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Smart Meter Radiation From My Neighbors Became Intolerable And Drove Me To Write A Book

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on October 18, 2013 under EMF Books, Smart Meters | 30 Comments to Read

For Elizabeth it all started when the utility company started installing new electric meters in her neighborhood.

These weren’t just any meters they were installing, they were smart meters.

By smart meter I mean a utility meter fitted with an antenna that transmits energy usage to the utility company – in this case once a day.

Now here’s the thing, Elizabeth decided she didn’t want one. She opted out.

Her immediate neighbors, an elderly gentleman on one side and a young couple trying for a baby on the other, also opted out.

You’d think that would’ve made things pretty safe for her, right?


It Started With A Rash

Within days of the first smart meters being installed in her neighborhood an itchy rash started developing around her ankle.

A week later the rash was up her calf and covered half her thigh.

Two weeks later she’d a solid rash over her arms, legs, stomach and back.

The itch from this rash was so ferocious she couldn’t sleep.

Her doctor said it was scabies and gave her cortisone cream and pills.

This did nothing to stop the spreading or the itching.

The dermatologist said it was scabies and gave her ‘full body’ scabies medication – thankfully she decided not to use it.

She went from specialist to specialist, an allergist, an infectious disease doctor, and another dermatologist. Nothing worked.

Spontaneous Bleeding

By this time she couldn’t use a cell phone or a computer without bloody sores breaking out on her arms and legs within minutes.

Things got so bad her skin would start spontaneously bleeding whenever she was exposed to any from of EMF. Sometimes it bled so profusely she had to destroy clothes and sheets because of the heavy staining.

So she started to do her homework. Looking at the health complaints in Northern California she was astonished to see how many people had written about problems with skin rashes subsequent to getting a smart meter installed.

This is how EMFs brutally came into Elizabeth’s world.

This is what inspired her to write a book.

What’s In The Book?

It was smart meters and smart meter radiation that drove Elizabeth to write her book. But this is more than a book about smart meter radiation. Elizabeth is a researcher and that shines though on every page.

Part 1 of the book does an excellent  job of pulling the research together on the biological impacts of EMF exposures, with chapters on:

  • emf freedomElectromagnetic hypersensitivity
  • Altered cellular functions
  • The brain
  • Alzheimer’s disease/CNS/AS
  • The Immune System and Cancer
  • Blood cells
  • Sleep and insomnia
  • Fertility
  • Diabetes, Anorexia and Tinnitus
  • Autism/behavior

The books also got a well filled out reference section so if you want to look further into the studies you can. It’s got some great explanatory diagrams, charts and visuals. This bring to life some of the technical explanations, without which some of this stuff might be hard to follow.

Parts 2 and 3 of the book are devoted to the solutions. Solutions are what interest me most. This is my only gripe really, it’s a little thin in that department.

Is This A Book For You?

I read everything I can get my hands on on this subject. There’s a lot to learn here and its well explained. Things like how our DNA acts as a fractal antenna but also that our spinal cord acts as a natural antenna.  Fascinating stuff.

The book exists in a paperback and kindle version and you can buy it through Amazon, click here for details.

If you’re suffering from smart meter radiation exposures, in certain cases smart meter radiation shielding can help.

Long term, comprehensive EMF protection is the only solution – click here to download my EMF Protection Free Report.

  • Kathy said,

    I stopped the installation of a Smart Meter, and was given a phone number to call and OPT OUT. I was so grateful and called immediately. I thought I could now relax and not worry about a Smart Meter being installed on my house! Several months later a smart meter was installed. I told the installer that I had OPTED OUT, but that did not matter to him. I believe it just raises a waving, redflag to the authorities , so that they are sure to NOT MISS THAT HOUSE! The smart meter has caused a change in my daughter’s behavior as well as terrible acne, which she has never had before. The SMART METER is on her bedroom wall across from her bed! I am ready to MOVE!!!!! I hate what it is doing1

  • Lienke said,

    Thanks again for the information about books. Did not yet read Elisabeth’s book. I try to read every book that discusses EMFs. Kerry Crofton’s newest is not bad, Carleigh Cooper’s book Cellphones and the dark deception was one of my first books on the subject. One of my favorites is Jim Waugh’s book Living safely with electromagnetic radiation. Then there are many others that all contribute some small piece of the puzzle of EMFs and life with EHS. Thanks again Lloyd!

