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Reducing The Effects Of Electromagnetic Pollution Naturally

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on July 14, 2011 under Electromagnetic protection, Grounding | 193 Comments to Read

Is earthing, or grounding really a cure for inflammatory diseases, back pain, headaches, arthritis, electrical sensitivity and other diseases?

I decided to try it myself to find out if it really works.

Below is a short video with transcript which explains more about how earthing works.

Dr. Sinatra: Some of the most radical ideas are really the most simple. I mean, you look at grounding for example or earthing; putting your bare feet on the ground soaks up lots of electrons because the earth is negatively charged and our bodies are so full of free radicals from anything from heavy metals, to air pollution, to trans fats.  Our bodies are being inundated with a firestorm of free radicals so you have to put the fire out. And you can put the fire out in many different ways.

Cave Man Medicine or the Barefoot Revolution

The earliest and the most primitive form of healing the body is putting your bare feet on the ground. I call it cave man medicine or the barefoot revolution. When you to go the beach or you take a beach vacation, or you go barefoot in a park, or you sleep in the park on your back, or you are looking at the stars at night and you are grounded, people say I feel really good. It is like when people go on a vacation at the beach they think, oh no stress, plenty of sunlight, good restaurants, that’s it partially. What is really happening is when they go onto the beach they are grounding themselves. Whether we are in the water or whether they are walking on the sand and that really shifts the ergonomic nervous system to a point where it is functioning better and that is what it is all about.

 Detoxifying the Body

When you walk barefoot, you are literally soaking up millions of electrons into the body so you can detoxify the body. Whenever you take on electrons in the body you are making the blood thinner, so instead of the blood being more like red ketchup it becomes more like red wine and we know that hyper-coagulable states, sludgy blood, is the most common cause of stroke, heart attack, cancers, tumors, neurodegenerative disease and diabetes. There are so many toxins in our blood stream that our blood becomes so viscous; it becomes thick. When you put your feet on the ground, like I am doing right now and my feet are on the ground that has been little bit irrigated, that is a little bit wet and there is good conductivity, I am soaking up millions and millions of electrons right through my body and these free electrons will intercept free radicals and when this happens the body has a shift and in our experiments we showed that within 2 seconds of grounding you get a change of skin conductives. It is almost like a lie detector test, it happens quickly. What grounding does from the cardiac point of view, it improves heart rate variability, it absolutely shifts the sympathetic nervous system back to the point where nervous system has more tranquility in it; we record bigger stimulation.

So I am so bullish on grounding as the most primitive, easiest, cheapest way of creating optimum health. Go barefoot in the pack, walk on concrete, walk on the beach, walk on the sand, go surfing, when you are golfing take off your shoes for a little bit: ground. If you fly in an airplane: ground.  When you do these things you are really helping the body to achieve an optimal state of homeostasis.

What Scientific Proof Exists As To The Benefits of Earthing?

A number of studies have been carried out to clarify the benefits of Earthing here are some of the most important ones:

Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons, click here to see study.

Earthing Reduces Blood Viscosity—a Major Factor in Cardiovascular Disease, click here to see study.

Changes in Pulse Rate, Respiratory Rate, Blood Oxygenation, Perfusion Index, Skin Conductance, and Their Variability Induced During and After Grounding, click here to see study.

Emotional Stress, Heart Rate Variability, Grounding, and Improved Autonomic Tone, click here to see study.

What Earthing Means To Me

Its all about getting back into contact with mother earth. It sits well with the idea that the illness and disease of our modern times is aided and abetted by a loss off daily contact with nature that our ancestors had.

This contact has been lost because of the houses we live in, the offices we work in, the transport we use. They all insulate us from this contact with the earth which is so vital, even fundamental.

Our beds keep us suspended off the floor, our offices enable us to spend our days several levels off the ground our autos carry us along off the ground on insulating rubber tires. And when we do go for a walk in the park, or in a forest we are inevitably wearing shoes with man made soles which keep our feet from making any direct contact with the ground.

When you add this lack of daily physical contact with the earth to other factors like the exponential increase in EMF exposures and other pollutants which have been introduced into our lives in the last few decades you begin to understand the problem.

How I Like To Earth

The simplest and easiest way of re-establishing the link with nature is to walk barefoot as much as possible. I like to do it in the morning.

