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Dirty Electricity – Exclusive Interview With Dave Stetzer

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on October 3, 2015 under Dirty electricity, Podcasts & Teleseminars | 15 Comments to Read

Dave Stetzer dirty electricity

My first encounter with dirty electricity was about 7 or 8 years ago. I attended a talk on electrical sensitivity in the UK, next to the room where the presentations were being held was another room with stalls. One of these stalls had a guy selling these EMF meters I’d never seen before. I was
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Dirty Electricity Filters – Survey Results

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on July 12, 2014 under Dirty electricity | 45 Comments to Read

dirty electricity survey results

I remember the first time I heard about dirty electricity. I was skeptical to say the least. It just sounded like ‘another thing’ to worry about. What I wanted was just the opposite. I wanted to get better. I didn’t want to have deal with anything more than I was already dealing with. But, I
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Dirty Electricity – What Are The Dangers? How To Use Stetzerizer Filters To Render Your Home Safe

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on March 15, 2011 under Dirty electricity, Electromagnetic protection | 70 Comments to Read

dirty electricity dangers

About three years ago I attended a presentation on electrosensitivity organized in the UK.  I was already pretty savvy as to the dangers and consequences of cell phone radiation, having lived it firsthand. After the presentation there were several people holding stands selling various EMF meters, detectors and shielding materials. It was here that I
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Are The EMFs In Your Home and Work Space Causing Cancer Clusters?

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on December 30, 2010 under Dirty electricity, Electromagnetic radiation | 10 Comments to Read

dirty electricity and cancer clusters

I remember when I was at school my teacher telling me about the terrible work conditions of chimney sweeps in the 18th century. These were people, often children, who worked in terrible working conditions and succumbed to work related cancers primarily because of this poor working environment. Well, what if the modern day office, with
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