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Is A Faraday Bed Canopy An Effective Form Of EMF Protection?

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on February 1, 2014 under Electromagnetic protection, Protection devices | 82 Comments to Read

You’ve got the latest cell phone, computer tablet, wall to wall WiFi in your home, Bluetooth in your car, cordless phones sprinkled liberally around your home, not to mention a host of gadgets producing dirty electricity.

Then one day you answer your cell phone and of the blue you get a searing, head exploding pain when you put your phone next to your ear.

You think the pain will go away but instead it just gets worse.

It spreads.

You get this same searing pain when using other gadgets like you computer, your cordless phone, even your land-line.

Before long you’re walking round with the searing pain all day long. Nights aren’t much better either.

Your instincts tell you the problem is your cell phone and these other gadgets.

You Google “cell phone dangers, headaches…”. You read about this thing called electromagnetic fields or EMFs.

You Discover EMFs

It says EMFs are really bad for your health. They can cause cancers, autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders and lots of diseases you’ve never even heard of. It turns out EMFs are all around us, we can’t hear them, touch them taste them or smell them.

You’re confused.

If they’re doing all this damage why are stores still allowed to sell these gadgets? And why are people buying them as if they’re going out of fashion?

It’s all a bit too much to swallow.

You’re confused but concerned.

So you cut back/stop using these gadgets. You start to feel a bit better but the improvement is short lived. You can’t seem to function normally in the modern world.

You’d like to do something, something that would radically make you feel a lot a better. But you don’t know what. You’ve already spent a small fortune on every kind of cell phone chip, diode, harmonizer, pendant, neutralizer on the market and just don’t know what to do.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

Does this sound like your story or like a friends story or like something you’ve read somewhere?

Well this is more or less my story.

It was my cell phone that took me beyond the tipping point. I didn’t have Bluetooth, WiFi and a plethora of dirty electricity producing gadgets in my life because they weren’t around when I became electrically sensitive.

But other than that this story resembles closely my own. I spent years looking for ‘the answer’. Something that could radically improve my situation.

But I understood so little about EMFs and health I had little chance of finding it.

If I could wind back the clock what would I have done differently?

Lots of things.

But if there was one thing that I could do that would improve my situation overnight what would it be?

Overnight is exaggerating a bit because the human body doesn’t work like that.

But there are things that you can do that can give you tremendous bang for your buck.

Top of the list is the EMF Faraday bed canopy.

You don’t believe me?

Watch this video.

Did you watch the video? If you did you saw with your own eyes how effective an EMF bed canopy can be.

You’re thinking ‘OK that’s great but what about the 12 or 14 hours I’m not under the bed canopy? I’m still getting zapped.’

True. But there’s something about how the human body works that you need to understand here:

One hour of daytime EMF exposures ≠ one hour of nighttime EMF exposures

Nighttime is when your body’s cells regenerate, rejuvenate and detoxify. Studies show EMF exposures at night can severely curtail these processes. Nighttime is also when your body produces melatonin.

Melatonin has been called ‘nature’s age-reversing, disease-fighting, sex-enhancing hormone’ Sounds far fetched? We do know that melatonin has an important role to play in the function of the immune system, cancer prevention and brain function. Studies show EMF exposures at night inhibit the production of melatonin.

That’s why it’s so important to shield your body from EMf exposures at night. And the EMF bed canopy is the most effective way of doing this.

Granted its not cheap. But I’m not talking cheap, I’m talking sure-fire effective. The other alternative, full room EMF shielding with wallpapers, paints or similar can also be effective. But full room EMF shielding is much more difficult to achieve. Few people attain the levels of EMF shielding performance that can be achieved with a good quality EMF shielding canopy.

Do I Need To Ground This Canopy?

First, let me explain what I mean by grounding. The objective when you ground is to create a return path so electric fields may be discharged. This is usually done by connecting a wire to a metal stake in the garden or connecting to the earth terminal on a nearby electrical socket in your bedroom.

Some shielding canopies do need to be grounded but this one doesn’t.

Is this the Best EMF Shielding Canopy?

There are lots of different EMF Faraday canopies on the market. The thing to understand is there’s always a trade-off with EMF canopies: the higher the shielding performance the denser and heavy the material and the less light and air comes through. This can make sleeping under some canopies unpleasant.

The canopy shown in my video is made from a product called New-Daylite. I recommend New-Daylite because as my video shows it offers good shielding performance, but its also very transparent and has excellent air and light penetration. So you can get a decent nights sleep.

Also because it doesn’t need to be grounded, installation of the canopy is a lot easier.

Where Can You Buy This EMF Shielding Canopy?

Faraday bed canopyYou can order from Radmeters. I recommend this company because they offer good service and free delivery worldwide.

The canopies come in different sizes for different size beds: Click below to order according to the size of your bed:

Click here for the Pyramidal EMF shielding Canopy (the same as the one in my video) and here for the floor mat.

Click here for the Square Single bed EMF shielding Canopy and here for the floor mat.

Click here for the Square Double bed EMF shielding Canopy and here for the floor mat.


Will Sleeping Under An EMF Bed Canopy Make Everything Tickety-Boo?

It’s possible but fairly unlikely. For most people living in a ‘normal urban environment’, that’s to say sleeping in a bedroom with cell phone tower and WiFi radiation exposures, sleeping under an EMF bed canopy can be a huge boost to your health.  In allowing your body to carry out its cellular and hormonal processes it can even be a game changer. But its only one piece of the puzzle.