  • Kate said,

    Interesting article, one that does strike home with health issues I have.

  • Jim Gerlach said,

    Pretty expensive for such a small book with weakness in 2 out of 3 key parts. Kindle price is criminally high. How about a more reasonable $9.99 or less like all other respectably priced Kindle books.

  • Bill said,

    Hi Lloyd. It Has been 3 months now since the water Co. has installed smart meters on my street. So far I have been able to stop the installation of a smart meter on my home. I can see after reading the story from Elizabeth that it isn’t going to matter if I have one or not. The whole street is a wifi network. I have always had a lower back problem that shows up once every year only if I am not careful. It can last about 1 week and then I’m back to my normal schedule. I can’t be sure but I find it to be a little odd that my back has been a problem now for 3 months. My computer is hard wired. My house phone is corded and my cell phone is forwarded to my house phone. The cell phone stays off. At this point I don’t know what else I can do. Bill

  • christine said,

    In south australia the liberal opposition govt have just put forth a proposal to allow the roll out of smart meters on a voluntary basis which has started the debate here about safety issues. Even though the roll out will be voluntary we all know that with time older safer meters will no longer be stocked and the general public will be forced to install them. If anyone reads this from South Australia please write to all MPs and urge them to not support such a policy. thanks

  • Paul Von said,

    This book looks well worth the read, and sounds like a well put together summation of the EM issue. As usual, you’re right on it Lloyd. Best regards.

  • Kelly Wakefield said,

    A year or 3 back a new meter was installed on ground mounted large utility box, across 1 lane road from house.
    It worried me as it is the newer type box.
    Found an ole steel engine cover box and put in on top of new meter box. It drapes over top n around all sides of new meter box.
    The signal does not go out from an antenna but an underground cable, same one old unit used.
    Cable is a couple feet underground and goes about 2-3 tenths mile to main road, turns left, goes 20ish yards to telephone pole, and disappears into telephone cables heading down the street.
    Electric Co. tells me, no radiation is being spread by this system.
    Duh, What Yall think ?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    2 things:
    – never believe what you electric company tells you (certainly not on the issue of smart meters)
    – get yourself a decent RF meter this is the ONLY way of knowing what your exposures are, if you aren’t getting zapped by your utility meter the chances are it will be something else – better to know what it is and do something about it.

  • James said,

    Wow, I didn’t realise EMF affects skin as well. I guess if it damages your DNA it’s going to affect every part of your body.

  • Sue said,

    James said

    “Wow, I didn’t realise EMF affects skin as well. I guess if it damages your DNA it’s going to affect every part of your body.”

    Yes. And my understanding is that the effects show up according to the weakest link in the DNA chain, so to speak. Depending on which weak link a person has, one person may develop skin problems, another may develop heart problems, another blinding headaches, another memory problems, another insomnia and so on. Medical conditions that existed prior to EMF exposure can worsen with it.

    So it seems likely EMF affects can easily fly under an uninformed doctor’s diagnostic radar because symptoms can vary from person to person. And when pre-existing conditions worsen, it seems likely doctors would choose to increase or change medications in an attempt to help the patient, rather than look for some invisible cause.

