Cell Phone Radiation Protection – Do Air Tube Headsets Work?

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on January 28, 2013 under Cell phone protection, Protection devices | 93 Comments to Read

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Cell phones are not my thing.

But I know that some of you reading this absolutely love your cell phone.

Your cell phone is part of your life. And no matter what I or anybody else says about EMFs, RF radiation, cancer, brain tumors and so on and so forth you’ll carry on using your cell phone.

That’s your right.

So OK you’re gonna keep using your cell phone. Now how about learning to use it safely? Isn’t this the key? Being able to use this technology as safely as you can?  That’s what this article’s about.

What Is An Air Tube Headset?

air tube headsetAn air tube headset is a headset with an ‘air tube’ component. Normal headsets are a 100% wired connection.

An air tube headset has a section of hollow flexible airtube incorporated which transmits the sound from cell phone conversations and music to your ear. The peculiarity of this airtube is that it contains no metal.

It plugs into the jack on your cell phone the same as a conventional headset. Some models (as is the case for the one I am reviewing here) also have an earpiece that doesn’t contain any metal.

How Does An Air Tube Headset Work?

A conventional headset has a wire cable. Wire has metal in it. This metal conducts the radiation coming from your cell phone allowing it to easily travel up the wire and into your head.

So wired headsets can act as an antenna attracting ambient EMFs, transmitting radiation directly to your brain, thereby increasing your exposure.

The air tube headset uses hollow air tubes to conduct the sound from your cell phone using “sound waves”. The manufacturer claims a reduction in the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that reach your head of up to 98%.

This short video explains a bit more about how the air tube headset works:


Can An Air Tube Headset Reduce Radiation?

An air tube cell phone headset allows you to put distance between you and your cell phone. It’s this distance that reduces your radiation exposure.

That’s the theory. Actually its a bit more than theory. The manufacturer has had their product tested in an EMI Test Lab, which is an FCC (United States), EMCC (Europe) and VCCI (Japan) approved testing laboratory.

Its scientifically proven to reduce the electromagnetic radiation that reaches your ear and brain area by up to 98%. FACT.

Sounds too good to be true? There are some downsides.

What Are The Downsides?

Sound quality? There are mixed reports on this. Some people claim its not good. Others say its better sound than what they get from the headset that came with their MP3 or iPod.

Durability? The air tube is a ‘tube’ and not a wire. You need to handle it with care. A tube doesn’t fold away as easily as a wire. If you kink it, it can damage it.

It’s more hassle. Cell phones are getting smaller and smaller and easier and easier to use. Using a headset adds a level of hassle to answering and making calls. Either you’ve got the wires hung around your neck or you’ve got them nearby so that you can plug them into your phone at a moments notice.

Should You Buy One?

If you do buy one, buy it for the right reasons.

An air tube headset does not make your cell phone safe. FACT.

BUT it can make your cell phone safer.

IF when you call you put a good distance between your phone and your head.  AND you don’t up your cell phone usage because you’ve bought an air tube headset.

AND you do apply my cell phone protection tips when using your cell phone.

Where To Buy?

You can buy your air tube headset from Amazon.com. But make sure what you buy is compatible with your phone. The model shown here has a 3.5mm jack

Amazon sells these headsets at a competitive price and if for any reason you are not satisfied you can easily get a refund.


If minimizing your exposure to cell phone radiation without giving up your cell phone is high on your agenda buying an air tube headset is a good move.

  • Sharon Ingram said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    Yes, the air tube headset is a good idea for reducing a cell phone user’s exposure to dangerous radiation. But will it prevent those near the user (e.g. chidren, the unborn) from being exposed to radiation from the same cell phone?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sharon
    Using an air tube reduces the emf exposure for the user…for other people that are near the user the exposure is the same….or possibly worse if using an air tube headset means you are holding your phone nearer other people when you are on a call.

