

You also get a special 7-minute guided meditation to enable you to energetically synchronize with the powerful natural healing energies of nature.

As a welcome gift to start our 12-day Best Of The Best transformation together, I’m going to give you lifetime access to the full 31-minute recording of this special event and the accompanying guided meditation. 

There is a ‘right way' and a ‘wrong way' to earth, which I cover in this enlightening masterclass. Earthing, when practiced correctly, is a lovely, wholesome, rewarding experience and it's part of my own personal daily energy routine.

Why You Have ZERO Risk When You Order Today:
My Personal 100% Iron-Clad, No Questions Asked, Guarantee

You have zero risk and 100% peace of mind when you register Best Of The Best today.

If you aren’t 100% thrilled with Best Of The Best and believe that it will make a transformative difference to your life, then simply contact me via email within 30 days for a full refund.

There are no questions asked and you’ll receive a rapid, courteous reply and confirmation.

That’s why you simply can’t lose by joining me today on the 12-day Best Of The Best program.


With so much confusing information out there, Best of the Best puts your mind at rest knowing that now you have the best guidelines on healthy living. Lloyd has put years of research into this and how fortunate are we to be able to benefit from it. And being able to separate myths from facts, we are then capable of putting the simple action steps into practice and heal. I am also especially touched by Lloyds clear sincerity in wanting to help others which gains 100% of my trust in the message he has to share.

~ Carmel Jafari


I have followed Lloyd for a long time, and I always appreciate his vast knowledge and his down-to-earth style of presenting it….the gentle reminders are motivating and beneficial, and there are always new nuggets of wise advice.

~ Arlene Churchill


I really like Lloyd's straightforward practical tried-and-tested holistic approach to managing today's very real problem of emf sensitivity. Thank you for sharing all that you do Lloyd.

~ Stephanie Vosper

Join today… sit back and relax, and let me hold your hand as I guide you.

With my 20+ years of experience, I will be your personal guide throughout this wholesome 12-day journey of discovery into the benefits of natural healing.

As I mentioned, I’ve done the hard work for you and you have indefinite access to the program.

That means you can come back to review any of the materials at any time in the future. 

The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll benefit.

Right Now, You Have Two Options…

Option 1: Shake your head slowly and tap the “close” icon on this page.

Do this and your day carries on, just as it did before you arrived.

Your hopes, dreams, struggles and fears remain the same.

You passed up a risk-free opportunity where you literally can’t lose.

If you’re already truly happy and satisfied with the quality of your life and where you’re going, that’s fine.

But didn’t you ever feel like there could be more?

What if… this opportunity radically changes the course of your life, health and wellness?

What if… your doubts are misplaced, or it’s subconscious cynicism playing on your mind?

You’ll never know, because the opportunity is lost.

Option 2: Take action to register now, risk $0.00 and have complete peace of mind.

By clicking that buy button now, you’ll immerse yourself for 12 days in what I predict will be the most compelling, insightful and rewarding experience you’ll have this year.

You have everything to gain and nothing, whatsoever, to lose.

The risk is ALL on me, as it should be.

If you’re STILL unsure, after everything, then I’ll leave you with a thought from H. Jackson Brown Jr.:

Click the button below now and I’ll welcome you inside in just one moment from now…

To your health, wealth and happiness,

Lloyd Burrell

P.S. My personal 30-day no-questions asked guarantee means you have no risk at all by taking action to register now, and complete peace of mind. Furthermore, the only way to lose out is to do nothing and miss out completely when the offer closes. Please know that as and when it reopens in the future it’ll likely be at a higher price. Click the button above (or below) on this page to register and I’ll see you inside in one moment!

P.P.S If you have any questions that aren’t covered on this page, please send an email to sarah@electricsense101.com and we’ll be glad to help. Hurry though – before the offer is closed and this page is taken down!


A: Each day during the next 12-days you’ll receive an email to access the daily content curated from 200+ hours of expert audio included in the Best Of The Best program. This includes:
#1 Daily curated expert audios (Listen anywhere on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone)
#2 Lloyd’s Daily Overview video, to help you digest and integrate the knowledge
#3 Full transcripts of all the audios (PDFs) (Downloadable)Daily suggested ‘Action Steps', to enable you to implement what you've learned
#4 Daily Action steps: to enable you to implement what you’ve learned
#5 Action Steps Checklist (PDF): to help you keep on track (Downloadable)
#6 6 resources (PDFs) + guided meditation (MP3): to compliment the expert audios
You’ll also receive instant bonus access to the Earthing Masterclass inside your members area.

A: Don’t worry, when you join I give you guidance on exactly where to start. Each day you will receive an email with your daily access. And Sarah is always on hand to help you with any admin questions you might have.

A: I recommend 30-60 minutes per day as your minimum daily time-investment for each of the 12 days. Beyond that, you might want to go back and review certain modules again. It really depends on what your objectives are.

A: No, you don't need a computer to access the program. What you do need is a means of accessing the Best of the Best on-line portal. The program is 100% cell phone compatible, so you can (it's not what I recommend) do the whole program on your smartphone.

A: I recommend 30-60 minutes per day as your minimum daily time-investment for each of the 12 days. Beyond that, you might want to go back and review certain modules again. It really depends on what your objectives are.

A: No problem! You can take this at your own pace. This is not a race. You can save the daily emails, and come back at any time.

A: Great news – I’m not a technical whizz either! But this is very simple and user friendly. To access Best of The Best all you have to do is register by clicking on the link I send you by email. Once you are registered, just log in everyday by clicking the link I send you.

A: If you’ve read down to here I actually think you can’t afford not to get this: you have zero risk, everything to gain, nothing to lose and the opportunity to soon be gone. Plus, you can go at your own pace and only need a short amount of time each day.

A: Step-by-step…

Step 1: Click one of the registration buttons on this page.

Step 2: Enter your information on the order form and then click on “Complete Order”.

Step 3: You will get redirected to your invoice.

Step 4: Check your email for your unique access details which will allow you to login to the members area.

Inside you’ll see all the modules are organized so you can find them easily! And if you need any help, you can email Sarah at sarah@electricsense101.com

A: If you feel this is not for you, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This way you don’t have to overthink it, just give it a try!


Thank you for putting everything so simple and giving all these easy-to-follow steps…. I tried making a few small changes in my environment – well,I have to say it worked out quite well. And what is most important – I finally not only know what is wrong, but I am also learning how to deal with it 🙂

~ Svetlana


Thanks a bunch Lloyd and thank you for sharing everything you have learned. I have been on a quest to find the truth in all things. The information you have is great. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

~ Joshua


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