  • Linda said,

    The problem with smart meters is not just the wireless radiation. Digital meters—whether or not “smart”—cause dirty electricity to flow through your home’s wiring. The problem is what is called the “switched mode power supply.” Switched mode power supplies are used to run the digital meter (whether a smart meter or DTE’s opt-out meter). In order for a smart meter to be powered, the 240 volts coming off the power line to the meter must be stepped down to 4–10 volts. A switched mode power supply is the device used to step down the voltage from 240 volts to 4-10 volts. This generates an enormous amount of what is commonly known as “dirty electricity” and also referred to as “voltage transients” and “voltage harmonics.” Dirty electricity is a spiky, pulsed, highly variable electrical current that rides through all the circuitry of a building. It has devastating health effects. Many people are already experiencing those effects, which include high blood pressure, tinnitus, insomnia, and cognitive difficulties. The Nevada Consumer Protection Bureau recently reached an agreement with the Nevada Public Utilities Commission to allow individuals to keep their analog meters in part because of health problems associated with the switched mode power supplies.

    People who have had their smart meter’s wireless turned off are experiencing the same health problems as people with smart meters, just to a slightly lesser degree. Our cells cannot handle a highly variable current, and build up a sugar coating around themselves, which means it’s harder for nutrients to get in and wastes to get out. In addition, these electromagnetic currents cause the bonds holding DNA together to break, increasing the risk of cancer. Think of a jackhammer going off and on every day, 24/7. That is what the cells in your body experience. Even though you can’t feel it, it’s still hurting you. Brain cancers take 10 years to develop, and few people feel the cancer

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Linda and concerned readers: You commented: “A switched mode power supply is the device used to step down the voltage from 240 volts to 4-10 volts. This generates an enormous amount of what is commonly known as “dirty electricity” and also referred to as “voltage transients” and “voltage harmonics.” Dirty electricity is a spiky, pulsed, highly variable electrical current that rides through all the circuitry of a building.”

    Yes, this is exactly the problem. I’ve been trying to get readers on many sites to recognize this as THE ESSENTIAL EM issue. > Nearly EVERY modern electrical device uses switch mode power supplies to step down AC line voltage to useable DC voltage. DECT phone chargers, computer power supplies, printers, cell phone charges, television stand-by circuits, DSL modems, Blue-Tooth stand-by, audio equipment, digital clocks, >>>> on and on and on. An average 30 unit apartment building might have as many as 250 of these devices pumping noise back into the building wiring. An average city of 300,000 would have millions of DC converters. How absolutely pathetic and wasteful.

    The CRITICAL POINT I’ve been trying to make for over 15 years is that the ENTIRE ELECTRICAL GRID is a pile of engineering JUNK. It is miss-designed, inefficient, is centrally controlled rather than locally implemented, and is killing every biological process on the planet. It’s a hapless pile of antiquated crap, and needs to be torn down.

    Small scale, locally owned and independent municipal systems in ALL DC design; is the only solution. That way you don’t even need switch mode supplies, because the grid is already operating at usable DC. We could even retain existing home wiring in most cases. Industrial centers and local manufacturing facilities could remain as AC systems, but they should be free standing systems, and ISOLATED from residential grids.

    There are millions of unemployed people in the world, yet our governments are too stupid (or brain impaired by EM radiation) to see the writing on the wall. The utilities companies are completely negligent cowards, who would rather snuff the planet, than hire some decent engineers who understand the problem. The totally inefficient; wrong-headed junketeer crap designed by the Nicola Tesla, is a marvel of engineering ineptitude.

  • Sue said,

    Good information, Linda. Thanks.

  • Darryl said,

    Is there anything we can use, inside our home, to clean up the power from the ‘smart’ meter?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    You can use GS filters in your home to clean up the dirty electricity created by the smart meter….first you need to measure your DE levels with a Microsurge meter, see

  • Simona said,

    Linda, I really liked your comment. It is scientific as well as easily understandable. I live in Reno, NV, and I just want to add that, even if the Nevada Public Utilities Commission allows individuals to keep analog meters, it comes with a significant cost. To keep an analog meter I had to pay about $50 installation fee (even if my old analog meter was working fine) and about a $8 extra monthly fee. Several friends of mine couldn’t afford this nonsense extra money and they were forced to have smart meters installed in their homes. NV Energy is speculating on individuals who want to preserve their health and I find this extremely unethical. Above all I do not understand why smart meters were installed everywhere before checking their safety and why the US Department of Energy blindly gave grants to install them everywhere!
    The most absurd part of all is that, even if I pay extra money to protect my family from smart meters, my son lives in a UNR apartment complex room with 16(!!!) smart meters on the outside wall just facing his bed.

