EMFs From Power Lines – The Facts

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on December 30, 2012 under Power Line EMFs | 86 Comments to Read

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EMFs from power lines is not what you would call a hot topic.

People are talking more and more talk about the dangers of wireless radiation, cell towers, cell phones, WiFi, smart meters…but EMFs from power lines (otherwise known as electrical transmission lines) are just, if not more, dangerous.

This is what I would like to talk about in this article.

What Are Power Lines?

EMFs from power lines

Power lines form part of a system called the ‘grid’. They are composed of two components, the cables transmitting the power, and the pylons or towers.

The cables strung between the pylons emit magnetic and electric fields. The towers themselves do not as they are shielded from the cables by insulators.

Typically high voltage lines carry electricity at 300,000 volts or 400,000 volts. Some power lines may carry even higher voltages.

Power lines are the cheapest way to transport electricity from power stations to consumers.

Did you know that some power lines carry such high voltages that they emit high levels of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) for up to 1/4 mile on either side?

If you are in doubt as to the level of EMFs emitted from high voltage power lines watch this video:


 What Do The Studies Say About EMFs From Power Lines?

Powerline EMFs have been linked to:

– leukemia (especially in children)

– breast cancer

– brain cancer

– reproductive problems and birth defects

– depression,

– blood disorders,

– heart disease, sleeping complaints and a host of other ailments.

Dozens of studies have found links between living near power lines and poor health:

– as far back as 1979 the Wertheimer and Leeper study found that children living near ordinary power lines had 3 times the likelihood of developing cancer….large gauge transmission lines are worse.

– the Savitz study (1980s) concluded 10-15 percent of all child cancers resulted from magnetic field exposure from powerlines.

– the Wall Street Journal reported in 1993 that the real estate resale value of homes decreased by as much as 30%, if exposed to electromagnetic fields

– according to a 2005 study published in the British Medical Journal, babies who live near high-voltage power lines are almost twice as likely as others to develop leukemia during childhood

And yet despite this evidence people are still being subjected to EMFs from power lines which are installed too close to people’s homes.

What Kind of EMFs do Power Lines Create?

There are two types of electromagnetic field produced by powerlines.

– an electric field is always present when the powerline is switched on. It strength depends on the voltage.

– a magnetic field is caused by the electric current flowing in the line when people use electricity. This can vary considerably and is considered the most dangerous.

Electric fields are stopped by most building materials. The real problem with power lines are the magnetic fields.

Magnetic fields penetrate practically everything.The main factor that reduces magnetic fields is distance from the source. In other words the further away you can get from these powerlines the better. But if its your home that is situated too close to a power line this is not easily resolved. Watch this video presentation by Dr. Martin Blank for a scientific explanation of magnetic fields:


Are Underground Power Lines Safer?

The EMFs from underground powerlines are slightly different. The electric fields will usually be negligible because they are screened by soil, concrete, sand etc. But because underground cables tend to be buried close to the surface the magnetic fields at ground level are often very high, higher than from overhead cables because they are closer to you. But the EMFs fall off more rapidly than those from overhead wires because the cables are closer together and they cancel out each other’s effects more effectively.

Can I Tell if a Power Line is Dangerous By Looking At It?

The width and size of the cables is a good indication of the voltage. But you can’t know the current flowing (what electricity people are drawing). And you can’t tell the configuration.

Whats the configuration? In your home, if your house wiring is not balanced, that’s to say the phase and neutral wires are not put together, this creates high magnetic fields. Similarly with powerlines, if the current on one side of the line cables is very different to the current on the other, this leads to much higher electric and magnetic fields than if both sides carried equal currents.

How Can I Know The EMFs Being Emitted From A Power Line?

The only way to know for sure what EMFs are being emitted by a powerline is to measure with an EMF meter. Your power company may be willing to do this testing for you. Then again your request my fall on deaf ears. In which case you can quite easily test your exposure by purchasing an EMF or gauss meter.

Measure the EMFs indoors and outdoors. Take measurements at different times of the day. Measure where you sit, and where children play.

Test with your electricity switched off at the mains, then again with it turned on, so you can determine how much of the EMFs are coming from the power line and how much from your own house wiring and electrical appliances.

What Are Safe Levels of EMFs From Power Lines?

The BioInitiative Report recommends safe limits for radiation. For ELFs ( low frequency EMFs) the BioInitiative Report recommends 1 milliGauss (0.1 microTesla) limit for habitable space adjacent to all new or upgraded power lines.

If you are electrically sensitive this may still be much too high -the Building Biology guidelines recommend a much lower limit.

What To Do If Your Home Is In Close Proximity To A Power Line

The first thing to do is to obtain reliable readings with an EMF meter (as described above). There may be no cause for concern. You may live in very close proximity to a power line but the EMFs may be negligible. Then again you may live at good distance but your exposure may be significant because of the very high voltages in the cables. Obtaining EMF meter readings is the only way to know for sure.

If your readings are high then you have two options. You can either shield or you can move out. Shielding will not be easy. Yes, shielding does work easily and well for the electric field element. Practically any sheet of metal, metal screen, or metal fencing, provided the metal is grounded will do the job.

But we can’t shield for these magnetic fields. Or that’s to say theoretically we may be able to do so, but the cost is typically prohibitive. Up until recently effective magnetic shielding meant using materials like Mumetal, which are very expensive due to their high nickel content.

A new magnet field shielding film called Giron is now available which has the advantage of being much cheaper than Mumetal. Nevertheless the costs are still relatively high and shielding a whole house is difficult if not impossible – better to get in an EMF consultant for this kind of work.

Conclusion: EMFs from power lines should not be underestimated but your greatest danger may still come from other EMF sources.

