Cordless Phones: Even More Dangerous Than Cell Phones?

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on July 14, 2010 under Cell phone radiation danger, Protection tips | 108 Comments to Read

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If you thought you could solve the problem of cell phone radiation by switching back to your landline phone and your landline is a cordless phone, think again. Studies show that cordless phones emit radiation just the same as cell phones.

In some cases cordless phones are more dangerous than cell phones.

Most cordless phones use DECT (Digital European Cordless Telephone) technology. The handset and the base of the phone, emit pulsed microwave radiation.

Cancer Link With Cordless Phone Radiation

cordless phone radiationResearch from Swedish scientists concludes that cordless phones raise the risk of developing cancer. After evaluating malignant brain tumor patients’ usage of cell phones vs. their usage of cordless phones, they found the cancer risk was multiplied for those who used DECT cordless phones and combining the two made the risk even higher.

Another problem is the radiation levels. In some cases the radiation from a DECT cordless phone base is higher than the radiation levels found near a cell phone tower.

The third problem is that most cordless phones emit radiation from the handset, as well as the base, at full power, even when the phone isn’t in use.

Watch my short video on cordless phone radiation to better understand what I’m talking about.

The radiation from the DECT cordless handset and/or charger sends emissions throughout your entire house–all the time.

Cell Phone Dangers Bring Cordless Phone Radiation Into The Limelight

We’ve always loved the idea of being able to talk to one another across distances. Tin cans attached to a long string were once used to communicate. In the 19th century we graduated to the telephone, ever since then have been refining and reinventing the “talking telegraph”.

Anyone older than forty remembers when all telephones had a cord attached to them, thus grounding them to the incoming telephone line–it was a cumbersome but effective. You might remember using extra-long phone lines to connect your phone to the jack so you could roam about your house. Even that was pretty liberating.

When the cordless phone came into being in the 1980s there was no going back. They quickly became the household norm.

In a matter of a very few years we went from relatively low power, low frequency analog cordless phones to high power, higher frequency (some of the new phones operate at 5.8 Gigahertz) pulsed radiation DECT models. Because telephone advances happened faster than we could understand the relationship between their radiation levels and cancer risk, cordless phones weren’t viewed as a health problem. Not until cell phone use brought the risk of brain cancer to light.

Is Cordless Phone Radiation Worse Than Cell Phone Radiation?

Yes, it is in some circumstances. With EMFs, proximity to the source (of the EMFs) and length of exposure are two very important factors.

Do you go to bed at night with your head just a few inches from a DECT cordless phone base? If you do you are exposing yourself to significant levels of cordless phone radiation, just at the time of day when your body is the most vulnerable. This is the worst type of cordless phone radiation exposure.

Neither DECT cordless phones nor cell phones are good for you in terms of radiation exposure, and certainly not in combination. It would be wisest to follow the advice of respected Harley Street physician Dr. David Dowson, “having a cordless phone is like having a mobile mast in your house. I’d recommend anyone who has one to switch to a plug-in phone.

How To Reduce Your Exposure

Throw away your cordless phone and go back to using a corded phone. Problem solved!

It’s that easy. But is it? I know you’re listening to what I am saying here, but are you really ready for to take this step?

Don’t feel guilty when you answer this. If I hadn’t experienced electrical sensitivity I’d probably have a cordless phone just like everyone else.

Here’s what you can do to minimize your EMF exposure and feel a little less guilty:

  • Unplug your cordless phone at night (that’s to say remove the plug from the electric socket on the wall) AND remove the handsets from areas where you spend time – even unplugged, charged handsets can still emit EMFs (handset seeking to connect with the base) until the battery has run down
  • Put the base of your cordless phone at least 6 feet away from where you spend any significant amount of time (remember EMFs travel through walls)
  • Plug your cordless phone in only when you use it. You might need to plug it in an hour or two before, but once charged most DECTs have 4 or 5 days autonomy
  • Keep your conversations short and use the speakerphone function when you can so that you keep it away from your head as much as possible
  • Have at least one corded phone in your home, so if you do disconnect your cordless phones you’ve still got a phone to use

Are Low Radiation Eco Cordless Phones The Solution To Cordless Phone Radiation?

If you really can’t live without your cordless phone then better to get a low EMF or eco-DECT cordless model. Low EMF DECT cordless phones like the Siemens Gigaset Cordless Phone still emit radiation but they have advantages. Here’s what the Gigaset website has to say:

“Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it variably reduces the transmitting power from the handset to base station depending on their distance apart. You can also reduce the transmitting power of the Gigaset C610H’s base station by 80% simply by selecting the ECO Mode. Furthermore, radiation-free ECO Mode Plus turns off the transmitting power when the phone is in standby.”

I recently purchased a Siemens Gigaset cordless phone. I can confirm that they do not emit radiation when on standby.

BUT this function does need configuring. That’s to say, the model that I received, when I took it out of the box it was operating like a normal DECT cordless phone and emitting EMFs. I was able to test this with my radio frequency (RF) meter.

Low EMF Corded Phone – Better For your Health?

Even though a long telephone wire is a cumbersome mess, my advice is – play safe. Being tethered to your land line phone jack is a small price to pay for long term improved health.

If you are hesitating replacing your cordless DECT phone with a corded phone, don’t hesitate any longer. Using a low EMF corded phone (thats to say a model which has an inbuilt speakerphone and jack, for corded headset, prefer “airtube” version) will reduce your EMF exposures significantly. A basic model will suffice for most people, but more sophisticated corded telephones (no ear phone jack on this one) are also available with answering machine.

Another alternative is to try and find an old analog cordless phone not as safe as a corded phone but considered much safer than the DECT technology – works at a lower frequency – the EMFs are not pulsed.