    Anyways, I will definitely buy the book, and I also processed a request for buying a copy of it in the Washoe County Library System. The essential thing is to spread to word and to fight for the citizens’ well being, since our leaders do not have common sense, but just greed.

  • Paul Von said,

    Simona: You said: “The essential thing is to spread to word and to fight for the citizens’ well being, since our leaders do not have common sense, but just greed.”

    It would be much more simple if all this was about “greed”. But it’s not. It’s all about snuffing six billion people. Microwave radiation damage to biological cells has been a known quantity for over 50 years. There are NASA documents from the late 1950’s detailing the “plan” and many other NWO Agenda 21 documents follow the same modus. Our governments are out of control and dangerously insane. The communications grid needs to be shut down. There is no other way.

    The link below is only one of thousands that detail what “government” agencies like the FCC have known for many years. Read the Telecommunications Act of 1996. It is a plan for forced EM invasion of your body and direct destruction of your health. This is no joke.

  • Simona said,

    Paul: You said: “The communications grid needs to be shut down. There is no other way.”

    I, too, agree on the fact that wireless technology should be stopped, but how do concerned citizens like you and me achieve that? Is there a way?

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Simona: The communications grid is owned by less than 10 companies world wide, and represents about $2.2 trillion in annual sales. These corporations are in control of agencies like the FCC in the United States. (See link below)
    However, the real culprits are consumers. Humans have become seriously addicted to EMF producing devices, and there are many recent studies confirming this. Electromagnetic addiction is caused by direct chemical shifts in frontal lobe brain function, and these shifts are compensated toward lower level limbic processing. People are actually being mentally tuned toward risky behaviors and advertising gimmicks used by industry propagandists. Those in industry are falling prey to their own idiocy as well. They will all be dead soon enough…
    I’ve been on this mission for many years now, and even when I supply research data to friends, relatives, and professional people, they fail to comprehend the seriousness of the issue. They remain in abject denial, and will often make another cell call to reinforce their sense of well being within a few minutes. They’re just like heroin or cocaine users.

    This is an example of how corrupt our governmental agencies have become. >

  • Jim Gerlach said,

    Hi Paul,
    What studies are you aware of that show the effects of electromagnetic addiction? I notice such withdrawal in the students at my school and would love some detailed research results.
    Jim Gerlach

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Jim Gerlach: The addictive nature of EM limbic stimulation in the brain is a difficult issue to clearly define relative to EM stimulation or induction. An appropriate conceptual example would be the sort of mental stimulation some experience when viewing pornography. The brain recognizes certain visual patterns, sounds, etc. as sexual excitement, and chemicals like dopamine, endorphins, and adrenaline are produced as a response. Many levels of cholinergic neurotransmission also begin. These are regulatory secretions. The deeper regions of the brain that are chemically shifted are extremely difficult to measure with existing EEG or MRI sampling, but many correlations do exist from experimentations on lab animals. There are a number of studies defining these phenomena, yet these studies are often long and tedious to decipher. Nonetheless, here are a few places to start:
    “A lead article by Andreas K. Engel et al. in the journal Consciousness and Cognition (1999) that argues for temporal synchrony as the basis for consciousness, defines the gamma wave hypothesis thus: [10]
    The hypothesis is that synchronization of neuronal discharges can serve for the integration of distributed neurons into cell assemblies and that this process may underlie the selection of perceptually and behaviorally relevant information.”
    Role in attentive focus
    “The suggested mechanism is that gamma waves relate to neural consciousness via the mechanism for conscious attention:
    The proposed answer lies in a wave that originating in the thalamus, sweeps the brain from front to back, 40 times per second, drawing different neuronal circuits into synch with the precept, and thereby bringing the precept into the attentional foreground. If the thalamus is damaged even a little bit, this wave stops, conscious awareness’s do not form, and the patient slips into profound coma.[4] “

    As you can see from this small list, the subject is not a straightforward discussion. The brain is a very complex instrument. One of the main markers for function changes is glucose metabolism associated with energy consumption in certain brain regions. Another association is found in shifts in oscillatory patterns between brain wave frequencies, and how these affect perceived states of mind. One region of the brain wherein a serious shift takes place in chemical composition and signal shifting after an applied pulsed frequency.

