EMFs And E-cigarettes: Behind The Smoke Screen

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on June 4, 2014 under EMF facts | 19 Comments to Read

e-cigarettes and EMFs

Electronic cigarettes have been banned in New York. Restaurants, bars, parks, beaches and other public places are now off-limits for e-smoking. I couldn’t believe it when I heard about this. E-cigarettes are very dangerous, right? There’s a huge amount of research to support these precautionary measures, right? Actually, no. Not that much. Not much? How
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How Your Home’s Electrical System Should Work

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on May 27, 2014 under EMF facts, EMFs in your home | 4 Comments to Read

electricians and wiring

Electrician Candice Hubbard sent me this guest post. It doesn’t really deal with EMFs but I thought it gave some useful insights into how a home electrical system works, so I decided to share it with you. Here’s her article: A home electrical system includes the electrical service i.e. the electricity supplied to your house,
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EMF Safety Guidelines Tens of Thousands of Times Too High

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on January 4, 2014 under Electromagnetic protection, EMF facts | 34 Comments to Read

emf safety guidelines

Danger lies around every corner every minute of the day. Tomorrow you could walk out your front door and get run over by a bus. Fortunately the chances of this happening are limited. Buses aren’t left to run free in the world they are only allowed to run on roads. People that drive buses need
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Chinese Study Reveals Mobile Phone Radiation Damages DNA In Sperm

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on October 16, 2013 under Cell phone radiation, EMF facts, EMF Studies | Be the First to Comment

A recent study performed by the Chinese Department of Occupational Health set out to evaluate whether exposure to cell phone radiation can damage male sperm, where human DNA resides. Male lab mice were exposed to mobile phones in listening, dialed and dialing modes, allowing scientists analyzed the DNA of the test subjects to determine the
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Study Finds Link Between Breast Cancer In Women and Mobile Phone Exposures

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on October 7, 2013 under Cell phone radiation danger, EMF facts, EMF Studies | 4 Comments to Read

A recently published case report at Hindawi – Case Reports in Medicine examines the effects of prolonged contact between breasts and cell phones in women with multifocal breast cancer. Data published in case studies concerning the effects of cellular phone usage and proximity to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) was collected and analyzed. The results of the
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