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Stephane trained as an aircraft maintenance technician.

He say’s, ‘we were taught that everything in an airplane needs to be shielded, mitigation in an aircraft is very important so you don’t have any issues.

His training gave him an understanding of the importance of ensuring that different systems don’t interact with each other, in this case to enable aircraft to take off and land safely.

Which is kind of important:)

Stephane enjoyed his time as an aircraft technician but eventually he just got bored with what he was doing.

I needed to expand myself.”

He tried different things.

He changed carriers. He worked for the military for a time.

He went to university to continue his studies.

He worked as a fleet manager, renovation and construction manager.

He went on electrical courses.

He worked with electricians.

At one point he was in-between two careers, and he thought, ‘okay, I like helping people and I’ve got a technical approach, how can I be of service to people with things that I’m good with and things that I like?’

He attended a small conference, in Montreal on electromagnetic fields.

I was flabbergasted actually, when I looked at all that”.

At the time he was using cell phones a lot and he was experiencing symptoms that people experience like heating, headaches, dizziness and itching.

I just looked at that and I discovered that there’s dozens of studies out there telling you that you ought to be careful.

Stephane took all the money he’d put to one side, and invested it in long trainings with multiple courses and he bought the best equipment he could find on the market.

He trained with the equipment providers to be sure to follow the correct procedures.

And so he set off he went into the world of EMF surveys.

That was back in 2005, and he’s never really looked back.

Stephane decided to adopt this measurable approach to EMFs.

Everything we do, we can measure. We can assess the mitigation, determine how much exposure we can get out.

He started with public domestic surveys.

It seems like there was a vacuum for EMF surveys in the  Montreal region at the time.

I’m a very thorough and methodological person, I had success immediately.

There were a lot of people that were falling ill from EMF exposures and they could not find any good service providers.

And then he got all kinds of demands and now, he say’s “for finding out issues, understanding the interactions of different types of systems, that I’m very good at”.

He now works in commercial environments and in industry, with different engineers with different specialties.

Stephane say’s, ‘we share our specialties and I have different tools. It’s not only about reading an instrument. It’s too interpret what that instrument is telling me because all the best instruments we have only give us a partial idea of the reality out there.

Stephane has now performed more than 2,500 surveys, and made over 200 public appearances in conferences, T.V., radio shows and short films, he’s one of the most active and innovative electromagnetic hygiene technicians in Canada.


Thursday, 7th February at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing leading electromagnetic hygiene technician Stephane Belainsky.

Stephane Belainsky emf expertStephane Belainsky is a dedicated electromagnetic hygiene technician.  He has performed over 2500 EMF surveys and made over 200 public appearances in conferences, T.V., radio shows and short films.  Since founding 3E Electromagnetic Environmental Expertise he has become one of the most active and innovative electromagnetic hygiene technicians in Canada.

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