Have You Got The Message?

Did you ‘get’ that if you use your DECT cordless phone near its base your exposures are higher? They’re higher because you’re exposing yourself to a double dose of EMFs. You get zapped with the radiation from the phone AND from the base unit.

Do you and your family a favor deal with your cordless phone radiation today.

This post was updated March 2015.

  • Pedro Freitas said,

    Thanks Lloyd.
    Though I may not consider myself an ES, it’s been enlightning to read your articles.

  • Ruth Ruddock said,

    Lloyd, I am soon leaving my apartment to try to
    live in an RV (to get away from smart meters,
    and I will also have to give up my land line phone,
    and go to using my TracFone exclusively. I bought one
    of Dr. Mercola’s Blue Tube devices to connect to
    my cell phone in order to not have to hold it to
    my head. Am I protected adequately with that? Also,
    using a TracFone will be expensive for me…perhaps I should get a newer cell phone with a speaker phone
    feature on it?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Ruth
    An airtube (or blue tube) is the better solution – speakerphone mode has the inconvenience of increasing EMFs from the battery – see

  • Barbara Burton said,

    Hello Lloyd.

    Can you help? My sister has for many years had trouble using land lines (not cordless). She gets severe earache and a scarlet face on the side against the phone. She now has to use the ‘hands free’ which is not very successful but does not cause the problems. We have tried in vain to find a reason for this.

  • Lloyd said,

    I used to get this kind of reaction before with landlines. The reason is probably a reaction to the particular frequency of EMFs being emitted by the phone. It could be the magnetic fields in the handset or the EMFs coming down the phone line and grounding through her. The easiest solution is to go hands free or purchase a low emf telephone – lessemf sell these.

  • Ehab S. said,

    Being ES, I got rid of all cordless phones in the house and I don’t see it a problem. An easy solution is to add many corded phones in the house so you can have good coverage all over the place. The challenge I am facing now is how to find a decent corded phone since it disappeared from most electronics stores.

  • varkey said,

    Thank you for that very enlightening piece, was about to pick up a cordless , when I ran through your article,now it will be plug and talk ! Thanks again !

  • Angela Albano said,

    Thanks, Llyod, I have been learning so much reading your articles. I now want to buy a corded land line phone but have not been able to find EMF information about corded phones. Do you have any information that would guide me in my choice, or do you know where I can fine it?

  • Angela Albano said,

    By the way, I saw the Panasonic phone offered on emfless and went on amazon to see what the reviews were for Panasonic phones like the one in the picture and there were negative comments about the speakerphone feature. Amazon had lower prices also. Is that phone on emfless the only one recommended?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Angela
    I don’t know of another corded phone better than this one, but so long as you can find a phone with speakerphone and corded jack, it will work just as well. Make sure you use a headset which uses “airtube” technology.

  • Joel Garson said,

    Hi Lloyd: Do the I-phones have a greater emf then the earlier cell phones. By the way I have elevated my laptop up to 8 inches instead of the 4 I was using. Is there any difference in the reletive heat output? Thanks , Joel.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Joel
    We know the new iPhone 5 uses 4G (which means 4th generation) earlier phones use 2G and 3G, these new technologies offer superior data transfer and operate on a slightly different frequency to earlier generations. But we don’t know about the EMF exposures of iPhones compared with other phones- I know of no study on this.
    I didn’t understand your 2nd question?

  • MARILYN LANE said,

    does anyone know anything that will protect against an
    electric magnetic pulse that I think a wacky neighbor uses.?

  • Lloyd said,

    You need to know what frequency the pulse is emitted at to protect yourself from it(an EMF meter will tell you). I would guess it’s emitted at radio frequency in which case the solution is RF shielding, see

  • Joel Garson said,

    Hi Lloyd: I was curious if EMR can cause any types of bone thinness;I.e. osteoporosis? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Joel

  • Ron said,

    Another great article, thanks.

    Good point about having to configure the Gigaset cordless phone in order to make it not emit while placed on the base station. I reckon Siemens should give away a free ‘EMF detector/bleeper with every phone purchased so that customers can be reassured they have set the phone up properly to Eco Plus mode 😉
    Or might there be some ‘low tech’ way of detecting if a base station is emitting radiation? A radio perhaps?

  • Jennifer said,

    Dear Lloyd,

    I live with my parents who insist on cordless phones, and I cannot move out at this time. They need a dual set (1 phone with base, and satellite phone in another room). We have 2.4 GHz older phones but there is too much interference on them now. I bought them DECT phones and couldn’t sleep for 2 days, until I removed it.

    **REgarding Siemens Gigaset S795 – Is there another Siemens model # (comparable to the s795) that you can provide to me that has the dual set?

    **Also, the modem which supplies their cable internet and phone service cannot be turned off or unplugged and is causing many problems for me – can you suggest a type of shield/covering for the modem?

    FYI – I have used the Panasonic landline for years before I knew it was being advertised on lessemf. It was the only one that didn’t hurt my ear. However, in my apartment, the copper phone line was removed and replaced with a cable company fiber optic bundle (TV/phone/internet). The phone is connected the the modem, as is the computer/internet. The phone now hurts my ear. (Verizon will not let us go back to copper, since fiber optics is the future/cheaper.)


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jennifer
    Your parent’s insensitivity to your situation is the crux of the problem here. You need to try and get them on your side about the effects this technology is having on you. I presume you have already talked to them about the pain you are experiencing. Have you tried showing them actual evidence, research, news reports about other people’s suffering? If they won’t listen to you is there another person you can bring in who can explain your situation, act as mediator? A friend or family member? Its not easy but I would focus on working on this. In the meantime there are various ways you could try and shield. For your bed a faraday canopy would be very effective or Yshield paint is another good solution you could also try insulating aluminum foil on the walls, For this shielding to be effective you need to do it properly, see my article on shielding Good luck.

