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Smart Meter Shielding Tips

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on September 1, 2011 under Protection tips, Smart Meters | 147 Comments to Read

What are smart meters?

Smart meters are a new type of meter used to measure your electric, gas or water usage.

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What’s The Difference Between Smart Meters And Conventional Meters?

1. Unlike the older analog meters that have a spinning dial smart meters are digital.

2. Smart meters send information back to the utility company via a wireless signal. Instead of having a utility meter man (or woman) come to your home and manually do the monthly electric or water service reading the reading is sent wirelessly.

So smart meters save utility companies the cost of sending someone to come and read your meter. The upside is that the utility company saves money the downside is your health is put at risk! They pose a risk to you and your family because the wireless signal used to transmit your reading exposes you to electromagnetic radiation. There is also an infringement of privacy issue.

The Smart Meter Wireless Network

Smart meters are a part of an overall system that includes a series of wireless antennas at the neighborhood level. The system collects and transmits wireless information from all the smart meters in your area and sends it back to the utility company. They do so by using microwaves or radio frequency radiation, just like your cell phone or wireless router at home.

A smart meter produces microwave non-ionizing radiation that penetrates the walls of your home and into your home 24/7, 365 days. The utility companies argue that because the radiation being emitted is non-ionizing that it’s safe.

It’s not safe. Numerous studies point to the adverse biological effects associated with the non-ionizing radiation used by smart meters.

Is Smart Meter Radiation Worse Than Cell Phone Radiation?

Daniel Hirsch, a lecturer and expert in nuclear policy at University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), has written a report that reveals smart meters emit 160 times more cumulative whole body exposure than cell phones. He states that:

the cumulative whole body exposure from a Smart Meter at 3 feet appears to be approximately two orders of magnitude higher than that of a cell phone, rather than two orders of magnitude lower.

The big difference between smart meter radiation and cell phone radiation is that having a cell phone or not is a matter of personal choice, if you don’t want a cell phone you don’t buy one. Smart meters, on the other hand, are being forced on populations around the globe.

If you are suffering from insomnia, dizziness, headaches, high blood pressure, heart palpations, memory loss, lack of energy, tinnitus (ringing in ears) and lack of concentration, it could be the direct result of the smart meter that’s installed in your home. Smart meters are not optional, and utilities are installing them even when occupants don’t want them. What can you do?

How To Know If Your Utility Meter Is A Smart Meter

You might think you have a smart meter installed but you are not sure, here’s what you can do:

1. Find out if you have a smart meter installed

a. Find out if your utility company has replaced your analog meter with a smart meter by giving them a call. Providing you get someone reasonably competent on the phone you should get a straight answer to your question.

b. If your utility company can’t or won’t give you the information, first check to see if your utility meter has small dials on the face.If your meter has small dials like a chronograph on a watch then this would indicate that your meter is not a smart meter – smart meters nearly always have digital displays.

2. Test Using An EMF Meter

You can easily check the amount of radiation it’s emitting by using a radio frequency (RF) meter to measure the radiation levels. Document the reading with a video camcorder or take pictures as proof of the levels of RF radiation you’re being exposed to. This could greatly help your case in getting the meter removed by your water, gas or power utility.

3. Install an RF shield

The golden rule with shielding is to have an RF meter on hand and take readings before and after shielding to ensure its effectiveness.

There are two ways you can shield; you can either use an absorbent shield or a reflector shield. The absorbent shield absorbs RF radiation and the reflector shield deflects the RF radiation away from your home. Whichever you choose, you will need to install it between your home and the meter.

If the meter is on the outer wall, you can install the shield inside your home, directly behind the meter. But remember a reflector shield will reflect RF radiation both ways. So if you have devices like WiFi and cordless phones in your home which are situated near the reflector shield you could end up increasing your EMF exposure.

The best solution is probably to use a reflector shield with shielding fabric directly behind the meter. And then an absorber shield, microwave absorber sheet for instance, on top of that. This way the RF radiation that comes from the meter is reflected out and EMF radiation from inside of your home is absorbed and not reflected back into your home.

How Can I Shield My Smart Meter Cheaply?

As the video above shows, aluminum foil shields well – but I’m sure if the RF meter is moved into different positions (taken out of the direct line trajectory) it will pick up radiation readings. Note: This video merely demonstrates the effectiveness of aluminum foil. This is NOT how to shield a building from the output of a smart meter, this set up would be more effective in shielding the street!

For a more effective shielding solution, go down your local scrap yard and pick up an old Satellite TV dish (the bigger the better), this will give a nice parabolic shape on which you can stick your shielding material. Then cover with aluminum foil making sure you overlap and double fold the seams. Using an RF meter you can then move the dish into different positions (always positioning it between the smart meter and your home) checking your radiation readings inside your home to ascertain the position which offers optimum shielding.

This solution won’t be possible where your smart meter is installed on an outside wall of your living accommodation, in which case it will probably be necessary to shield the wall.

However you shield I strongly advise you to measure with an RF meter before and afterwards. If you don’t do this you’re running blind.

I also advise you to ground properly. Again test this with your RF meter, but without proper grounding the effectiveness of your shielding is likely to be greatly reduced.

Smart Meters And Dirty Electricity

The other little know fact about smart meters is that typically they use switched mode power supply (SMPS). SMPS is supposed to offer better efficiency and reduced cost in conversion of electrical power. Unfortunately it is also responsible for creating ‘noise’ on house wiring, otherwise known as dirty electricity.

This is no small detail. For my recommendations on dealing with dirty electricity please click here.

What To Do If Your Utility Company Wants To Install A Smart Meter

If you don’t currently have a smart meter installed in your home but you find out your utility company is going to install one, there are several things you can do.  See this article for information on the steps you can take.

Take Action Now

The World Health Organization has listed smart meter radiation as a possible carcinogen. This means that your smart meter, that’s on all day and night-all throughout the year, can increase your risk of cancer and other diseases. It’s time to get informed and take appropriate measures to protect your loved ones. Take action now!

It is difficult to understand why are utility companies are so intent on installing wireless smart meters when smart meters could do just the same job but much more safely by being connected to a regular telephone line.

Smart Meter Help Resources

For more information on steps to take if your utility company wants to install a smart meter read here.

Click here to submit your complaint online about smart meters.

But, smart meter radiation is only part of the problem, Click here if you are interested in learning more about EMFs  and what you can do about them.

  • Jerry McIntire said,

    From what I’ve seen of shielding costs and complications, it would be less expensive and more effective to replace a smart meter with an analog meter– even if you hire an electrician to do it. Problem solved. Just be sure to lock it up, as recommended here by Lloyd.

  • Michelle said,

    We had a smart meter installed on our home against us wanting it, we were told we had no choice – we live in spring, texas. We have had to move out of the master bedroom because we cannot sleep!!!!! We constantly have headaches, dizziness and ringing in our ears. We had none of this before this meter was installed.
    Dont listen to what the utility companies or government or makers of these meters tell the public, it is all big fat lies – it is all because of the money they are doing this nothing else.
    They do not care about the dangers of our health.

    We are suffering right now because of this horrid meter.

  • Graeme Chaston said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    We live in an over 50’s modular home village and to our horror found that of the 10 or so houses around us only one did not have a smart meter – maybe this why my wife feels ill about an hour after going into the house, while she is fine outside it.

    Just a couple of days ago I spoke to our electricity provider and a large electrical contractor in Australia about smart meters.

    Both advised that the meters being installed that
    1) they were not wireless and were read by a probe by the meter man,
    2) the only component was located in the meter box, not at the isolating switches in the house,
    3) there was no pulse sent down the line,
    4) there was no medical evidence that they were a health hazard
    5) they were only installing smart meters in new homes and for replacement meters
    6) that if we got a doctor’s certificate a customer could opt for another type of meter (funny, if smart meters are the only ones they use how do you get a non smart meter installed)

    Should we believe them.


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Graeme
    In theory if your meter is being read by a meter man then it is not a wireless smart meter but the only way to get a definitive answer to this question is to test with an RF meter.
    As to there being “no medical evidence that they are a health hazard” this is totally misleading. The utility companies are saying smart meters are perfectly safe but what evidence is there that smart meters are safe? More to the point the evidence already exists that exposure to radio frequency radiation as given off by smart meters is detrimental to our health, there is masses of evidence, see
    I am trying to keep an open mind, reading what you sent me, but when he says you can get a doctors certificate to opt for another type of meter…this does give the game away.
    I find it difficult to believe them.

  • Joseph Reis said,

    I spoke with our local utility this is what they told me:

    It’s my understanding that our General Manager, Allen Short responded to your question during his on-line chat last Thursday. As

    he indicated, MID does not presently have plans to provide an opt-out choice for smart meters.

    MID smart meter technology operates far below the maximum EMF levels specified by the FCC and is safely used by many utilities. Thanks

  • Lloyd said,

    The EMF levels are below levels specified by the FCC but these standards do not protect people from the biological effects of EMFs.
    The utilities companies are bowing to pressure from the public to allow people to opt out. An application has been filed with the Public Utilities Commission requesting that SDG&E customers be given smart meter opt-out rights. People wanting to opt-out of PG&E’s SmartMeter program can request to have the device’s communications system turned off.
    You need to fight this for your own good, the good of your family and your community. Send a letter by certified mail to the utility company informing them that you demand that the smart meter be removed. If you believe your health is suffering because of the smart meter, explain your symptoms, better still ask your doctor to write a letter detailing them.