If you do decide to equip your bedroom with an EMF bed canopy I strongly recommend you also measure your electric field exposures (the ME3030B is the ideal choice for this). EMF bed canopies can acerbate your electric field exposures in the bedroom. If in doubt you can get your electrician to install a demand switch to shut down the electrical circuit in your bedroom thereby remedying any electric field issues.

Can I Just Buy The Shielding Material?

Yes. If you’re looking to make some curtains or shield in some other way, you can just buy the shielding material. It’s sold by the metre (2.5 metres (2.7 yards) wide x 1 metre). You can buy it from this company.

Keep educating yourself about EMFs and keep acting on that information. Make sure you’re subscribed to my Free Report and newsletters these outline the other pieces of the puzzle.

This article was last updated July 2015.

  • Patrick Babcock said,

    This is extraordinary Lloyd! Has someone fashioned a hooded cloak (and even socks and gloves)a person could also wear? I guess they could be homemade from a ground cloth.

    Also, do you know of any filters suitable to interpose in an Earthing/Grounding cord to be worn that would mitigate dirty electricity contaminating earth currents? Thank you SO much for this! Wonderful.

  • Gene said,

    Thanks for your kindness in advising about the Faraday

  • BobbyBaxter HCVeteran&MarihuanaFelon said,

    Thank You Lloyd,

    I know people this will help. Everyone else too.


  • Ann Nienaber said,

    Could you please give us some information on the grounding sheet? Does it come with the canopy? If not, where should we look for it and how is it used? Thank you!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The ground sheet goes under the bed (not to be confused with ‘grounding sheet’ which implies a grounding effect) is bought separately from the same company, I will put a link up for this also.

  • Kim Hayes said,

    Can a person sleep on an Earthing/Grounding mat connected by wire out the window with ground in earth, while inside the Fraday cage set-up? Or are the earthing effects negated? Do they cancel each other out and it becomes a mute point?

    Perhaps a follow up article addressing this would be grand.

    Many thanks for your work in this area.

  • Dorothy Shostak said,

    I used a Faraday canopy in 2006-07. It immediately made me feel better, but after a few days I began to experience new symptoms. Later, an environmental surveyor measured both the RFR inside the canopy (which was extremely low, yay!) and the voltage (which was very high). The grounding system included with the canopy just wasn’t doing the trick, and since the canopy was a mesh coated with silver, the silver was picking up voltage from the building’s wiring. Automatically, grounded or not. He showed me that my metal objects, such as a floor lamp, were also picking up extra voltage just by virtue of being near a wall with wiring (even 12″ away from the wall!). The floor lamp wasn’t even plugged in. I don’t use the canopy anymore, nor do I use the shielding clothing I bought at the time. These products, in my experience, negatively alter the body’s subtle energic fields. So, be careful!

  • Alison Sargent said,

    There is something wrong with your website. A box always pops up that asks me to sign up for the newsletters. I have already signed up for this. The problem is that there is no way to close the box as far as I can tell – there is no X box as there usually is. Very frustrating.
    I can’t read the article underneath it!

  • Linda said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I was impressed by the canopy/sheet demonstration. Has anyone thought to make them for a king size bed?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    A standard king size bed measures 76 by 80 inches which equates to 193cm by 203cm….the double bed canopy measures 220cm by 220cm so it will cover a standard king size bed.

  • dan berman said,

    thanks. want to see follow up comments and how to use ground sheet. does it plug in like sheets?

  • Marla said,

    I had bought a earthing grounding sheet with the grounding cords and all. I used it at least 3 months, but my symptoms did not improve one bit. I decided to take it off and see what happened – my symptoms didn’t improve but they didn’t get worse either – so the earthing grounding sheet did not help me. Would this canopy be any different? I can’t afford to waste anymore money. Appreciate your opinion.

  • Sebastian Rooks said,

    The best thing people can do is refuse to use EMR devices.

    It is our use of these devices that ensure telco’s install towers. I have not used the cell phone for two weeks and it now lives outside the house. WiFi router & cordless phone – gone.

    Demand devices that do not use wifi or at lest, reduce it.

    Undecided yet if next step is canopy or shielding paint – but the difference so far is pretty tremendous.

  • christine said,

    our readings in our bedroom are less than 1 uW/m2 0.07 V/M2 when measured with the acoustimeter, we have painted and earthed our bedroom have yshield curtains and film placed on our windows. If we use a canopy will we have to earth it as well?

  • Jennifer said,

    Thanx Lloyd. This is timely in that I am trying to move to a low RF place. This is taking longer than I thought and can no longer take the exposure levels here. I have been seriously considering a canopy. I can justify as the average person spends 1/3 of their life in bed. I am now bedridden so half my life is in bed half on the couch. I could move the bed in infront of the TV and open it just enouch to view the screen. So I’m sure it would be a ninety percent reduction in RF’s.

    Still it is way too cost prohibitive. I need a full size not a twin and I have to say I do not buy on any online site that does not have a working number with it. I found a canopy on lessemf, that is made of daylight and in a full. They also have the stuff to make your own and I’m sure it would greatly reduce the cost. I would have to higher someone to cut and sew it as I can no longer do things like sew.

    I notice they had a swiss shield fabric by nutrell and it has no flame retardant like the daylight does. A lot of people find the flame retardant a problem [it also is cancer causing]and when they were able to wash away the fumes the sheilding was reduced greatly. The swiss shield has a higer db 30 vs 20db. I want to avoid flame retardant. So I am thinking to avoid this I will have someone sew me one using the nutrell swiss shield. What is your take on the nutrell?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I’ve not tested Naturell its also made by Swiss Shield, the same as the canopy shown in my video. Naturell does have better shielding performance but its more dense, less transparent and lets less air through than New-Daylite….in your circumstances its probably the better choice.