I’m fortunate to have a small garden next to my home. When I get up I like to go out and walk bare foot for a few moments. If there’s a dew all the better, its even more effective. If its raining or cold it doesn’t stop me. I just put a coat on over my nightclothes take my shoes off and do it all the same.

Everybody doesn’t have the luxury of a garden. Maybe it’s easier for you to do this exercise during the day by taking your shoes off for a few moments in the park.

One of the best grounding exercises is to walk barefoot in the sea water. When you’re on holiday paddle along the shoreline or maybe there is a lake or pond near where you live where you can do this. One effective way of adding to this effect is by using very simple earthing equipment.

Earthing In Your Bedroom

I installed an earthing sheet, or bed pad, for my bed initially to try the idea. Its like an under-sheet that you position below  the bottom bed sheet. Then to ground you just plug it into the electrical socket in your bedroom (there are some cases where this will not be possible). Once its installed you cant see it or feel it under the sheet.

Installation of the earthing sheet on the mattress

What the earthing sheet looks like when its covered by the top sheet

How I grounded the earth sheet using the electrical socket




















Initially I found that I didn’t sleep very well for the first few nights. But then my sleeping improved and I felt I had more energy from using it. Once I began to feel that the earthing sheet was having a positive effect, instead of placing the sheet underneath the bottom bed sheet I swapped positions, making it so that the grounding sheet was on top of the bottom bed sheet and therefore in direct contact with my skin.

Earthing and EMFs What Can You Expect?

Don’ t expect miracles overnight with earthing.

Initially I was quite skeptical so I bought the Earthing book written by Ober, Sinatra (in the video) and Zucker. It was an interesting read. It talks a bit about the “science” behind it, about practical ways to earth, and even talks about electrosensitivity. But about half of the book is made up of testimonials. Lots and lots of stories and testimonials.

The stories about improved athletic performance and all the various diseases (particularly inflammatory) did get me wanting to try the earthing products. Having now used them for some time I can say that I honestly do believe that they have had a positive impact on my health.

Where To Buy Earthing Sheets and Pads

I bought my earthing sheet and earth pad separately but you can now buy earthing starter kits where you get the earthing sheet kitearthing sheet and pad, in a pack, which seems quite a good deal.

The earthing sheet you install on your bed as shown above. The earthing mat is a grounded rubber mat. I use mine in my office under my monitor, but you can sit your CPU on it, or your monitor.

Is it Safe To Earth Anywhere?

Earthing in an environment where there are potentially high levels of EMFs is to be avoided.

If you are using an earthing sheet in your bedroom you can try and measure with your EMF meter to ensure that via earthing you are not exposing yourself to high electric fields. But this is a delicate exercise which requires obtaining what the Institute of Building Biology calls a potential-free electric field measurement. For a more complete explanation of this issue click here.

Unless you are absolutely sure about that your electric field exposures have been reduced when you earth I recommend switching off the mains circuits  to and around your bedroom. And even then, you are wise to check the EMF readings with your EMF meter. If you are looking for an easier way to switching off your circuits, an electricity demand switch can do this in an automated manner (should only be installed by a qualified electrician).

In your office, for instance, better to earth your equipment than earthing yourself using an earth mat. Because in earthing yourself in a high EMF environment you may well be exposing yourself to significant electric fields.

Is It Really Safe To Go Barefoot Outside?

Obviously the first thing is to watch where you walk. Broken glass, sharp stones etc. can be a real hazard but this aside, from an EMF exposure viewpoint going barefoot in nature means you are outside and in theory away from any major sources of EMFs. Though even outdoors there could be an issue with stray voltage. Also known as stray electricity, ground current or neutral-to-earth voltage, stray voltage can be defined as a current that arises both from design faults in the distribution systems of the electrical utilities.  Because electrical current uses the earth as the path of least resistance rather than the neutral wire provided by the existing electrical system, if you are walking barefoot you could be exposed to these EMFs. A body voltage meter will tell you if these EMFs are present in your environment.

When done in the right environment earthing can be an easy, safe and inexpensive way to counteract the effects of EMFs and other pollutants.

Earthing mats, earthing sheets, earthing bands, there are more and more elaborate ways to earth.

Start earthing by taking your shoes off more outside, and see how it feels.