  • harry said,

    I live in an apartment. The room directly below mine has TWELVE of these things on the wall directly below my living room. What can I do besides move?

  • Lloyd said,

    I think effective shielding would be extremely difficult. You would probably have to shield the floor of every room and then it’s possible the EMFs would pass in the wall space between the rooms of your apartment. Moving looks the best option for you.

  • harry said,

    I discussed the issue with the leasing office and they offered to put me in another apartment in a couple of months. Someone there at least seems aware of the issue.

  • Bev said,

    Graeme. Well, where I live in California they won’t accept a doctor’s note for anyone to opt-out. I’ve opted out all I can and now the only thing they will allow me to do is to pay. In order to have a SM that is next to my analog one (but not running), I can pay $75 and $10 a month. How gracious of them… And who’s to say that they don’t turn on the SM sooner or later or why does it have to be installed??? I hate this company when I used to love them. As others have said, “What a PR nightmare” and for what?

  • tracey said,

    i have a smart meter attached to my home, but it’s not activated friend, in another neighborhood close by informed me that her Smart Meter is active and she had the hydro bill to prove it..on it was a time graph that told her what appliances she used and at what time she used they basically know when you’re cooking, doing laundry, showering, shaving or blow-drying your hair by the wattage used..not only that ..the wireless picks up any bar code that you bring into your any groceries, clothing, electronics..anything with a bar code is picked up by this meter..they also know how many people are in your home at any given time by the temperature changes in your if you have a lot of visitors ”traffic;” they know that too…Welcome to The NWO

  • Tom said,

    about 100 “smart meters” were installed outside my Mother’s apt. bedroom two years ago. I just found out, and it explains her health issues the past two years, which have just gotten worse.

  • sally said,

    my daughter just bought a small mobile home and discovered a bank of about 10 smart meters are in a wooden structure about 10′ from her back wall which is also her bedroom wall. what can she do to protect herself?

  • Patricia Mauro said,

    We’re supposed to have a wireless meter installed in the Fall. I’ve asked the co op utility to opt out and they said I cannot do that – it’s mandatory. I explained to them that I’m electro sensitive and received no response. I also filed an informal complaint with the PUC. Still no response. I feel like I have less than 90 days before I start feeling really ill. What can I do? I’ve thought of locking up my meter but I’m afraid they will turn off the electricity. i thought of going to the newspaper with my story to try and put some kind of pressure on them. I even thought of calling my lawyer. I can’t believe I am being told what to do despite my health issues (and believe me, they are bad. Last time in hospital was in February for severe vertigo). I feel so helpless and angry.

  • Lloyd said,

    I think you are on the right track, keep putting pressure on them. Make sure everything you send them is by registered mail. If you can get a doctor to confirm the existence of your symptoms this might swing it. Go to the newspapers, again, tell them before you do. AND stop thinking that in 90 days you are going to be ill. At worst you can go without electricity if you have to, short term it might be the best solution. Prepare yourself for this eventuality, see this as something positive.

  • Patricia Mauro said,

    Thanks Lloyd. I will try these options and see if it gets me anywhere. Unfortunately, we live in TX so going without electricity with 104 degree weather can’t be done (especially with small children) but I do hope I can put some pressure on the utility.

  • Pamela said,

    Its time to call Patty from the movie ” DAMAGES” or an attorney with guts of steel just like her. lol

  • Lloyd said,

    Right! Or we need to get someone like Erin Brockovich on the case….

  • Mickey said,

    My “smart” meter is attached to the outside of my bedroom wall, right behind my bed. I CANT SLEEP. I wake up every 20-30 minutes and is affecting my health and the rest of my life. I have ALL kinds of symptoms.

    I called my electric company and they told my right away that i can write a letter requesting to opt-out from smart meters which i did right away.

    Two weeks later no one called me so i gave them a ring and this is what they say now:

    1. This is not a smart meter – just a regular “digital” meter that enables them to take the readings from their office.

    2. This is not a WiFi meter but she’s not sure how they are able to read it from their office

    3. This meter has lower radiation then a cellphone (without me even asking about radiation)

    4. They can not replace it with analog meter any more – everyone will be switched over to “new” meters. They are getting hung up on wording – keep insisting this is not a smart meter.

    5. There is no proof of any health problems

    6. Manager Shane (no last name) from Tucson AZ TEP will give me a call.

    I continue waiting – still no call from Shane. Today is Friday and he doesn’t work weekends. I’ll be very surprised if i get a call from him today.

    ***I compared my meter to the pictures of other new/digital/smart meters online and it’s identical***

    Lloyd how’s that Yshield paint in your opinion. Did you test it, does it work, how good is it really???
    I know it’s expensive but im getting desperate here. May have to go that route. I also heard Japanese scientist from Tokio University discovered some new shield paint with aluminum inside. Which one is better?

    P.S. i got rid of my wireless router and all of the electric devices from my bedroom.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!

  • Lloyd said,

    Yshield paint is widely regarded as being effective for EMF shielding, I have tried it myself and I can confirm it does work (I can’t comment on the other paint I have not tried it). For instructions on its application see: If your symptoms are serious I would strongly advise turning off the power on the mains circuit in (and around) your bedroom.

  • Jo said,

    I am finding many complaints about these ‘smart meters’ from 2011 and I hope people have not gotten tired and given up trying to do something, anything, to stop these pulsing monsters and at least slow the ‘deployment’ a bit. I have never been sick in my life, nor my family and suddenly had the horrid ringing in my ears, unreal heart palpitations, and insomnia…was complaining before I even learned they had snuck in and changed the meter. After discovering it (its on a pole about 20 feet from the house) I started researching and I still cannot believe such a thing exists and is being ‘mandated’ upon us. The meter has been here since sometime in May (they say) and I called July 17 complained, was given a work order and told they would change it back to analog…YAH RIGHT. A month later no one had come, no call, nothing.. so I called them back and was referred to some ***** named Paul who keeps his anwering machine on, after a couple calls I started leaving messeges saying I would call till someone talked to me and one day he finally returned a call just to preach the sermon his employers had taught him. I argued with him and did not give one bit. He denied even knowing about ANY complaints or lawsuits regaurding these meters.. and said everyone has them and I cannot opt out due to a hazzard report the meter reader had filed because I have dogs .. LOL, my little old dogs lay outside and bark at unannounced visitors who sit in the road (this was determined AFTER I complained and got the work order, havent had a METER READER since May, and the former one never had a problem with my tail wagging dogs)doesn’t surprise me any.. Any of you who have only slept a few hours (passed out from exhaustion) know how horrible it is and what it does to you.. I’m going to go to every possible venue to get this thing off MY PROPERTY and inform the many people who still don’t know some outsourced contractor came when they weren’t home and replaced there harmless meter. Any new news or advice will be much appreciated.

  • Kathleen Egbert said,

    You mention an “absorbent shield” but give no details. What is an “absorbent shield” made of and where do you get one, or the materials to make one?

  • Lloyd said,

    To make an absorbent RF shield you would have to use material adapted for the purpose, for instance microwave absorbing sheet which you can buy from lessemf would be suitable.

  • allan said,

    I had my smart meter replaced with an analog one. I just called PG&E and told them point blank that I was going to replace it and there was nothing they could do about it. There is no law that says you have to have a smart meter, at least not that I am aware of. So they tried to negotiate with me but I had none of it,and they had someone come down and replace it. There was a fee like others have stated, but its worth it. You are the boss, not them.

  • Lloyd said,

    If I could put your comment in bolded red type I would do so. Personal responsibility…if you have the determination there is always something you can do.

  • Dianne said,

    I did not know why I had sleepless nights, bad head aches, eye aches with muscles pulling from behind my eyes. Frequent urination at night, dizziness, small amount of memory loss when searching for simple words. A coworker mentioned seeing similar problems on the internet by many people. I live in an apartment and my bedroom is on the end wall. I asked the Apt Maint Man if the property had been converted to Smart Meters. He said he did not know but would check the utility closet at the end of my building. He said Yes there were smart meters , a total of 8 of them, right on the wall where the head of my bed is. I tried sleeping on the sofa and the intensity of the headaches seems a wee bit better. I also went on vacation for a week….absolutely no symptoms after 48 hours of sleeping somewhere else on my trip. First night home I slept in my bed, guess what, severe headaches, frequent urination at night and severe eye ache/muscle pulling on the backs of the eye balls. I am from FLorida and we have FPL electric. Others have told me that they were informed by FPL that they could opt out however no one I know has been able to get it done.

  • Tolisa said,

    Florida Power & Light was just at my villa installing Smart Meters on the exterior wall just outside of my 10-year-old daughter’s bedroom. Per my written request, they did not install one for my unit, but proceeded to install the remaining 6 units on the wall. I am gravely concerned about my child’s health. She is already “sensitive” and I don’t want to subject her to this unsafe and unnecessary health risk. I wrote a letter to our FPL representative prior to this installation, but was informed that EVERY unit owner would have to decline the installation, even though it’s MY wall that is being affected. No one else seems to really care since they have been informed (by FPL) that it’s totally “safe” and it’s not their wall, anyway. What can I do to protect my child now?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Tolisa
    If you are worried about your daughters EMF exposure you need to look at ways of minimizing this exposure. Start by doing whats easiest first…look at the big picture of EMF exposure rather than just focusing on the smart meter issue. Look how you can eliminate/reduce her exposure from sources in your home, things like, cordless phones, wifi, cell phones etc see . Then if you want to go further in dealing with the smart meter problem you really need to shield, this means measuring with an RF meter and applying shielding materials, see

  • C. Burkey said,

    Hi Lloyd….your site is excellent and your responsiveness to questions is amazingly helpful.