  • Kathairein Magdalena said,

    Thanks again for your website. I was just talking with Arthur Firstenberg of CELL PHONE TASK FORCE and asked him about the brain tumors from cell phone use that were predicted a few years ago. He said that researchers in Norway and Finland found out that they were not being reported. And in the US the Veterans Administration hospitals are not allowing their brain tumor numbers out. But also, that if I were to speak with a brain surgeon privately, he/she would tell me the cell phone tumors are “off the charts.” My big problem with this is not the use of this technology, but the complicity of professional people in so many fields. Did we all become Nazis without knowing it?

  • Lloyd said,

    Neurosurgeons, like Dr Richard Bittar, Dr Keith Black and Dr Charlie Teo are ringing the alarm bells about cell phone radiation and brain tumors…it’s a pity that more of them are not speaking out. The other problem is that the stats are being skewed… Moskowitz found research bias in blinded and un-blinded studies, see http://www.electricsense.com/2597/cell-phone-radiation-studies%E2%80%93-is-this-as-much-truth-as-you-can-fit-on-one-page/ there is way too much complicity , if not downright dishonesty in professional people…

  • Shivani said,

    Dear Lloyd,

    Thank you for such a wonderful article on ELF. Much success to you and the wonderful work you do….here’s hoping 2013 brings in more EMF awareness and conscientious use of wireless technology!

  • Paul Von said,

    Dear Lloyd and concerned readers,

    I have been acutely aware of low frequency EM stress effects on cellular plant biology for quite a number of years. It is all well and good to be concerned about human health as related to power line frequency magnetic fields, but the actual issue is that we are destroying the ENTIRE life system on the planet. Our dangerous addiction to alternating current power is pervasive and convincing in the literature. I have nearly 3,000 pages of information on the plant health issue alone. Wake up folks, before it’s too late. >


    “It will be expected, that a diminished intracellular supply of water and electrolytes caused by certain combinations of weak MF and EMF could also occur in other organisms, above all if the ICR effect would be mediated by properties of the water-ion environment itself, without the need of distinct arrangements of specific proteins and lipid membranes. Combinations of weak MF and EMF leading to resonance condition for Ca2+ are not uncommon:
    The geomagnetic field would serve as the static MF component, the overlaying EMF may originate from natural phenomena, e.g. atmospheric processes, as well from man made sources, like electric supplies. Kaiser tried already in 1996 to compute a comprehensive oscillator theory for resonant EMF effects in biological systems [39]. Considering possible consequences for public health care as well as common ecological relations, more work is needed to clarify the basics of biological effects by weak electromagnetic fields.”


  • Sim said,

    Hi, could you please address if solar gadgets, like the new Samsung solar powered laptop, give off EMF radiation also?


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sim
    According to the technical spec the Samsung laptop is fitted with solar panels. Solar panels generate DC current. The main problem with solar power is the EMFs created by the device which converts from DC to AC, called an inverter. It could be that the Samsung laptop runs only on DC in which case there would not be a particular EMF issue with the laptop but the technical spec says there is an AC adapter which implies it has also an inverter which means there could be an EMF issue…again all this is speculation…an EMF meter is the only way of knowing for sure.

  • clyde said,

    Dear Lloyd, Thanks for the helpful articles i read. Near our house has Power transmission lines. i think its 100m away from my house. i don’t know if this is the cause of my illness. but the people nearest to the power lines are healthy as what i see. i don’t know if has big effect on health. how many meters or radius does the power lines emits emf? are homemade detectors to find out the emf in my house? i was diagnose with dystonia but i don’t know if this is cause by EMF’s. i been working in a telecom industry for 2 years and so much exposed to radiation and also i been working online for 2 years in front of a computer. are any cheap emf detectors can you recommend? and where to buy? are there good emf’s accessories: pendants,necklace etc. that you securely protect from this EMF’s? i buy online emf protector for $135 like pendant but it doesn’t work. it doesn’t reduce the emf levels as i draw it to my cellphones. what is best protection from EMF’s? and how to detect EMF’s inside from the house? i think my places here are bombarded with EMF’s because of Power transmission lines, cellphone towers, electronic gadget etc. i am so very ill doctor can’t even find out of whats the causes of my dystonia. Thank you.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Clyde
    Its very possible that the power lines running next to your home are carrying several hundred thousand volts in which case at 100m you could be exposed to very high levels of EMFs….but I’m only speculating because until you take some readings with an EMF meter its impossible to say. I have reviewed several EMF meters and published articles, one of the best, for the price, is the Trifield 100XE it will allow you to get some reasonably accurate readings (see http://www.electricsense.com/1336/is-the-trifield-100xe-the-best-emf-meter/). Necklaces, pendants etc…I do not advise…at best you might just waste your money, at worst they might cause more harm than good. You need also to reduce EMFs from sources within your home, see http://www.electricsense.com/2593/emfs-in-your-home-%E2%80%93-my-protection-tips/

  • Susan Kangas said,

    These power lines are no joke. I did send you an article on Power Lines. My reason was that it explained why plants under such power lines do just fine. Because they are in the ground. But buildings or concrete cause those positive ions to flood humans under them or near them. Not “earthed”. Very interesting re. the underground lines. My meter on the street above them was at the top when I stood there. Susan

  • timwebb2012Tim said,

    Interesting comment about the plants. I recently earthed an indoor plant that could never go more than a few days without a water top-up; now it has gone a few weeks without !
    I also earth myself, both when at the computer, and overnight as I sleep. As I understand it, this is good; it neutralizes the EMFs from electrical systems oscillating at the 50-60 HZ level, but is no good for the MHz/GHz frequencies from cellphones.
    Does this sound right? And would it be good for clyde above ?

  • Lloyd said,

    There is no generally accepted wisdom on when and where to earth….many of the companies selling earthing equipment advise earthing anywhere. Personally I avoid earthing in high EMF environments, (eg when I am using my computer) building biology have theoretical basis for this, see http://www.electricsense.com/1861/using-earthing-to-combat-electromagnetic-pollution-my-review/ – this works for me. You need to try and see what works for you, listen to your body….

