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EMFs in Cars – The Dangers & How To Reduce Your Exposure

Posted by Kimberly Juchnowski on November 16, 2013 under EMFs and travel, Podcasts & Teleseminars, Protection tips | 43 Comments to Read

emfs in cars

In this episode of the ElectricSense podcast, Lloyd and host Kimberly Henrie discuss something that concerns nearly everybody electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in cars and how to minimize your exposure. As Lloyd points out this is a universal issue because nearly everyone uses a car and those that don’t use similar forms of transportation, buses, coaches,
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How To Enjoy A Low EMF Vacation

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on July 20, 2013 under EMFs and travel, EMFs in your life | 20 Comments to Read

low emf vacation

July and August is the holiday season in my part of the world. It’s when people (yours truly included) take a well-earned break. But going on vacation (called holidays where I come from) doesn’t mean you can forget all about EMFs.  For some people (particularly if you’re electrically hyper-sensitive) traveling can be a major challenge.
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Flying And Electromagnetic Radiation

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on August 14, 2010 under EMFs and travel | 24 Comments to Read

flying and emfs

A few days ago I received a question from Jim, one of my readers, regarding flying and EMFs. As I thought the reply might be useful to anyone electrosensitive/concerned about emfs who is considering flying on a plane, below you can see Jim’s question followed by my reply. Lloyd, I really enjoy your blog/news service
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Radiation In Cars – Practical Tips On How To Minimize It

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on April 14, 2010 under EMFs and travel | 64 Comments to Read

emfs and cars

Owning and driving the latest hi-tech car can be such a thrill. Automobile technology has given us so much, it really has transformed the driving experience. But not necessarily for the better. Modern cars have too much electronics for my liking. GPS guidance, GPS tracking tools, remote controls, powered accessories, radio and music systems, bluetooth,
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EMFs In Your Car – How Dangerous Are They?

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on February 12, 2010 under EMFs and travel | 3 Comments to Read

electromagnetic fields in cars

EMFs and cars don’t mix well. Here’s why. Using your cell phone in your car is dangerous. Not just because it can cause an accident. There’s also a direct effect on your health. The radio- frequency (RF) radiation from your cell phone reflected back by the cars metallic structure magnifies the radiation. It’s called the Faraday
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