    We have a new “smart” meter on our building. Our sleeping room is one floor above it. As to shielding, I understand how you are explaining that works, but I’m not clear on the grounding issue. Is there a way you can explain that to a person who’s a total and complete dummy about electrical issues? (That would be me, I am just learning about these things.) You mentioned on another page on this site to use the electrical outlets for grounding …or the electrical conduits..something to that effect…but how exactly would that work? Should I just call an electrician or the landlord for help? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Cindi
    Grounding your shielding is quite simple. EMFs are drawn to whatever is conductive, and they are always looking for the path of least resistance to get back to earth. When you ground you, you are ensuring that the EMFs path through your ground wire (wires are usually made of wire and are therefore highly conductive) rather than pass through you. So you just need to connect your shielding to a grounding source, like the earth socket on the nearest electrical plug or you connect to a ground pole (which you can buy in a hardware store). If you are not sure you can always get an electrician to ground for you, any qualified electrician should be capable of doing this and it shouldn’t cost much – grounding is a standard procedure when wiring up a new house.

  • Patricia said,

    We received our wireless SMART meter three days ago and I am miserable. I have a throbbing migraine at this writing. I tried so hard to opt out of this but my utility ignored my request and downplayed it saying the meter was tested and found safe. I wrote them twice, even provided them with a doctor letter stating I am EMF sensitive, and they did not understand and got downright nasty and accusatory with me. So, here I am, mad as can be, feeling sick and miserable.

  • Power unseen said,

    I found myself feeling drained and unwell at the computer in the front room. Interference wipes out some wavebands there.
    I found out narrow beams of microwaves zeroed in on my computer chair. So I moved the pc to another room. Twice in the last year faults in the mains cable has resulted in the power company digging up the road outside my house and before that several times down the road. Interference is repeated every third house along. Yet I doubt if smart meters are to blame. My mother developed problems sleeping after additional mobile phone antennas were installed 50 metres from her flat. I pasted aluminium foil on her bedroom walls and ceiling and re-walpapered, being careful to earth it properly. She experienced a little improvement, although at the time she seemed too unwell to know or care much about what I was doing. A mobile phone company came and took measurements and declared the levels safe. From their report I noticed the level outside her front door was the same as the minimal level to cause cancer according to a paper by the late Dr Neil Cherry. In a few years mum developed dementia, but then I believe the sleeping pills may have done that. I lost count of the times I advised her to move. I suspect switch mode power supplies have caused several of my appliances to overheat and burn out when plugged in alongside and I think smart meters contain switch mode supplies as well. So far here in the UK I think only businesses are having the smart meters and I gather the bills can go up.

  • Denise said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thank you for providing this helpful information. You mention using absorbent shields and reflective shields to limit Smart Meter radiation in the home. Can you provide some examples of each that are easily available?

    We live in a two story home with two meters on the outside wall along our garage (and our neighbor’s two are about 10 ft away from ours). My 2 year old son’s room is directly above the garage. We have moved his bed to the opposite wall of the meters, but we want more shielding. We are hoping to move in the next six months, so going through the battle to have the meters removed may not be feasible at this point (and we would still have our neighbors meters). We also have two new cell towers going “live” soon that are about 376m from our home. Joy.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! (I am ordering an RF meter this week.)

    Thank you!!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Denise
    An RF meter is going to tell you where you are with your exposure and also if you do decide to shield it will guide you as to its effectiveness. That’s a really important point. If your exposures are not too high and you have no symptoms and you are considering moving in the next 6 months, I would wait before doing anything. Effectively shielding can be quite a big job. If you do want to go the route of shielding then buying the proper materials is the surest way of achieving your shielding goals, lessemf stocks shielding and reflective materials. And when you do move home take your RF meter with you to check the exposure levels before you sign anything.
    In the meantime what you can do is get your exposure down to EMFs from other sources – my free report can help you with this.

  • Lee Leeman said,

    Hello LLoyd..
    I live in Vancouver CANADA where the provincial utility has just sent me a notice stating that they have a right, as part of the contract to supply power, to come onto my property and ‘maintain’ their meter..meaning to install a smart meter.

    These meters network wireless to a central transponder and to each other should there not be a clear line of sight for RF to reach the central transponder.

    Will the type of shielding you are proposing, disrupt communications between the meter and other meters or between the meter and the central transponder?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Lee
    Smart meter shielding does work. But you need an RF meter so you can test for its effectiveness and sometimes you may need to layer the shielding fabric. For best results use shielding materials which are adapted for the purpose, see

  • Jerri said,

    How can I use a sheilding or what kind can for a smart meter that is inside your house in the basement?

  • Lloyd said,

    To shield the smart meter in your basement you should respect the procedure as described above…as ever the key to the whole exercise is to take RF readings before and after shielding.

  • James said,

    Just because they have the right to maintain their meter, does not mean they have the right to install an antenna on your property! And the smart meter can be considered an antenna. Any radio station that wishes to increase their broadcasting or any police or medical or anyone who uses radios and wishes to increase their range, they have to pay to put up more antennas. Why are the utility companies being allowed to get around that and use the excuse of maintaining their meters to install, for free and then charge YOU back, for additional resources for them?!?!

    Put a sign up on your meter that you do not wish to have it installed! I have a sample sign on my website or email me and I will send you the word document to modify how you wish.


  • Angela said,

    Hi I have recently been reading our GS with a Stetzerizer Microsurge meter and certain areas of our home have readings as high as 700 – 1100gs. I have installed filter to try and counteract the dirty electricity but have found that the readings seem to vary from time to time. Last night power points in our kitchen read 16 whereas today they are reading 560 approx. I have come to the conclusion that the 3kw of solar panels which we had installed on the roof last year are the culprit. Is there anything I can do to stabilize the dirty electricity fluctuations?
    My next question is we are about to move to a rural property that we have been planning to build on for the last 22 years and they are now going to put a wifi internet tower up approx 450m away – how dangerous is this – it will be partly obscured by some trees but it is hard to establish how high above the trees it will protrude – it will stand about 40m high. I can’t believe that after waiting all this time we are now going to be subject to internet tower emissions. I would be so grateful if you could give me your advice. Regards Angela

  • Lloyd said,

    If the solar panels are the problem…you need to disconnect your solar panel installation from your electrical system and then re-test – you might need an electrician to help you with this.
    It might be that the internet tower is not that dangerous because of the trees and/or because the emissions are quite low….but all this is speculation you need to test with an RF meter and then incorporate shielding in the building spec if necessary.

  • Rosalina said,

    How does the Q-link help ?

  • Lloyd said,

    The Q-link didn’t help me. I tried the Q-link for over a year, and I also tried every pendant, neutralizer, diode, sticker etc. I could find – waste of money. You need to focus on concrete and practical steps for dealing with EMFs – my free report can help you with this.

  • Deirdre said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I am electrosensitive. I believe a smart meter “sensitized” me. I have moved and opted out at my new house, I measure with a Cornet electrosmog meter daily because it is more sensitive than my HF35C. I discovered that even though I have an analog now, I was still picking up all kinds of smart meter spikes from my neighbors, so I started to shield. I’ve pretty much shielded all of the interiors of the four sides of my house with aluminum screening (insect screen) and am picking up minimal RF. My symptoms are much less, but still continue. (I’m actually hearing more of a hum and less ringing in my ears now). I’m wondering if it is the low and middle frequencies, and if so, will grounding my shielding work for those frequencies? I’m thinking I would just have an electrician come and do this. Will any old electrician do?

    Thanks so much!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Deidre
    A qualified electrician knows how to ground but they are used to grounding in accordance with the Code (NEC if you are in the US)….what you want to do is a little different….but its not more complicated…. you need to find someone who is sympathetic to what you are trying to achieve. Get them on the phone, explain what you want, ask some questions, see how they answer, get a written quote beforehand.

  • Margie said,

    Hi Lloyd, I have EMF sensitivties which seem to have got much worse since they turned on our smart meter last summer. I was extremely exhausted all winter.

    I also have MCS and CFS along with the regular allergies to mould, pollen food ect.which have changed my life for the last 15 years. Both the MCS, dust, pollen, mould allergies and the CFS semed to become worse since the smart meter was turned on.
    The smart meter is on the outside of my kitchen wall.
    We grow our own organic vegetables and because of too much shade in the back yard we cannot grow enough there and we are forced into using the strip of land between us and the neighbouts house.(The houses are not that far apart.)
    Our neighbours smart meter faces our smart meter. Two days ago I tried to garden between the two houses and my face and ears got very hot and red. When I came in at 6:00 PM and showered my ears remained red and very painful. The one ear went on like that all day yesterday and began to swell around noon. The pain was terrible. It lasted through the 2nd night( which was last night ) with my ear bleeding some around the upper edges. When I got up this morning the swelling and redness were still there and the othe ear had big red blotches on it.

    Could this possibly be caused by my smart meter and the neighbours meter ?
    (It is usual for me to get a red face and ears when I go out to garden ( we live within 400M. of a cell tower )but the red and burning has never lasted for more than 2 or 3 hours after coming inside.)