  • Bruno said,

    Yeah, thanks, but…

    In the context with concrete buildings, cement, in which the usage of steel wiring is already delivering a kind of this shield I’ve learned that such a “protection”, the Farady cage is not to consider as a fortune for our health.

    I miss in your list of protecting measurements the crystals. All crystals are said to have that feature to dissolve the electro smog to significant levels concerning our health problem with.

    I do it since a long time and feel quite comfortable with. The body doesn’t feel overwhelmed by strange, unexplicable disturbances as it was before.


  • wolfgang said,

    Patrick Babcock: clothing and other measures against rf: check german google for Ulrich Weiner

  • wolfgang said,

    Kim Haynes: no grounding needed to shield RF. Grounding is needed to neutralize electromagnetic AC.
    And to all of you: any kind of grounded mat to lie on is useless in any case but one: the source is on the other side of the mat, which means – under your bed!!

  • wolfgang said,

    Dorothy Shostack: important experience for all of you on this site!! Iyour canopy. I recommend you reinstall your canopy. If well tailored its the best you can do against RF.
    But not LF from the AC in your house. We at my home found a simple solution: take out the fuse of the sleeping room circuit for the night. In many cases zhis already will help. Avoid big metal parts around your bed, check your mattress! If still LF, it comes from your surrounding, you cant influence, e.g. other homes. In tis case add some special shielding between you and the source, which then needs to be grounded.

  • wolfgang said,

    Dan Berman: the shielding in any case must be between you and the source. RF shielding needs no grounding, LF shielding does. By the way: if anyone tries to sell you a grounded mat to lie on, and argues with measuered tension before and no tension after installing the mat, throw him out! Fact is, tension is down because now current flows through the mat, and you sleep on that! This is harmful again, because the micro-currents your body functions consist of are severely disturbed.
    In our home I optimized our sleeping places as follows:
    1. We bought beds completely wooden. 2.I placed beds at least 30 cm away from any wall, because distance from sources minimizes interference. And we checked that no devices needing electricity during night are in the rooms neighbouring the sleeping room, such as fridges, heaters and so on 3.I measured the places for interference of the geomagnetic structures. If larger ones than 2000 nanoTesla were found, I chose another place. The medium to find out with is a geomagnetometre.
    4. We bought and tailored an RF canopy, as Lloyd describes. 5. I found one wall with a source of LF I couldn’t switch off. So I reinforced my RF canopy with shielding against LF, and grounded that one. 6. We eliminated metal parts and permanent magnets from around all beds. 7. Now we take out the fuse to switch off any tension in the rooms during nights.

  • wolfgang said,

    Marla: Exactly! See my post for Dan Berman! Throw that mat out of your bed, because otherwise you rest on a LF source! Perhaps it can help, when the source is in or under your bedroom floor (and yout put the mat under your bed directly on the floor!) but I am quite sure, there isnt any (could be lamps burning all night from the ceiling of the room under your bedroom. If so, have them switched off).
    Best is: follow the steps I described for Dan. Or contact me directly.

  • lyn said,

    I would love one but they are far too expensive

  • Lee said,


    Would be helpful if you took a reading of the LF (how many milligauss?) inside the canopy also since you have lamps/ electrical outlets by the canopy. Can you post another video? As Dorothy Shostak mentioned, the canopy she had helped with HF not LF and she had a grounded silver mesh canopy. I live about 400 meters from a cell mast and get RF readings of 200 to 300 microwatts per square meter peak in the house (using Gigahertz Solutions HF35C). I want to shield my two toddlers (2yrs and 4yrs). Both their bedrooms have one electrical outlet on each wall (and you have to be 8 inches away to get a reading of 0.3mG). The bedrooms are 10ft x 10ft. So I beds would have to be moved to the center of the rooms to be away for the outlets. Seems trial and error is the only way to get the correct shielding which will cost everyone thousands of dollars. I am getting a headache just thinking about this subject….

  • Bhavna Sharma said,

    How does the canopy control the EMF coming from beneath the bed?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    RF radiation from under the bed is not necessarily a problem….if it is you need to lay a shielded ground sheet as shown in my video.

  • Sharon Phillips said,

    I had a similar problem as Dorothy Shostak — with an “earthing pad” — it was increasing the ELF to a high level (even though it was grounded via the ground connection of an electrical outlet). The building biologist who checked it told me that she uses 2 meters for ELF — one to measure the electricity and the other to measure the magnetic field. I don’t know if this make any sense or not. I do see her point that using metal anything to reduce microwave exposure can increase elf exposure. I think you have to be very careful.

    I would definitely try this if I had the right meters to check elf — what brand is it?

  • c zehfus said,

    Good idea to advise about safer sleeping areas.
    But RadMeters told me they will not accept canopies returned if they have been used.
    Another places sells these same kinds and states this material is for modest shielding only. It is called LessEMF.
    People might also look into Aaronia canopies, which cost more but shield at 50dB or better. There is a shielding company called Holland, too, in Germany, that makes tents. A lot of these cost a lot. But they have higher protection ratings as stated by manufacturers.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Radmeters offer a 90 day refund policy on EMF meters….so I’d assumed it was the same for the canopies. I just checked with them and they said ‘There’s a 90 day money back for all the meters but for the fabrics and canopies it’s not possible unless they haven’t been used and are still in the original packaging.’ I’ve now corrected my article – apologies for the inaccuracy.
    There are other canopies offering better shielding performance but as I stated above the New-Daylite canopy offers a good trade-off between shielding performance and comfort/transparency, that’s why I recommend it.

