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Stop A Smart Meter Installation – What To Do

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on January 4, 2013 under Smart Meters | 42 Comments to Read

How to stop a smart meter installation – are you looking for an urgent answer to this question?

I know an awful lot of people are.

They are worried about the RF radiation emissions from wireless smart meters.

That’s why I wanted to share with you this EXTREMELY effective procedure on preventing a smart meter installation. Word has it that everyone using this method of dealing with any utility company that is trying to install a smart meter gets the installation immediately halted.

The original template was drafted to be used freely by everyone in British Columbia, but it can be used by anyone, anywhere, who wants to stop a smart meter. That’s why its important to circulate this information as widely as possible.

Stop A Smart Meter Installation – Whats Involved

You need four documents, as follows:

1. A Guide To Understanding and Completing Your Non Negotiable Private Notice – a 4 page printout which explains how to fill in the Private Owners Claim of Right Template which is the key document required to stop a meter installation

2. A Private Owners Claim of Right Template, the document you need to fill out and send by registered mail

3. An informational guide entitled Differences between The Private and Public, which explains some of the important legal issues involved

4. A No Trespassing sign, which you can print out and display on your property

Many thanks to the people at BCFreedom for sharing this information.

What You Need to Do

Use these documents, customize them to your own particular circumstances. Fill out the Private Owners Claim of Right Template, and mail it to your utility company.

Stop Smart Meter Installation in Australia

For instructions on how to stop a smart meter in Australia click here.

You can’t stop a smart meter installation unless you act, so act now.

  • Victoria Thompson said,

    Thank you for the how to stop a smart meter installation advice. I notice it’s for British Columbia. Do you know anything about how to stop this in Australia, please?

    Many thanks.

  • Lloyd said,

    Unfortunately I’m not aware of an Australian equivalent for these instructions….if I hear of them I’ll gladly post them here.

  • Lloyd said,

    I have just found a website giving detailed instructions on how to stop a smart meter installation in Australia – see update in my article above.

  • chester collins said,

    I live in Union, Ohio USA close to Dayton/Cincinnati. I was given a small house by my mother with a smart meter already installed. Do you know if any comparable actions or paperwork or available here? Thanks for all your important work.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Chester has instructions on how to stop a smart meter being installed this seems to be a good model to follow for Ohio.

  • Mike said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I just came across this article about what to do with Smart Meters.
    I would be interested to hear your views, especially with regard to the water butt solution.

    Best regards


  • Mike said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thinking about this serious issue of smart meters. I wondered would it not be to our advantage to send a letter to the authorities stating that, I object to the installation of a smart meter and that if one is or has been installed against my will, that they (the authority) will be fully responsible and liable for any medical problems that are suffered by the occupants in the future and most importantly that if they fail to respond to the letter that they are deemed to have agreed to the above. If the letter is drawn up legally and if EVERYONE sent a letter it may worry them enough to re-consider.

    This is something we could all do without any legal problems and would add support to any legal action in the future. Unlike mobile phone masts where everything is being done retrospectively.

    Best regards


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Mike
    1. with regard to the article…’water butt’…its not just about the water content in our bodies…we are all literally human antennas…right down to the cells in our bodies…right down to our DNA….Dr. Martin Blank calls our DNA ‘fractal antennas’ (a fractal antenna is a term electrical engineers give to an antenna that can pick up a range of frequencies across the EMF spectrum) so every cell has a fractal antenna inside it…every cell can pick up all the frequencies on the EMF spectrum.
    2. its in everyone’s interest (except the utility company) to make a stand against the installation of these smart meters..the letter is a good idea.

  • Tina said,

    Hi Loyd,

    Thank you for the information.
    It is helpful, but what about if you rent your home or apartment and it is already outfitted with a smart meter?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Tina
    This may make it more complicated to get your smart meter removed because you will probably need your landlords support to take the matter up with the utility company. Start by taking the matter up with the utility company see what they say first.

  • Jennifer said,

    That must work great in Canada. The laws are very different in each and every state of the USA so no 2 states are the same and my state it varies by region.

    I rent and so I am not the owner of the home.

    I am in New Mexico USA and in my city the gas and water is run by city and we have less rights than if it was run by private utility companies. They do not give any notice for anything like the utility companies are required to do and the PRC has no authority over them.

    They are soon to install smart meter and I AM DEsperate to get this stopped for health reasons [sick enough already-made worse by wifi that is now removed]

    Anything I can do for my situation??

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jennifer
    I don’t have any specifics on stopping a smart meter in New Mexico – I will post this as soon as I find it. In the meantime try and follow broadly the steps outlined above…registered letter…no trespassing sign…join/create a protest group.

  • Melisa said,

    Hi Llyod,
    Thank you for the never ending informtaion on this subject.
    Last year I fought the installation /change over of our water meter to a “smart meter”…the town backed off then but, we have just received another notice.
    We have an electric smart meter on our house and I was just gearing up to fight to have that removed and now it looks like we’ll be fighting the water meter again too. I am in ON Canada and hopefully some of this information will help.

