My Cutting Edge Wholistic Health & Healing For EMFs

Take your EMF protection to another level with this unique package of Cutting Edge EMF-Health Interviews—this download package includes 7 mp3 audio files (approx. 1 hour per guest) and full Transcripts for each.

People often ask me, what’s the point of trying to do anything about EMFs when…

  • 5G antennas will soon be on every lamp post and street corner?
  • Everyone is being blasted 24/7 by their neighbors Wi-Fi?
  • There are hundreds of thousands of “mini” satellites in the ionosphere beaming down radiation from space?

Simply put – isn’t the situation just hopeless?

Even worse, this has paralyzed many people into a state of inaction.  Let me help.

Let me give you some cutting edge tools so you can take back your life!

Lloyd Burrell

Hacking The Wellbeing Code – Through Energetic Intelligence

hacking the wellbeing codeListen to author Martine Negro and discover:

  • how your body gives you 3 kinds of feedback and how to interpret this feedback to hack your wellbeing code
  • how we all have a natural ability to transform energy—Martine explains how you can do this
  • how every symptom you experience is, in fact, a message—learn Martine’s way of decoding the message
  • simple little ritual that takes just a few minutes to reset the energy in your home of everything electrical or computerized in your home
  • how to clear your internal WIFI and promote health and healing

Low EMF Infra-Red Sauna—The Ultimate Detox Device?

low emf infra red saunaListen to the founder of Sauna Space Brian Richards and learn:

  • how a crucial component to sauna healing is to be in a low EMF environment – the primary concern is electric field stressors
  • how exposure to certain wavelengths are vital to activate the mitochondria – the powerhouse of our cells
  • why it’s important to use full spectrum natural light that doesn’t flicker – and closely simulates the emissions of the sun
  • why the light therapy aspect of infra-red sauna is so important for mitochondrial stimulation and DNA repair
  • why the new innovation, a low EMF infra-red sauna, is much safer than many other near infra-red sauna’s on the market

Alternative Solutions to EMFs  

ken rohla emfsListen to natural health educator and inventor Ken Rohla and discover:

  • the device that Ken uses in his car to stop the blood clumping and reduce driver fatigue on long trips
  • the 100% sure-fire way to STOP a smart meter being fitted on your home – it relies on a little known legal technicality
  • how Ken uses EMF meters to keep a check on his EMF exposures in his home, workplace and car – he uses 4 different meters for this
  • how EMFs impact our DNA – you’ve probably heard before that your DNA is actually an antenna, Ken explains how it’s a superconductive antenna and the implications this has for your health
  • the link between EMF sensitivity, acidity in the body, MS and Parkinson’s disease – 2 foods that can reverse this acidity

How To Turn Down Your Reactivity To EMFs

Harrison BarrittListen to educator Harrison Barritt and learn:

  • how Harrison uses sensitivity reduction training to re-pattern his brain and turn down his reactivity to EMFs—he shares the exact protocol for doing this
  • the powerful tool that Harrison uses to change his reactivity, physiologically, psychologically, emotionally—it takes just 20 minutes a day
  • how he can now follow his protocol in as little as 3 minutes while he’s driving and immediately feel stronger
  • how despite a total lack of support from his work colleagues he was able to carve out a safer place to work
  • how best to communicate the dangers of EMFs and how to deal with them without preaching to people

Creating Harmony Inside And Out

Creating harmony inside and outListen to Feng Shui consultant and former bodywork therapist, Holland Franklin and discover:

  • the top 3 energy tools Holland recommends for almost everyone for dealing with EMFs and similar energies
  • how Holland measures the spin of energy (vital for health) in an environment—derived from Nikola Tesla's research in the 19th Century
  • how you can measure your own spin—Holland shares a resource which explains how you can do this
  • how subtle energy fields accompany electromagnetic fields in an environment—its these subtle fields which are a big determinant of the impact of the EMFs
  • the common trait that Holland and everyone who is dealing with EMF symptoms successfully has (including me) and which you need to develop

Hydration For Health

Listen to the innovator and founder of The Hydration Foundation Gina Bria and discover:

  • the top 3 hydrating things you can do (nothing to do with drinking water).
  • how water can act as a form of EMF protection by accelerating how we buffer EMF signals in the body—if we’re using right electrically charged water
  • how we are a natural pump – Gina shares a very simple exercise anyone can do sitting down that activates this pump and promotes detox
  • how to ‘charge’ the water in a restaurant for Free to promote health benefits in a restaurant or while you are travelling
  • a portable device for charging your water—Gina uses this when she travels on planes

Alternative Healing Modalities For Cancer

Alternative Healing Modalities For CancerListen to 30 year cancer survivor and author James Templeton and discover:

  • how to effectively alkalize your body to help elimination of toxins
  • 2 specific visualizations that can be done in just 10 minutes to promote healing
  • some simple movements that you can do to limber yourself up and open up the energy channels in your body
  • the non-strenuous exercise that combined with 30 minutes of daily walking can activate the lymphatic system
  • the diet James recommends, which is 50% grains—this is curious because so many doctors are now advising just the opposite (but these aren’t just any grains)
  • the simple (and free) trick that can be used at meal times to take the stress off your immune system and make your food more nutritious

( Note****: This is a digital product comprising 7 mp3 audio files and 7 transcripts which you download. )

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(Note****: This is a digital product which you download.)