  • James said,

    Couldn’t agree more Lloyd, I sleep like a baby under my canopy, plus my cell phone drops down to one or two bars when I put it under. That’s proof it works.

  • chanel said,

    where did you buy your meter

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Its an Acoustimeter…..there’s a review on this page and a link to a site selling the meter at the bottom:

  • john Wombwell said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    The bed canopy intrigues me, if it works. Whilst there will be some obvious attenuation within the canopy it should be quantified as so many dBs in the appropriate freq range. As you will see from our website we undertake shielding effectiveness testing for industry & Government from 75Hz thru to 40GHz.I would be extremely interested to perform testing on this canopy as we also test private dwellings for people who are concerned. But I have no solution for them without suggesting a move. If you can let me know the address of the actual manufacturer or their prices & website, I would be grateful. I hope I hear from you on this issue as we need some positive figures to give the public ( don’t you agree)
    Awaiting your response, and my kind regards,
    John Wombwell M.D. EMC Hire Ltd. UK

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    According to the manufacturer this canopy offers attenuation of 30 dB at 1 Ghz (99.9 % shielding effectiveness)….its made by a company called Swiss Shield – you can Google them for contact details…..if there was the slightest doubt in my mind that this canopy didn’t shield I wouldn’t be talking about it on my website….this is why I went to the trouble of shooting a video so that people could see it ‘working’ for themselves.

  • Chimonger said,

    1. IF you are privileged to be building home from scratch, or remodeling it entirely [opening up the walls], one could re-do the Romex wiring in there, by giving that Romex a 1/2 to full twist every meter/yard or so.
    That cuts down on Fields inside the house.
    CAVEAT: it WILL cause feed-back to the nearest transformer-can on the pole, which, if the can is old, could cause it to blow up.
    [ref: 3 different professionals with electric credentials of various kinds].
    Solution: A new transformer can would prevent that.

    2. Using cheap aluminum window screen hung like a curtain, with a wire leading to a ground point at the wall socket, becomes something of a faraday cage–that is, it blocks electric fields–this is a pretty good solution to block the surges that affect many, from those high-tech computerized Meters being placed on so many homes.
    It’s been used in Sweden since the early to mid-1990’s, hung across walls and windows, to block fields from cell repeaters and towers from invading apartments.

    3. While copper and silver are nice, and conduct very well, aluminum also conducts well–and it’s markedly cheaper.
    CAVEAT: While these systems are not usually going to carry significant loads that could cause metal to heat up, it’s probably a good idea to NOT hybridize aluminum with copper. House wiring is all supposedly copper, but SOME houses have some aluminum in them, so people should do some deeper homework on this.
    IF one is using these during electrical storms for instance, the energy they carry could suddenly jack up, forcing the apparatus to carry far more power, which could cause some damage to hybridized wire connections.
    [[ref: insurance adjusters in TX: “lightening is no respecter of circuit breakers, load protectors, or even having appliances totally unplugged–if it gets close enough, it travels over whatever wiring is available, meaning it can and does fry whatever it gets into–and insurance won’t pay for that”]]

    4. Some have suggested, for new construction or deep remodels, to cover wall cavities [behind the wall-board] with aluminum window screen [or if one can afford it, copper screen], to make the house-envelop into a big Faraday cage, once that is properly grounded.
    Unsure if I want to do that.
    Perhaps using metal conduit for wiring chases, and twisting the Romex, might do it?

    5. Some folks live, unfortunately, on top of areas that cause similar problems as EMF’s/ELF’s. When remodeling to protect from those, using the screens inside the walls and floors [that is, mounting the grounded screens behind/under wall and floor coverings], really helped.
    There are many gizmos that can affect/control these energy fields to protect people. We even had one patient report back that placing aluminum foil under the bed, and like a canopy over it, seemed to do a good job of blocking these Fields for them [that’s a LOT of foil–but cheap!].

    1. Though humans can be affected badly by some energy fields, WHAT does it do to us, by blocking them all out using Faraday Cages?
    2. HOW might blocking everything, adversely affect our ESP/psychic abilities, upon which everyone relies [yes, even those who swear they have none of those abilities!]
    3. HOW do these Fields creep around the screens described above, to cause problems for users?? Wouldn’t that mean those devices aren’t really grounded properly?

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Chimonger: Wow! Lot’s to consider in your post.

    The frequencies of concern for “normalized” biological functions are so far below what off-the-shelf shields would effectively cancel, it becomes a non-issue in most practical cases. Extremely low frequencies ( 4-30 cycles per second) are next to impossible to shield due to the long wavelengths involved. There were some serious and deleterious affects reported in early space explorations, as astronauts would become confused and disorientated when out of Earth’s Schumann resonance field. (7.83 Hz) Later spacecraft employ artificial Schumann effects, and most likely “other” frequencies to stabilize the brains oscillatory rates. The brains oscillatory rates get to technical to include here.

    Normal ESP/psychic abilities are being intentionally negated and crippled by HAARP systems, cellular towers, GWEN systems, Bluetooth devices, and all the rest of the digital nightmare. I once had quite distinct remote viewing and telepathic abilities. These all began to fade away as more and more digital devices came on line. People in positions they should not have, are VERY paranoid about people who have true “psychic” abilities. That’s why they’re frying everyone and everything in sight – including themselves.

