How To Set-up A Low EMF Home Office In Your Home

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on October 5, 2013 under Podcasts & Teleseminars | 29 Comments to Read

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Like many people Lloyd Burrell loves gadgets. But he feels people need to know the truth about wireless and other electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures in our lives. When cell phone use compromised his health, he decided to share his story with the public. That’s why he created this website.

In this episode of ElectricSense, Lloyd and host Kimberly Henrie discuss the dangers of EMF exposures in your home office and how you can set-up your home office to minimize these exposures. EMFs have become Lloyd’s specialty. You’ll not want to miss hearing how you can use his tips to make your home office a safer place.

Are The EMFs Dangerous In Your Office?

low emf office

  • Computer WiFi
  • Cordless Phones
  • Wired Peripherals
  • Power Strips
  • Transformer units

Tune in to hear Lloyd explain the various sources of EMF exposures and what you can do about them.

Simple Steps To Office EMF Protection

Listen to the entire episode to hear Lloyd explain the simple steps you can take to reduce your EMF exposure in your office. You will hear some valuable tips about grounding and creating a natural environment in your office for optimal physical and mental well-being.

If at the end of the episode you have more questions, you can ask your question below or for more information on how to get a copy of Lloyd’s book, “Long Term EMF Protection – Start Feeling Better Today”.

  • Patti Zentara said,

    Hi Lloyd!

    Am ordering my Pong today. I have not heard this audio yet! I get so
    dismayed with the total reticence of people absolutely believing WiFi,
    cell phones and cordless phones are harmless and have no effect on the body. I do pass on your site. The excuse is that you, Lloyd are the
    sole person who writes about this, hence they consider you must be a flake!
    I even send other sites. But their heels are firmly in the sand. This concerns me. Especially seeing my grandson with an iPhone or the iPad mini. Furthermore, I have been warned not to tell him how to stay
    away from these.
    His very future may be at risk, Lloyd. Americans have fear of guns but no fear of microwaving themselves,,their kids and grandkids to death.
    They would never give a child a loaded Glock! But they will give them a toy Mommy loves. I realize I cannot control anyone. But to say I have no angst about this would be totally deceptive.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Patti
    A Flake…. thats OK, I’ve been called worse things! What other people think doesn’t really bother me…..I just get on with what I believe in. But what we are subjecting our kids to that does bother me greatly….

  • cos said,

    Thanks for the interview on wify protection etc.
    I have had great success tying a piece of orgonite around my wify adapter (I have a desk top so need to use a wify adapter). I have checked and rechecked many times with my cornet ED85ex meter , and The orgonite decreases the EMR by at least 50%.
    I also have a large piece of orgonite in front of my screen and I get the same result.
    Besides the meter readings , Myself and friends notice a Big difference when orgonite is used regarding electrosensitivity, It reduces it considerably.

    One question I would like to ask, Is If you have a wify set up in yr place of work , apartment building etc etc, and You opt to choose for a wire connection instead “Like I used to have”, Won,t one still be exposed to the wify signal that the wify modem gives off. I mean Where I live in bali , the whole island is now wify, hotels , cafes, restaurants etc etc are wify, Its in the air?
    Thanks for yr feedback.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    There may be perceived effects from using orgonite but if there are any effects these would only be experienced at the subtle energy level…. not measurable by even the most sophisticated EMF meter. If you hard-wire your Internet connection be sure to de-activate both the WiFi signal both on the modem and on your computer, see

  • Lois Sachs said,

    1.Is there any way to minimize EMF from fax machines and scanners?
    I am EHS and already working in a good home office with low EMF, no wireless or dirty electricity. I will have about 6 to 10 pages to fax daily to work from home.
    2 BTW, the table I work at is aluminum and covered with 3 layers of cotton cloth. The floor is hard wood. I’m not aware of being bothered by it- If I were to use a fax or scanner it would probably be on the floor in another room altogether.
    I would greatly prefer faxing my own documents, but if necessary, I may have to arrange to hire scanning help to scan and send to my e mail– and from there I can forward it on to work as an electronic fax.
    Please advise. Thank you so much.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Lois
    I wouldn’t consider fax machines and scanners to be a major source of EMFs…..measuring with an EMF meter will confirm whether this is the case or not….
    Another observation: if you’re reacting to these devices and you’re absolutely sure that your office and home are truly low EMF….. it suggests that indirect EMF protection is where you need to focus your efforts, see