  • Kathy Spicer said,

    Earthing! I read about it in your Complementary Medicine newsletter last week. I went outside and tried it, right before the hurricane, and it felt soooo good. The gratification was immediate. I hadn’t intentionally walked barefoot outside in years! I called up all my friends and family, told them all about it. Really, it topped out as the best walk I had ever had! Many, many thanks!

  • Louisa said,

    I am quite sensitive to energy and my body’s responses, and I noticed a while ago that when I lie down on the earth – either the grass or at the beach, my whole body and mind slow down and feel as though they are coming into line with the rhythm of the earth – my own subjective experience I know, but now I am reading the “Earthing” book, and understand a bit more about the science behind this effect. I go barefoot for at least 30 minutes outside most days, as does my husband. It’s early days, but we are both finding it very beneficial to aches and pains and general wellbeing. The added benefit is the re-connection with nature. I would like to add something to the barefoot practise, and that is to remember to offer thanks – I thank Mother Earth, but we each have our own beliefs and ways of giving thanks, all of which help us to be in connection with the cycle of giving and receiving. And I agree not to let the weather put you off too much, although I do admit to living in temperate Auckland, New Zealand, so I don’t need to worry about frostbite! Thanks Lloyd for raising awareness of this healing practise.

  • Brett said,

    Hi, I have heard a lot about EMF radiation etc, but I feel that I’m not affected, or maybe that I’m insensitive. Regardless, given people’s testimonials & how there are so many other serious health problems/issues which our governments seem to be ignoring or deliberately promoting to our detriment, I am willing to give this consideration. I’ll start doing the grounding exercises. I go for regular walks in a nearby forest, & now I’ll start going barefoot. Thanks for this website

  • Lloyd said,

    I am not trying to convince anybody about these dangers, I just put the information out there so that people can make up there minds and know what to do if they need protection. But I will say this, don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you can’t seem to feel any effects from EMFs that they are not doing anything to you, the Biointiative report is very clear about this…

  • Bonita Poulin said,

    Question: You paced your earthing sheet under your bottom sheet? Everything I‘ve read says it goes on top of bottom sheet so you have direct contact with bare skin. I bought conductive fabric and a grounding plug and made my own, but I do find it a bit scratchy, and would love to place it under my fitted sheet. I just want to make sure this is not a typo.

  • Lloyd said,

    Direct contact with the bare skin is better. Since writing this I have placed it over the bottom sheet.

  • George said,

    Hi Llyod, I always walked around and worked bare feet in the garden. I moved into a new area, and when working in the garden I could feel tingling sensations, and when I finished for the day and went inside of our home house, my feet burned and tingled for an hour later. Our home fronted onto a running creek (50 metres away), and on the other side of the creek, 200 metres away was high voltage power lines. I believe the EMF was passing from the power under the creek and my soil was alive.

    I would like to give the earthing sheet a go, but I am apprehensive because of the the poor results when I earthed Yshield, and if the dirty power is extreme and the ground outside is charged from faulty underground power, then what sort of an affect could it have if I connected to earth sheet to the power point?

  • Lloyd said,

    Sorry for the delay in replying – it sounds as though stray electricity may be an issue where you live. In your case I would not advise earthing without first measuring your body voltage. You can do this using a regular multimeter or a body voltage meter designed for this purpose.

  • Bhavna said,

    Hi Lloyed,

    Why do you emphasise on walking bare foot outside only? For people like me who dnt have time and open space in and around, can’t we just inculcate the habit of earthing while inside the house? Doesn’t walking barefoot on concrete help to some extent(if not as musch as on a green grass/beach surface)?

    Let know.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Bhavna
    I emphasize walking barefoot outside for 2 reasons: 1.Its the most natural way to earth…you can’t earth by walking barefoot in a high rise building, even in certain homes and offices suspended flooring can mean that you think you are earthing, when you are not. 2.Earthing indoors around electrical equipment can be dangerous, it can mean you are exposing yourself to high electrical fields.

  • Harold MacDonald said,

    I had to give up earthing because the ground here[my back lawn and crushed rock pathways]tested with my battery radio shocked me with the great amount of dirty electricity.Strangely there was one small round area [lawn] about 36 inches in diameter which was very low in the reading.I then tested my electrical grounding[earthing]outlets in my bedroom after shutting off the circuit breaker,they too were very strong with the dirty electricity.After this I stopped using my earthing plates in the house..