  • Lloyd said,

    Please see my detailed answer to your question on this page

  • Veronica said,

    O.K. LLoyd,
    I got meters to measure everything and am just sick at the results. I knew that things were bad–but didn’t know that they were this bad. I have two smart meters what pulse about every thirty seconds. The v/m measurement was 7 and microwatts/c2 was almost 5000 during the impulse! I measured the dirty electricity with a meter and it was 650 throughout my home. There is a transmitting meter attached to my water meter and it is grounded on the water pipes. Could that be causing the dirty electricity level throughout my home? It looks like the EMFs are running through my walls either on the electric wiring or the water pipes. Can I shield this in any way? I haven’t been able to sleep in my home because I have developed electromagnetic sensitivity. I have removed all RF emitting devices from my home but it is still intolerable to stay there. I have spent hours looking for someone who can come in and evaluate my home but no success. I’m now living in my father-in-laws spare room. The rest of my family hasn’t developed the symptoms that I have and are staying there but two of my sons have complained of headaches since we moved in. I am concerned for their health. Any suggestions? Are you aware of anyone who does home evaluations in Northwest Indiana. Everyone I’ve contacted states they aren’t even aware of what dirty electricity is or how to shield. Help!!!!!!

  • Margie said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Do you know if the fine screen cap cover to put over your smart meter on your house wall, (as seen on you tube ) works. It shows that it leaks a bit at the back on the sides but shows how much the RF is decreased both inside the house and out.
    I’m a wondering if the power company can still get a signal but he is showing his power bills are still coming.
    Does this sound like a dangerous thing to do and do you think it really works ? ?

    Also thanks for the grounding of your inside barrier tip.

    I have heavy duty aluminium foil taped in a 3 ft. square where my smart meter is located outside on my kitchen wall and 2 layers of aluminium screening on top.

    Do I have to figure out a way to deal with the deflection into the kitchen from the barrier ?
    The smart meter is just under the sill of my kitchen window. I have only 1 layer of aluminium screen over the glass. I believe I would probalbly need 2 layers and I understand that there can be no gaps anywhere to let the RF through. Am I on the right track if I ground all these RF barriers ?

    I have found 2 framed aluminium door screens to put up on the side of our meter when we are gardening to one side of the meter and to be taken down when we are not there (no solution as yet for the neighbours meter which is directly across from ours).
    I am understanding I wouldn’t know how much safer this makes us without an RF Meter.
    If the screens are attached to metal stakes driven into the ground will this ground them and do I really need to ground them ?

    As of yet I have no RF Meter.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Margie
    I think you’ve answered your own question here….get yourself an RF meter….without its pure guess work.

  • Tracy said,


    I contacted my power company (Duke Electric) and asked if I had a smart meter at my residence. When I look at the box attached to the outside wall of my living room (there are actually TWO boxes like this), I see no digital readings and it does have dials on it, like 5-6 small clock faces. But their response is confusing. They do not call it a “smart meter” but say they read remotely, and not on location. Does this sound like a “smart meter” like you are talking about, but they are just mincing words. Here is there email to me:

    Unfortunately, we are unable to remove your meter, as you do not have a smart meter at your location. You have a Dial or Digital meter which is read with a radio frequency. Wireless technology is prevalent in our everyday lives. Everything from cell phones and wireless Internet routers to baby monitors and garage door openers use radio frequency to operate. In most cases, the digital electric meter Duke Energy is installing uses Power Line Carrier technology to send data from the meter to a communications node mounted a short distance away on an outside transformer. This set up uses a very low power radio frequency (RF) signal that actually travels along the power line as opposed to through the air.

    Recent studies conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Edison Electric Institute (EEI), Association of Edison Illuminating Companies (AEIC) and the Utilities Telecom Association (UTC) conclude that digital smart meters pose no health threats. I do apologize for any confusion.

    For more information, read the full report – “A Discussion of Smart Meters and RF Exposure Issues” or visit the following organizations’ websites:

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Tracy
    They don’t call it a smart meter mmmmmmm…..they say that their company uses Power Line Carrier Technology….which amounts to Powerline networking….which puts a radio frequency signal on the electricity line….this may not be the “healthiest” approach but it is considered less harmful than having a smart meter giving off RF radiation all day. They say “In most cases, the digital electric meter Duke Energy is installing uses Power Line Carrier technology to send data….” this doesn’t say their meters are not equipped with RF emitters which give off RF radiation (like a smart meter). You could ask them this question. But ultimately the only way you will KNOW if this meter is emitting RF radiation is to measure yourself with an RF meter.

  • Donna said,

    Hi Lloyd, I have been told by a friend that the smart meter “waves” only go horizontally, not vertically. Is this correct? And how many feet can the “waves” go? Thanks.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Donna
    Where the signal is directed depends on the antenna…if your smart meter has a directional antenna then it will emit primarily in that direction. How far the signal is emitted depends on the signal strength…the only way you can be sure about any of this is to measure with an RF meter.

  • Tracy said,

    Thanks Lloyd! I will ask them that question for sure. I am new to these concepts so I am clueless as to how to measure the radiation myself. I looked on amazon about buying a meter and they seem to run around $200. Can you rent or borrow one somewhere? Is this possible? We do have an extended family friend who is an electrician. Is this something an electrician would have?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Lloyd said,

    Sure ask your electrician friend….he might be able to help. I don’t know where you can borrow or buy a meter from….a meter is not something you just use once….you need to keep using it…exposures change….it makes sense to buy one if you can afford it.The cheapest meter I recommend is the ED75, see my review here

  • Lloyd said,

    “I know I am reducing our exposure – but is that enough?” any reduction in EMF exposures is a step in the right direction….take things one step at a time. As I said before the starting point is getting an EMF meter so you can measure your exposure. “If we get wi-fi and a router and all that, can I turn off the signal when we aren’t using it?” Some you can turn off….some you can’t…at worst you can always unplug at the wall when you’re not using it.

  • Sim said,

    Hi, You mentioned the meter in the video above (Gigaherz HF35C) “cannot measure short pulses (and so) it is not the ideal meter to use for measuring smart meter radiation”.
    So are you saying that for Smart Meters the ED78S is the better choice?
    Incidentally, if the HF35C can’t measure short pulses, which seems to be the most important factor when it comes to Smart Meters, why do you think Gigaherz recommend it for Smart Meters?

  • Lloyd said,

    The video is taken from youtube, its not mine….as I said before I’ve not tested the HF35C so I can’t comment on it or say which is “best” for measuring smart meter radiation

  • Sin said,

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yes I knew the video from Youtube was not yours but I thought the comment was yours, ie. … “and because this meter cannot measure short pulses it is not the ideal meter to use for measuring smart meter radiation” – and that’s what I was asking about, namely, any clarification or expansion you might have on this shortcoming of the HF35C you noted and where you got that info from. Thanks

  • Lloyd said,

    The comment was based on research but I don’t recall the source…..I’ve removed the comment to avoid any confusion.

  • Kathleen Egbert said,

    Could you watch these videos and help me figure out why the shield they claim to be using could possibly shield the interior of the house? We have 4 smart meters here and I had to shield behind the meter box (in the crawl space which was fortunately accessible) to affect the interior of the building. (I too used a HF35C)
    exterior demo:
    interior demo:

  • Lloyd said,

    Smart meters emit RF radiation at 360 degrees so shielding as shown in the videos would not work….from what I can see the videos are made by a company selling smart meter shields….

  • Deirdre Mazzetto said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    (please see “Deirdre’s” question above for background)
    Well, I consulted a private electrician who was sympathetic to my needs to ground my shielding, so we grounded it with a copper wire on all four sides of my house. He connected the copper wire through the sockets and also tested the ground of my house and said the house wiring had a good ground. Well….when I put up the grounding wire around on all of the aluminum shielding, my symptoms became much worse! Loud low humming with lots of ear ringing at night. So I took the grounding down. A friend with electrical knowledge said it might be due to an insufficient ground, so I hired the same electrician to install a new ground rod. After the regrounding of my house wiring without the copper grounding for shielding put up again, my symptoms remain about the same. Ears ringing slightly, sometimes a humming present, not as bad as they used to be, but not improved after all of these measures after the shielding was put up. I’m assuming it’s a lower frequency than my RF meters pick up. I really think it’s time to get a meter that will measure lower frequencies. Do you recommend any in particular? I have the Cornet electrosmog and HF35C meters for RF. Also, do you have any ideas what I am still receiving symptoms from? Is there a possibility that I am reactive to the earth’s EMF’s now and may be “hearing” the ground? Could it be the power lines? I feel like I am going to have to measure it to figure out what it is, but I’m on a mission now to eliminate the causes. I’m also going to see an MD who specializes in EHS (finally) to find out about co-infections, toxicities, etc. so I’m trying to take care of that aspect as well, but this is mentally and financially exhausting….

    Thanks for any help or insight,

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Deidre
    You need to deal with all sources of EMF exposure…including electric and magnetic fields (I recommend the 3030B, see and also dirty electricity (with a GS meter, see ) BUT these EMF exposures are just one toxic exposure amongst many….this is why you still have symptoms….you need to look at the bigger picture…look at all the toxins. I talk about this in this video

  • Mark said,

    Here in Australia we were given no option. The State Government decreed that all houses would have one and we had no right to object, and would make it law to prosecute those that prevented and or tampered with them.

    From a health perspective, I have had continual ringing in my ears and my wife get headaches and can’t sleep at night since it was installed whilst we were away on holidays.

    Point of interest here: The wife & I were away on holidays in Thailand for 3 weeks and it was the best time the wife has slept and not had to contend with headaches and although the ringing in my ears did not go away, it was considerably less noticible.

    suffice to say, our next house will be builtfurther out from the suburbs nearer to the bushland and in the style of an Earth Ship which is a self contained off-the-grid design that means I can stick it the man and not have to ever pay another utility bill ever again.