  • Jason said,

    Hi Lloyd.
    Thanks for your regular updates very informative! Can you please advise on any potential health issues with touch screen technology? This seems to be where the market is heading and I am very interested in what some of the effects that all this technology may have with very high use etc.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jason
    From an EMF viewpoint, safe computer use is mainly about putting distance between yourself and the computer…wired keyboard, wired mouse, increasing fontsizes etc. And this is the main problem with touch screen technology, it requires the user to be in even closer contact with the computer…each millimeter nearer to or further away from your computer has an exponential effect on your exposure…a conventional computer is much safer than a touch screen one.

  • Barb said,

    Still reading thru the comments…have done as much as I possibly can to eliminate negative effects. For I know for CERTAIN there is NO ONE that will protect me or my family – well, maybe people like you, Lloyd.

    Who is strong enough to go up against these behemoths? These HUGE money makers that are buying up politicians left and right?

    There is this one benign looking “pole” near my home I found on a bicycle outing with my daughter. It has the US flag on it and a wooden fence six feet high with “WARNING” signs all around. Around a white flag pole? Huh?

    Also, I have noticed MUCH new construction on lattice poles near freeway exits. Causing me concern.

    Why do I feel those “conspiracies” of mind control may not be so theoretical in nature, anymore?

    Thank you for the information. Now with fracking at an all time high–since there is no regulation…yet, the proliferation of towers is running amok. :*(

  • Dave Hepplewhite said,

    We bought one of the recommended EMF meters and have had great fun measuring here, there and everywhere, but what we now need is something to help us quantify what it is we are measuring. Can you point us in the direction of a set of charts (if they exist) of what are considered to be ‘safe’ doses of electric, magnetic and microwave radiation. Of course there will be differing viewpoints (and therefore different values) depending on whether the ‘charts’ have been produced by the authorities or by someone like you. For the time being we are prepared to follow your advice and guidance so any help would be much appreciated.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Dave
    Up until yesterday the best guidance we had on this subject was a 2007 report called the BioInitiative report written by an independent group of scientists, see http://www.electricsense.com/2951/bioinitiative-report-on-electromagnetic-field-emf-dangers/ this report recommends 1 milliGauss (0.1 microTesla) and 0.01 μW/cm2 ( 0.19 Volts/meter) for RF radiation limit for indoor exposure. I was waiting to see what the 2012 report said, I am still wading through it but suffice is to say the new recommendations are much much lower.

  • Mary said,

    Dear Lloyd, Which is more dangerous when just over the recommendations: a magnetic field or an RF field? (My room has very low RF but a 4 milligauss magnetic field.) Thank you again, Mary

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Mary
    Its not about ‘which is more dangerous’ its about using these various meters to understand what your EMF exposures are and then taking action where necessary. 4mG is quite high….the BioInitiative report recommends a 1mG limit (see http://www.electricsense.com/2951/bioinitiative-report-on-electromagnetic-field-emf-dangers/) – avoid sleeping in this room.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Mary, Lloyd, and interested readers. It is very difficult to understand much of the scientific evidence reported in the BioInitiative reports, as the information is heavy research verbiage, and not very accessible to the general public.

    This is a quote from Section 16 of the 2012 BioInitiative report, found on pages 7&8:

    “Starting from cell cultures maintained in a pre-industrial environment (less than 4 nT 60-Hz MF), our 5 cancer cell lines were exposed to constant ELF-MFs within the range of 0.025 to 5 μT, and the cells were examined for karyotype changes after 6 days.
    As shown in Table 2, all cancer cells lines lost chromosomes from MF exposures, with a mostly flat dose-response. It seemed that the number of chromosomes lost was more specifically connected to the particular cell type than to the MF level, although the two erythro-leukemia cell types both showed a dose-response between 25 and 400 nT.”

    4 nano tesla is an estimated pre-industrial 60-cycle magnetic field. In the test experiment, it is found that fields as low as 25nt had biological effects on cells.”

    This would clearly indicate that many modern 60 cycle magnetic fields in ouside environments are 10’s of MILLIONS of times in excess of natural background radiation.

    As I’ve been stating for nearly 30 years: The worldwide alternating current electrical grid is an engineering mistake, and a serious biological hazard. It needs to be torn down, and replaced with small/independent DC (direct current) systems.

  • Sim said,

    Dear Lloyd,

    Thank you so much for your website. (I think you should be a Hayhouse author BTW!They would love u!)
    My question is this: I recently received a popcorn maker for my birthday. I love popcorn, but I am worried because the seeds swirl in this vacuum of hot air in a steel cylinder. And I could not help wonder if this is actually bad for my health. Any input on this?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sim
    There is some possible exposure to magnetic fields when the motor makes the seeds swirl… stand back a good 4- 6 feet. Whether the actual popcorn is healthy depends on the quality of seeds and the oil used – avoid use of trans fats….using this kind of machine is much healthier than microwave popcorn.

  • Rachel said,

    I will be purchasing an EMF meter soon. My kid’s room is right above the electric panel box in the basement and next to the meter on the outside wall. My husband is getting ready to wire the polebarn to this box/meter and will have to increase the size of the line coming in from the electrical pole to do so. This worries me – Is there any way to shield around the box and meter to protect my kids? Should he try to relocated the meter…I doubt he can the box in the basement though.

  • Lloyd said,

    Electric boxes typically emit high electric and magnetic fields. Shielding for electric fields is quite straightforward but shielding for magnetic fields is complicated and costly – so costly in practice its not even a viable option – if you do decide to go this route seeking the advise of a local EMF consultant would be the best way to do it. Other alternatives: relocating your child’s bedroom or relocating the electric box.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Rachel,
    If you intend to increase the electrical capacity of the line coming to your meter and electrical box, I would strongly suggest a below ground metal conduit with EM shielding for your new incoming line. This will be costly and require the services of an electrical contractor. Perhaps you could locate the meter and new line on the pole barn, and then feed the house from there.

