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How Your Home’s Electrical System Should Work

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on May 27, 2014 under EMF facts, EMFs in your home | 4 Comments to Read

electricians and wiring

Electrician Candice Hubbard sent me this guest post. It doesn’t really deal with EMFs but I thought it gave some useful insights into how a home electrical system works, so I decided to share it with you. Here’s her article: A home electrical system includes the electrical service i.e. the electricity supplied to your house,
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How To Talk About Your EMF Concerns With A Licensed Electrician

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on January 18, 2014 under EMFs in your home, EMFs in your life | 48 Comments to Read

Electricians and EMFs

Licensed electrician Mike Hoffman contacted me recently asking if he could write a guest post for ElectricSense. I gave him some pointers on what I thought people would like to hear about from an electrician. Here’s what he sent me: Are you concerned about the effect that electrical pollution and dirty electricity may be having
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EMF Stories – How I Dealt With The Magnetic Fields In My Home

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on September 19, 2013 under EMF Stories, EMFs in your home, EMFs in your life | 16 Comments to Read

emfs from plumbing

ElectricSense allows me to help people and I like that. People ask me questions. I answer. With most people it stops there. Some write back and thank me there and then. Which is great. But often I don’t hear any more from them. So I don’t know if what I’ve said has helped them. No
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EMFs And Indoor Mold – The Connection

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on August 17, 2013 under EMFs in your home, EMFs in your life | 24 Comments to Read

emfs and mold fungus

There are many facets to the health effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures. One which receives little attention is the interaction between indoor mold and EMFs. But studies suggest even low levels of mold exposures coupled with low levels of EMF exposures, as found in many homes, could prove to be a lethal concoction. What
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Low EMF Lighting – My Recommendations

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on October 20, 2012 under Electromagnetic protection, EMFs in your home, EMFs in your life, Protection tips | 40 Comments to Read

low emf lighting

The lights in your home are perfectly harmless right? Wrong. Or, thats to say they are not necessarily safe. To the uninitiated a light bulbs a light bulb. But like pretty much everything electrical there are certain technologies that are much safer than others. And light bulbs are no exception. Fluorescent Light Bulbs Emit High
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