  • Jeanne Mullen said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Have you ever heard of something called a Pop Phone made by a company called Native Union? It’s an old-fashioned looking receiver with a coiled cord. I believe the whole thing is made of rubber. They claim it has been tested by an independent lab and reduces radiation by 96 -98 % . Don’t know if its too good to be true but I’d appreciate knowing what you think about it. All best.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jeanne
    The Pop phone has got a nice look but like regular headsets it works on a wired connection. The air tube headset is the superior device if you are concerned about EMFs.

  • Sharon Ingram said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    This may not be exactly in response to your message about air tubes, but I had to share this link with you, http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/click_online/9787576.stm as it is obviously related due to the wireless aspect. One wonders why the wireless-dependent parents bother having babies at all. They might as well give birth to robots!

  • Paul Von said,

    Dear Llyod,

    “A conventional headset has a wire cable. Wire has metal in it. This metal conducts the radiation coming from your cell phone allowing it to easily travel up the wire and into your head.”

    “Worse still, wired headsets can act as an antenna amplifying the radiation and increase your exposure.”

    I would agree that this is an important element of personal exposure principals, and may actually increase neurological damage to the user.

    I know you are attempting to be helpful and considerate of cellular phone users, but the real issue is not the end consummer of this disasterous technology. The communications companies need to be put out of business, and this should be done directly and immediately.

    The cellular tower systems are exposing ALL users and non-users to dangerous levels of non-ionizing RADIATION, which destroys living tissues according to hundreds of competent scientific studies.

    By the time governmental agencies act, there will be hundres of millions of human beings living with permenant – catastrophic damge to their neurological systems, and many more millions will have died from autoimmune disorders.

    It is imparative to stress the seriousness and magnatude of this situation, as this technology MUST BE IMMEDIATELY BANNED, and the cellular communications systems destroyed. There is no other intellegent option available, and readers need to be put on notice in that regard.

  • tatiana townsend said,

    French government is now requiering manufacturers of cell phones to provide a safety shield for all devices.

  • vishwas said,

    Dear Lloyd,

    Just want to inform u that aginst US drone attacks the terror outfits have developed a sachet fo rthe mobile so that it cannot track the mobiles through GPRS.

    Any idea what is the technique for this and is it economically affordable

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Vishwas
    The sachet you are referring to is an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) bag. Its a specially designed sealed bag which prevents EMP current, static, microwaves, RFID snooping and even moisture damage from getting at the contents of the bag. You can buy them from lessemf.com

  • Connie Zimmermann said,

    Thanks Lloyd for the info about the Air Tube product. I don’t see any info about how the Microphone would work though. My current headset that I use, has a mic built in to the wire. Does the Air Tube provided a mic component, or does the mic on the cell-phone have to pic up the sound? Thanks!

  • Lloyd said,

    According to the manufacturer’s specification it’s got an integrated microphone.

  • George Shaver said,

    I completely ended my use of cell phones in 2006, the same time I ended my use of microwave ovens. I did it strictly because of health concerns. I believed then as I still believe, that if I continued using cell phones my life would be lot shorter. This decision was not easy, as I had been in the habit of using my cell phone on a daily basis. When I stopped using my cell phone, it was as difficult for me as when i stopped cigarettes. But, i was successful in that i have not used a cell phone in over 6 years.

    It was my right to excercise this option and my right to remain free from these toxic, dangerous electromagnetic radiations, EMF, RF and whatever else they call it. But, I have not remained free from that. New cell phone towers are still going up and each one beams more harmful rays making it impossible for me as an urban person to avoid this harm. These newer towers might make cell phone audio a little bit clearer, but for me, a non-user, I only pay the price.

    As bad as the cell phone’s uninvited radiation is, it does not compare to the smart meter in its harmful effects on our health.

    SDG&E, my utility, deployed smart meters in my neighborhood nearly two years ago. They could have chosen to use fiber optic to avoid the dangers of wireless, but they chose instead to use wireless for all their smart meters. They switched the harmless analog meter that I had always had with a smart meter without my knowledge or concent.

    I have been physically sick because of this and when i enquired about it they lied to me. I am living in a condodminum and there are twelve units to my building. When i was finally given permission to opt-out, it made little or no difference because now I am surrounded by 11 smart meters instead of 12 and the radiation that i am paying to have stop with the opt out fees have not stopped the harmful radiation, in fact, it has not even reduced it enough to make any difference.