  • Chimonger said,

    I agree Paul.
    Depending where one is on the planet, and what type of geological strata or building one is in, those darn HAARP vibrations are terrible.
    I call it “The Hum”.
    They sound exactly like a huge electric motor [like those used deep down inside a dam generating electricity], winding up and down RPM’s. IT’s been around nearly my whole life.
    Overwhelmingly vibratory for decades, it’s gotten worse as more HAARP arrays got installed….and more digital messaging systems got popularized.
    Yes, they ARE terrified of anyone who can use their mind–in any way.
    The ONLY time I heard it totally stop, was at 911.
    Right before that event, the “hum” was wildly vacillating, sending coded messages like a fiend.
    Then, it absolutely shut down for almost 24 hrs….until Bush got people’s backing to go to war. I had not experienced peace / quiet like that since I was a small child.
    When that thing came back on, it sounded exactly like a huge electric generator motor slowly winding up to operating speed RPM’s, then, back to passing coded RPM messages. It’s a wonder mental illnesses aren’t more pervasive than they are already.

    I’ve been trying to learn how to block that, but so far, unable.
    HAARP pervades the planet.

    Had never heard of GWEN systems?

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Chimonger: Hello. Yes, the HAARP hum is audible to some, and is usually broadcast at just below background noise or at human threshold of hearing. These frequencies are designed to impair cognitive function and cause problems with anxiety and sleep disturbance. Some of these psychotropic frequencies are also power line generated. The drug Adderall is one of the most highly prescribed drugs in present times, because people are having anxiety attacks with the constant background noise. Power outages are a huge blessing. It’s amazing how quiet it gets when all the electronics in a city go dead for a few hours.

    The frequencies in my current situation are operating as multi-tone with some mixed harmonics. The fundamental pulse is extremely low frequency, and is next to impossible to shield without exotic methods. The second harmonic (HUM) is approximately 120 cycles, and 217 Hz has been reported in many countries. The site below is a convenient way to match audible frequencies to what most people are told is tinnitus. Just slide the frequency bar back and forth until you get a match. You may have to up the volume slider for high frequency, as the human ear loses sensitivity at higher frequencies. Many people are complaining of a high frequency ringing at approximately 9250 Hz. Doctors are clueless as usual, and attribute it to tinnitus…
    Also see: Electronics FAQ: GSM 217Hz TDMA noise
    Here’s another study of deleterious biological results. There are a number of related studies listed in the reference materials.

    Sleep EEG alterations: Effects of different pulse-modulated radio frequency electromagnetic fields – SCHMID – 2011 – Journal of Sleep Research – Wiley Online Library

    The GWEN systems are another animal, but toothy as well. Thanks for your post.

  • Jack said,

    If I put only ground sheet , will it help?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    If the source of RF radiation is under the bed a ground sheet may reduce your exposure slightly – measuring with an RF meter will tell you exactly how effective it is.

  • betty said,

    I recently bought an Acoustimeter and the lowest reading in my entire house is 50 microwatts/m2 . My sleeping areas are in the red!!(250-500uW/m2). We live 300meters from a celltower. The closer I go to the outside walls (in all directions) the higher the numbers get. I got rid of cordless phones and wifi so most of the readings must be coming from outside. Other than moving (which is not an option) I don’t know were to even begin protecting our family. I’m stressed just being in this house knowing there is that much radiation everywhere. I went to the website to buy a canopy and at the bottom it says that additional measures should be taken to reduce LF fields. Can you explain what you did to reduce LF and if you didn’t what are the effects on the body especially for people who have heart conditions? My real question is… can it be more dangerous inside a canopy if all the measures aren’t implemented?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    You can’t just look at the Faraday bed canopy in isolation….it can be a very effective way to deal with RF radiation but it can cause other issues….shielding is always a last resort measure….sleeping under a shielded canopy is not a very ‘natural’ environment… doesn’t suit everybody….one of the reasons I recommend this particular canopy over others is because is has very good air and light penetration… don’t necessarily need to reduce your electric field exposure but you do need to measure….you need to consider all this and more….keep learning and keep reading about this important subject.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello betty: One of the most important issues to confront in situations such as you describe, is to remain as calm as possible. I know that sounds rather patronizing, but any anxiety in an EM rich environment actually augments the physical reaction and creates a psychological looping effect. If moving to a new location is not in the cards, one of the first orders of resolution is to investigate the possibility of applying YS-HSF54-5 product to ALL interior and exterior facing walls. This is a fairly time consuming and/or expensive remedy, but may be the best way to combat RF induction from outside sources. If doing the entire house is not possible due to cost, then at least cover walls in areas like sleeping quarters or family rooms where exposure times are longer. Be sure to apply to ceilings as well.
    I also like the bed canopy solutions, but the expense for a whole household of family members often out-costs the Y-shield paint option. Another serious area of RF penetrations are through window openings. “Old fashioned” aluminum screening is the most inexpensive way to combat RF entering through window areas. Local hardware stores often have someone on staff that can replace nylon bug screening with the aluminum product. There are other solutions such as RF abatement fabrics, but again, the cost will be much higher than screen replacements. Do windows in bedroom areas as a minimum solution. If you have other concerns, please peruse Lloyd’s related pages, or repost with questions. I’d be honored to help you in any way possible.

