Healing With Vibration

Best selling author Q&A with Lloyd Burrell

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Listen to this Q&A replay and:

* Discover how you can use self-created sounds to bring proven physiological benefits, including lowered heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure in just minutes

*Learn how exposure from man-made electromagnetic fields (5G, cell phones, Wi-Fi etc.) and Lloyd's PROVEN 3 step protocol for dealing with these exposures

* Get Lloyd's latest tips for the BEST EMF meter and which meter you need for 5G

* Learn how to use one of the most powerful and oldest (and inexpensive) transformational and therapeutic tools – Lloyd gives a short demonstration

*If you want to work with energy and your energy fields to improve your health and manifest a brighter future, you can, all the tools are here

* Your mind is ultimately what lies behind your ability to raise your vibration and achieve higher levels of consciousness—which means your brain health is key

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