    It appears that my stopping use of my cell phone did not, afterall, ended my exposure to the harmful EMF and/or RF radiation. Now, as i also end my use of the smart meter the harmful radiation is barely reduced and I’m left defenceless wholly unable to avoid exposure. Worse than any cell phones, smart meters are for me unavoidable and with my exposure nearly as bad as if i were enjoying the advantages of its use.

    I am not, however, bothered by my neighbors use of their microwave ovens.

  • Di said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I put my mobile on speaker and that allows me to move the phone away from my head, have any studies been done on the effectiveness of this approach?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Di
    I don’t recall any research that has compared speaker mode exposure with ‘normal’ exposure but the studies do indicate clearly that importance of distance for reducing the effects of exposure. Signal strength falls off in proportion to the square of the distance to the source. So if you double the distance to the source, which is the cell phone to your head, your potential exposure would be four times less, since two squared is four.

  • Renee said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Any tests/studies to compare use of the air conduction headset to simply putting one’s cell on speaker phone?
    Wonder if they would be comparable regarding level of exposure…and perhaps only advantage of airtube set is for privacy’s sake?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Renee
    The manufacturers have researched this question. They found that radiation levels were reduced between 96% and 99.9%, see http://www.electricsense.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/emi-test-report.pdf

  • Olle Johansson said,

    Dear Lloyd,

    But should you not rather write “Now how about learning to use it possibly safer?” We still do not know if there is a safe way, and maybe not even a safer way…

    Best regards

    (Olle Johansson
    The Experimental Dermatology Unit
    Department of Neuroscience
    Karolinska Institute
    171 77 Stockholm

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Olle
    Your input on this subject is appreciated….if I were to write “how about learning to use it possibly safer?” I would be implying that it was possibly not safer to use this headset: I believe it is safer to use this headset. People are looking for solutions to use cell phones more safely. I believe that this headset can allow them to use it more safely.

  • Wendy said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Thanks for the info. What do you think of the cell defender? Is it for real or just a have?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Wendy
    Again, Ive not tested this particular product but all the chips, diodes, neutralizers I have tried have been a total waste of money…enough said.

  • George Shaver said,

    Any time you can decrease the harmfulness of cell phones the better. I think reducing or shielding exposure is probably the most fruitful place to start with the manufacturers missing even the most obvious ways to make cell phones safer.

    I understand that there is a difference in radiation exposure from one cell phone to the next of as much as 1000%. The radiation emitted by specific brands are not advertised so consumers can not take advantage of this knowledge to buy a phone of lessor harmfulness.

    Consumers should demand this information and use it when they purchase their phone.

  • Melissa said,

    Hello Lloyd,
    When looking at the specific headset (smart & safe) that you link to on Amazon I see that there are many who give it a poor 1 or 2 star review. Almsot half of the customers!?
    Do you have personal experience with the quality (or lack of) on these headsets? I know you can return then to Amazon if you are not happy, but I would rather save the hassle if quality isn’t good.
    Thanks for you info!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Melissa
    This product is not perfect…there are downsides….as I laid out in my review. Amazon will refund but if you consider the potential hassle of buying it outweighs the reduction in radiation exposure you will gain from using it….that’s your choice.

  • Jim said,

    I have been using a air tube product from dr. Mercola, but lately they don’t stock it anymore.
    Any suggestion for the best one on a market? Thank you.

  • Lloyd said,

    I don’t know if this is the best product on the market…there are downsides as I outlined in my review.

  • Sharon Ingram said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    I bought the product but, although the connection seems to fit ok, I
    can’t hear anything when I use it with my Nokia BL-5CB
    Any ideas why?
    Best wishes,
    Sharon Ingram

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sharon
    Sounds like a faulty headset here- you need to contact Amazon or the company you bought from about this.

  • Sharon Ingram said,

    Thanks, Lloyd!
    I didn’t it could be faulty. Thanks for the suggestion. I will send it back.
    All the best,

  • Paul said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Above, George Shaver comments about different call phone models and/or brands having different relative levels of EMF.
    Do you confirm this?
    If so, do you have, or know of, a list of the various EMF levels associated with different models, brands?
    All the best..