  • sam ford said,

    I built a 4′ x 8′ x 4′ high cage covered with aluminum insect screen.
    I measured inside and found it did nothing to cut down 2-3 ghz signals from the new tower in the “hood” that is wrecking my sanity/eyes/ears/teeth/mental abilities etc. but it worked fine on some lower frequencies.
    The opening pore sizes are too large for effective effect on these wavelengths and another problem is it has to be perfectly sealed-no cracks.
    …and there is a risk of creating standing waves because of the parallel walls with what does penetrate..
    however a transistor radio will stop “playing” inside this on the AM band.
    All efforts that don’t completely create an “water tight’ Faraday cage are futile at the frequencies we now have to endure from our “intelligent” uses of digital electronics????
    we are genetically modifying our children’s future.

  • Lisa said,

    I do agree the higher frequencies of today are harder to shield. I did have one of these canopies made from the heavier Nutrell Swiss Shield. It is indespensible. it blocks all the nieghbors wifi and devices, but it does not block the pulses from smart meters in the neigborhood. Exept for those it’s a quiet zone in there. The canopy does lesson the strength of some of the pulses in half. I wonder if there’s anything that can block out those horrid smart meters alltogether. There is not a smart meter on my house. It has been removed.

  • matt said,

    If I paint my bedroom with shielding paint will that be sufficient for shielding RF or would I still need a bed canopy?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    For shielding to be successful you have to be methodical…..the method I advocate is measure/shield/measure/shield…..step one is getting an EMF meter which will give you some reliable readings and enable you to ascertain if your shielding is effective. If you apply this method and use shielding paint you shouldn’t need a bed canopy…..

  • sam ford said,

    Any cracks or openings however small will make your efforts of painting of minimal value in shielding microwave frequencies.
    Sensitive electrical equipment shielding requires extreme attention to detail where cabling enters thru aluminum/copper panel type casings/enclosures and specialized gaskets to try and shield door openings.
    The enclosure basically has to be air/water tight! Similar in concept to trying to soundproof a room-and even then it only stops a percentage and any leaks can set up standing wave reflections from parallel walls and the enclosure can act as a cavity resonator amplifying the strength of the original leak via constructive interference from fundamental and overtones inherent in a square wave digital signal-bits and bytes- at narrowly defined regions within.
    Try measuring a microwave oven as an example of a so-called safe shielded enclosure.

  • Pat said,

    Do you need a ground sheet with the bed canopy if living in a one story home as I assume it may not be as necessary with nothing below it as in a multistory building with wiring underneath at lower levels?

  • sam ford said,

    A shield canopy is basically a fabric upside down box.
    it needs a floor made out of similar material or sheet aluminum to have it perform as a full coverage faraday cage with a tight joint between them.
    Any wiring under it or near it should be disconnected and the power to that area turned off at night.
    All metal objects near or in the bed frame should be removed because they act as parasitic antennas and can resonantly amplify/focus the electromagnetic energy at specific frequencies.

  • Pat B. said,

    One thing that really works is …cardboard. Cardboard is a wood by-product. Inexpensive and in many cases free.

    All of the shielding and testing equipment can get very expensive especially for people in this country, where the majority are un-employed or on a very tight, fixed income (even when working one is on a fixed income and subject to the whims of the employer and the work ethic.)

    Cardboard is the least costly and readily available; when properly placed helps deflect the EMF frequencies; especially useful for the ringing/humming in the ears.

    If a large piece of cardboard is scored but not cut all the way through then formed. It has to be taller than the body when in a sitting or sleeping position – in other words, above the head and body.

    This was told to me years ago by a very notable, high-level scientist who also worked on Haarp. At that time there were only about 48 or so antennas at the HAARP facility.

    Cardboard is free…when you can find it or when buying a new appliance or large item packaged in cardboard.

    Large cardboard placed and taped under my memory foam mattress, between the mattress and metal supports on the wood frame bed has stopped much of the “noise” from the EMF structures near my home.

    Everything about these increasing frequencies involves being a detective and finding out little by little what works and what does not to regain and maintain good health. Sometimes it pays to “think outside the box”.

  • Dan said,

    I read all the comments above, but there is still one thing I don’t get..

    I’m worried about the canopy picking up electric fields (or other emf’s) which then may interfere with my body its own field. Possibly even when shielded.

    Then it would mean it would do more harm than good.

    Anybody? :)

  • Francis said,

    I have the CornetED78S Meter can I use that to test if I need a bed canopy?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The ED78S is quite suitable for this kind of testing.

  • Justin said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thank you for all of the good information you provide. I am almost ready to take the plunge and buy a canopy. However, I am concerned about the ability to turn off the power in the bedroom. Most electrical panels in the US are screwy and dont separate the bedrooms on individual circuits. I will be renting a home with roomates so cutting the power may not be an option. How important is it to the effectiveness of the canopy to have the power cut off? Can I still benefit or will it make issues worse?

    Thank you,


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Justin
    I could just say listen to your body…..this will tell you if you are better or worse off from using your canopy in a room where the electrical circuits are energized….a simple ELF meter like the Gigahertz ME3030B will tell you whether your levels of electric fields exposures are high when you’re under the canopy.

  • Andrew said,

    Hi Lioyd:

    I have a question please. Once I have heard that perhaps placing protective mat under the bed and creating Faraday cage may not be too good, and applying just a bed canopy would be the best option. I have to say that I live on the second floor in my apartment and that is why I am concerned if that would be enough? Please tell me if there is any possible negative aspect to health when closing the cage and creating so called Faraday cage that you have heard, or better else to stay with just the canopy if possible?
    What is your opinion about it, please?