  • Caroline said,

    Hi LLoyd

    Does the new book cover more information than your the ebook I already have called beating electrosensitivity or is it just a shorter version?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Caroline
    My second book “Long Term EMF Protection….” deals with EMF protection in a general sense where as my 1st book “Beating Electrical Sensitivity” deals with the ES issue specifically ….if you bought my first book there’s no point in buying the second.

  • Lois said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    Your response was most insightful and leads me to think that I may actually be able to use the fax or scanner now. The last time that I tried was about a year and a half ago. Since then, I have read books by Hulda Clark, have done a couple of her cleanses, followed her protocols, earthed, and worked Eden energy medicine into my daily routine. I continued to be vigilant re. nutrition and avoiding toxins. Just a couple of weeks ago there was a very special family event that I did not want to miss and ended up traveling to it alone on public transportation–taking-a city bus, and transferring to an electric train and again to a diesel train where nearly every other passenger was connected to something wireless. Door to door the trip clocked 3 hours on public trans in one day.
    I admit to having held acupressure points nearly the whole time–Still,
    I never would have dreamed this to be possible a year and a half ago. Yes, I believe it’s now time to re-check my tolerance for faxes and scanners. Thank you ever so much!

  • MeAgain said,

    Lous Sachs said, “…the table I work at is aluminum…”

    Since metals/aluminum supposedly help block emf/lf/rf (?), would using a metal table (in addition to Harapads, etc.) for either a laptop, PC, ipad, etc. help much in the overall picture?

    In other words, would a metal table/desk/laptop-lap-desk help keep the radiation “above” the table vs. below it where your legs are?

    (In the old days of manual typewriters, many simple [read cheap] typing stands were made out of metal. I still have two of them, as a matter of fact. They are not super “thick” metal though, & the legs of them are metal, too.)

    It never occurred to me, until Lois’ comment, that these old metal typing stands might could be put to good use again to help redirect/reflect radiation upward. (Good idea or no?)


    On another note re metal, iphone-5 (2012 version) has a metal backside. Seems that would help push (concentrate) ALL the radiation forward toward your face or ear (vs the 2009-plastic-back ones which would allow radiation to “emit evenly” through the back/plastic & front/glass).

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    An aluminum table might shield your legs and genitals from RF radiation but its likely to do very little to shield you from magnetic fields…added to which having metal in your environment can add to static electricity problems.

  • Carol Ferguson said,

    Hi Lloyd, thank you for the great information.
    Is there a link on your site how to protect from
    cell tower radiation? They recently installed a
    cell tower about 1 1/2 mi from my home. Though,
    my home is EMF safe now i have to worry about
    outside radiation from the cell tower. My sleep
    is interupted most evenings . I sleep on an earthing
    sheet but maybe i need a hood to protect my head?Carol

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Carol
    I wrote a detailed article on how to protect yourself from cell tower radiation, here’s the link

  • MeAgain said,

    Thank you, Lloyd, for explaining the “negative aspects” of the metal table idea!

  • cos said,

    HI lloyd,
    Thanks for the updates, To verify my question recently.see below this.
    IF I choose to opt for line connection instead of my wify adapter, Wont the Wify unite that the apartment block installed , which is 10 meters from my room , still give out the damaging EMR, signal?
    So what benefit will I have from using a wire in connection if the wify is in the building? Is it much more dangerous when actually connected to the wify ?
    Thanks for yr time.

    my original question ,
    One question I would like to ask, Is If you have a wify set up in yr place of work , apartment building etc etc, and You opt to choose for a wire connection instead “Like I used to have”, Won,t one still be exposed to the wify signal that the wify modem gives off. I mean Where I live in bali , the whole island is now wify, hotels , cafes, restaurants etc etc are wify, Its in the air?
    Thanks for yr feedback. – See more at:

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    If you opt for a hard wired connection for your Internet the WiFi emissions from the communal modem will be the same but you’ll no longer be zapped by the WiFi emissions emanating from your computer….which are at close proximity and not insignificant…..
    WiFi is increasingly everywhere – it’s a fact of life but these exposures are cumulative….effective EMF protection is about doing what you can where you can to reduce your overall exposure.