  • May said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    what about those radio control helicopters that kids play with? Its quite standard to see a whole range of them in the toyshop. We have one that is 2.4ghz 4 channel helicopter runs on rechargeable battery. charged for around 70minutes gives a flight time of about 7 minutes. What sort of exposure in terms of short duration each play? Is Infrared flying helicopter safer?
    Thanks so much!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi May
    Radio controlled toys in the US used to operate at either 27 MHz or 49 MHz. Some studies have found even these frequencies to be dangerous, see

    But 2.4 GHz frequency radios are becoming the standard for hobby-grade radio controlled cars, helicopters and other toys –like yours. The 2.4GHz range uses frequency modulation and pulsing for better operation – This technology is the same as used in cell phones and WiFi etc. and is classed as a 2B carcinogen – definitely not suitable for kids. Infra red would appear to be safer.

  • di said,

    got rid of cordless phone by accident when i smashed it and of course being electro sensative i will never go back to it anyway. Thanks for all your help..I still have a long ride ahead i know this.

  • sarah said,

    Have you heard about SwissVoice, they make a supposedly “low radiation” cordless phone, like the Siemens/Gigaset. Wondering if you know about it, if it is meant to in fact be better than a standard DECT? I know cordless phones are really bad regardless, but I need to find one for someone who insists to continue to use one, so I’d like it to at least be a little bit healthier! And what is “better”, an older 900 mhz analog cordless (if you can find a new one!) or a “low radiation” ECO DECT cordless like from Siemens/Gigaset or SwissVoice? Thanks Lloyd!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sarah
    I have not tested the SwissVoice product so I can’t comment. A Siemens Gigaset model will significantly reduce your exposure…from an EMF viewpoint an analog cordless is better still but the range is limited.

  • Jennifer said,

    Thanks for all of your help. Do you know a “safe” Siemens Gigaset model that has 2 phones (a dual set)? Comparable to the s795?

  • Lloyd said,

    According to the Siemens website the C300A which has 2 handsets is also low radiation, see

  • Jennifer said,

    Thanks for the research. I just saw this comment on Amazon for a siemens eco-dect phone 510a. Comment says ECo-DECT feature can’t be enabled in US because frequency interferes with Military operations. She had called company in England… Not sure if this is correct!? (See actual comment below)
    (Sorry, to focus on this issue, my parents insist on cordless, and I must live with them for now.)

    July 30, 2012
    By Kerstin Arthurs
    Amazon Verified Purchase
    I bought this phone because reviews stated that it has no radiation when in Eco plus mode-as does other Gigaset phones. I asked them when I was on the phone with support. They said this is true, but it doesn’t have this feature enabled in the US due to the fact that that frequency interferes with Military operations and thus can’t be used here. So all DECT phones in the US will give off Radiation, even when idle…

    I wanted to like this phone. Caller ID comes through but you can’t override with Personalization. Spoke to them in England, They are aware of this problem in the US. Also speaker phone is horrible! Other features of the phone worked fine

  • Lloyd said,

    The Gigaset phone I purchased is a European version and its definitely a low radiation model – I tested it with my RF meter. It does sound as if this is not the case with the US versions. I have now corrected my article above to reflect this. Unfortunately this does not resolve your issue – but thanks for pointing this out.

  • Deb said,

    H Lloyd, great stuff, thank you! I have gotten rid of all the newer cordless phones we had and in addition to corded phones am using a Panasonic cordless which I purchased in 1996. How can I check on the amount of EMFs that this phone and base emit?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Deb
    You need to take measurements with an RF meter. Check this page, I can recommend any of these meters for this job, except the Trifield.

  • Lloyd said,

    I agree. You can see the film and my review of it here:

  • sarah said,

    Hi Lloyd, I spoke with Gigaset. Their phones in the US are low radiation, rather than no radiation, as they are in Europe. The other reader was correct, it has something to do with the military using the frequency here in the states that would allow for no radiation. The ECO DECT phones from Gigaset, that are available here in the states, have an ECO Mode setting, but by default it is turned off, so you have to program it on, otherwise it will behave just like a regular DECT phone. But with that Eco Mode setting turned on, then it will be a low radiation phone.

  • Lloyd said,

    Excellent! Thanks for your diligence here.

  • Jennifer said,

    Thanks for getting info from Gigaset! My parents have an old Uniden TRU 446-2 2.4 GHz Digital Spread Spectrum cordless phone which doesn’t seem to bother me
    (But there is too much interference on it. So they are at their wits end.)

    I couldn’t tolerate a regular DECT phone – couldn’t sleep.

    Do you know if the ECO DECT Siemens phones in U.S. with the lo radiation setting would be better(in terms of radiation) than my parents current 2.4 GHz Digital?

    Has anyone tested their U.S. Siemens ECO DECT model yet (maybe Sarah?)

    Or perhaps I could be sensitive to particular frequencies of the Siemens Eco DECT even if it is lower radiation than 2.4 GHz Digital? Sorry, confused (and suffering)!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jennifer
    Sorry this thread has got to be a bit confusing, just to clarify: the Gigaset phones covered here whether European or US versions are ‘low radiation’ phones as opposed to ‘radiation free’, and in both cases the default setting is that the ‘low radiation’ setting is turned off.
    I can’t say how you are going to react if you change your old cordless for a new one, but in any case I suggest you opt for a low radiation model….