    As Lloyd states above, extremely low frequency 50 or 60 cycle magnetic induction is much more difficult to protect against. These low frequency radiations produce wavelengths that are very long, thus these types of fields require Giron or MuMetal magnetic shielding. There are other low frequency plated materials such as Mag-StopTM Plates as well. These materials are generally mounted on the interior wall behind the meter.
    Here are some examples.

    Magnetic Field Shielding Materials

    There are many other web sites that supply professional quality materials, so don’t cheap out on the health of your children.

    The reason I strongly suggest a below ground line installation, is that power companies are now using incoming lines as wave guides for high frequency pulsed radiation “service” monitoring. These high frequency EM fields are killing birds and wildlife outside your home.

  • monica said,

    We purchased the Trifleld and turned it on sitting in the middle of our home, in the living room. My first reaction was that it was broken, because the needle hit the right side of the plastic box, then settled a tiny bit left of that, but way past the “100” mark…. I estimated 150?? (There are no numbers past 100) I walked out our front door and across the street as far as I could go and saw the needle drop to 8. There are residential lines and larger more industrial lines very close to the back of our home and all of our bedrooms. This is very unsettling, and we aren’t sure what to do. The lines power federal buildings, but are owned by the local electric company, Xcel. Our idea to remodel the backyard is definitely on hold, and my husband is contacting a lawyer, today, and also calling the EPA. We are not sure where to start. If we were able to get these lines buried, it would be about 20 feet outside of our fence line. Would this be a safe distance if they were buried? And is there any way to gauge this beforehand, or would we have to bury them and then get a reading?

  • Lloyd said,

    It sounds high but the Trifields got 4 settings, can you clarify what setting you were on when you took these readings?

  • monica said,

    On “magnetic 0-100”, the needle is as far to the right as it will go. (Of course, on “magnetic 0-3” range, it is the same. Battery test is working. Electric is 0. Radio/Micro is 0. I can find websites that claim EMF’s are harmless and alternatively, websites that state they can be very dangerous. What am I supposed to believe? Also, if I believe they are a health risk, what do I have on my side to force the government to bury the lines? Is there any protection? A neighborhood petition? A lawsuit? Property value? Are health effects even a valid defense (not provable)? News exposure? Not even sure where to start….. We are in Boulder, Colorado. Is it true that the EPA’s limit for habitable spaces is “1” mG !!!!?

  • Lloyd said,

    Who should you believe?…. I’m not trying to convince anybody EMFs are dangerous, I just put the facts out there and let people make their own mind up. If you want to believe the ‘other’ information that says EMFs are safe thats up to you.
    Anyway for the record the readings you are getting are extremely high….off the scale. Leukemia has been associated with exposures as low as 4mG. It could be the powerlines….it could be the wiring in your home…..it could be a faulty meter (I doubt it here). With readings this high I would want to get a second opinion. Hire/buy another meter or get an EMF consultant in. The BioInitiative Report recommends 1 milliGauss limit for habitable space.

  • barb said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    A new twist from the supplier of our electricity and gas: A new METER! No humans necessary to walk in the backyard to get the reading off the meter.

    I had one installed IN my home for water and began having nose bleeds, skin crawlings, headaches/migraines and had them return the analog meter.

    The electric meter is right outside the kitchen window near the sink. I am, to say the least, very unhappy.

    Thank you again for the information and the countless hours of research and posting. I appreciate it and Many Blessings to YOU!


  • monica said,

    Sorry, I was in a bit of a panic, there ;). We just remodeled our home-spent a fortune. Dumb for us not to have thought about this stuff earlier. With three kids sometimes the big picture is missed. I’m so thankful for this website. I believe the meter is working well. I took it everywhere with me and clearly walking 500 yards away and up under these (primary) lines and then back out the other side 500 feet in the other direction causes the needle to act very predictably. Spent a lot of time on the phone with city council, government, electric company yesterday. Then I called our realator. Long story short, we are moving. All of our bedrooms, particularly our HEADS are closest to these lines. Clearly government and private entities don’t care about anyone’s well being. Luckily, we will be able to get a good sale price for our home at this point (other homes are selling well). Thanks for having this website. We are having a lot of health issues and it will be interesting to find what going from 200+ mG to 0.2 will look like. Looking forward to some fresh non-magnetized air 😉

  • Daniel said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    What would you recon is best, or least harmful of having an overhead main power supply or an underground one?

    I understand it’s not as black and white as this, but in general, what would you recommend?

    I’m in the process of moving, perhaps to another country, and it’s hard for me to get any readings done.

    And, I mean, all houses basically have a main power input, right?

    How can we best protect ourselves from this?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Daniel
    Underground power lines do tend to be buried close to the surface and therefore these are considered to pose the greatest threat…but its really not black and white at all. Some ‘experts’ say some countries are worse than others in terms of EMF exposures from the electrical supply. I’m very cautious about generalizations…the only thing you can really believe is what your EMF meter tells you….anything else is just pure guesswork. Another point, you need to look at this issue not just in terms of how the power is distributed (power lines, electrical wiring, stray electricity) but also the quality of the power because all power is not created equally (dirty electricity) – my site has lots of articles on these subjects.

  • Daniel said,

    Thanks Lloyd,

    I’m probably gonna buy the Trifield 100XE because of your recommandation. You’ve got a good site going here, and it’s good more and more people are waking up to the reality.

    I’m at a level so bad right now, I’m considering/planning to actually live outside in the woods, both summer and winter, and just keep my things in the apartment.
    You just gotta do what you gotta to.