  • Chester Collins said,

    Hi again Lloyd. My wife is a nursing student, and just learned about a new finding that the villi in the small intestine, which is responsible for nutrient exchange I believe, well these villi are now seen to be covered in other smaller villi and so on – a fractal structure in itself! One has to wonder if nutrient absorbtion, among other things, are being affected. Something to research and very interesting!

  • Kate said,

    Add Pinterest to your Sharaholic plugin — I have an EMF board on Pinterest and would love to share your website there! :)

  • EMF Protection said,

    I also have an EMF social website where I collect articles on EMFs. Feel free to register and post your articles there for some Google juice. I already shared the one on Smart Meters there because my theme allows me to share on Pinterest – so I shared this article in both places.

    I totally appreciate all you are doing!


  • Lloyd said,

    Its done. Thanks!

  • Mia said,

    What if they already installed it? Can I have it removed and the old model put back in?

  • Lloyd said,

    In theory yes you can pay an electrician to replace it with the old model, start by sending a registered letter to your utility company demanding that they replace it and if they won’t do it contact a local electrician.

  • Sarah Faa said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I have just been told by British Gas that sometime between now and 2020 i have to have 2 Smart Meters installed, one for my Gas and one for my Electricity, i live in a rented Housing Association property in Yorkshire, England.
    I have already contacted British Gas by e-mail about this and got a phone call back from them where they told me that it is compulsory for everyone to have them installed by 2020, i tried explaining to them that i would be badly affected by this as i am EHS, but they just kept repeating that it was compulsory and “for my own benefit”. How do i stop them from forcing me to have them installed?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sarah
    Contact they have a formal NOTICE of Non-Consent for ‘Smart’ Meter Installation form online , see

  • Thea said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I understand Smart Meters are touted for offering real-time stats on power usage, saving utility companies the cost of sending someone out to read a meter, and allowing real-time/rapid assessment of what meters are affected during an outage, leading to faster response.

    I want to pitch to utility companies that these things can be achieved without installing Smart Meters, because the cost of SMs in terms of endangering public health, security and privacy are too great.

    Are you aware of technological alternatives which could allow utility companies can get their needs for cost reduction* met while also meeting the public’s needs?

    *Btw, apparently there are also BIG grants/subsidies being awarded to utility companies along the lines of ‘install x thousand by 2014 to receive money’. I believe the lawsuits and liability incurred by utility companies will be much more than any funds given to them.

    Thank you,

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Thea
    If there really is a case for big brother style monitoring of personal power consumption (which I am not convinced about) then fiber optic cable can be used to eliminate the RF radiation exposure issues associated with smart meters.

  • Laura said,

    They installed the device while I was out & when I returned I was immediately depressed. They wouldn’t take it out. I called again today because since yesterday I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack. They are starting an opt out program & he’ll ” see if hypersensitivity is a valid reason” Sheesh. But I have a question. Can it mess up all the electricity in the house? I’m increasingly getting either knocked out exhausted or heart fluttering in the other end of my house. When the exhaustion hits it hits like a ton of bricks & have to immediately fall into bed…& wake up freeezing because I couldn’t even stoke the wood stove ! I wake up in 4 hors with my heart pounding. Also, if they just shut off the meter but don’t replace it with analog will it still affect me ? My laptop keeps beeeping too! Thanks, Laura

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    “Can it mess up all the electricity in the house?” – smart meters emit RF signals which can then get picked up by your house wiring system and distributed around your house and radiate into your rooms….most people can’t feel this but when you become hypersensitive you can start to react. A manually read analog meter will eliminate these RF signals but you may still get a reaction. My free report and newsletters can help you with more information on EMF protection.

  • Laura said,

    Hi Lloyd, Thanks. It’s already installed but they are now finally CONSIDERING my request. I don’t know if that means leaving the meter but shutting it off or replacing it. I will check the forms to fill out at the library since I have dial-up (sloooow) at home & no printer hooked up. Once the meter went in I was too brain-dead to set up the printer I had just gotten out of storage :-( Unfortunately the opt-out charge or shielding has to come out of the $49 a month I have left after bills for food, light bulbs toilet paper… you get the picture :-(

  • Jim said,

    Any tips or resources for getting them removed after they’ve been installed?