  • Dorothy said,

    Hello Lloyd,
    Thank you for your newsletters! I purchased several Earthing mats, and lots of grounding cords from efmless. I realize I do not know how to use the cords. Some are the plug in type some have alligator clips. My home has grounding plugs. Aren’t all my electrical things grounded when I plug them in? What about my exercise machines? And my metal bed and frame? I sleep with an earthing pad under my legs, but I am afraid of the metal bed. I cannot believe how asleep the general public is. I have tried to get at the local hardware store, but they think I am a nut to worry about this. Also, I have a large power pole on the edge of the property, not too far from my bedroom. How does one protect themselves from those? Does the Organite things work? Thank you, Dorothy

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Dorothy
    Not everything electrical is grounded when you plug it in…check to see whether there are 3 pins….it can be two males and a female on the plug but there needs to be 3 connectors for a ground to be present. Metal bed frames and metal sprung mattresses are to be avoided, see If its an electric pole…you need to take some readings with an EMF meter to see if you need to apply EMF shielding. You might want to download my free report to see what I do and don’t recommend.

  • Liinda said,

    I purchased an AT&T DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) cordless phone with a base and 2 handsets. What do you feel about it’s safety compared to a landline phone or an older, Ghz cordless phone?

  • Lloyd said,

    If its a DECT cordless phone then you are exposing yourself to pulsed microwave radiation as soon as you plug it into the wall. A corded landline is by far the safer option.

  • Alyssa said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    thanks for the info. I’m so upset and shocked at my ignorance on this subject. All these years I though I was protecting my infant from cell phone radiation by only allowing him to use the cordless phone. Now it seems I’ve been sticking dynamite in his ear for 7 years.
    I would like to switch out my DECT panasonic cordless phones, but not sure which carrier can run cordless phones now since the world has changed. I have had Vonage for years, can I run wall plugged phones on a digital phone service or do I also need to switch my carrier?
    What a head-ache and an expense to reconfigure the gadgets of my entire home. Your help is appreciated.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Alyssa
    I don’t know about Vonage specifically but I’ve not heard of anyone having problems replacing their cordless phone with a corded one. You can either go for a low EMF corded as described above or just a basic corded, which will set you back less than $10 on Amazon – if for any reason there is a compatibility problem you can get a refund.

  • Jennifer said,

    I used a cordless phone from 1999 to 2005. After that mine broke. I had a new one in the box-at the same time I heard many people in my area talk of health trouble caused by using cellphones. I just guessed the cordless would be worse than that and returned it unopened for being unsafe. I pulled out my old 80’s corded phones. Come to think one of the major declines in my health was from the period I was using the cordless. Oh and the kind of cordless I used back then was supposed to be safer. YIKES!!!

    I get gut feelings about things-I did on cell phones, cordless phones, wifi[I was leary when I put it in -it stayed unplugged when not on the net and got SOOOO sick from it-sorry I didn’t heed my intuition completely on that one.}

    I just got rid of 2 alarm clock radios-high emf’s but nothing compared to cordless phones. I love the modern one w/ batteries and still waiting for one that runs on – get this – water. It’s something easy to change and love not having to place my clocks according outlets and having them hog space.

  • Alyssa said,

    Thanks Lloyd,
    can you tell me what the EMF reading on the cordless base was? Is this higher than a cell phone reading? I’ve had the base in the office, and one of the partner phones by my nightstand (which I’ve now moved) How bad was that to sleep next to all these years? It wasn’t on the base, so you mentioned that was the major problem.
    I just can’t believe there isn’t more information about this, I’ve been so concerned about my cell phone all these years. Thanks for all the information you share.
    I have seen a video on mercola site that carriers that use GSM signals (AT&T, T-mobile) give off 28 percent more radiation that carriers that use CDMA signal (Verizon & sprint) Apparently it has more to do with the signal your getting and your carrier than the SAR of your phone.
    Can you back this up with your knowledge of the issue? Here is the link:

  • Alyssa said,

    I also wondered why alarm clocks were an issue as Jennifer mentioned. I have two plugged in radio alarm clocks. One is by homedic and has also a sound machine. Is this still emitting EMFs?? What about ipod bases. I have an iPod radio alarm clock as well as docking stations.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Alyssa
    The Cordless phone in the video is giving a reading of about 0.3 V/m, fairly low compared to many cordless phones, but still many times higher than safe levels (see Different cordless phones and different cell phones give vastly different readings. Incidentally its not ‘28% more radiation’ according to the Moskowitz study GSM phones emit about ’28 times’ more radiation than CDMA phones. Electric clock radios and similar devices are a particular problem because of their proximity to your head when you are sleeping, see

  • Vivian said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I am a phone translator and I am on the phone for hours translating medical calls. I have been using a Clarity DECT 6.0 cordless phone because it amplifies sound by quite a large amount of decibels and most of my medical calls are on speakerphone so that really helps me with hearing the patients better. After reading your very informative article I am seriously considering switching to corded phones. Clarity has a corded phone that amplifies volume up to 18 decibels. Here’s the model they are selling on Amazon:

    Clarity Amplified Photo Phone (P300)

    Any red flags on this one? Do decibels amplification affect radiation exposure?

    I also have another question regarding the Airtube kit for cellphones. Smart& Safe also has a Bluetooth Air-Tube Stereo headset. Are those just as safe as the Air-Tube Stereo headset you recommended?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Vivian
    Any corded phone is better than a cordless phone in the sense that you are eliminating an important source of EMFs (RF radiation). Better amplification may mean higher magnetic fields due to a more powerful speaker but the impact will be minimal – I wouldn’t be concerned about this unless you have symptoms of hypersensitivity.
    I recommend the classic ‘airtube’ headset, not the Bluetooth version. Bluetooth technology introduces another layer of EMF pollution, see

  • Julie said,

    Do you have any thoughts on the linear versus switching power supply plug? I am wondering if the new AT&T speakerphone I tried gives me trouble because of the type of power supply (and how can we easily tell the linear and switching varieties apart)?