    So now, to find a tent.

    Keep up the good work and thank you very much for your reply,


  • Paul Von said,

    Thank you Lloyd for this very excellent page addressing EM radiation protection. I’ve done allot of searching around on the net, and this is one of few sites that has created a sober dialog for concerned readers.

    As I stated in my earlier post: “The worldwide alternating current electrical grid is an engineering mistake, and a serious biological hazard. It needs to be torn down and replaced with small/independent DC (direct current) systems.”

    It is important for readers to clearly understand the situation at hand. > From the 2012 BioInitiative Report: “4 nano tesla is an estimated pre-industrial 60-cycle magnetic field. In the test experiment, it is found that fields as low as 25nt had biological effects on cells.”

    The worldwide electrical grid is an engineering mistake. The grid is a killing device. It is NOT a practical convenience. Your governments are sick, demented, and hopelessly corrupt. Your industries are willfully condemning you and your children to a slow death.

    There are two choices: 1.) Delay the inevitable death of every living being on your planet, through reliance on antiquated and faulty utility systems, and the deceits of those you have placed in positions of authority. This choice will lead to an eventual series of nuclear power plant accidents, and total destruction of your planet.

    2.) Tear down your corrupted systems of centralized governance, along with the dictates of unrestricted industry. You are enslaving and killing yourselves with electromagnetic junk.

    Sorry, there is no third choice.

  • kathairein Magdalena said,

    Dear Daniel.
    I would rather live in the woods anyway. Please watch out for the towers. Maybe you can find a valley or canyon. I also think you might like LEHMAN BROTHERS for Amish-made old fashioned wares with no built in obsolescence. We EMR folks have to watch the pocketbook as well as the towers . Good luck to you. If you can, stay in touch.

  • jennifer said,

    I was curious of the incidents of cancer and underground power lines My community’s power lines, cable, everything is underground.. There have been many incidents of cancer especially in children I am curious if there is a connection or a negative effect of the power lines being so close to our water lines underground? It seems like the water would be the common denominator Any insight would be helpful Thanks

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I don’t know of any studies on this specifically but work carried out by researcher Masaru Emoto shows that water has the capacity to memorize information….that’s to say EMFs from the power lines would adversely effect the water molecules and could provoke disease.

  • kathairein Magdalena said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    I find that the Smart Meter RF is more debilitating than the WIFI or cell phone usage. I can usually stay away from those, but Smart Meter permeate the whole neighborhood where I walk every day, because I have no car.
    I have already put aluminum foil up in my apartment, and will put up more, and plan to purchase aluminum metal screening for the same purpose. I unplug as many items as I can when I go to bed.
    When I have more money I will buy those shielding fabrics, hats and such.
    Otherwise, I do not know what to do, and I am especially grieved to watch my dear Cat Maui losing her zest for life. Perhaps I can make a wee suit for her out of that shielding fabric.
    This is getting ridiculous and is already past infuriating. I think I will end up spending the end of my life in some kind of aging old lady revolution against this EMR violence.
    Thanks again for you help on these issues,
    Irving, TX,USA

  • Susan Kangas said,

    I have heard that water has memory. Some of Masuru Emoto’s info via video shows people praying for contaminated water. Or, writing positive words on water containers, like love, mercy, etc. Then Emoto would test it via freezing re. his protocol, and then seeing under a special microscope what effect this has had. If the water molecule formed a normal crystal, it is living and viable. If not, then it is dead. If dead, it does not “energize the human body.” Healthy Habits (.com I think) has some product re. the problem of water memory. And given more drugs and whatever pollution factors can be in water, it may be worth looking into. I do not know if EMF factors apply to any of this. Distilled water is “dead”, ie – no crystals. But can be charged by adding 1/4 teaspoon of seasalt to one gallon of distilled water.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    In Masuru Emoto’s book ‘Messages from Water and the Universe’ he shows how EMFs affect water crystals negatively.

  • Susan Kangas said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    Tnanks for the book title to look that up. Found the book at Amazon. I’ll be interested to see if he mentions a way to counteract the EMF’s effectively.
    Susan Anaheim, Calif

  • Angela said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    We are considering a school for our son which is ~1,500 feet from a power substation – one full of transformers which services five towns. I tried to contact the town, school, and local electric company to find out the risks but to no avail. We will look into getting or renting a meter to measure the EMF.

    You’ve written about power lines; do you have info on proximity to power substations? It’s amazingly in a residential neighborhood and there are even some nice houses with backyards which border the substation’s grounds!

    Thank you!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    There’s so much ignorance about EMF exposures Angela….if the people with the nice houses were armed with an EMF meter and some basic EMF knowledge they might no longer be living in those nice houses. At 1500 feet the readings are probably negligible but you should never make assumptions about EMFs…..I encourage you to buy/borrow an EMF meter and take some readings.

  • Sara said,

    Hi! We have a green transformer box about 15 feet away from our house. Is this something that can emit dangerous emf? I have read many things and someone said it is contained in the metal box. My kids play in the backyard a lot so I am concerned. Thanks!

  • Dave Chanbers said,


    My wife works in around an environment with lots of electrical activity. What’s the best way for her to be protected from emf’s, etc. We’re currently checking the electrical outlets in her office and will be make adjustments on that with Stetzerizer filters. Does that help the office area? Also, what about when working in other areas of the facility? Is there any new technology that can be worn or carried?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The starting point in dealing with EMFs is effective and reliable measurement, of RF radiation, electric fields, magnetic fields, dirty electricity which means either buying the meters or having an EMF consultant do an EMF audit. Careful about ‘technologies’ that pretend to magically harmonize, neutralize and somehow make the EMFs safe….my Free Report has more on this.

  • Pat said,

    Lloyd, Thank you for all you do to help us. No easy task to be sure.