  • Veronica said,

    I wrote to you before regarding the three smart meters on my new home. I had developed electromagnetic hypersensitivity within 4 months of moving into the home. Now almost three months later, I have thousands in medical expenses, have been labeled as hypocodriac by others, am living in a 5X8 faraday cage box,had my sanity questioned and now am forced from my home. I’ve created a website, facebook page (well I haven’t created them because my computer time is about 5 minuttes–even hardwired), and contacted all of my elected officials. Nothing has changed–except I’m deeply in debt with medical expenses and having to try to find a place to move. My husband refuses to leave the home as he has not suffered any symptoms. Anyway–I was actually writing in regards to your reference to getting Erin Brokovich on the case! I did contact her about this–her reply was that this is an area that she is unfamiliar with so she couldn’t help. If we want to get rid of the smart meters, the illness they are causing, and the invasion of privacy, we will have to find a NEW Erin Brokovich. Where are all the lawyers out there? WHere are all the researchers??? Where are all the physicians??? Where are you???

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Veronica
    Gutsy, knowledgeable and able to stand her corner concerning the truth about EMFs there’s Dr. Devra Davis….the only law firm I know specializing in EMF cases is Campanelli & Associates, see

  • Carolyn said,

    Does anyone know where the signals are sent to? There are alot of new short towers in Sarasota here that I think are FPL towers. In our EMF reading it is those towers that are 243/7 and literally in 360 degrees that are the problem indoors and out. But I am trying to find out if this is true….does FPL have cell-like towers that the signals are eventually sent to? THanks!

  • Lloyd said,

    I found this on the FPL website, it might help: “meters communicate through radio frequency. Each meter is equipped with a full two-way 900 MHz radio transmitter that sends and receives information to an access point which is also radio-equipped. The access point is the collection point for the meter information that is sent back into an FPL system. Each access point, which is typically mounted on a power pole, is the size of a shoe box and can handle communications to thousands of meters.” see

  • James Kaelin said,

    Your house meter stores a lot of your neighbors data, but the antennas are all located on the electric pole somewhere in your neighborhood look for a small box with two small vertical antennas

  • aquila said,

    Hello Lloyd; First, let me thank you for providing this info online. I’m in an awful quandry. These terrible things have been installed right under my office space. I work in an old run down building in a very urban area, and this is like sitting on top of cell towers all day.
    I’ve gotten aluminum mesh screening and make enclosures for the meters using tape, and creating a ground to the casing, which I hope mitigate the radiation till I can afford a meter. As I’m beseiged w/bills, I won’t be able to afford one for awhile.
    This may sound strange, but would a coffee can (or coffee can line w/layers of aluminum) mitigate the radiation without the power company losing the signal?
    My landlord is positively useless, so asking them for an opt out is not an option, nor can I move at this time.
    Thanks you so much for all you’re doing!!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Aquila
    Aluminum is effective for shielding, but unless you have an EMF meter to hand to test your shielding, its all guesswork. Many smart meters have the ability to ramp up their signal (radiation) so if you apply shielding and its not 100% effective you could be increasing your exposure – also enclosing the meter can cause it to overheat – risk of fire.

  • Margie said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I have heard of someone in Ontario, Canada that was able to get their mesh smart meter replaced with a point-to-point mesh meter using the Rogers cellullar network.
    This person does not live in my area but ‘Hydo One’ agreed to his request after having a doctor sign a letter saying he had health effects from his smart meter.
    I was able to view a copy of the Dr.’s letter. It contained no extraordinary health realted problems for this person.

    The letter from the hydro company said; that a point-to-point mesh meters uses low power RF transmisions in the frequency band 824 MHz to 848MHz & 1850 Mhz to 1910 MHz. Plus the letter read that these meters typically transmit readings once per day.
    There was no cost to have it changed but I believe you had to pay $17.00 more per month.
    This is all asonishing as most people who have fought to have their smart meters removed have been turned down.

    Do you see any kind of catch to the agreement the hydro companay made with this person?

    And if this meter is healthier choice why were we all not given this choice when meters were installed ?

    This person lives in a rural setting.
    If this meter is less health damaging would this be of the same benefit to people who live where other smart meters are in close proximity ?

  • Lloyd said,

    The health benefit is undeniable. Its wrong that people should have to pay more to opt-out….a class action lawsuit has recently been filed, see,84,3260

  • Susan said,

    I replaced my smart meter with an analog. I heard rumors the analog is a Trojan Horse, and it looks a lot like the smart meter but with a different face. Wondering if I needed to do that and pay the extra $75 installation and extra $10 per month. I don’t have a machine to measure radiation. Anyone have input on this?

  • Matt said,

    Reading here that shielding is best done using reflective and absorptive methods, I ordered a sheet of Lead 2×2 and formed an absorption layer under a steel sheild. If Lead can block X-ray radiation, radio waves will be easliy blocked too. The Lead cost $30 shipped and the steel sheild was a $10 part I bought from Home Depot called a 5″ chimney flashing. It’s is a pre-formed part that perfectly fits the SM. once I had it formed to the meter, I bungle strapped it to the meter box and grounded the steel to the utility box. Now I know Lead is a big concern when kids are present but mine are grown. So having the lead on the meter is not a concern for me.
    If I can borrow a RF meter again, I will post the results.
    Lloyd, if you can pst pictures, I would be happy to send pic of the sheild.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Sure, it’d be very interesting to know the before and after RF readings -if you’ve got pictures of all this I can put them up on the website.

  • Dottie said,

    Have you heard of Safe connect and frequency devices to shield. I see a lot of advertising on this. Claiming not to stop but neutralize the EMF is it a scam

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I take a firm line on these so called EMF protection diodes, stickers and neutralizers, I’ve tried many of them and they didn’t work for me. See my Free Report for more on this.

  • Monica said,

    We are currently renting a home that has a smart meter. Do you think these smart meter guards work? Also, will putting these things on to protect cause the electric company to be unable to get their readings? Thanks! I’m excited to have found your website!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Smart meters emit radiation at 360 degrees, from what I can see the smart meter guard is a cup-like shield that covers over the outer side of the smart meter, its very possible that it shields effectively on this outer side but the other side isn’t shielded at all. For about the same price you can buy an RF meter and make a similar shield yourself (cover an appropriately sized Tupperware container with aluminum foil and wedge it over the meter) and then take readings – you’ll see for yourself if your EMF shielding is effective.

  • Julie said,

    Hi there is a company that sells foil as an insulation. I am building a new home will buing this single sheet of foil that is stabled to the walls block out the radiation from this smart meter from entering my home? How far should the meter be placed from my home. What If I am just walking around outside in my yard could I then be bombarded with the emf rays from it?

  • David said,

    Hi, Lloyd,

    Thank you for this great info.

    We fought the power company on the Smart Meter and they showed up anyway and installed it AFTER WE VERBALLY REFUSED IT. Now they will not remove it.

    We live in a rural area and the meter was put on a pole in a field that is right smack in our vegetable garden and about 50 feet from our bedroom. The vegetables in the garden look awful and the fruit is not setting on the vines this year (since the meter was installed three months ago.)

    Reading through your article and the comments as well, I want to create a shield around it but I don’t want to create a fire hazard, nor do I want the power company to complain that they can’t get a remote reading and then give us a hard time with our shields.

    Thus, I’m thinking of getting a large dish (like you talked about at the scrap yard) and wrapping it with stainless steel fabric (from and then covering the front part of the smart meter with a faraday cage made from some type of wire mesh and placing this over the front of the meter. Using an RF meter, I would measure before and after.

    My question has to do with grounding it. Is this still necessary given where it is? In the middle of a vegetable garden?? If grounding is still necessary, could you please explain to me in layman’s terms how that is done?

    Thank you very much. We are actively working to fix this hideous problem.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi David
    There are no hard and fast rules with grounding…..sometimes it helps, sometimes it makes matters worse….that’s to say symptoms and/or RF readings.
    In the case you’re describing (outdoors) I can’t see that grounding is an issue….measure before and after with your meter and monitor your symptoms/plants.
    For my policy on harmonizers, diodes etc, please see

  • anonymous said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Do you have any recommendations about how to
    determine if an analog meter that was installed is really a trojan smart meter or not ? Many people have these unknowingly installed which
    is grounds for fraud.
    thanks so much.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    If you’re concerned about radiation exposures the way to be 100% sure if its emitting RF radiation or not is to test with an RF meter.

  • Concerned Citizen said,

    Great reads. Xcel Energy Colorado refuses to remove smart meters and has no opt out programs. / I’ve researched many solutions. There is interior shielding paints of several types. There are copper tapes you can use and ground. You can use aluminium foil shielding; grounded. There is an actual smart meter shield device for several hundred, but it looks really complicated to install. / I’ve looked around but have not found any company or lawyer in my state, which provides ready to go assistance with mediating the dangerous effects of these items. / I’m going with aluminum foil backing for home made, low cost solutions. I need solutions now. I’m going to the store and buying the biggest roll of Aluminium foil I can get, and I’m going to try and redirect these signals to the rear, as best possible. Probably I’ll use this copper strip tape on substance for additional insulation of the electrical meter housing. / This sucks! Stop smart meters! Where is the link to the national complaint form? Where is the advocacy for consumer safety and lawyer presence? Where is the proper concern for consumer safety?