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Paul
    Different cell phones do emit different levels of radiation in different circumstances and even in the same circumstances. Currently there is no way of knowing what this is, the nearest thing we have is SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)…..which is which is supposed to tell us how much radiation is being absorbed by our bodies when we use our cell phone…..cell phones have SAR levels shown in the user manuals and there are various websites listing these….the only problem is SAR is a flawed measure, see http://www.electricsense.com/1133/cell-phone-sar-totally-misleading/

  • Michaela said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I looked everywhere on your site but couldn’t find a recommendation on the use of pagers etc. Due to my line of work I’m on call many weeks of the year, 24/7 which means at night I currently sleep with my cell next to me because we don’t have a landline. From everything I’m reading on your site I take it that switching to a landline is the only way. What are your thoughts on pagers? Are they safe? Reason I’m not keen on getting a landline is that I don’t see myself talking much on it if it’s stationary and the additional monthly cost is a budget issue as well. I often have to multitask while I’m on the phone so I need the mobility. Cordless home phone is not an option based on your info cause it’s just as toxic. In addition if I use the landline phone for the on call period during the nights my whole family will wake up by the time the phone rings thru the house a few times and I get up to answer it. Thus my idea for a pager. Any thoughts around this? FYI – I posted this inquiry to other colleagues who are in the same line of work and many of them have the same dilemma so we’d love to get your insight! Thanks much!!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Michaela
    A basic pager picks up a signal and then either beeps or vibrates, so its a receiver only. This is safer than a two-way pager which allows you to send a reply, its an emitter/receiver, like a cell phone. Pagers come in all shapes and sizes, in the US they commonly work in the 900 MHz band.
    My understanding (I have a friend who is a fireman) is that pagers can be switched off, in which case they are perfectly safe to have on your person (to be verified). Bottom line: a pager is less harmful than a cell phone….you are not holding your pager against your brain for long periods of time. Avoid sleeping with the pager next to your head.

  • louise said,

    Hello Lloyd, Please could you tell me if you believe that a q-link can help a school child of approximately 11 years old. We are talking here of schools with wifi, where each child’s laptops emits three times the radiation of cell phone towers, multiplied by 20 to 30 laptops in each classroom. Rooters in the classroom are on 24/7. And our children are forced to sit in these classroom for 6 to 7 hours a day, everyday, relentlessly, being bombarded with lethal levels of radiation. If it were my child, no way would they go to school. But I have relatives who are desperate and do not know what to do. Can a Q-link protect their child? Both against WiFi and against cell phones. Cell phones, as in other people’s cell phones all turned on and poluting the space these children occupy.
    Thanks Lloyd.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Louise
    I’ve tried the Q-link and lots of other pendants and harmonizers….these devices are not the answer. For EMF protection I suggest you share my free report with your relatives, I talk about what works and doesnt.
    Your relatives need to take a stand against their childs school….its criminal the damage some schools are inflicting on our children with WiFi, see http://www.electricsense.com/2726/wifi-in-schools-gives-off-3-times-as-much-radiation-as-cell-towers/, http://www.electricsense.com/4608/how-to-stop-wifi-from-being-introduced-into-your-kids-school/

  • Paul Von said,

    Dear Louise,
    Please comprehend the final comment as posted by Lloyd above. It IS a malicious and criminal act to subject developing children to this technology. The companies who produce these products need to be shut down- Period. The long term damage being done to children and adults who work in these environments is lethal and inexcusable.
    Please understand the potential consequences of ignoring the obvious.

  • louise said,

    Thank you for that,
    I have actually seen the video last October, and that is what got me investigating the whole issue of WiFi in schools.

    Personally, I think that all schools with Wifi are breaking the law. The law states that schools act as ‘locum parentis’ for children and are duty bound to ensure a safe environment. All schools with WiFi are producing the opposite of a safe environment. They are producing a lethal environment, and destroying our children in the most covert way imaginable. Furthermore, there are other laws being broken here. That of the Conventional Rights of Children, that of the Workplace protection Act, etc.etc.
    Is it not possible to get lawyers involved and start criminal proceedings against the perpetrators?