  • Kathleen Egbert said,

    Please also be careful of where you walk outside. So many areas here in the USA are so loaded with pesticides, that I hesitate to walk there even wearing shoes.
    Also, if you live in areas where insect borne diseases like Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella etc. exist, walking barefoot outdoors without protection could be very risky. Contact your Lyme/tick borne diseases association to help you determine if your area is known to be infected. Your doctor or public health service probably does not know the facts, so don’t rely on them. Being that I am convinced these organisms have been spread worldwide by chemtrails, I cannot imagine any dry land that does not have the potential of being inhabited by infected insects.

  • Sekhar said,

    I live in a two storied house with Marble flooring in India. By walking barefoot inside the house can i obtain the benefit of earthing. is this applicable for both floors(Ground and first).

  • Sekhar said,

    I would also like to add the foundation and basement is constructed with rubble masonry( Rock) red earth filled inside basement,cc flooring above red earth filling and then marble flooring on top of cc flooring. Please reply

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sekhar
    Any ground is better than no ground so long as you are careful not to earth in a high EMF environment. If you are walking barefoot on your ground floor you can expect some earthing benefits, but little to no benefit on the first floor. Measuring with a body voltage meter will tell you the degree to which your earthing is effective.

  • Sekhar said,

    Thank you very much sir. Please give me the details of Body Voltage meter . Can it be used to determine the amount of RF radiation absorbed by the body. Please reply

  • Sekhar said,

    Can i improve the earthing benefits by grounding the marble flooring on my ground floor and first floor to the earth by means of a wire. If so how many connections would i need in each floor. Please reply

  • Lloyd said,

    Measuring your body voltage is a means of quantifying the electric tension (or voltage) in your body against the ground. It is not a measure of RF radiation. Grounding your marble floor might bring some earthing benefits but I suspect they will be extremely limited due to the lack of conductivity of the marble (you could measure this with a body voltage meter). A better solution would be to sleep on an earthing sheet and/or use an earthing mat (see above).

  • Paul Von said,

    For readers that are still unsure of how the electrical grid has created floating potentials and shock hazards, please take the time to review this video in its entirety. I happen to know Mike Holt, and though his explanation is quite lengthy, it is also very accurate.

    For other facts regarding ELF and stray voltage effects, please take the time to review these other links, as well. PLEASE understand that these field effects have already caused significant damage to ALL life forms on the planet, and that GOVERNMENT AGENCIES need to be put on notice in the strongest possible terms.

  • Carol Miller said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Thanks for providing such an informative website. I’ve been reading about grounding, and am confused. You wrote: “In your office, for instance, better to earth your equipment than earthing yourself using an earth mat. Because in earthing yourself in a high EMF environment you may well be exposing yourself to significant electric fields.”

    I have a grounding mat in my office at my desktop computer, and for about a year I have been careful to always ground myself at my computer. It was my impression, based on the Earthing book and other literature, that grounding at your computer pulled the emfs off of your body instantaneously. And with a voltmeter I have tested this effect, and sure enough my body voltage goes down to almost negligible when I ground myself. So are you saying that, instead of protecting my body, I am in fact exposing it to more emfs by grounding, because I have made my body part of the circuit that grounds all the stray emf in my office, which is full of electronic and electric equipment? And if that is the case, how and why can these earthing mats be sold for that very purpose??

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Carol
    There are a lot of devices, gadgets and gimmicks on the market that people spend a lot of money on that supposedly reduce EMF exposures but they do absolutely nothing and in some cases they make it worse. So don’t think that because other people buy it, it works. I have tried earthing myself and just earthing my equipment the latter is what works for me AND there is a logical explanation for this – see the link to the Building Biology report above.
    You need to do what works for you….only you can know what works and what doesn’t work…

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Carol and interested readers,

    The “grounding” issue has received quite allot of press by persons who are NOT competent in electronics’ technology, nor it’s affects on biological systems. These charlatans are often exposing people to even more hazardous radiation effects, by suggesting ‘grounding’ as a panacea. As Lloyd has insisted, grounding one’s body in high EMF/ELF environments is NOT advised, and here is just one reason why. >

    That’s right: The human body system makes for an excellent antenna, especially at lower frequencies (less than 100hz) as found in many modern environments. Be careful out there.

  • James said,

    Thanks for raising the issue of earthing in high fields. This is new to me, and certainly flies in the face of what the Earthing book details–page 80 perhaps?