    Here is my situation – Any help/suggestions short of moving away into the “hinterboonies” is greatly appreciated. Since about late November, 2013 I noticed our city appeared to have completed installation of Extra High Frequency power lines (evil looking things, 50 towers – 14 registered, 36 UN-registered as high as 266′ tall and extremely wide within .55 miles of my home; 80 Antenna to 175′ tall; and 40 cell phone towers. All within 4 miles of my home. These are all neatly lined up 6 rows across and of the various utilities mentioned above. http://www.antennasearch.com/

    The installers completed their construction and, I surmised then made them “active”. At about that time I started having low frequency humming and also high pitched ringing in my ears, pressure in my head starting at about 2:30 AM and continuing on into the AM and the day. Then one night while still fully awake but unable to sleep along with the ringing and humming in ears, I felt something like waves of pulses along my body. I was laying on my right side when I felt these on my front. Turned over, then felt the same on my back. Freaky sensation. Don’t know what to make of it!

    This has been going on since about November, 2013. After briefly studying some of these things on your site I could not stand the cacophony of sounds any longer in my hear and ears.

    I layered several sheets of heavy duty aluminum foil together along with some mylar sheeting folded and made myself a “tin foil hat” and over my ears. Weird as that sounds, it did mute the low frequency humming and the high pitched ringing in my ears somewhat. As you can imagine the crunching of the foil and mylar did not help sleeping circumstances.

    I cannot move out of my home. These power lines, towers and antennas are all located right in front of and next to homes, right next to parks where children play and very near schools. And, as when I first started noticing…right next to where a new hospital is to be built. Then they string on out across the desert area where I live.

    Any suggestions you can offer on mitigating the above conditions are very sincerely appreciated. Talking to our local governmental “leaders” – actually our employees – and trying to inform them falls on deaf ears. And as I always say “Follow the money!”

    I do want to purchase a meter but very confused about what kind to purchase. Pat

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    You’re on the right track Pat….measuring the EMFs in your environment is the first step to understanding what your exposures are and understanding whats happening to you….there’s various EMF meters or various combination of meters suitable for the job in hand…..the Gigahertz ME3030B combined with the Acoustimeter(or Acousticom 2) would give you reliable readings of electric & magnetic fields and RF radiation…a cheaper solution (but less complete) would be to buy the Cornet ED78S to obtain RF readings and magnetic field readings….there’s a lot to get your head round initially with all this….make sure you read my EMF meter reviews on the website here before making your purchase and download my Free report to gain a better understanding of the subject.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Pat: Yes. The power grid has had massive infrastructure investment in the past year, and it is not a pretty picture. The situation you describe is being imposed upon many communities and persons against their consent and knowledge of the agenda driving these investments and augmentations.
    The system hum is audible to some, and is broadcast at just below background noise or at human threshold of hearing. These frequencies are designed to impair cognitive function and cause problems with anxiety and sleep disturbance. Many of these psychotropic frequencies are now power line generated communications signals for “smart meter” intrusions into your life. See Josh del Sol’s excellent documentary “Take Back Your Power” available at his web site for just $2.99 as a gift rental to yourself and/or others.

    You do not disclose your current location. ? The frequencies in my current situation are operating as multi-tone with some mixed harmonics. The fundamental pulse is extremely low frequency (perhaps 17 Hz) and is next to impossible to shield without exotic methods. The seventh harmonic (HUM) is approximately 120 cycles. 5th and 7th (odd harmonic) frequencies are quite unnatural to the human sensory and auditory system. Audible 217 Hz has been reported in many countries. The site below is a convenient way to match audible frequencies to what most people are told is tinnitus. Just slide the frequency bar back and forth until you get a match. You may have to up the volume slider for high frequency, as the human ear loses sensitivity at higher frequencies. Many people are complaining of a high frequency ringing at approximately 9250 Hz. Doctors are clueless as usual, and attribute it to tinnitus. This is not tinnitus, nor is it imaginary.

    Also see: Electronics FAQ: GSM 217Hz TDMA noise


    You mention a concern that you may not be willing to relocate, and that is certainly understandable. However: The situation you describe is most likely not amendable without a massive investment in whole-house shielding, and even if you were able to do so, you are now a prisoner in your own home.
    Please comment back if you have further questions. This web site is one of the finest sites in the world for interactive comment and discussion of these dire issues. Best regards, Paul

  • Pat B said,

    Thanks Lloyd and Paul for your replies to my concerns.
    I sincerely appreciate your advice and have been doing much research not only on your sight but also others as well.

    I live in the High Desert of California, south of Barstow. It is a horrible thought that one buys a home, furnishes it, improves upon it – at a great cost, loves the home as family and friends are close by, especially being an advanced age of 70. Then having to have it destroyed by such evil to humanity. And utterly without regard for public health and welfare and, as you say…no public input. Then again with such evil at the top of the food chain, what does one do besides try to keep as healthy as possible and in prayer to the A,mighty.

    Here are 2 articles of importance and the agenda behind these devices of such huge devastation, Part 1 and Part 2 –


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Pat
    Please keep your comments on topic with the subject of the article…power lines in this case. You may use the forum to discuss wider issues. Thanks

  • Ms. Reed said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Interesting comments. I recently discovered that I have been sitting about 8 feet away from a main transformer pole with 3 cans and another pole with 2 cans where I work. Their view was somewhat blocked by blinds that were always closed. I did see them as I sit eye level with them… Never gave it much thought until I started reading about the dangers…. I had the power company come out and take readings, at my desk chair it was almost at 12m and 3 feet away near the window it was almost 20! I have been sitting there for over 2 years and 9-10 hours a day. I’ve been having some awful headaches etc and very concerned. Going to Dallas for some tests next week. It’s a scary thought that emf’s can have such awful effects on our bodies.

  • Pat B. said,

    Yes, I definitely will check out the forum, Lloyd. Sorry to get off topic.