  • steven said,


    Perhaps the combination of an air tube headset and a pong case could be a good combination…
    What also can be a good ‘trick’ is to redirect your mobile phone calls to your fixed land line. You’ll have the pay for the redirecting though.

  • Paul Von said,

    Dear Louise,
    Thank you so much for comprehending the seriousness of this situation. I don’t know where you are located, but this is a universal problem in countries who have no protective policies in place. B. Blake Levitt’s page is a good source of information regarding wi-fi, cell-tower exposure issues. If there is anything I can do to help you, Lloyd, or readers of this page, please contact me.
    The children are being robbed of their future…

  • Robert Leverant said,

    Lloyd, I can’ t find my cell phone, whose battery is by now run down. I’m not going to buy another one. I have an old fashioned landline. This is the best solution for me.

  • Guy said,

    Hi Lloyd, would a wireless earpiece (like bluetooth) be better or worse or the same as using an airtube headset? Also is a bluetooth earpiece safer than a normal wired headset with your mobile phone?

    Thank you

  • Lloyd said,

    An airtube headset is safer than a bluetooth wireless headset, see http://www.electricsense.com/1010/bluetooth-what-you-will-learn-nowhere-else-%E2%80%93-is-it-really-dangerous/. Avoid wired headsets and bluetooth.

  • Sara said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Firstly, thank you for this valuable information. Could I ask your opinion of the RF3 ENVi Cell Phone Headset featuring the patented Aircom Technolog?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sara
    I’ve not tested this model but air tube headsets are definitely safer than conventional wired versions.

  • Sam said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Im looking to purchase a good pair of headphones for use in music production. However, the airtube headphones are not the type of specification I need.

    Would having a pair of headphones plugged into a laptop (no internet connection) generate harmfull emfs?


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sam
    Its impossible to say that a certain category of EMFs are harmless without proper testing….but I would expect EMF exposures of the type you are describing to be very low and fairly harmless.

  • Paul Von said,

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the real issues with regard cell phone technology. This web site is one of the most complete web sites in the world in regard to expressing the health and environmental issues related to pulsed radiation poisoning. Yet in reading the comments and questions by readers, it is obvious most have no intention of getting rid of the tar baby. These technologies are destroying your planet. Every tinker toy mitigation effort like buying an air tube, reflects the insane notion that these technologies can be made safe. BOYCOTT the companies producing wi-fi, cell phone, bluetooth, and all the rest. WAKE UP! The companies producing wireless technology are killing you, and they need to be put out of business. What is wrong with you people?

  • George Shaver said,

    You are right, Von Paul, and don’t you pitty the poor **** all over the globe who are using malfuncting ear pieces from someplace else? They think they make it safe for themselves while they get bomb blasted even worse. They might as well be sitting in the middle of a neuclear waste dump with one of those silly looking things sticking out of their ear.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi George
    I edited your comment – please avoid using obscenity and insults in your comments. Thanks.

  • Raji Nevin said,

    This issue is the same as tobacco issue – people (we, the human race as a whole) are ADDICTED to the wireless gadgets we all own and love! We are willing, ready and marching forward towards our own ill health, and in some case, YES, death! We are doing this even if we KNOW that these wireless devices are NOT safe! We are allowing the BIGGEST INDUSTRY in the world (can we say TELECOMMUNICATIONS anyone?) to run our government, our lives and even destroy the chances of our children to have normal lives. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY – stop blaming others! Either stand up and UPRISE – like they do in Europe and other countries – or stop complaining! DO SOMETHING! TAKE ACTION! STOP THE MADNESS!

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Raji Nevin: There is some progress being made in various countries, but communications companies like Vodafone need to be forcibly put out of business. Governments are obviously in collusion and need to be overthrown with force. You may find this link informative.