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Using a Faraday canopy, as with any form of EMF shielding, should always be a last resort measure. Some people experience a deterioration in their health when they sleep under canopies because one of the side effects may be that you cut yourself off from the “natural EMFs”….. canopy + protective mat or just canopy?……as always listen to your body.

  • Lisa said,


    I now have had a bed canopy made of Swiss shield Nutrell, since shortly after my last comment. This is heavier than the readymade ones. It is great for blocking out all the nearby wireless and if I stay in here most the day and limit my time outside, I get relief from the bombardment of TIA headaches. This truly is saving my life. The only thing this does not block is the smart meter system as in neighbors meters and the different components of the system pulsing off. That being said the canopy cuts the strength of those pulses 50%. An improvement to that extent is appreciated and worth it. The TIA headaches became bad last Aug when the wifi networks got added in the area hence the need for the canopy.

    I am looking to move to much less densely populated area w/ great distance from neighbors, but it’s taking time, much more than I would like. I chose to spend for the canopy as I needed a life safer for the interium and it has done that. I find I can open it enough to watch TV, view the computer monitor ect…without the meter registering anything in the canopy. Its hard having to limit my time outside of the bed canopy to a couple hours a day but not worth the risk otherwise. I sleep much better and have had dreams again and every night since the canopy went in.

    I do not have a grounding pad. I am on the first floor that has a natural tile floor w/ rugs. So no need.

    Barring moving, or more expensive shielding solutions on a building I do not own, it is the best solution I know of.

  • albert w loescher said,

    Will Reflixit® (Foil/bubble/foil)insulation emp barrier?
    –Albert, wary weary watchman

  • John said,

    Llyod –

    I travel extensively for work and wifi is now everywhere, and to ensure a strong signal hotels are using lots of boosters throughout the floors. I took my RF meter with me on a recent trip and the signal was significantly greater than at home.

    If I were to use the EMF cloth draped over the hotel door, in essence it would resemble a screen door of sorts, provided it covers the full door, do you think it would reduce/eliminate the signal coming into a hotel room? I’d try it myself, but I dont own any EMF blocking fabric. unlike homes with thin sheet rock walls, many hotels are concrete walls/ceilings/floors, so if the cloth did cut down the signal strength, that would be great.


  • Lisa said,

    John I live in a detached 1 story house made of cinderblock, cement and coated w/ adobe. The floor is natural ceramic tile on cement foundation. The only way that I am able to block my neighbors wifi is a full canopy mine is custom made of the thicker swiss shield. It does not block out the pulses of the neighbor’s smart meters, but it weakens them quite a bit. Sadly these RF can travel through cement. Of course I would think it may not if the cement is 6 feet thick as in a bomb shelter, but that would be a rare form of construction indeed.

  • Lucretia said,

    Would someone who has one of the good devices that measure frequencies check to see what kind of protection a cardboard box can give them? That would be easiest and save us all lots of time.
    I shall wait your reply. Thank you so… in advance.

  • Jan said,

    I heared a story about heavy metal accumulation from sleeping under a shielding cannoppee (apparently little crumbles of material comm off over time).

    Does anyone know about that?
    I want a cannoppe for me and my son but do not want heavy metals like silver or copper accumulating inside me.

    thanks in advance for any answer

  • Joshua said,

    $800-$1000 That is a pretty pricey for some one like me unfortunately. Also yes, I was wondering about metal accumulation after studying these type of things.

  • Karla said,

    Hi Lloyd

    My friend has a daylite fabric canopy for her 11 year old. She put fairy lights around the top of the canopy that plug into the electrical circuit.
    I am worried this will increase fields. Can you tell me if it will?

    Also there are some parts of the canopy that don’t touch the earthing mat on the floor is this an issue? She says the RF is very low inside regardless. This bedroom is on the second floor.


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Karla
    – putting fairy lights on the canopy can introduce electric fields into the equation….not advisable
    – to create a Faraday Cage effect the canopy needs to come down all the way to the floor mat, as shown in my video BUT if your friend is sleeping well and the RF radiation readings are satisfactory it may be adequate to use the shielding materials in this way

  • wifi overpowers faraday said,

    I have to take all these claims with a pinch of salt because of one simple experiment which anyone CAN VERIFY AT HOME.
    put a mobile phone in your microwave oven, close the door, dial the phone from another phone.
    If faraday and the microwave oven makers are correct the phone will not ring, it can ring because its inside a faraday cage,no ordinary faraday cage , but a special super faraday cage.
    Heres the problem. the phones DOES RING and it will still ring even if you take the oven
    with the phone inside and place the whole lot inside a car (faraday cage). even if you drive the car (faraday cage) into another faraday cage (shipping container) The phone will STILL RING proving that a state of the art faraday cage (Mw oven) inside standard faraday cage (car)
    inside a faraday cage with 3mm steel walls canot protect the human body or anything else from micowaves emitted from mobile phones and masts

  • Mike said,

    Can the Tri Meter or Cornet Meter do the same thing as the ME 3030B EMF Meter?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    These meters are all different in terms of sensitivity and the EMFs they are designed to measure:
    Trifield 100XE – magnetic fields + electric fields + RF radiation
    ME3030B – magnetic fields + electric fields
    Cornet – there are different versions, most popular ED78S measures magnetic fields + RF radiation
    I’ve reviewed all these meters here

  • John said,

    I have oh so many questions, im interested in buying a canopy for our bed due to the many attacks upon our bodies while we sleep.