  • Sara said,

    Hi Lloyd! We are not close to power lines, but do have a green transformer box in our yard. Is this box emitting a large amount of EMF’s? I have kids that play in the backyard and it had been a concern of mine. Thanks!!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The only way to know what this transformer box is emitting is to take readings with an EMF meter…..in the meantime make sure your kids don’t play in close proximity.

  • Sara said,

    Thank you! Do you know where I can get a reasonably priced emf reader?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I’ve tested and reviewed lots of different meters from the reasonably priced to the more expensive, see http://www.electricsense.com/category/emf-meters/

  • Elizabeth said,

    I am thinking of buying a house in which the main power line enters right at the corner of the main bedroom. I was told by my doctor that you don’t want to sleep near by the source of power entering the house. I can’t seem to find anything specifically about this. Can you provide guidance?

    thank you!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Your doctor is right…you don’t want to sleep near the power source entering the house….measuring with an EMF meter would shine more light on the situation.

  • Robert B said,

    Interesting thread. I’ve been awakened for just a week now but have been deeply researching the subject. I’ve also recommended that my family and friends get on board with EMF and the unhealthy effects of this non-ionizing radiation. As I share the risk, I’m surprised how many people would rather just ignore the issue. I get comments like, “Well, I’m NOT going to get rid of my cell phone!” I don’t suggest that, but I’m amazed how many would rather stick their heads in the sand and do nothing. Robert B

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    If you’ve done your research you probably now realize that the facts speak for themselves….unfortunately most people are not interested in the facts and even less are interested in actually doing anything about it….

  • Caroline said,

    We are considering purchasing a new construction home about 800-1000 feet from power lines. What meter would you suggest we purchase to just go on the empty land and measure? What would be a safe measurement?


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The ME3030B is an excellent choice for measuring magnetic fields, or the Trifield if you’re on a very tight budget – I’ve written reviews on both these meter. As to whats safe…..there’s no absolute safe level – my EMF free report is a good place to start to gain an understanding of this issue.

  • Maya said,

    How about emf and buried high voltage power lines, let´s say some 30 meters away?
    Thank you!

  • Peter Staheli said,

    Power lines child cancer news \ New science about power lines is waiting to be examined and recognized. You are free to make use of all of our information there is no copy right on it.
    Regards Peter Staheli


  • ellie said,

    Thank you for your blog links. Im very interested to learn more about power lines and bioelectric null. I was excited and relieved to learn of ‘earthing’ as an easy, affordable way to discharge and ground. Then, learning about dirty electricity, I lost hope. Lloyd has hosted some excellent interviews about dirty electricity, e g Sam Milham. When I see videos like this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cXhZvyGtMrk I am confused. Do the bulbs light up from charge in the power lines or from the ground? Why do cows under power lines give less milk, etc, when they are constantly standing on the earth? I dont want to become an electrical engineer. This site, and personal experience is quite an education. Thanks Lloyd, Peter, etal

  • Deanna said,

    I moved into a rental home in 8/11. The home was located very close overhead powerlines. They ran right across the back yard of the home. Within 3 months if living there my health started to decline from muscle aches to severe brain fog, blurry vision, numbness in face and extremities, insomnia, stff/painful neck, tinnitus, ear fullness, dizziness, etc…I was perfectly healthy prior to moving into this rental. I went to many specialists seeking an answer but there was not one. Went to a naturopathic dr that recommended having my house tested for EMF. I purchased the Trifield model 100XE and my master bedroom measured 45-55 milligauss! The farther I walked away from the powerlines it read lower. I walked around outdoors to the powerlines and it maxed at 100 milligauss. We broke our lease and moved. I lived there 21 months. Within moving my symptoms improved 50-60%. However it’s been almost a yr since out if the rental and I still have brain fig, dizziness, numbing, blurry vision, tinnitus and fullness in the ears. My symptoms are all reduced in severity but still very debilitating. I am still searching for an answer, help, treatment but no doctor can provide one and it’s extremely discouraging. Not to mention anxiety and depression being a secondary symptom to all this. Any suggestions/reccomendations on how to heal my body would be greatly appreciated. I have been detoxing my body for awhile and symptoms remain. It’s devistating and I never knew until now the true dangers of powerlines. Had I only known before moving in…0please help. Thank you

  • Susan Kangas said,

    Deanna, I wonder if “earthing” would help? That is getting bare feet onto the earth, grass. But use the meter if your new street has underground wires. I once read this booklet in which there was a unique point, that some people feel that electricity is a “nutrient”. The biologically friendly ones, of course. There is a website, earthing.com I think, on grounding. Look up “Sotaproduts”, which may be a .com. Bob Beck has unique inventions which they make, like a blood cleanse, or a magnetic pulser, or the best (I love it), the brain tuner (it may have a different name now), which uses correct electric energies to restore health. The brain tuner restores one’s endorphins, so is for the brain. Just a suggestion. Counters to this age of electric pollution effects.

  • Deanna said,

    Thank you Susan. I will have to look into the brain tuner. Has not heard of that…I have been trying to ground myself and have the earthing mat for bed that I use although I have not noticed it helping much. I my new home was built last year, powerlines underground and I was told run down the street and not under the homes. So hopefully that is better. Just not sure what measures I need to take to help my body to heal. I am hopeful the damage is not permanent and I am able to heal.

  • Deanna said,

    Also, my new home reads 0 on the EMF detector. I know there is still wi fi and other devices in the home that may be preventing me from healing. I am not sure…just hoping to find some advice, suggestions as I would like to get my life back again. Thank you!

  • Deanna said,

    Question about underground powerlines…built a home in a neighborhood with the underground powerlines.. I was told they run down the street. I have the trifield model 100 XE and it measured 0 milligauss. Does that mean I am safe as long as the meter readings are low?