  • Dwight said,

    If I use a blue tooth speaker kit with voice commands and keep the speaker at least 3 feet away does that help reduce exposure or does the activity between the speaker and the phone just make things worse?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The Bluetooth speaker is sending and receiving signals (radio frequency radiation) to your cell phone. The further away the speaker and cell phone are from you when you use it the better. But increasing the distance between speaker and phone can mean the Bluetooth has to up its signal to maintain a connection. It’s difficult to say what the optimum distance is without measuring with some sensitive equipment (EMF meter) but I would hazard a guess that 3 feet would reduce your exposure.

  • Janie said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Do you think the Pong iPhone case really work to reduce or redirect rf?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Janie
    Using a Pong case can be a valid way of reducing your exposure to cell phone radiation, but my strongest recommendation is to practice safe cell phone use, see http://www.electricsense.com/4843/cell-phone-radiation-protection-do-pong-cases-work/

  • Janie Yao said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    What do you think about this air tube blue tooth headset? Do think think it works just as well to reduce radiation? Or not as well as the regular air tubes. Thanks!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Janie
    The principle appears to be the same….these air tubes are known for their fragility, the advantage of buying with Amazon is that if there’s a problem they refund no questions asked.

  • Alex Haua said,

    Having physical symptoms with cell phone use, i’ve been using an airtube headset for years now……THEY WORK! However, with newer smartphones, it’s very difficult to eliminate RF radiation. Even with an airtube headset, I get physical symptoms with newer smart phones.

  • Karen said,

    Not all hollow tubed headsets are safer. I bought the RF3 ENVI headset from Amazon which someone asked about earlier in these comments. Fortunately I have the trifield and accousticom 2 meters. U must have meters to check yourself and not just rely on the descriptions. Anyway, the numbers were off the charts with this comfortable and good looking headset. It has metal around the earpiece and that may b why. I returned the RF3 Envi to Amazon as defective which it probably is not. If I did not have any meters I would have thought I was using a low EMF headset which this one is not. I ordered a different headset by echotubez and will let u know my results. My problem is I want a mono headset which Smart and Safe does not carry. Only use it to walk the dog every morning with my phone set on airplane mode.

  • Rachael said,

    Hi Lloyd

    You mention in an earlier post that for phones “Signal strength falls off in proportion to the square of the distance to the source. So if you double the distance to the source, which is the cell phone to your head, your potential exposure would be four times less, since two squared is four.” However when I hold my acoustimeter close to my iphone and take readings for a call, and then brousing or checking an email, and then take the same readings with the phone at arms length to the meter, they are still almost as high, certainly they do not appear to be reduced by the square of the distance.

    any thoughts pls?

    Thank you very much

  • Linda G said,

    What about Trac Fones? I do not want the new mobil
    phones. Are Trac’c as bad as the Droids,I-Pads,I-Phones
    etc.Mine is only used for an occasional contact or emergency.Thanks for your site.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Trac Fone = a prepaid wireless cell phone (according to their website)….theres nothing to suggest that a Trac Fone would be any better or any worse than any other kind of phone since its not a type of phone its merely a cell phone without a monthly contract….what counts is how you use your cell phone – refer to my safe cell phone tips.

  • Kris Ihli said,

    Hello Lloyd

    I question the validity of testing done on the air tube set for 3 reasons.

    #1 All testing reports I have ever seen that were real reports specify the type of testing equipment and when it was calibrated. Often there is more data then simply the equipment used. Sometimes temperature/ humidity etc.

    This information is lacking specific details, so I am highly suspcious. It reminds of the water testing after chemtrails done with no base tests, water collected in pails or buckets that are not laboratory clean, etc. I had a neightbor who did the water testing for our community and there were very specific containers, protocols maintained and described including the last calibration of the test equipment, it’s range of error, etc. I for one encourage you to do more due diligence before posting questionable reports it undermines my confidence in your other conclusions. I for one will be very interested in your testing the effects fo using perferated radiant barrier products and actually testing them. Using mylar could creat a significant mold problem as the moisture in with wall could easily support mold and the cure would be worse then the problem.

    #2 No tests of base line of a regular headset with wiring.

