Forced To Disconnect – Electrosensitives in Sweden

Gunilla Ladberg has wrote a book about electrosensitivity in Sweden.

These people, having developed electrical sensitivity, have had to flee their homes for the safety of rural areas away from electricity and cell phone towers.

electrosensitivity book

The book traces the story of 14 people and their experiences with ES.

Its not what I would call uplifting but it is an eye-opener.

My thanks to these people for sharing their stories and to Gunilla Ladberg, who is not ES, for for taking the time to bring it all together in a book.

Click here to access the English translation of the book called Forced to Disconnect.


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  • hilary said,

    My daughter is in her 30s and is an ES person her lifem finished quite a few yrs ago and only the last 5 yrs has known what is wrong with herself, now she shields herself from it, has brought shielding paint and special fabric, but sadly she is unable to work and is basicly a recluse, unable to go out and meet people, all she wants is a normal life, it is against human rights that she should have to live like this, since the g phones have come out I myself have started to get pains in my stomach when I go out, we are hoping it will end soon

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