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In the same way that 5G and other EMF technology can negatively impact your health – you CAN, instead, USE energy in it’s purest form, to promote health & well-being. In this unique 15-page eGuide, I explore the powerful insights of Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., a leading scientist and scholar, internationally renowned for her pioneering work in frontier science and medicine that goes beyond the mainstream.
  • How to unlock your Biofield
  • 7 powerful Biofield Therapies
  • 3 Fundamentals for Healing with Vibration A Powerful Glimpse into Energy Healing …
  • Medicine is Changing!

WaveRider ® – Science’s Answer to EMF Pollution

Listen to my interview with the inventor of WaveRider ® Dr. Igor Smirnov and discover how:

  • Research shows that Waverider technology superimposes noise field signals on microwave signals (cell phone radiation etc.) to create a number of beneficial cellular effects
  • WaveRider devices, can not only protect you from 5G but also from EMFs emitted by electrical wiring
  • Research in Holland found that WaveRider was also found to offer protection for electrically sensitive people (especially when they drank MRET structured water.)
  • WaveRider was developed from research on people suffering from radiation diseases and cancers after the Chernobyl nuclear incident
  • WaveRider technology mimics the Earth’s natural magnetic field.
  • WaverRider uses a technology called ‘Noise Field’, the same technology that has been used by the US military to protect their personnel from EMFs since the 1990s

Learn about Blushield – Active EMF Protection Technology For Your Life

Listen to my interview with Mark Langdon, founder and CEO of Blushield, and discover how:

  • Blushield devices emit a field of mini frequencies – a broadband of frequencies – which has a normalizing effect on the body, though can take 6 weeks to take effect
  • Certain Blushield devices can protect you from the higher frequencies of 5G
  • Blushield is not a therapeutic device but people that use it have been found to have more energy, better sleep, less colds and flu, and be less susceptible to viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.
  • Electrically hypersensitive people can benefit from Blushield, but not everyone notices the change because that becomes the ‘new normal’
  • We are all surrounded by and impacted by scaler fields—Nikola Tesla (the father of electricity) discovered scalar fields in the early 1900s
  • All EMFs have a scalar component and it’s the scalar component of any EMF that damages your DNA
  • Blushield technology uses photons to produce a scalar field, minus the EMF, by amplifying the imitated signals from nature using things like the Fibonacci sequence, etc.
  • In animal studies Blushield has shown a number of significant changes in blood (less oxidation) and the cell membrane
  • EMFs cause the body to act like it’s being invaded by a virus causing an immune response

Meet the Founder of BioGeometry – Harmonizing the Body’s Subtle Energy Exchange

Listen to my interview with Dr. Ibrahim Karim, founder of the science of BioGeometry, and discover how:

  • Dr Karim used BioGeometry to harmonize the cell tower radiation in a village in Switzerland where people reported miraculous healings and cows became fertile again —this was reported on national TV in a special documentary
  • Dr Karim has created a miniaturized version of what he did in Switzerland so you can enjoy the benefits of BioGeometry in your home
  • BioGeometry is a geometrical language that can reproduce the energy quality of ‘sacred power spots’ to improve your emotional state and engender peacefulness
  • Dr. Karim’s research shows EMFs cause a lot of disturbances on the emotional and mental levels, but psychological disturbance is more pronounced than physical disturbance
  • BioGeometry uses geometrical figures to create environmental harmony through centering, so any disturbance through electromagnetic radiation can be automatically reversed
  • Energy quality can be recorded on a CD (sounds like silence) and how this was used to heal sick cows in Holland
  • The whole universe is one resonant unit and BioGeometry uses the physics of quality and universal harmonics to go into multidimensionality where shapes, sounds, motion, language, everything is a resonance
  • Biogeometry has been shown to promote healing in animal studies on cows, chickens and rats— the study on rats was carried out by a university medical department

Harmoni For EMF Protection and Stress Reduction

Listen to my interview with heavy metal detox expert, and functional diagnostic nutritionist Wendy Myers and learn how:

  • The typical benefits people report from wearing the Harmoni pendant are feeling less stressed, sleeping better, less brain fog, and less aches and pains
  • Preliminary research conducted on the Harmoni pendant found an improvement in people’s heart rate variability, their stress index, their mitochondrial output, their neurohormonal regulation, and their overall vitality
  • Wearing the pendant does not dispense you from basic EMF protection—identifying and eliminating/mitigating sources of EMF in your life
  • The more sensitive someone is to frequency, the more they feel the beneficial results of the pendant
  • Your heart gives out an energy field that’s about 10 feet in diameter around your body (proven by HeartMath institute) and your body communicates in this energy field
  • The circles in the Harmoni pendant are a kind of the geometry that communicates information to your body’s energy field to clear it and optimize its function
  • The Harmoni pendant works bioenergetically by changing the body’s energy field so that the physical field works better


Get the Protocols For Protection – Powerful EMF Solutions

Listen to my interview with natural health educator, researcher and inventor Ken Rohla and discover how:

  • 2 scalar wave generators that Ken has developed emit frequencies that help you destress and protect against EMF
  • Experiments have shown these devices are beneficial to all living organisms, as confirmed in experiments with plants, insects, microbes, and animals
  • Ken’s Rest Shield device emits a scalar field which pulses at the primary Schumann resonance to pull you into deep brain wave states and give you good deep sleep and good rest
  • Avoidance should be your number one line of defense against EMFs but a Harmonic Shield may also be inserted in the battery case of your phone to balance your body from the effects of EMFs
  • If EMFs are too strong, it interferes with cellular communication to the point that the cells can’t communicate which can lead to major illness and health issues
  • 2 simple and nearly free way’s of blocking radiation from your cell phone (without using airplane mode or switching it off)
  • Many cell phones have scalar wave technologies built into them that nobody’s talking about (according to a NASA scientist)
  • There are thousands of studies, showing the damage that electromagnetic radiation does to the body and how the facts are being obscured by the wireless industry

Riding the Wave: Waveguard – Synergy Science and Secrets?

Listen to my interview with the founder and CEO of Synergy Science and certified naturopathic doctor Paul Barattiero and discover how:

  • Studies, using the Friedman test and heart rate variability tests, show that when the WaveGuard device is used the body is not in stress
  • Both human studies and technical studies, prove that this technology works and actually measurably reduces signal strength and ambient radiation
  • The WaveGuard device depolarizes man-made radiation to make the field of radiation biologically safe and protect you from non-thermal radiation effects and increase your mitochondrial energy function and brain function
  • People using the WaveGuard technologies typically report when they install it, WiFi doesn’t affect their sleep anymore, their mental abilities, and their energy level.
  • The electrical potential ambient in the air isn’t where the major damage is done, it is the polarization, the fact that fields are going through your body—the non-thermal radiation effects
  • In one school in Germany the WaveGuard technology was introduced and students’ test scores increased by 20% (not a double-blind study)
  • How Paul already has 3 products that are 5G and 6G ready—able to function at the level 5G or 6G if the demand was put on them

An Invitation to learn from the President of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy Dr Andrew Michrowski, Re-Ordering & Superpositioning The EMFs in Your Life

Listen to my interview with Dr Andrew Michrowski, President of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy and discover how:

  • Purple Plate technology, derived from Nikola Tesla’s work in the 1930’s enables molecules to become coherently ordered and people report improved sleep and endurance
  • In other experiments, Purple Plate technology was found to change pH values in water and juices, and allow plants to grow better
  • Pulsor technology, which is an offspring of stealth materials created for the US aerospace industry, has been found to make people more peaceful and feel less stressed
  • Imaging showshow the human body creates vortexes, and different environments (e.g. a nature setting compared to an indoor setting) that interact with the body differently, depending on the frequency to different parts of the body
  • In a 2 week study on mice subjected to fluorescent lights with or without Pulsor, major improvements were observed in, for example, blood samples and the uptake of minerals
  • Man-made radiation signals are polarized and force all the body’s electrically charged aspects of living cells to shake and twist around which can lead to all kinds of effects, including cellular death

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Personal Note From Lloyd Burrell

Dear Friend,

If you are at all familiar with my work you may be surprised to see me talking about these products.

Literally thousands of times, over the years, people from my community – and from all around the world – have asked me which electromagnetic field devices (harmonizers, chips, diodes and the like) I recommend. For years I have steered clear of making any kind of recommendation on these kinds of products because nearly 20 years ago when I first started reacting to my cell phone, and succumbed to the debilitating symptoms that ensued, I spent a small fortune on these kinds of devices. Nothing worked.

What did work for me was avoidance and protection and measurable mitigation. And this still works today, which is why I still recommend that this approach should be your first line of defense from EMFs.

But with the plague of EMFs and 5G well and truly all around us, we have to find ways to address the stress it puts on our body. Make no mistake there is no ‘quick fix’ for EMF exposures and there is no one size fits all but in the nearly 2 decades that I have been exploring this subject, and talking with some of the leading minds in this field, it has become clear to me that there some products that seem to offer some protection for some people.

Which is why this year I decided to devote time to investigate this subject more thoroughly (I also want to say that over the years I have been contacted by developers and inventors from hundreds of companies wanting me to promote their products.), so I decided to focus on:

  • Companies that had been recommended to me by experts that I’ve interviewed or by my community, and
  • Companies that have scientific research to support their claims

I finally narrowed it down to about 10 companies that met these criteria and invited them for an interview with a view to sharing the science and philosophy behind their creations with my community. Not all replied, some refused and some did not reply, I eventually interviewed six of the representatives from these companies.

Again, it is a personal journey, and I do not purport to be the expert on what would work for any individual, especially if I have never met them.

It is up to you to explore the science and to decide what you are drawn to – or willing to invest in (or even to explore).

My recommendations are just a starting point… in fact, I HOPE they are after your real starting point, which is the personal protective and energy work that I have been sharing over the years.

Supporting the world at large and my personal community is a privilege and a responsibility that I take very seriously.

I wish you the absolute best on your journey, and I thank you.

Lloyd Burrell

You will also receive my free emails packed with EMF protection tips. Unsubscribe at any time.

Enter your information here for powerful excerpts of

7 Science-Backed Cutting-Edge Solutions Yours for free!

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