    We didn’t hear about this prior to ours getting installed, and would like to get it removed, but as you would expect the energy company won’t give us any answers.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    It is possible to shield a smart meter but there are pro’s and cons, see

  • Laura said,

    The first time I called I was a bi*ch & got nowhere. Over a year went by & I had 2 days of major heart palpitations. On the 2nd day a phone company guy, at least that’s how he introduced himself (gulp), came to take a GPS on the meter & pole. This made me think they did something to the thing the day before or read the meters. I called again & this time sounded like a forlorn child – truly how I feel by now & she had a technician call back & say they were going to do an opt out in a few weeks but he wasn’t sure if “hypersensitivity” was a valid reason to opt out !!!! Somewhere I read someone getting it taken out because some device (a coffee pot maybe) turned on by itself & started smoldering. You can make up something like that (but they might say it’s unrelated) But anyhow being a bi*ch doesn’t seem to get me results as well as being courteous. But I still don’t know if they WILL take it out.

  • Laura said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    My electric company is finally starting the opt out. Will charge me $15 a month & an undetermined fee for a new meter.So angry that it’s costing me to NOT have something new. This will sound really dumb but my brain is fried… Is it only an analog that I should get? Should it have that wheel that goes asround? I’ll be watching the switch out! Thanks Laura

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Digital meters whether ‘smart’ or not use switched mode power supplies which inject ‘noise’ (dirty electricity) into your house wiring….an analog meter is the safer option Laura.

  • Laura said,

    Thanks a lot Lloyd,
    The letter I received today said they will put in an analog. It also asked if I have a dog, fence, life support or other sensitive medical devices. That latter question makes me nervous. Will they put something in that is OK ONLY if you don’t have “sensitive equipment”.
    The replacment fee is $191.28. Are there any class action suits on this? Imagine if someone came & installed a pool you didn’t order & then charged a removal fee!!!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    There have been a few class action lawsuits against smart meters….I wrote about this in this article – the links at the bottom have up to date information on current lawsuits.

  • Emory Lester said,

    So I bought a house with a smart meter installed is there anyway a can have/make my power company change it back to ilk style ?

  • Laura said,

    Emory, Call & ask if they will. If they won’t google to look for lawsuits &/or lawyers.

  • Laura said,

    I had the meter changed to an analog & haven’t felt any different. This morning I was outside, a few feet from the meter, for maybe 3 minutes. I then felt REALLY lightheaded & weak. Could this meter have some sort of electronic reader or something that’s gives off some sort of waves ? Thanks Laura

  • Claudia said,

    Do you have a script to follow or suggestions on how to effectively request the smart meter be removed in a USA home?

  • safer energy said,

    Claudia, there is a letter template and a list of questions to ask the utility at

  • Laura said,

    Claudia, Right after the installation I called them & was very irate & they refused to remove it. About a year later I called to ask if they did something to the electric because I started getting heart palpitations the day before. This time I was nice, mentioned the meter giving me severe depression since day 1 & I might have even mentioned suicide. They put me on with tech again & he said they are starting to do the opt out.( See my other posts for the comments.) Being nice probably gets you further than being nasty & maybe by the time I talked to them again they got a bunch more complaints. The atomosphere in here still isn’t right, my electric bill is still $20 more than it used to be before the Smart Meter so I think it’s like a hybrid digital/analog or something. The house grew mold in the line of fire from the meter too! I’m too sick with Multiple chemical Sensitivities to fight anymore.

  • Thea said,

    Laura, good work and glad to hear they removed the dumb meter.

    I too have major MCS and EMF sensitivity that is moderate. I have limited energy, having reduced my world to my home so that I don’t get triggered. It makes me sad to read that you are too tired to fight; I’ve been there and regarding my own battles, I am there now.

    Even what you wrote above, “The atmosphere in here still isn’t right, my electric bill is still $20 more than it used to be before the Smart Meter so I think it’s like a hybrid digital/analog or something. The house grew mold in the line of fire from the meter too! I’m too sick with Multiple chemical Sensitivities to fight anymore.” could be compelling to send to the utility, if and when you have the energy.

    It takes such follow-up for these things and lately I wonder if there could be a network of folks with MCS or EMF sensitivity to help each other out, as one person heals more they can help those in more acute states address advocacy issues with utilities, insurance providers, etc. Will keep you in my thoughts.

  • michael said,

    hey lloyd , im looking to get a radiation detector meter so i will no longer be blind trying to deal with the problem of smart meters , would like to be able to read all kinds of frequencies and such but i don’t have that kind of funds to expend on such a device , so for now would you be able to recommend a cheap detector from any site online that will be sufficient at detecting the radiations from the smart meters? there’s so much complicated information that needs to be known exactly what to get to do so im not sure i would be able to find a good one myself , such as the part where it needs to be able to have a sample rate of at least 3000 times a second cause that’s how short the blips of radiation are from the smart meters in most cases

    preferably i would like the device to have a digital display and sound functions so i can get an accurate reading on how effective any shielding attempts are being and also being able to show other people with the warning sounds that this is something that needs to be taker very seriously…….

  • Harrison said,

    I measured a digital meter yesterday on a friend’s home and found it pulsed up to 4900 Mv/m every 45 seconds. I measured another one on a different house and it measured a constant 900 mv/m. Not good. And these are not smart meters.

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