  • Kathryn Arnold said,

    Corporations own those who set up such things, so I wouldn’t be looking for one any time soon…at least not one that had any intention of stopping the powers that like us bombarded into mental mush by this stuff. I rather suppose they’re living in well-shielded homes eating organic food? Or their just totally nuts themselves?

  • David said,

    Hi, Lloyd,

    Thanks for the reply. We waited for one week after having THREE conversations with Xcell Energy and they now refuse to change out our meter. They also sent a boilerplate letter essentially blowing us off and telling us that their meters have been tested and show “no health hazards.”

    So, Plan B. I checked out that link you sent:

    And I’m looking at the copper wire mesh as a possible solution. Create an open “cage like” deal around the meter and the pole it’s on and ground it with a copper stake (which I already have here.) Is this sufficient? I can’t afford a $500 RF meter. Any other low cost choices to test whether my little cage works? Much appreciated.

    Xcell Energy holds customers hostage, I’m telling you. They are damn near impossible to talk to. I only got one decent guy on the phone who told me that he’d talked to a pregnant woman who was concerned about her meter and was told that SHE could not have it removed. So, there’s no hope for the rest of us I guess. That’s why Plan B is in action now. Screw Xcell.


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi David
    Without taking readings with an EMF meter, before and after shielding, you’re totally in the dark as to what works and what doesn’t….. which usually ends up costing more in the long run….both financially and in terms of your health…..

  • David said,

    Here’s a quote from the one page letter we received from Xcel Energy after three complaint calls.

    “Smart Meters benefit utilities and their customers by helping to manage the electric distribution system more effectively, reducing meter reading costs and improving service reliability. The most advanced smart meters, which are part of ‘smart grids,” provide customers with more options for managing their electric use…..

    The meter at your home is an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meter. These types of meters use radio frequencies to send customer usage information to Xcel Energy for billing purposes. These meters help improve meter reading accuracy and limit the number of times our personnel need to access your meter…..

    Our customer’s safety is our top priority. All of our metering equipment falls well within the strict exposure limits designed by the FCC to protect the public from unsafe levels of RF. In fact, you may be interested to know that the RF emitted by our meters is well below levels produced by other common household items such as cell phones, microwaves, WiFi service and baby monitors….”

    They then go on to tell me how I can “research more info on Smart Meters.” Guess where they directed me to go??? THEIR OWN WEBSITE.

    This is a total racket. I specifically said on the phone that I wanted the meter REMOVED AND REPLACED WITH MY ANALOG METER. This letter doesn’t even address that issue. And I have no clue how it’s supposed to “limit the number of times our personnel need to access your meter” since the guy STILL shows up the first week of every month to point his “gun” at the meter and take the reading.

  • Vicki said,

    Hi. Sorry this is my 3rd message, as I thought of more questions to ask you after much deep thought. Just to remind you about my scenario, I have chosen to opt out of my own SDGE smart meter, and it has now been replaced by an analog meter. My next door neighbor has a smart meter which faces one wall of our home. This wall is part of our living room, where we sit on our couches and watch TV and movies for about 5-6 hours daily. Their smart meter, I have measured, is exactly 10 feet from our wall. We live in a stucco home, but we have a window on our wall that is exactly 180 degrees across from their meter! So my questions are:

    1) Do I have to shield my entire wall, or just the window that faces the neighbor’s smart meter directly?

    2) A wood fence higher than the level of their smart meter divides our wall (not including our window directly opposite their meter on that wall) from the neighbor’s wall (on which their smart meter sits). Can I nail aluminum mesh on the entire length of that wood fence since it would shield our couch area (albeit not the window)?

    3) Do I need to shield my ceiling or floor in my living room? Where will the EMF go, if I shield just portions of that wall (i.e., just my window)? Will it amp up the ceilings or the floors? I have wood floors. It would be unrealistic to shield the floors or the ceiling, or even the entire wall between me or my neighboor. I cannot tear up my drywall and install metal plates inside of it, either.

    4) If all I do is install aluminum mesh in my window, and also line our side of the dividing wood fence with aluminum mesh, then would this be adequate? Does this mesh need to be grounded, like in all the articles about EMF safety I keep on reading about? And how would I ground aluminum mesh in my window if it’s just to protect me from my neighbor’s smart meter 10 feet away? Same question goes with the whole aluminum mesh I plan to tack onto my dividing fence?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Vicki
    I could speculate as to what your EMF exposures might or might not be but chances are this would do little to improve your situation. The only way to deal with the RF radiation exposures from your neighbors smart meter is to take some readings with a good RF meter so that you KNOW what you’re dealing with… if and when you do apply shielding materials, you can see a reduction in exposure.
    Should you ground? Generally yes its better to do so, again your RF meter will help you with this decision.

  • mike said,

    Hi Lloyd
    Just got turned on to your website and am ready to take steps to either shield the smart meter or have it replaced. I have an older Trifield meter that does measure radio/microwaves. When I activate my cell phone the needle on the meter will spike all the over and then back very quickly, so I know it’s working. When I go out and hold it close to the smart meter there is no needle movement at all. Do you know why there would be this discrepancy?

    Thanks, Mike

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Mike
    The Trifield meter isn’t sufficiently sensitive to measure smart meter radiation….you need a much more sensitive RF meter for this kind of work…my personal favorite is the Acoustimeter but there are cheaper meters that can measure this, see

  • Susan said,

    Maybe silly question but …Is there a device to measure that and radiation in seafood/fish?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    There are different types of radiation. The type I talk about on this website is ‘low-level’ non-ionizing radiation, its whats used by wireless devices (cell phones etc.) and found in your home wiring…..I know of no device that can measure the levels of this kind of radiation in food. But radioactivity, which is a form of ionizing radiation can be measured in food sources with a Geiger counter type device.

  • Kathleen Egbert said,

    I too know of no DEVICES to measure non ionizing radiation in food. Those of us who muscle test can often detect energetic anomalies that we attribute to grocery store scanner imprints and the like. Premier Research Labs (Bob Marshall’s company) sells a green laser (expensive) that they claim negates the imprints of non ionizing radiation in food. Mine does something beneficial to the food that I can detect with muscle testing, so I am not sorry I own one.
    And a good Geiger counter can measure the ionizing radiation (radioactivity) in food, but low levels are hard to detect because ambient ionizing radioactivity fluctuates. One minute there may be 37 CPM (Counts Per Minute) and the next may be 50 CPM. What I can say, is that my muscle testing has been detecting radioactivity in fertilizers, pesticides, chemtrails, food and people since the early 2000s (long before Fukushima).
    The US military has also dumped incredible quantities of depleted uranium throughout the Middle East, and much of that must be spreading worldwide. These days I detect radioactivity in nearly all foods: organic, conventional, imported, domestic. So good luck finding any truly clean stuff. My best advice is to grow your own in a greenhouse.

  • tony said,

    The govt (well the REAL govt – the secret one) knows full well about the dangers of SM’s. Its part of a depopulation agenda – plausibly deniable (the science said it was safe etc). Flouride, GMO and soon RFID to partake in the international currency). America used to be free…..

  • Liz said,

    I didn’t read everyone’s posts so forgive me if this is repeated, but besides shielding materials is there other ways to protect? I personally don’t know if we have smart meters at our apartment complex, but I have been turning off the power in the rooms where we sleep every night, and we also sleep with an earthing mat (which just plugs in to the grounded outlet). Any other tips? Thanks!

  • Mel said,

    Hi, can you please help me with the smart water meters. I never realized these meters were hazardous until recently. We have a smart meter attached to the water pipe in our basement, directly underneath the bedroom of my 2 year old and next to the bedroom of my older child whose bedroom is in the basement. I’ve called the water company and their only response is to send me “literature from the meter company.” They are not willing to replace it. How do I shield this meter that’s inside of my house!? I’m very worried this meter is even worse for you being installed inside instead of outside your home! Thank you.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The utility companies rarely offer good advice on this subject…..the principals of shielding are as outlined in the above article and here ….testing before and after with an RF meter is essential.

  • Dave said,

    I saw a couple comments on food… I’m in the process of designing my house that I’m about to start building, and I’m wondering if it’s OK to put my electrical box (with all the fuses in it, etc) next to my fridge. Will it ruin our food? The advantage is that if we do put it there its far away from the bedrooms/ office / den, etc. The electric meter from the power company is actually in a property wall that’s about 3 meters from our house. I’m hoping to build with shielded wire in a tree shape, not a full round circuit to minimize magnetic fields.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I know of no studies on this but its not hard to believe that the EMFs from your fuse box would have the potential to damage fresh foods like eggs, meat and salads etc…having said that we are in a ‘lesser of 2 evils’ scenario….keeping the fuse-box away from living and sleeping rooms is the priority.

  • Jonathan Chandler said,

    Greetings, Lloyd-
    Is aluminum, then, an effective protection against this radiation? I’m a professional metal worker, and could easily install and ground a sheet of, say, 16ga (about 1/16″) aluminum sheet behind a meter. Additionally, this could be made into an open sided box so that the sides of the meter were shielded, leaving only the face side of the unit exposed. Is this a reasonable line of defense? Thanks!
    Peace, ~ jonathan

  • Barb said,

    I live in a villa in Florida and on my bedroom wall there is 3 smart meters. What would be the best way to protect us?
    If I just want to measure the RF from these meters inside my home, is the Cornet ED78S RF/LF the best one for this, or is there a more simple one and cheaper but still accurate one?