    I am also wondering if you think DSL with a phone modem is worse than a landline in terms of exposures. (I have had trouble– headaches and hyperacusis– with both and find it hard to use phones at all. Still trying, many years later, to keep finding solutions.)

  • Lloyd said,

    Switching mode power supply units, as used on plug top mains adapters and chargers, are notorious for creating dirty electricity problems. A good electrician will tell you what kind of power supply is involved….a transistor radio might tell you if you have a dirty electricity problem, see
    DSL (or ADSL) offers high speed wired Internet access…..used with a wired modem and shielded Ethernet cable this is the safest form of Internet access, but if you’re electrically hypersensitive you could still be affected by stray frequencies from this technology….my free EMF protection report has some more pointers on all this.

  • Jean said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Have you heard of the Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect? You can connect your landline phone into it. Would you recommend it? Thank you.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jean
    According to Verizon this device operates in the frequency range 1.9 GHz and 800 MHz……which is the same as cell phones. The safest option is to use an ordinary corded landline that plugs straight into your phone socket with no intermediary gadgets.

  • Jan R. said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I have found your website very informative. I have been feeling ill for over a year and I have recently discovered that the rooftop of my residential apartment building contains 3 Bell Cell Towers. The building was new when I moved in and the towers were installed many months after I moved in. Unfortunately for me, I live on the top floor of the building.
    I have now been researching signal boosters for Cell Towers (I believe there is one outside of the brick enclosure on the roof directly above my bedroom). I would like to know if you have any information on this.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jan
    At the moment people anyone can buy a signal booster to improve their cell phone signal in their home or office….there are mobile versions also. Typically these devices have an inside and outside antenna….they take a weak outside cell phone signal with their outside antenna, power it up, and transmit (acting as a relay) it inside a building with another antenna. The problem is anyone in the vicinity gets showered with RF radiation.
    The first thing is to establish whether what you are seeing is really a signal booster….an RF meter will tell you this for sure. Then the options are….contacting the owner of the signal booster to see if they are sympathetic….or EMF shielding if they are not.

  • Jennifer said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I just spoke to Gigaset/Siemens (U.S. contact #.) Their Eco PLUS mode cannot be guaranteed to work in the U.S. due to the military. But their NORMAL ECO MODE will work in U.S. That means, radiation will be reduced by 80% while in standby mode AND while in use. And the power consumption is reduced by 60%. However, the phone is still DECT. **Do you know if their Normal ECO MODE is safer than other ECO DECT phones sold in U.S.? **Also, do you know if the older phones– 2.4 GHz — are safer than these Siemens in ECO MODE/DECT? Or would only an RF meter give the answer?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jennifer
    As far as I know Siemens currently make the best “low radiation” cordless phones on the market….thats why I bought it – my phone is a couple of years old now and still going strong. I’ve compared my old 2.4Ghz cordless with the Siemens Gigaset….the radiation is much lower on the Siemens Gigaset.

  • Angel said,

    Thanks for this site Lloyd. I look forward to reading more. I am severely disabled so have to have a cordless phone, but have been using my gigaset s795 for a few years now and it’s great. You can plug an ear piece in to it.
    Can you recommend any headphones with built in mic? For cell phones? I wanted to purchase some from dr mercola but they are always out of stock?

  • Lloyd said,

    The safest form of headphone for a cell phone are the air tube models, see – I understand that these come with an incorporated microphone – but you would need to check that with the manufacturer.

  • Deborah said,

    Lloyd, I have just read your article and have decided to get rid of my cordless phones. I have just bought a digital corded phone and am wondering if it is safe.

  • Lloyd said,

    Using a corded phone is MUCH safer than using a cordless version….there are still some low level EMF exposures from corded phones but unless you are hypersensitive these are not a concern.

  • Peter said,

    Hi Lloyd, I have an older non-DECT Panasonic 5.8Ghz Gigarange cordless phone. Do you know whether this phone emits radiation 24/7? And would upgrading to a “low radiation” phone such as the Siemens ECO DECT models (US/Canada version) be a safer option?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Peter
    “I have an older non-DECT Panasonic 5.8Ghz Gigarange cordless phone. Do you know whether this phone emits radiation 24/7?”— very probably yes, but testing with an RF meter is the only way to know for sure.
    “And would upgrading to a “low radiation” phone such as the Siemens ECO DECT models (US/Canada version) be a safer option?”— it depends how much you telephone, the main advantage with ECO DECT is it only emits radiation when you are on a call

  • Larry said,

    I realized that DECT phones caused excessive exposure. I therefore purchased old 900mhz phones which I assumed were analog. What is the exposure risk from these ?

  • Lloyd said,

    DECT phones use digital pulsed technology like cell phones…..which is known to be harmful. Analog technology is inherently safer…..most analog phones only emit radiation during the call.
    N.B. some early digital phones operate in the 900 Mhz range…..if your phone is analog you should see a sticker, “complies with part 68, FCC Rules” and a Ringer Equivalence Number (REN).

  • Debbie said,

    I am thinking about getting the Motorola DECT 6.0 Enhanced Corded Base Phone with Cordless Handset and Digital Answering System L402C and only plan on using the cordless option when necessary. Will it emit any radiation when I have the cordless part unplugged? Or do you know of a corded phone with an analog cordless option?

  • Lloyd said,

    If you unplug the base of your cordless phone (assuming it doesn’t have batteries) this will stop radiation being emitted from the base, if you want to be sure the handset is not emitting radiation (and you don’t have an RF meter) remove the batteries.