    #3 I do not see your mentioning your doing any side by side tests yourself. You seem to be willing to accept the Fake test report that this headset manufacturer reports.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The air tube headset was tested by an FCC (United States), EMCC (Europe) and VCCI (Japan) approved testing laboratory (see my link above)….this kind of testing is far more sophisticated and accurate than any kind of testing I could possibly do.

  • Ester said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Do you know if they have headphones for electrosensitive people? I am thinking about music use, not cell phone. I am guessing air tubes would not work for music use.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The air tube headset above is not suitable for listening to music…..I’ve not heard of any low EMF headphones for listening to music on the market – sorry.

  • Tammy said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I have an iPhone 5S. I use it mostly for taking pictures/videos of my daughter and for emergency calls if I get lost. I plan to follow all your safety tips. As extra precaution, what is best: the pong case, an air tube headset, or both used together? Thanks for all you do!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Good question. According to the manufacturer the air tube headset listed offers a “98% reduction in the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that reach your head”….according to Pong their cell phone case reduces the S.A.R. by 64.7 percent….we’re not measuring exactly the same thing here so this is misleading because….nevertheless I would speculate that an air tube headset if used correctly (the cell phone held at a good distance from the head) would offer more protection.

  • Tammy said,

    Thanks so much! Any point to using both?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I can’t see the justification for having both…..unless there are circumstances where you just can’t use the air tube headset.

  • Tammy said,

    Thank you for getting back to me on this! I have the air tube headset, and I love it!! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Harsha Vardhana R said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thank you for all the great information that you have shared.

    I wonder how come the medical practitioners are not much aware of it! I live in India and even top ‘medical experts’ are not making any effort to stop indiscriminate cell-tower installations near hospitals, schools, residential complexes. etc.

    I promise myself that I would watch out and minimize my risks.

    A few traditional healers of India (Ayurveda) advise barefoot walking and salt-water baths etc to cleanse the toxic effects of EMF. I hope they really work!

  • tony said,

    I just got the airtube and waiting for the pong case. What do you recommend for tablets and laptops resting on your lap. Is there a blanket or some other protective covering. I looked on ebay and amazon and there are so many choices that I am not sure which is reputable, good quality, etc..


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Using laptops on laps is not advisable, see http://www.electricsense.com/6947/laptop-computer-radiation-shields-effective-emf-protection/

  • Bren Ames said,

    Thanks for the info Lloyd.

    1. Do you recommend any over-the-ear headsets? Earbuds and my ears just don’t get along.

    2. Are any over-the-ear headsets with mics available with air tubes?

    3. Is there anything with low emf that approaches the function of a gaming headset? E.g. Logitech G430 Over-the-Ear Stereo Gaming USB Wireld Headset (981-000536)

    Thanks again!

  • Brenda Leto said,

    Are there any air tube headsets that include a mic?

  • Cat McGuire said,

    I got the air tube headset Lloyd recommended and I am very pleased with it.

    A friend told me to get the Blue Tube headset which I also did, but I don’t think it is as good.

    “Lloyd’s” air tube headset has an excellent cable that doesn’t tangle. The Blue Tube wire is smaller and thinner and totally gets all tangled up.

    I also like that the air tube has magnets at the ear buds to that I can easily attached the headset to the back of my neck when not in use.

    The air tube has a mute, but when I make a phone call, it somehow gets messed up and thinks I want to do voice messaging or something. I just don’t deal with the muting capability anymore. Maybe if I understood it better so I know when the button is going to work as a mute versus turning on voice activation.

    Anyway, thanks, Lloyd, for the excellent recommendation.

  • Veronica said,

    The Echo Logico retro handset claims to cut 99% of cell phone radiation. How can I know if this claim is correct? What do I need to ask them? It is a coiled wire and large old fashioned receiver.

  • Leen said,

    hi! if i buy the air tube headset will the others around me get most of the radiation emitted?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Leen,
    There’s no reason to believe that using an airtube headset would increase radiation exposures for people in your immediate vicinity as opposed to not using one.

  • sam stevens said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Great information on your site! I’m wondering if there’s reason to be concerned about using digital battery operated devices close to your body (such as older iPods that aren’t connected to the internet) as far as emf levels go?