  • Barb said,

    Will the ED75 be a good choice?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The first step in EMF protection is to buy an EMF meter….the ED78S is a good choice (it also measures magnetic fields) or the ED75 (measures just RF radiation, so cheaper)…both these meters are well suited to measuring smart meter radiation.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Uffff!!! I spend allot of time on various EM radiation pages, yet often come back to Lloyd’s site to read the reader comments. This is one of few EM sites that offer readers a place to openly comment. It’s disgusting that the EMF radiation problem hasn’t received serious international attention from governments or media. If a person does a search for lawyers who might have enough clout to begin a class action suit against power companies, there are virtually ZERO law firms involved in EM litigation. In fact there are no successful EM radiation class action lawsuits of record. There might be a few weak attempts at relocating cell towers for “esthetic” or property value reasons, but the Telecommunications Act of 1996, specifies that you have no EMF health rights whatsoever.
    Just look at the legal maneuverings that Arthur Furstenberg has been faced with, and you’ll get the nasty “big” picture.

    There are “smart meter” comments and related EM health complaints all over the web. It is obvious the utility companies are engaged in a process of willful assaults against their clients. I think it’s time to return the favor. > My belief is that people need to drop all pretenses, and start showing up in local municipalities with machetes, pitchforks, sledgehammers, and a seriously bad attitude.

    I know my solution would not be considered as “polite company” in a highly developed society. Ok fine! What are the choices offered? Hire an electrician? Buy a fancy meter? Duck for cover? Invest thousands of dollars in shielding materials? Move your home? Drop dead if you can’t afford the above solutions? I know Lloyd is trying to help you all, but when a person adds up the mess these “high tech” companies are causing, shielding is just plain nuts.

    When utility thugs can criminally and illegally enter your property and threaten your health with their trashy radiation producing junk, where is the promise of polite society? When governments have reduced people to the point where they have to beg for mercy, just to protect their lives from EM radiation (a known carcinogen) it’s time to get deadly serious about the solutions. Personnel who work in regulatory agencies like the FCC need to be physically attacked with brute force, and they need to be attacked repeatedly. Otherwise your lives will continue to be threatened by these criminals calling themselves “public servants”.

  • Barb said,

    Sorry, why would one need to measure magnetic fields?

  • Barb said,

    I really just want a simple, easy to read meter.
    Is there an easier one to read for someone who don’t know any of this stuff??? LOL

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    High magnetic fields are common in many homes due to wiring errors- these high MFs are clearly associated with adverse biological effects and disease including cancer.
    If you’re looking for something simpler just to measure RF radiation the Acousticom 2 is a better choice.

  • Veronica said,

    I think you are right. I think there are a lot of people suffering ill effects that would like to get hte attention of those who are supposedly ‘serving’ us. I have been saying that there needs to be one place for all those who are affected by this or opposed to this to join together and push back against this. Letter writing to the FCC is a farce as far as i am concerned–look who is in charge now–Wheeler–a telecom insider. Just when you think it can’t get any worse. The only thing that might come out of it is that they raise the levels permitted and so many people get sick that they can’t avoid it anymore. Maybe their arrogance will do them in! In the mean time, we suffer an horrible injustice. So many people are ill from this and many, many more are suffering the effects without having yet linked them to the RF/MW radiation. Hopefully people will turn off their ipads and iphones and pull their heads out of the sand and see the reality of the tragedy that is brewing even as this is being written.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Veronica: Thanks for commenting. I’ve read perhaps forty statements (lies) in corporate documents sent in for review by Federal agencies like the FCC and/or Environmental Protection Agency. Of course the EM radiation issue (as per the communications and utilities companies) is fluffed off as being biologically safe. I’ve also viewed a number of YouTube interviews with corporate people who are happily profiteering from cell phone technology, and can only conclude that they are functionally insane from using their own technology. They act as if people like you, and all those who write their stories on pages like this, don’t even exist. We are simply written off as collateral damage in a financial feeding frenzy.

    Consumers have been suckered into funding a corporate technocracy which is out of control and dangerous. Our communications and utility companies should be confiscated by the State and Nationalized. There is no way these companies will go down without a fight, and the governments around the world know it. These companies screw with the world’s monetary system (because they own it) and they do it all the time…

    The reader comments above are extremely sad. Even if a person is able to afford all the EM shielding and whatnot, how about the other 4 billion humans? Most administrative class people live in high density urban environments where the EM radiation is off the charts. The declining mental status of our executive and administrative classes is obvious. Do we just cower and stand by as they wreck our planet? What will we say to our descendants after we produce a future full of birth defects? “Sorry. We needed the cash”. “We did it for the sake of convenience.” “We didn’t know.” That’s the kind of rhetoric Mr. Wheeler is into. It’s time to seize these industrialists and imprison the corporate leaders to the mental institutions where they belong.

  • rose said,

    hey lloyd! i am just about to rent a new house on a courtyard of many houses. the meters are kept in a shed and i was told they were updated to smart meters. i asked to look and it was all analog except for one smart meter. i called the energy co and they said my property was analog… question, if one of my two attached neighbors are the ones that had the smart meter installed for their properties, (which is many many yards from this shed where the meter actually is), would my property be affected as their place is being pulsed? i am going to buy one of these but have to make the decision within the next day or so whether to take the place.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The RF radiation emissions generated by smart meters vary….typically these are ‘low-level’ emissions BUT the studies tell us these low-level emissions are harmful….so yes its very likely that your new home would be affected. But frankly its getting to be nearly impossible to escape these emissions. Get an RF meter, take some measurements….compare this with your existing RF exposure and then decide.

  • Michelle said,

    What is an affordable and dependable EMF meter?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    All the EMF meters I’ve tested and written about on this website are affordable and dependable….it depends on what your budget is and what EMFs you want to measure exactly. In terms of value for money the ‘best buys’ are the dual function meters which measure several types of EMF…e.g. the Cornet ED78S and Trifield 100XE

  • Gene Aum said,

    Hi, I live in a townhome complex which has the power lines underground. Does this imply then that the smart meters would use the Power Line Carrier technology instead of Access Points? I’ve spend a good amount of time looking for the APs and don’t see anything of the sort (I’m an IT person and am fully aware of what APs look like).
    I have the Acoustimeter for measuring RF levels. At night I get bursts of energy every few minutes that last a few seconds each – which I haven’t narrowed down to the source. But, during the day the burst events are far fewer.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Smart meter access points (for the uninitiated these are generally antennas that receive the data from individual smart meters and then re-transmit the information back to the utility company) come in all shapes and sizes and can be difficult to identify. Contact your utility company, ask them if they use PLC or AP technology to send information back to base….this information is not ‘top secret’…..

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Gene Aum: This first link is about the pulsed RF frequency you are probably measuring. Many of these companies are using the power grid lines as wave guides and sending this stuff all over god’s creation in the process. The utilities and communications companies are criminally insane, and fully supported by your tax donations to the FCC and EPA…

    Electronics FAQ: GSM 217Hz TDMA noise

    And a study of the deleterious biological results. There are a number of related studies listed in the reference materials.

    Sleep EEG alterations: effects of different pulse-modulated radio frequency electromagnetic fields – SCHMID – 2011 – Journal of Sleep Research – Wiley Online Library

  • Gene Aum said,

    Thanks Lloyd/Paul.

    While the acoustimeter does not have a computer data port I decided to start capturing the audio to get periodicity data.
    After my initial post I spoke with a power company rep that was in the area. I inquired about the APs. He said there are a few around the (very large) complex, and they’ve installed them on the cableTV boxes. So, I’ll hunt around again and see what I can find.

    Paul, thanks for the links. I’ll be giving a presentation to our HOA board hopefully this coming Thursday and will include this info as well.


  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Gene Aum: I live in a building where cable was “upgraded” last year. The cable end runs ring like hell with EM radiation. Nice feature…

    The article linked below is about the kind citizens protest and personal action we need. Tom Wheeler needs to be hounded and harassed at every public forum in the United States. Employees who work for companies like Verizon, T Mobile, ATT, all need to be harassed and intimidated. Shops that sell electromagnetic devices need to be picketed. Mobile phones and wireless devices are biological weapons and Obama’s paid liar Tom Wheeler knows it.

    “At the evening event, Voices for Internet Freedom, Wheeler was greeted by death standing solemnly at the entrance. At one point, he wandered the wrong way after being followed and questioned by an activist, and found himself surrounded by protesters shouting, “Wheeler buried the truth now we bury the dead.” He quickly scurried away, knowing that the truth was out there. He looked like a frightened animal and you could see the pain in his eyes. It can’t be easy to sacrifice people’s lives for profit.”

    FCC Chair Wheeler Hounded By Wireless Health Activists

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Paul
    I noticed you made the same comment in the comment form on another page – I didn’t accept the second comment to avoid duplicate comment on the site (because of Google). Thanks.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Thanks for staying on top of it Lloyd. As you know, I visit your site almost daily. If there’s anything I can do to improve the quality my information or postings, please let me know. I appreciate the opportunity to communicate with others about this important topic.

  • DAvid said,

    I live in a rural area, so I had them install the meter on my utility pole, 150 feet from the house, with the meter facing away from the house. My parents house still has it on the house. WE don’t have enough for the satellite dish imstall, there is however, room for sheet metal between the house and the meter itself, could be just use lead flashing sandwiched between the house and the meter?

  • Adam Brushaber said,

    Hi Llyod,

    I live in a single family home and had my smart meter removed and replaced. However, the homes on each side of me have a meter on the side of their house that is next to mine. Aside from convincing the neighbors to have their smart meter removed, what’s the next best solution?
    My property line is very close to their meters.