  • Hamid Mohseni said,

    Why does some people suffer of electric sensitibility and some other don´t have any problem with that.
    I had no problem with it but after many years work in computer software developing job I started gradually to
    have problem with electric sensitivity. Does anybody know
    how and why I got problem with electric sensitivity?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    There’s no simple answer to why some people develop electrical sensitivity and others don’t…..but its becoming increasingly clear that ES is part of a wider toxin problem which indicates that the way to treat it is to look at your toxic exposure globally, see

  • richard meier said,

    Dear Lloyd,

    for a week now I am a doctor & in the hospital they use
    lots of DECT phones. I am sensitive but have problems only
    as soon as the handset is in my pocket. can this be true? according to several “officials” only the base station radiates in stand-by mode & the handset does not (as long as you do not make a call or receive one). My body experience is different! what does your rf-meter say?
    Is there any solution for me at hand (shielding me with clothing or shielding the dect from me with an ewall cell phone bag? please help!!!
    Best & thanx a lot

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Different cordless phones work in different ways but MOST phones emit RF radiation from the base AND the handset even in stand-by mode…watch the video on this page, it demonstrates this fact with the aid of an RF meter. Possible solutions are:
    – show your employer the exposures with an RF meter then request that you are given work which doesn’t require using a cordless
    – carry your cordless in a bag away from your body
    – invest in a low EMF cordless phone (only emits in talk mode) which you install and use in your place of work

  • richard meier said,


  • Elisabeth said,

    Dear Lloyd, You stated that the cordless phone with the eco mode plus setting you are using is the European model. So, obviously European phones can be plugged in and used in the US. Or did you have to make other technical adjustments in addition to getting a proper cord to plug it into the wall? I guess if I want to go radiation free when the phone is on stand-by, I have to buy a phone directly from Europe.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I’m using the European model because I live in Europe…if you live in the US you need to buy the US Eco phone (see the link above)….nevertheless I do recommend having an RF meter on hand to check the RF emissions.

  • Sam said,

    Hi Lloyd thanks for your help We have a wireless booster in our house that transmits signal to my parents house from a landline in my parents office,So I assume we are getting effected of some degree.Will this be a constant effect or is this only a problem when the phone rings.If so what would you suggest to be the safest solution? The booster model:EnGenius
    Regards Sam

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    All the WiFi devices I’ve tested emit 24/7 so in theory yes the effect will be constant….the safest solution is to replace your wireless connection with wired one.

  • Dee said,

    I ran across info on a wireless router that had an on/off switch for the wifi capabilities, but can’t seem to find it now. Can you recommend a multi-port router that has the ability to turn the wifi on and off quickly (as I need to be able to turn on the wifi easily for printing capabilities).

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The Netgear N150 allows you to do this, which is what I use, see

  • MC said,


    Your newsletter is very educational. I looked at amazon and find both Panasonic KX-TS880W and Panasonic KX-TS880B corded phone, can you advise EMF wise, which one is better? Thank you so much!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Corded phones are generally much safer than cordless models…..there’s nothing in the product descriptions to indicate that one of these phones would be better or worse than the other in terms of EMF exposures.

  • Dean said,


    Low EMF ECO DECT cordless phones are not available in the U.S.

    why is that and do you know if they ever will be available?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Low EMF cordless phones are available in the US see my link above to a low EMF cordless you can buy from the website.

  • Dean said,

    I guess from one of the reviews on Amazon this phone still emits RF signals 24/7. Most likely due to it being a U.S. model. The levels are much lower than a cordless phone.

    If RF radiation is still a concern I guess getting a corded phone is the way to go.

  • Lyn said,

    I just LOVE your website–“one stop shopping” for all EMF information:) Your link above to “low EMF corded phone” only has used/refurbished. Here is the updated new model link:

    I am getting rid of my cordless phones thanks to the information that you provided here. Keep up the good work:)

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Thanks Lyn!

  • Laura said,

    Hi Lloyd-
    I’ve written in other comments that we will soon have a ‘smart’ meter forced on us and we have begun taking steps to bring down the radiation otherwise in the house. And one of those ways is by unplugging the cordless phone and going retro.

    Luckily for me, my roommate who doesn’t seem to be as sensitive as I am to environmental influences, has been very supportive.

    He had a couple old phones in his possession that had been stored away and we have now gone retro with the phones.

    The next step will be getting that router you recommend. But we’ve already hooked the wires back up to the computers too.

    It’s weird to get wired up again but I don’t mind. Before I started reading your site, I used to sit on my bed at night working on my laptop on my lap. But that is not happening anymore so why not just have it wired up.

    And as far as the phone goes, we aren’t teens, nor do we have any living in the house so no one spends a great deal of time on the phone anyway. Lol.

    Thanks for putting all this info out here for people. I’m learning so much here.

    I am liking the idea of an RV as Ruth above writes. Hopefully I will be able to do that at some point.

