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In this 90-page eBook, Lloyd Burrell shares the information he’s learned and used for over a decade to deal with his own EMF sensitivity. There are lots of books now on EMFs, but when you look closely, all they talk about are the dangers. If you’re lucky, you might get a chapter or two at the end on solutions. Even then, they often only cover solutions in a general sense and are focused on things largely out of your control, like what society should do. They don’t talk about what you can do to protect yourself. This eBook is crammed with practical hands-on personal EMF solutions. You will discover:
  • 10 tips for setting up a low-EMF bedroom
  • 12 tips for organizing a low-EMF office
  • How to identify & deal with EMFs from electrical wiring
  • When & how to apply RF & magnetic field shielding
  • Effective ways to use earthing & measure its effectiveness
  • Dangers of EMFs from natural sources & how to protect yourself
  • And much more!
This step-by-step guide will show you how to get LONG-TERM EMF protection!

Meet Lloyd Burrell

Lloyd Burrell is a globally respected speaker and leader, the author of the EMF Practical Guide, the founder of ElectricSense.com, as well as the creator of the EMF Health Summit and the host of the wildly successful Healing With Vibration Summit.

In 2002, he suddenly began experiencing debilitating symptoms around electrical devices and couldn’t use a cell phone, a computer or even public transport. Thankfully, he found a way to heal himself. His own journey with non-native forms of electromagnetic fields fueled his desire to explore this fundamental yet overlooked and misunderstood issue that affects us all and all life on this planet — energy and vibration — and motivated him to share hundreds of powerful but little known healing strategies.

He hosts the world's longest running podcast on EMFs, featuring the most respected leaders on EMFs, 5G, WiFi and all things electromagnetic, and how to protect and remediate electromagnetic toxicity. He is a profoundly dedicated leader, supporting millions of people around the globe to navigate this ever-more-difficult topic.

Lloyd Burrell
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