    However, you don’t mention what you consider to be “high fields”. What numbers are we talking here? And what if you earth while you sleep with a bracelet, as opposed to a giant bed sheet?

    Aren’t those fields going to interact with your body regardless of whether You’re earthed or not? If they wouldn’t–then I’d have to question why I should be concerned about fields at all…

    Do you see what I’m saying?

    At least with a connection to ground excess voltage has a place to go–instead of building up in your body. I *think* the article you linked to was focused on creating a giant conductive surface (moreso than your body?) and how depending on the location of the source relative to the sheet and to you, that could be good–or bad.

    Your thoughts? Scientific articles translated from other languages can sometimes lack…clarity.

  • Lloyd said,

    With regard to electric fields the building biology guidelines talk about “levels of concern”, see By their definition high electric fields are those above 50 V/m (against ground potential, as measured with a regular meter)….what we are really concerned with are “what are safe levels of electric fields”…according to their guidelines there is “no concern” where electric fields are below 1 V/m.
    “What if you earth while you sleep with a bracelet, as opposed to a giant bed sheet?” – what matters is, is your grounding effective, not how you ground…sleeping with a bracelet attached to a wire is not very practical.
    The article is making the point that low body voltage does not necessarily equate to low electric fields and that by grounding in a high electric fields environment you could be increasing your exposure….

  • James said,

    RE: Paul Von

    “That’s right: The human body system makes for an excellent antenna, especially at lower frequencies (less than 100hz) as found in many modern environments. Be careful out there.”

    Can you explain–in layman’s terms, how grounding would be more harmful than good, and in what strength of fields the benefits would be outweighed by the negatives? The article you link to is…way beyond me.

    The spinal cord can act as an antenna. Got it. So if I’m *not* grounded these fields don’t affect me? Is that what you’re saying?

    So it is advisable to ground in lower fields? What is lower? How many mG would you consider lower? How many mG is unsafe? Are we all going by Bio-initiative levels here?

    And what about RF from wifi, etc? Is it safe to ground in high RF fields?

    If I have to use an induction cook-top, it’s better to just soak those fields up than to be grounded when using one? Color me confused.

    It took me months and months to learn about EMF. I’ve read nearly every book referenced on this blog. Now you’ve got me questioning earthing and damn man–I’m exhausted!

    So much data–so many conflicting opinions. So much science.

    I’m not electro-sensitive so I can’t go “by my gut”. I can’t judge effectiveness by any symptoms.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

  • Lloyd said,

    The thing to “get” here is that virtually all, even very low level, EMFs exposures have a biological impact….this invariably translates into illness over time…its difficult to appreciate this is happening because it usually takes a long time and the effects are usually subtle and incremental. Grounding is way of enabling your body to more effectively hook up with the beneficial effects of the earths energies…..the best environment to be grounded in is an environment with low (as low as possible) EMFs, be they electrical, magnetic or RF radiation (my view). If you are not getting symptoms its easier to stay balanced about this thing, be aware of the dangers take action as best you can and enjoy life…

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello James and other interested readers.
    I know much of the material related to electromagnetic field induction is difficult to understand, yet also feel it is imperative to recognize that the entire world-wide electrical grid is a known biological hazard.
    There are as many options to ‘protect’ yourself, as there are individual situations.
    As Lloyd mentions, there are no one size fits all solutions. Perhaps this article will be less convoluted, or easier to comprehend.

    “Electropathic stress is a neuroendocrine (nerve and hormone) response of the central nervous system (CNS) which consists of the brain and spinal cord of animals and humans. Exposure of peripheral nerve sensors near the surface of the skin are the first-order protection of the exposed victim. The CNS receives, sorts, and notifies the autonomic nervous system (ANS) of invading environmental electrical interferences The ANS is largely responsible for maintaining homeostasis (i.e., keeping physiological parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, red and white blood cells, and hormones within a tolerable range for the individual). The hypothalamus, an extension of the brain stem, and the pituitary gland at the base of the brain with its abundance of stimulating hormones largely controls other glands and most functions of the mammalian body through the ANS, neurotransmitters, and feedback from responsive sensors and organs throughout the body. Electrical Interference with electrical and electronic equipment is well known in the industry, but little attention is given to effects on man and animals. A brief review of scientific evidence for electropathic stress follows.”