    Suffice it to say (my apologies) I have an enormous amount of data available. If you feel up to sorting through this, please join Lloyds reader forum page Therein I can send specific excerpts and links from research papers. Thank you for your interest.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    A continuation of Hello Jim Gerlach: This is an example of where audio/visual stimulation and EM science has taken humanity in the last 40 years. Some of you folks might remember this gentleman as the Aurora Colorado shooter. >

    A science presentation by James Holmes in 2006

  • Jim Gerlach said,

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you so much for all the references. That will keep me busy for awhile. I would love access to the research papers you mention above. I just experience way too much of an addictive response from both students and peers concerning their wireless devices. It is a bit unnerving to watch the reactive response almost approaching that of an addict needing a fix when any suggestion is made to turn off and park their device at the door before entering a classroom. Your assistance in enlarging my EMF research exposure over the last 23 years to include this critical area is most appreciated.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Simona and other readers: A small bit of legal progress on the “Smart Meter” situation. >

    AAEM Calls for Moratorium on Smart Meters: New Research “Clearly Demonstrates Adverse Health Effects”

    If enough local and state agencies prohibit these criminal assaults and forced entries, the game will be over for Smart Meters. The next step would be to nationalize the power companies worldwide, and place them in control of local and municipal government. All electrical utilities should be converted to non-profit public assets. The communications companies would be next on my list, and the FCC would be completely abolished.

  • sebastian said,

    Great Posts! I just ordered this book – thank you Lloyd for sharing it & also thank you Paul Von for your always excellent postings! I also saw your FCC Docket posting which was superb.

  • Mary said,

    Hi Lloyd here is one I cannot find an answer to maybe you can help. I had the radio turned off in my SmartMeter about four months ago. We had a power outage recently for almost five days we ran a generator for everyday but not at night time. Breaker was turned off to protect things ran with extension cords. Power back on Wednesday late afternoon ringing in my ears will not quit it is Saturday late afternoon I never thought to check the SmartMeter. When the radio in the SmartMeter was turned off my TriField Meter 100XE barely registered anything at all now it is in the highest in the 0-100 magnetic range and also in the 0-3 magnetic range and over 100 on the electric. I walk away from the Meter or fuse box it slowly drops to zero walk closer and the needle goes about all the way over to the right. will a SmartMeter radio turn back on after a power outage?? When I tested a SmartMeter on other different SmartMeters it only registered with each send & receive cycles about a 1/4 of the whole range available not about 100% as it shows now on my electric box & meter.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Your Trifield is giving you high readings for ELFs (magnetic fields and electric fields)…..its possible your RF readings are also high (the Trifield is not sufficiently sensitive to measure these)…..its quite possible that the power outage has re-activated the RF signal…..this needs checking with a sensitive RF meter (Cornet or Acoustimeter are suitable) in any case your magnetic fields and electric fields should not be so high…I suggest you contact a competent electrician or EMF consultant to help you resolve these issues.

  • Sheryl said,

    I need help finding the right book, I don’t know if it is this one, or perhaps you can suggest another. My husband is an eletronics engineer, though he stopped working due to disability several years ago. While I have been trying to protect our 5 year old son from microwave radiation sources in our home, he is constantly telling me I am ignorant to be concerned about such things, and that all research shows exposures from cell phones, wifi routers, smart meters etc is perfectly safe. Is there a book you can recommend that would help open the mind of an electronics engineer to the fact that these exposures can be harmful and can increase the risk of cancer?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    This book covers the independent research on EMFs quite well so its not a bad choice for your husband.

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