    I’ve already eliminated other sources of RF inside of my home as you suggest, but have tried to make health a priority for my family that includes small children and the neighbors meters are concerning.

  • Laura said,

    The electric company in my state will be putting smart meters on the homes in my neighborhood very soon as we’ve all gotten letters letting us know this.

    It’s mandatory according to the state so there isn’t much to do to prevent this. So I have a question about shielding in a rather unique situation.

    The meter, if put i the same place as the present analog meter, will be on a wall at the back of our house. The wall is stone and basically under the living area of the house, although next to our garage.

    Also, the outer wall is about 2 to 2 1/2 feet thick and then runs the length of the house so there is no way to shield a wall behind it. And even the inside garage ceiling above the wall where the meter is, is to the right of the meter and not directly above/behind.

    So is there some other effective way to protect ourselves and living space in this instance?

    And would the stone act as a protector?

    Also, should we shield from neighbor’s meters who’s houses are less than 20 feet away with meters facing the back of our house?

  • Lizeth said,

    Hi, Lloyd

    This is very stressful a lot info. Got my meter cornet cornet ed 78s. I need to know if I should shield my smart meter , or should shield the entire wall without covering the meter. My neighbor 2 meters faces my meter and they will not cover. So even though I cover mine I got two more facing us into my 2 years old daughter room. I don’t know what to do! Fabric shielding is expensive, I rent so don’t want to do paint. Would putting mosquito screen inside my walls and grounding them will protect us? Please help. We just move here so moving not an option. We live in Lousiana so we don’t have an opt out option.

  • michael said,

    oooooooook so after getting tired of waiting for a responce to my question i went on the mass searching and researching to find out what i needed to know and such to find out what kind of meter i could get that i could afford to be able to read the smart meter’s radiation , and it seems for affordability the best option i can find is the cornet brand currently on the ed78 model , and then i link jump come to find on this page everyone’s already talked about that and determined this to be the answer to my previous question , so that settels it then that shall be the meter i will order , can’t wait to start sniffing out these radiation sources which have been fucking with me where im currently living for far to long (namely the entire duration i’ve been living here) , though im sure i could still come up with plenty of things to ask about the usage of the meter , where would be a good place to ask about that?……

  • CC said,

    Every one needs to step back and look at the big over all picture on why these smart meters are here. These smart meters are wireless and can transmit to any where’s in the world. If you can get everyone in the world linked up, the government can control the worlds power source. If they feel you used to much electricity, they will shut you down. Plus the new smart appliances that are coming out will have computers in them to control those appliances. Do a little research on your own, you will see what I am saying. Our government want us sick. Big pharma will make billions, and in the end, the elite will get their population control. Bush, Clinton, and others have expressed their desire for a new world order. It even says it on the back of a 1 dollar bill, under the pyramid with the all seeing eye on top up of if. This isn’t conspiracy, this is fact. The more that people wake up and realize this, the more we can come together and defeat these people. It doesn’t matters what your belief structure is, they will use that to keep people fighting against each other so it makes it easier to obtain their goal of a NWO. Why are they putting flouride in our tap water? They say it is to help with cavities. But how many people take a drink of water and swish it around their mouth before they swallow it. Maybe when your brushing your teeth. But if you read the label of any brand of toothpaste that contains flouride, the warning label on the back of the tube will tell you if you swallow this product to get immediate medical attention. They tell us it is safe, just like with the smart meters. Really the list goes on. How long are we going to take it before we come together and take back our country, family, and health?? Before we can help the rest of the world, we need to get America back in order first, and not listen to the propaganda thrown at us each day by the media, movies, and music. The people that are apart of them, are apart of the NWO idea/ takeover. Do your own research, and I hope you see what I am talking about before its too late…….

  • Gust said,

    You are all crazy stupid, but hey your flawed belief is allowed.

  • Ariella said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I appreciate your info and just wanted to clarify if I understand correctly…

    My trifield 100xe meter is sufficient at measuring EMF but not the RF in order to test smart meters. Is that right?

    If so, is there anyway that the level of EMF might correlate to the level of RF so that I can use my trifield without having to buy another meter? Sadly I didn’t realize when I bought the trifield that it wasn’t useful for smart meters and cell phones.

  • michael said,

    who is “you all” and why?….

  • Lynda said,


    The smart meter technician in my town said that the reading device only turns on 2 times a day for 1 millionth of a second each time. So does it mean that most of the time it is safe? Has anyone tested that? Based on the video above, that smart meter seems to have an action once in a few seconds.

    Thanks so much!

  • HAM MAN said,

    The smart meter man I suspect, is being a bit elastic with his arguments. A suitable RF meter will show how many times it transmits, apparently like you saw on a video. And these pulsed microwaves appear to be more biologically active than steady waves. They are designed to go a long way apparently. It seems only a few of those chronically exposed feel the effects for now, although that might change.
    Don’t take my word for it. Gen up on it. There is no shortage of material on the web if you take the time to look.

  • sandra said,

    I live in an apartment complex with 4 smart meters on the outside wall of my master bedroom and 4 smart meters on the outside wall directly opposite me–app 6-8 ft–on the next bldg. I can see them through my bedroom window. For the last year, I’ve been up and down 4-6/7 times a night, which leaves little time for actual rest. Hence, some challenges have become apparent in my life.
    The whole town was issued smart meters a year ago.
    I’ve moved into the 2nd bedroom and have a pulsar plugged in to the inside wall of the master bedroom. Some nights I get 5 hrs of uninterrupted sleep.
    How can I do more to shield myself from the smart meters?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Josie Drew said,

    Since the gas and Edison co installed these meters the level of noise has increased in the house, we have insomnia, ringing in our ears when we are home, an electrical tingling in the legs, sometimes a white stringy like fog when it’s dark especially when we turn off the lights.
    What do I do? Do I have to sue them so our home can have the peace it once was? There is a hissing sound continually especially at night!

  • kris sherman said,

    I am wondering about the wiring that comes from the SMART meters. There is 8 meters on the wall outside my bedroom. The wiring runs under the floor in my bedroom, right where I had my desk. I found this out after suddenly overnight I saw this golf ball size lump on my leg by my knee. I got online and ordered an EMF detector, a Trifield. I measured my computer tower, because my leg sits close to it, and it was high in the danger zone. Thats when I measured the floor and found it to be very high all the way to the breaker box. So I was getting radiation from the tower and the SMART meter wiring. I had the lump removed and they told me its MELANOMA. I also have a friend who also has 8 meters on the other side of her living room. She has arthritis so bad that she can no longer walk. This has happened since she moved there 6 months ago. The wiring also runs through her apartment, I checked it. Has anyone mentioned the wiring running through their floor? My fate has yet to be determined. I thought MELANOMA was just skin cancer. This lump was under the skin, not on top.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Kris
    Exposure to EMFs from electrical wiring IS a HUGE issue for many people….even though they don’t realize it. I cover this issue in my Free Report. See also,

  • Suzanne said,

    We had this installed about 6 weeks ago. Sleepless nights, severe muscle cramps at night, continual nausea, headaches, joint pains, dizziness, ringing in the ears, tin flavored saliva, etc. Even our 4 cats have been behaving “differently.” Did NOT want this nor approve of it. Visit the doctor and his answer is medications….BS! We have been healthy forever!!

  • Satya said,


    After feeling awful and getting a message from my holistic Dr. that I am toxic with EMF, I realized the my 9 year old and I have 8 smart meters on the outside of our bedroom wall… where our head has been for a year. I have no idea how long they’ve been there.
    They say I have to get all tenants to agree to change out and then they pay the fees. And, I am broke so, though I’ll find a way if I have to, moving feels like a HUGE undertaking!!!
    I am wondering if I can shield by just covering that wall (i moved my bed) with aluminum foil?
    I greatly appreciate some guidance, I am confused and scared.
    Thank you,

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Satya
    Trying to shield without taking readings with an RF meter is like running blind and if you do decide to move house without taking RF readings you’re still running blind because you’ve no idea what the exposures are in your new home. Bottom line: you need to start by measuring your exposures……look for a local Smart Meter activist group in your area and see if someone can lend you an RF meter….ask your holistic Dr. for advice.

  • JoPower said,

    On all sites I looked at some kind of fabric or metal mesh is the only option. Yet your simple foil test works. So… what’s wrong with a metal sheeting reflector? I have a scrap yard nearby and can get various sheets of Aluminum and steel of various thicknesses at reasonable prices, say, under 20 bucks.

    What’s my situation? They put the water sensor reading smart meter right behind my couch on the outside wall. I want to slide a 2 ft square sheet between it and the wall, centered of course. A few holes to match the current screws need to be drilled. Pretty easy job with a drill and screwdriver.

    It appears that >50 db loss is what I’m looking for. So… will a simple flat sheet do? Is there a prefered metal and thickness to use? Does it help for the sheet to have a ground wire and discharge rod? What performance might I expect? It would seem possible to enhance the sheet with EMF paint as well. Overkill?

  • Steve B said,

    I am currently neutral on smart meters but have a question to ask:

    If we are to believe that smart meters are dangerous AND the energy companies and government are aware that these meters are dangerous then how do the people who work for these organisations manage to live with them?

  • Cdc said,

    To answer your question Steve, you either haven’t done very good research or you are just braindead from being exposed to the smart meters too long. You need to look at the big picture on the government is doing what it is doing. Just like, why is there fluoride in our water? But I bet you believe it’s to fight cavities?lol

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