  • Robin said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in 1992 and was told that my “expiration” date would be sometime in 1997. In 1995, the tumor suddenly disappeared — but I continued to have cognitive problems that affected organization and decision making. I described my general state of being as grateful, happy and lving with a brain that was tired and overwhelmed. Two years ago, when being examined for blood sugar fluctuations (hpoglycemia) I was told I had a large mass on both sides of my brain — so I began again, thinking that if I went deeper — changing my diet, exercising more, etc. that would do the trick; but although this time it wasn’t malignant, I felt worse and nothing I’ve done has improved my health status. And then, there you were and here I am. Ready? Here goes: I live in and apartment that has the cancer trifecta mold, asbestos and lead paint. I have plaster and lathe walls which don’t seem to deflect the RF signals coming from my TV and modem. I had a Dect 6.0 phone (now gone) that of course was on my nightstand. I had 12 CFL”s (also gone). I dumped the cell and the microwave. I still have an electric hotplate and a toaster/broiler oven. Don’t know what to do about those. The new owners of the building have strung 12 CFL bulbs in the hallways of every floor which they intend to leave on 24/7 for the next 2 years while they renovate the bldg. I scored 12+ on your test. I have exposed BX cable, and of course I have neighbors, all with computers and cell phones. I need to get to work immediately, but like others I’m having trouble with my phone system. At present, I have an old analog wall phone laying on the floor next to my bed, and an analog Trimline. No answering system, but its a start. I live in NYC, surrounded by people talking on their phones. everywhere I go. To make matters more interesting, when I looked out the window this morning, someone in the building adjacent to mine has put something on his roof for either cable or phone – don’t know yet.
    I do know this: I definitely need an RF meter, but reading is problematic. I’ve been trying for the past week and making lots of notes, but it’s dizzying — I haven’t been able to get through the material, and even writing this is difficult — can’t think straight. Once again, decision making is complicated. In my situation, would you consider helping me to narrow it down by recommending one or two devices? It would be enormously helpful. Thank you.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Robin
    If you want to measure RF radiation to my mind the choice is between the Cornet ED85EX, the Acousticom 2 and the Acoustimeter. All 3 are excellent RF meters which offer different functionalities……which meter is best for you depends on what you’re looking for and your budget. If you’re just wanting to switch on and point then the Acousticom 2 is a good choice its very sensitive (which is crucial) but offers little information…..the Acoustimeter gives more information (it gives an actual reading through the LCD display) and the ED85EX gives much more information and has a broader range but slightly less sensitivity out of the box but can be evolved via buying different antennas.
    Read carefully my reviews before making your decision.

  • dogg said,

    Lloyd, if I use only one cordless phone, just the base set, does it emit signals when not in use and in the base?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    All the ‘normal’ cordless phones I’ve tested emit signals from the base when not in use…..low EMF cordless phones can be configured to not do this.

  • john forster said,

    Hello could you recommend some corded phones with answer machine in the UK or will any phone from the usa work in the UK

  • Mary said,

    Hi Lloyd. Thanks for the great website and blog. I am electrically sensitive and sensitive to radiation , as well. I would like to get a home computer. If I have my telephone, cable and internet company install a computer and set up service for me and I always turn the modem off when not using the computer, will I still be exposed to increased emf and electricity in my home simply because some lines are activated to set up the computer. I realize this is a naive question, but I’ve tried to ask internet installment companies and I get different answers and I can’t get this basic, specific information from my research. Please respond if you can.
    Thanks very much! -Mary

  • Robin said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I read your blog on phones. I definitely get it, and I agree. “Being tethered to a land line phone jack is a small price to pay for long term improved health.”
    I’d like to purchase new phones that eliminate all radiation, but still have a system that gives me Caller ID, an Answering System or Voice Messaging. Can I expect to accomplish that if I buy either the Panasonic KXTS108SW, the Uniden 1380BK or the Siemens Gigabyte?
    BTW, is Standby the same as Airport Mode? Thanks for your help.

  • arti said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I am trying to properly set up my home for less EMFs as you have suggested. Currently, my husband & I have the iPhone 6 & plus models with Pong research cases & no home phone so all calls are taken through our mobile phones. We would like to have a cordless phone (preferably corded) to accept calls at home without having to pay for home phone service. Are there any low to no EMF phones you can recommend that would work with the iPhone through the same phone number as our mobile phones? I have seen many devices that will connect the two phones, but I am not sure how they rank in EMFs since a good bit of them are bluetooth. I would prefer to use the phones you recommend in your article but with a low to no EMF conversion kit so our cell phone will connect. I cannot test anything since I do not own any EMF radiation detectors due to the high prices, but would love to purchase Nick Clough’s device when it’s available. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for all you do!

  • steven D said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thanks for the interesting topic.
    Why would you prefer an analog cordless phone (which works for example on 900MHz) and radiates constantly instead of a digital pulsed cordless eco dect phone (which can also work on 900MHZ) that radiates only when you use it?

    I ask you this question because I have to chose between an analog (pmr) baby monitor and an eco dect baby monitor.

    thank you

  • Judy said,

    I recently found a corded phone at a thrift store by Lucent Technologies. Do you think that is sufficient? Since we did that, the dizziness that I’ve had which was getting steadily worse has improved.

    Also, we are in the process of putting wood flooring in our bedroom. We’re in the process now. We have metal beams in our house that the plywood rests on. I wondered about painting YShield on the plywood before we install the wood floor on top of it, but how do we “ground” it. I know that I have sensitivity to this, but we are just starting to figure that out.Thanks.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    @Steven – An eco DECT which radiates only when you use it is preferable to an analog – apologies for not making that clear.

    @Judy – Replacing cordless phones with corded phones is a move.
    EMF shielding is only ever a last resort measure. For tips on how to go about this see

  • HG said,


    You asked about your Panasonic 5.8 GHz phone, so I just tested my Panasonic KX-TG5633 5.8 GHz cordless phone with the Cornet ED85EXS and the reading was in the red with a peak of +00.3 with 619mW/m2 when I got right next to the base station which was in standby, no active calls. I recorded a short video and posted it here

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Thanks for sharing the video with us HG.

  • debra said,

    Hello Lloyd

    I want to say thank you very much for the information. You are a true blessing from God. I have a quick story to share with you and others, about 5 months ago I experienced something very strange with my cell phone while talking to a friend. I noticed it blew up on me sparking fire came out of it. And it was hot as a firecracker so I told my friend what happened we laughed and then I got off of the phone. Well a few weeks ago I was thinking about the incident that I experienced with my cell phone which I thought was very odd. Now I have read about EMF prior to this incident. Months went by and I final googled what causes fire to come out of a cell phone and that’s how I found out about you, I didn’t really realize how serious this is. It’s a flip phone by Samsung. Now I am contemplating not using a cell phone anymore. I don’t allow people inside my home with a cell phone, and I don’t own any gadgets TV WI FI Radio and I am glad to say that you have really helped me by becoming more conscious about this serious growing problem. Thank you very much, for your information. And I’m looking forward to your e-mails.