    Also, if you use an iPhone only for taking pictures – with all the settings turned off (wifi, cellular data, etc) – does the phone itself still generate EMFs?


  • Maria Palompo said,


    Would you recommend I get a PONG case and an airtube headset? To even increase protection?

    My son is constantly playing games on his iphone 5s and I use mine when I need to. It makes me wonder how much radiation exposure he is getting by having it in his hands a lot.

    I figure the headset should lessen it as you stated. And the PONG case will redirect the radiation away from our bodies. Or is it overkill? The PONG case I feel is way overpriced

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your help!!!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Maria
    The advantage of the Pong case is it’s ease of use….but this does come at a price. Also remember the Pong case is designed to reduce your radiation exposure when you hold your cell phone next to your head.
    If your son is playing games educate him into using his phone on airplane mode.

  • Dean Halpern said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Each of your responses is a show of love. Thank you.
    I am wondering about the radiation from a wireless bluetooth headset versus the airtube headset versus a wired headset. Do bluetooth devices have radiation, or is that limited to the phone? And if they are dangerous, are they less dangerous than a wired headset?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Dean
    Bluetooth devices emit radiation and for this reason are best avoided altogether. Airtube (non wired) headsets are the safest for the reasons outlined above.

  • Rohit Bansal said,

    Hi Lloyd

    I have two fundamental questions.
    First, headphone’s ends have isolated covering. so how will they transmit current/EMs to head?
    2nd, in airtube headphones, wires are upto halfway. buy typically that halfway is closer to heart. Certainly head’s exposure to EMs will get reduced, but heart will still at risk.


  • Jennifer Coy said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    First a note to all…
    I urge everyone using this website…please search your topic first, using the handy search bar in the top right corner of the Electricsense site, and thoroughly read Lloyd’s responses before asking a question that has already been asked and answered multiple times. It is unfair for him to have to reiterate so many times.
    He provides a free resource for us, that is so valuable.


    I need to use a phone for my work…and because my existing Vtech corded phone with speaker still makes me dizzy and causes lumps on my lymph nodes when I talk for long periods…I will be ordering the Panasonic you recommend.
    However, in-the-ear headphone models do not work well for me, as they do not for a former writer on this comment stream above, Bren Ames.

    I did not see your response to Bren, and am hoping that you can please provide your insights on any over-the-ear headsets that integrate a mic. This would answer both of us I believe.

    Thank you so much!!


  • Ulrich Kamm said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Almost all airtube headsets have anti-drop magnets on the earbuds. So, I don’t have wires leading to my ears, but 2 magnets there. Will that have any negative impact? So far I could only find 1 headset without magnets, the Zappi Air Vibez ($68 + shipping from England). Would you please know of others without magnets?

    Thank you very much for your help!


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Ulrich
    My preference is for airtube headsets for the reasons outlined above…..headsets contain tiny speakers which contain electromagnets which translate electrical signals into an audible sound….so using any kind of headset means exposing yourself to small magnetic fields.

  • Gayle said,

    It’s amazing you answer every person and question. If it is safer to text by having the cell phone farther from your body or to be on speaker; can you explain the dangers of listening to programs via internet on your speaker phone with the cell phone on your pillow or night stand? Thanks

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Gayle
    Distance is your friend when using these EMF technologies. Streaming also exposes you to RF radiation, see http://www.electricsense.com/775/how-to-protect-yourself-from-cell-phone-radiation/

  • Tom said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I use a bluetooth headset for work and the expanded mouth piece wire is exposed due to many years of abuse. Should I worry about radiation being leaked/amplified from the exposed wires?


  • anthony said,

    Hi, I am looking for a cordless home phone which has the ‘least’ risk of radiation exposure. So far I have come across 2 brands which promise significant reductions however not sure which is better, or if there may be another brand. The contenders so far – siemens gigaset DECT phones, and Swissvoice with fulleco. Do you know the safest option, or even which has the best speaker phone option?
    Thanks, Anthony

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    See http://www.electricsense.com/815/cordless-phones-even-more-dangerous-than-cell-phones/

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