    However I read here how other users state the canopy can actually cause more harm than good. How does one ground their bedroom without buying all the expensive paints, etc. Is there a way to DIY and make these materials. ID like to find ways to do that, ive read some on paints but there has to be a way you can make the paint yourself isnt there? Any help would be appreciated, im on a limited budget and most of this stuff is out of my budget.

  • Theresa said,

    Hi, thanks for all the info. These remedies are very expensive, as you know, and out of the reach of the average person. I’m going to build a cage around my bed with aluminum screen and be very careful that there are overlaps, no openings in the coverage, and pray for the best. I’ve been being bombarded for the last few months from smart meter radiation-where I live and close neighbors, lots of health problems have started, and I’m renting, so can’t get the meters off, and utilities shutting power off here if people try, so this is the next best thing. I appreciate you said, “Shield, measure, shield, measure.” Will take that approach. God bless.

  • Louay said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    An interesting comment was made further above by Pat B, who mentioned about using cardboard to deflect the EMF frequencies. Is there any way you can find out more about how this would work by contacting her and getting all the details and then perhaps testing it with all your meters to make sure it actually works? If what she says is true then this would not only be a simple solution but also a very economical and financially viable one for us all.

    She also mentions that this information was given to her by a prominent HAARP scientist.

    What are your thoughts?

  • Louay said,

    If Pat B, who left the comment further above about using cardboard to protect against EMFs, reads this comment please can you provide more info about this method?

  • RobertB said,

    It seems like an interesting approach. But with such a hefty price margin and since others have commented that it could actually make you WORSE, I don’t see it as a viable option. Can someone please explain why it could make you worse. From what I read, it seems like 2 scenarios. 1) That it removes natural frequencies from the earth, which we need. And 2) that it creates an electiric/magnetic field, since there are tiny metal wires in the canopy that get charged.
    I’m not too concerned about (1), but the second scenario scares me and stops me from purchasing this. Is there any further info about how this can be rectified.
    Also, if I was to go ahead with this option. I’d rather rather just buy a sheet of this emf sheilding stuff and make my own canopy. Sure, it won’t look as good, but it should do the job just as well, minus the expense.

  • Melissa Tonini said,

    Hello –
    I have been using the Daylite canopy for a year. It really does decrease the EMF to very little. The pins and needles I felt on my legs went away immediately. ONLY problem is the ODOR. Washed it several times using the suggested detergent sold by the manufacturer with no success. Am sensitive to the fumes (headaches) and have had to use my air purifiers – obviously am introducing A/C now. I sleep in grounded sheets (wonderful – earthing really helps with my neck/back pain as a dental hygienist) but want to ditch the air purifiers and just get rid of the odor from net – what can I use to wash it out without wrecking the canopy’s EMF protection?!

  • maria said,

    I want to make my own canopy because I cannot afford to buy the predone one. Do you have any idea how much canopy I should buy, or how many inches? The width ot if is 2.6 meters when I looked it up.

    Thank you,

  • Tzion said,

    is there a solution (faraday cage) for installation under an electric bed (to prevent ELF radiation emitted from the electric bed’s motor)?

    the canopy above the bed is too complicated.

  • Natali said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I am a single mother. I live with my daughter in a rental apartment.
    I become aware of EMF dangers only recently and I felt awful by the fact that I have been poisoning my daughter and myself for not knowing. We live maybe 15 meters away of a cell phone tower.
    We need immediate protection please advise what will be the best, I know that we have to move but we have a complicated reality and there a lot of things to balance ( school , work , not driving , taking care of elder parent , economics, etc)
    I thought that the Faraday bed canopy could be a good option for us but do I need to ask an electrician to install it. How do you operate this bed canopy, what happens if accidentally you touch the canopy at night when you are sleeping. How do you go in and out of it without touching it?
    What do I do with the rest of the surfaces and floor in bedroom do I need to paint.
    Please advice.
    Thank you very much,

  • Beth said,

    Hi- Anyone?

    We had our house professionally mitigated and then followed their advice: We had the house professionally painted with shielding paint & ordered and hung Naturel curtains through out. Also, I sleep in a Naturel canopy with floor mat. On two sides, I have doubled the material to bring the RF down to .06.

    We turn off power at the main every night. BUT, as I lay under the canopy I can feel the “buzz” (sometimes in teeth too!) of what I believe are emfs (since rf’s are so low). I am at a loss to where they could be sourcing since there is no power to the house. Could it be in the water line? Is so, how can it be measured? Could it be coming from the ground itself?

    We are up on post & pier construction.

    I know the canopy works because it protected me in another house.

    I have Acoustimeter RF Model AM-10 & the Trifield 100 XE meter (not recommend).

    A Professional Mitigator was flown in but now are on our own to finish the job.

    Any ideas?

  • kiran chikhale said,

    Thanks for posting this article. Very less discussed issue. Very informative

  • Karla said,

    Hi Beth, If you have a meter that does magnetic readings check your taps, water meter, metal pipes. Run it around the walls near the bed. It could be coming from outside also. It could be dirty electricity. Do you have a meter for these. I would purchase the Cornet meter [comment edited here] that does RF and Magnetic fields so you can monitor yourselves and see if things change. A DE meter is not too expensive. If you turn the power off at the mains you should be able to sleep in comfort. I assume you leave your mobile phone off?
    Could it be chemicals? A gas leak? Is there a gas tank near your bedroom window?

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