  • Kamalla said,


    I was wondering if you could please help me? I would like to replace my current DECT phone with a better cordless phone. I live in the USA & so unfortunately can’t get the Siemens ECO DECT PLUS phone, unless I was to import it & use an adapter. I heard that the adapter could possibly cause interference & that the phone’s other functions might not work properly. What are your thoughts on this? Also: comparing a 900 MHz cordless Analog to the USA Siemens ECO DECT only phone -which of those two would be better? Have you been able to check the levels with an EMF meter of the Siemens USA version ECO DECT at all? Or would just importing the ECO DECT PLUS be even better?

    Here is what Siemens has to say to an inquiry:

    “people usually misinterpret term radio emission – those waves are harmless to human beings and animals and compare them with radiation (harmful X and gamma rays). ECO mode works by decreasing base station transmitter strength and it is more referring to power saving, so it is considered as a environment-friendly device. Or to put it like this, your 800W kitchen microwave (long time ago proven as safe) is emitting far more waves then any Gigaset unit (even without ECO mode, transmitter output is not exceeding 2W at any point).
    We would not worry about that so much if we were in your shoes. Any unit with standard ECO Mode will be more than enough.”

    What are your thoughts?

    Thanks so much!

  • Kamalla said,

    Hello again,

    Here is more from Siemens:

    “ECO mode is not associated with the type of signal (analog or digital) that unit is using in any way. All our landline telephones are analogue, except VoIP telephones, they are both analogue (landline) and digital (2 VoIP lines) at the same time. You’ll recognize them by looking at the model name – they have IP at the end of the name.”

    “Emission for the in ECO Mode are up to 60%, that info on the website that it reduces up to 80% is an error – we informed our website developers, they will correct tis. However, please note that this reduction is not a fixed value, it varies, mostly because of the distance between the base station and handsets, obstacles and wall structure (reinforced concrete usually blocks radio waves)… transmitter is adaptive, so it will automatically determine best power output to provide best possible signal strength. Like we mentioned in the previous e-mail, emission is not harmful to living beings, radio waves are mostly effecting sensitive electronic equipment and in environments such as large offices with a lot of wireless routers can cause minor interference but that is about it. In the past, first cordless telephones had much stronger transmitters because technology was new and not optimized, but those problems were solved long time ago.”

  • Kamalla said,

    Also, is there any radiation from the magicJack voip adapter since it’s a digital phone service? Thanks for your time!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Kamalla
    For Siemens to say that radio frequency radio waves are harmless is quite wrong….there are thousands of studies linking these exposures to a multitude of very serious diseases including cancer. My Free Report has more information on this.
    For a US version cordless phone see my store
    Using a device like a magicJack voip with a wired telephone is inherently safer (because there is no wireless) than a cordless phone.

  • Bridgett said,

    Hey Lloyd!! I have really appreciated all of your info! Can you tell me how you know if a landline phone is low emf? I would think they all would be better than a cordless phone. What are your thoughts? Also my question is in the car when driving if you have to talk is it better to use bluetooth, speaker in phone or airtube headset. I have read your article on talking in the car and I know it is horrible but sometimes I just have too. Can you help me on that? Thank you so much!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Bridgett
    Corded phones are the way to go because they eliminate the problem of radio frequency radiation exposures that are associated with cordless phones.

    Bluetooth is better avoided, particularly in cars because it adds another layer of EMF pollution, see If you really have to telephone airtube or speaker phone is the safest – not while driving!

  • Annette said,

    I am trying to decide on the Uniden phone you mentioned above or the Seimens using eco mode. What is most healthy? The analog Uniden or the Dect Seimens Gigaset? Thank you for letting me know.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Annette
    I know of no comparative study on this so there is no scientific answer to this question…..the only way to decide which technology is most healthy is to try both options and see which you feel most comfortable with.

  • Michael said,

    Hi Lloyd:

    I have an EMF meter app on my Android phone. It measures radiation in mG and you can clearly see the levels rise when I move my meter next to my 5.8 GHz GE cordless.

    However, when I hold this same meter next to the ear portion of my CORDED phone, the meter goes off the scale.

    What is causing this severe spike in my corded phone?

    Just a note: my service is now through Cincinnati Bell, who switched my copper wire phone so that all my phones (including my corded one) routes through their fiber-optic network.

    Is it this change that is causing the EMF spike, or does it have to do with the electronics in the corded phone itself?


  • Marleen Van Ballaer said,

    Hi Lloyd, thanks for publishing this interesting information!

  • Rach said,

    Oct 2015
    Hello Lloyd
    Many thanks for your very helpful – and balanced – website.
    I don’t actually suffer from ES, but am concerned about the potential hazards of EMF. I couldn’t find anything on your website re ways to carry a cordless home phone(Gigaset in this case) during a conversation whilst using a wired airtube headset – ie to protect the abdomen from radiation from a handset which is being carried on a belt clip. Is there anything you would recommend?
    Also, I notice recommend using a ferrite bead along with an airtube wired headset. Would you agree with this – bearing in mind that even with wired airtube headsets, EMF are being transmitted up to the end of the wire, ie at your chest?
    Alternatively, would it be (comparatively) safe to use an EchoTubez Bluetooth airtube headset given that they come with a small bodyshield panel? At least with this, you could leave the handset at some distance from your body.
    Many thanks again for your time and care.

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