Cell Phone Radiation Proof

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on August 18, 2011 under Videos | 4 Comments to Read

  • blair johnson said,

    thank you for your info
    been on my i phone lots and real pain
    in my left lobe of my brain intuitively
    bringing me to this research: once again
    kudos to your time spent.
    Eyes opened in Vancouver Canada

  • Bushra said,

    Thanks a ton for your research and efforts , the awareness created is immense….I hope to spread it as much as I can . Got to know about you through a friend who has been reading on the harmful effects of radiation.

    God bless you .

  • christian stoerger said,

    the findings are Compelling enough to be tried.
    especially in the light of the helplessness of common medicine – an insult to intelligence, it is worth to be trusted as true things are simple. with SPMS and dwindling
    strength and mobility i can´t but try it.

  • Angel said,

    Which is worse in terms of strength and health dangers, wifi or mobile radiation?
    Many thanks.

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