Playstation Radiation

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on August 18, 2011 under Videos | 3 Comments to Read

  • James said,

    Have you tested any power conditioners to see whether they act in a similar manner to the GS units? Would they clean up some of the dirty electricity?

  • Lloyd said,

    Power conditioners work in a similar way to GS filters. Power conditioners are designed to improve the quality of electricity to protect sensitive electrical equipment where as GS filters are designed to improve the quality of electricity to safeguard your health. I have not tested a power conditioner… the absence of testing I advise using GS filters where possible.

  • Laura said,

    I feel I should make a note that GS filters are not good for everyone. I’m not sure why and would love to learn more about this. I cannot tolerate being in a room that has the filters installed, (or in a nearby room) and one EMF expert told me that he’d heard they somehow convert one type of field to another…. . Anyone know more about this?
    Thanks for any feeback

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