  • Ellie said,

    Deanna, and others,
    Dr. Rae at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas has helped many people regain their health. If unable to travel to Dallas, his site has a lot of helpful information. http://www.ehcd.com
    Listen to Dr. Rae’s talk at the Building Biology Conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b5cUfBVlJw
    When your immune system has been working overtime for a long time, it takes time to get it back into balance. But it does happen. Something you may not think is related to EMFs may trigger your ‘EMF’ symptoms, such as tinnitus, etc. It may be mold or gluten that creates inflammation in your tissues and the inflammation is triggered by EMF/RF. Clear up the inflammation and symptoms clear up. Lloyd had an article a few months back about how EMFs accelerate the growth of mold. Mold is highly toxic. Not to get too off-topic here, but many with symptoms need to widen the lens to the bigger picture of health and what creates balance or imbalance. Lloyd’s free book and this site offer a wealth of info.

  • Ellie said,

    Here is the link: EMFs Indoor Mold Connection


    I’m not a medical professional. I’m not saying you’ve been exposed to mold, I’m saying that mold contributed to my developing MCS and EHS. It could be any number of things that weakens one’s immune system so then there is less tolerance of EMFs/RFs. Also, as you’ll see from Dr. Rae’s video, health spirals up, or down. It can be quite a mystery to keep it balanced, but that is the key. Keep the immune system as strong and vital as possible, and stress and inflammation as low as possible.

  • Deanna said,

    Thank you Ellie….I will look into this.

  • Claudia said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    I live pretty close to power lines and I got 2 small kids. I am very concerned about the EMF and the side effects, especially for them. I borrowed an EMF meter from the electrical company and the reading in the house is between 2.5-3.5mG. It’s high. Everywhere is the same. I have been studying your website and there is so much info but mostly about RF. I was looking into trying to shield the magnetic field but I don’t know what to use. Paint would work? From the few comments I found it seems hopeless to shield against Power lines. Moving is not easy, is this the best solution?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Claudia
    That’s a big question which deserves a detailed and considered answer….which I can’t give you here. BUT before considering moving do some thorough testing in your home to ensure that the source of the EMFs is the power lines and not something else.

  • Claudia said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    Thank you for your answer. I am trying to buy a meter to measure the LF but I would also like to measure the RF. Go figure, I was happy that my child is at school during daytime thus not exposed to high LF but there is a cell tower next to the school. So this being said, I was looking at the Cornet ED78S. Would this meter measure the RF from the cell tower accurately (are cell towers under 100 MHZ)? Also I am reluctant to buy this meter only because it has 1 Axel vs 3. Please tell me is this a good meter to measure LF from the Power Lines? Is there something in particular I need to do to get an accurate measurement? I can’t find any good explanation for 1 vs 3 axel.

    Thank you very much.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The Cornet ED78S is a single axis meter but it’s perfectly suitable for measuring cell tower radiation and it can also measure magnetic fields from power lines. For an explanation of 1 axis vs 3 axes see under tri-axial: http://www.electricsense.com/5088/electromagnetic-fields-emfs-explained-easy-to-understand-definitions/ On RF mode the advantage of a single axis meter is that it can indicate the direction of the RF source.

  • Tara said,

    Lloyd, we are considering moving and purchasing a home that has the “green power box” in the front yard. Readings I’ve taken were around 0.7 at the box. Is it something to be concerned about? Do those green power boxes add an additional health risk if located on or near the sidewalk?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Tara
    The facts you lay out are unclear….no distances….no measurement units. But bear in mind what matters isn’t the reading in your front yard (unless you spend long periods of time in your front yard)….what matters are the readings in your home….in the rooms where you spend any length of time.

  • Tom said,

    Hi Lloyd

    I’m electrical sensitive and work very close to some electric towers: at 40, 50 and 150 mts aprox. The towers are 40 or 50 mts high.

    I’ve read that the Trifield has more scale for magnetic measures (0.1 – 100 mG) than 3030B (up to 20 mG) . However 3030B offers more frequency range (16 Hz to 2000 Hz) for both (electric an magnetic) fields.

    What meter do you suggest for me for measure the electric and magnetic field in my office due to these electric towers? Trifield 100XE or ME3030B?

    I’d prefer to have more range of measurement (is the frequency range, isn’t? ) and the ability to measure at 10-100 mts or more from the sources (is the Sensitivity, isn’t?).

    I’m not interested measure RF because I’ll buy the Cornet ED85EXS, and the price is not an issue.

    Thanks in advance and congratulations for this great site.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Tom
    Just to clarify: frequency range means what frequencies the meter can measure, measured in Hz or multiples thereof.
    Sensitivity is quite different. The more sensitive a meter is the better it’s ability measure signals….which in practical terms whats the smallest unit of measure (mG in the case of magnetic fields) the meter is capable of reading.

    Given that you are not concerned with measuring RF radiation here I recommend the ME3030B (the ED85EXS is a good choice to accompany it).

  • Carla said,

    How many meters away from the high tension wires to build a house?

  • Lorena said,

    Hi LLoyd.
    We have high voltage power lines behind our house, right behind our backyard. My Cornet read somehow high numbers but when I borrowed my friend’s TriField it really scared me. It’s as high as it can be. I know it’s from the power lines because I went outside and it sure was high. Our bedroom also next to those power lines so readings there are as high as can be. We have 2 more bedrooms that are empty…I guess we can start sleeping there. But I know what my husband will say… That I am over reacting. He wants proof that EMF’s are dangerous.

  • Nicole said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Using the trifield meter, I measured the room where the power enters the home. It barely registered. I’m really confused by this. Is it a bad idea to use the room if the meter reads below the red zone?
    Thank you!

  • Michael said,

    Excellent job, so far Lloyd. Get some much needed rest now. Chicken soup will help. Admirable job lad.

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