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Beating Electrical Sensitivity: The Path To Tread – eBook

I never set out to write a book that’s for sure.

Not about electrical sensitivity or any other subject.

Somehow one thing lead to another.

Before the book there was the website.

When I first started ElectricSense it was all about me.

I wanted to get things off my chest.

I wanted people to know the truth about EMFs

I wanted them to realize that what had happened to me could just as easily happen to them.

Then people started sending me messages asking for help with their EMF problems.

I answered their questions.

Over and over I answered the same questions.

Then there got to be too many questions to answer everyone individually so I wrote a few articles answering the questions that got asked the most.

And it just grew from there.

It went well for a while and then I started to feel frustrated.

The only thing people wanted to know about was EMFs.

Explaining EMF solutions to people who’re just concerned about EMFs and want to take precautionary steps is not too difficult.

The question is about EMFs and I give an answer about EMFs.

But helping someone who’s suffering from full blown electrical sensitivity is very different.

These people know they have an EMF problem.

Their bodies are telling them this.

And they are right.

Partly right anyway.

The problem is dealing with electrical sensitivity is not JUST about dealing with EMFs.

EMFs are important because they trigger the symptoms of ES.

But EMFs aren’t the sole and unique cause of ES.

I learned this the hard way.

No matter what I did to improve my EMF protection I was still very ES.

And then one day following a cleanse I had a dramatic improvement in my condition.

So then I thought cleanses are the answer.

I did more and more cleanses but I reached another plateau.

So I decided to improve my nutrition.

And I improved again.

I thought nutrition was the answer.

And then my symptoms came back again.

And so it went on.

I kept on trying different things.

Everything and anything.

Until I got to where I am today.

Able to go out, to shops, to friends, to ride in a car, to take a plane, to use a computer etc.

To not have to worry about wireless and other EMFs.

Back to living a normal life.

And that’s why I decided to write the book.

To lay all this out in detail.

And layout in detail what I did to get better.

I know of no other book that deals with electrical sensitivity in such a complete way.

Tells you how to deal with EMFs, what EMF meters to buy, how to use them, how to test and measure in your home.

But this accounts for less than a third of the book.

The other stuff I lay out in detail also.

We are holistic beings.

You can’t just deal with EMFs.

EMFs are only part of the problem.

It took me a while to figure all this out.


You don’t have to wait years.

That’s why I wrote the book.

Don’t wait years to figure out how to deal with your electrical sensitivity.

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