  • Doc said,

    Thanks for your help Lloyd. I have a 1,200 foot cell tower 2,000 feet from my house. I remember the day they turned it on. My ears started ringing so loud, I went outside to see if there was a fire truck outside.

    It has been over-cast for a week now and my wife and I have been increasingly getting sicker. The headaches, dizziness, and can’t get to sleep. Our bedroom already has aluminum shielding, but it did not help. I came to the conclusion that the cloud cover was allowing the microwaves to bounce down through the top of my house.

    I took down a large piece of reflective Mylar from the wall and wrapped myself in it like a blanket. I couldn’t believe the difference. My skin and eyes instantly stopped burning and my headache stopped. I put a bigger sheet of Mylar over my bed last night and slept a full 8 hours for the first time in 2 weeks.

  • Dwight said,

    Is there any advantage to setting up a bluetooth speaker in my office as long as I keep both the speaker and the cell phone as far away as possible?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    If you’re serious about reducing your EMF exposures Bluetooth is best avoided… adds another layer of digital pulsed radiation to your environment.

  • Patti Zentara said,

    Lloyd, I had posted above the difficulty I was having getting people
    to your site and ideas.
    Just wanted to share I have made progress with a few friends. And, to
    me, that is a miracle!
    They thank me, when it is you they should be thanking.
    So on behalf of them, I extend my deep gratitude.
    I talk to anyone I come in contact with because here in the USA we
    are for the most part clueless about electro smog.
    I was thinking of Hall of Fame major league baseball batters…it does not really matter how many times you swing and miss..It is the ongoing
    batiing that produces results.
    If someone does not want to hear or read about the dangers of WI FI and more, OK! All I can say is…Next! Just carry the message!

    Blessings from California!

  • Retha Pretorius said,

    Lloyd, I have to buy a new laptop computer, my desktop is now a dinosaur. I now have to travel with my computer, so it must be a laptop.
    What is the minimum tolerable reading of radiation one should ask for when purchasing? Or is there a specific model or make I should ask for?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Retha
    Unfortunately I know of no company which sells a “low EMF computer”. If you’re serious about dealing with this do the following:
    1. buy from a store where you can test the actual computer you’re going to buy yourself
    2. use an EMF meter to test for magnetic fields (electric fields are usually less of a problem)
    – there’s no ‘safe’ level but you should be able to find a laptop with emissions at close proximity of about 1mG

  • Retha Pretorius said,

    Thank you very much Lloyd,this will help me a lot!

  • keini said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thank you for all the useful info. you have shared with us.

    I believe you mentioned that you use an Apple laptop. Are you able to use it without any extra safety precautions?

    I am considering buying a new MacBook Pro 13.3″ laptop. I tried one out and was surprised to find that the radiation from it affected me quite a bit. So I’m wondering if I should buy one. What would I need to do in order to be able to use it safely?

    I had been using an older ‘PowerBook G4’ (2004/5) laptop but it is no longer working well. I did not have that kind of problem using this older laptop.

    I would appreciate your comments/ advice.
    Thank you.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I recommend using a desktop computer, which is what I use. The reasons for this choice are outlined in this article:

  • keini said,

    Thanks Lloyd.I am studying the articles you suggested and will see what are my best options. Thanks again for the great info. you are offering us.

  • manny said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Would an air ioniser result in reducing radiation from a cell tower? Reason for this question – I was reading up about orgonites to do tower busters and had this basic question since they claim to work on creating negatively charged ions which is something that the air ionisers do as well.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I’ve never tried this Manny so I can’t comment….a more reliable and scientific approach is classic EMF protection as outlined in my free report.

  • manny said,

    Thanks Lloyd for the suggest and for all the great stuff you have put out there. It helps a lot.

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