X-Rays: Are they really good for you?

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on April 11, 2010 under EMFs and x-rays | Be the First to Comment

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The use of X-rays is very common in diagnostic procedures. But how safe are they?

Studies show a direct link between exposure to x-rays and many health problems, and have done for a good many years. Gofman and O’Connor wrote about this extensively in 1985.

More recently a study published in the Journal of The American Medical Association that showed how frequent dental x-rays during pregnancy could attribute to a low birth weight of a newborn baby.

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There are other papers that indicate how mammograms using x-rays can hike chances of breast cancer by almost 250%.

This does make sense. X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation frequently, or over long periods, are harmful to the body.

Are X-Rays Worse Than Cell Phone Radiation?

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation, they affect the healthy cells of the body, they literally ‘burn’ them. There are two “types” of radiation ionizing and non-ionizing. There is currently a lot of controversy about cell phone radiation and WiFi etc. which uses non-ionizing radiation.  X-rays use ionizing radiation, which is far more dangerous. It causes causes molecules in cells to be broken apart – abnormal cells.

One of the basic reasons for cancer is this transformation of healthy cells to abnormal ones. First, there will be some tumor formation. This tumor may eventually turn malignant if your immunity is not strong enough to fight off infections.

How To Minimize your Exposure

My advice is:  children, pregnant women, elderly and people with low immunity, stay away from x-ray diagnostics unless it is completely unavoidable.

When it really is necessary, for example to diagnose a broken bone or analyze a dental problem or study the fetal development in the womb, be picky about which diagnostic clinic you go to. Check out the reputation of the clinic and the x-ray machines they use, generally the newer the better.

More recent machines minimize exposure and maximize diagnostics, because the machines are so designed to use less radiation and produce sharper images with brighter resolutions.

Yes, you may have to pay a little extra, or travel a little further, but it will be worth it.

If you want to think about this only on financial terms; a few bucks more now will save huge drain of money later, to get cured, if at all, from the conditions perpetuated by exposure to longer and cheaper x-ray diagnostics.

Its simple: X-rays = EMFs = bad news.


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