  • Carol Miller said,

    James, if you are still reading, perhaps I can be of help. I too read the article linked with some dismay and confusion. But after several re-readings, I think I understand the basics of “Caution, Grounding pads and Sheets: Being Grounded is not equal to Zero Field Exposure.”

    The critical factor in grounding, the authors seem to be saying, is not the size of the ground sheet (as you have implied) but rather the strength of the electrical field, and where the ground sheet is placed in relation to your body and the source of the field. If your body is between the electrical source and the ground, you are placed in the electrical field at it’s highest gradient. You have actually increased your exposure. What they are emphasizing is that your voltmeter cannot tell you this. It is the wrong instrument for measuring what is going on. The decrease in voltage that the voltmeter reads is only telling you that your body was an easier path to ground than the voltmeter path. It has not indicated what the real electrical field strength is, nor that your body is now part of that electrical gradient.

    Anyway, that’s my take on the article. It ties in with remarks I have read online from electricians responding to so-called “proofs” of grounding efficacy provided by voltmeters–because electricians understand how voltmeters work, whereas most people (including me) do not.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Carol Miller,
    Excellent! The voltmeter is indeed an incorrect measure of EMF field strength as related to the body. Bravo!

  • ann said,

    Unbelievable information but my brain is having a hard time deciphering the most beneficial approaches. 1) What then is the best meter to determine the body’s elec. status and is that the same meter to measure house/room elec. status? My earthing sheet appeared to promote better sleep initially followed by worse sleep so stopped using it (I have had Lymes Disease 24 years then severe EMS developed which has greatly improved due to work with Annie Hopper’s amazing healing program where deals with the Limbic System Damage). Also, am I affected more somehow by the underground power lines in a huge retirement area? Would barefooting be actually harmful here? thank you SO much.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Ann
    A simple digital multimeter costing under a 100 dollars will enable you to determine your body voltage…its not going to be very accurate but you don’t need a high level of precision here…so this is body voltage…not your body’s electrical status…it will tell you your AC body voltage, (i.e. that which is man-made and unnatural) and your DC body voltage (the beneficial natural electrons you get from the earth). EMF meters measure the EMFs…magnetic, or electrical fields or RF radiation in a given location…which is entirely different. You have to listen to your body with earthing…as with everything you do…if your symptoms deteriorate then better not to use it. Underground power lines emit EMFs, see, walking barefoot in close proximity to these powerlines can do more harm than good, again listen to your body

  • Harold MacDonald said,

    I recently read that when Electric Power companies experience a sudden drop in power demand and have no alternative grid which can take the surplus,they then dump it straight into the earth;grounding, we electricians call it.This would explain why on some days when I test my back yard/lawn with a batt’y radio,there can be a significant fluctuation in the static from it.I have long since stopped trying to use my earthing plates; and barefeet on the lawn.
    PS.AC electricity is not storable unless converted to direct current to charge batteries,just not feasable

  • Jade said,

    I am electrosensitive and am shielding my home with carbon paint and aluminium foil, which has given me back almost all of my pain free body and significantly helped depressed mind. On the subject of earthing, I wear shoes with natural rubber soles (as well as wearing clothing made from reflecting fabric) and I can tolerate being a very short time shopping next to phone masts, wifi and mobile phones etc. The other day I wore a pair of Dr Martens shoes (with Boots gel insoles) in town and was in a lot of pain, which continued for hours leading to a bad nights sleep (even under my shielding canopy). It occurred to me that it must be because I had a build up of static electricity not released because my shoes were not earthing me, I had never given my footwear much thought before. I have seen that some safety shoes say that they have a reduced resistance to electricity and I wonder if they would be good to wear, available in all sizes and relatively inexpensive. Personally I think my natural rubber soles are going to be hard to beat and they are extremely comfortable and look nice too.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jade
    When grounding in an urban environment you do need to add stray electricity into the equation…that’s to say that in grounding yourself you may be doing more harm than good. Listen to your body on this…the Dr Martens don’t work for you…it seems the rubber soles do…though I suspect they isolate you from the ground in much the same way. One way of releasing static electricity in towns is by touching metal objects when you are out in the street, bollards, window frames etc.

  • Sebastian said,

    So let’s suppose I shield my entire house (as in a faraday cage) and the floor is made of natural wood and is in direct contact with the soil. Suppose also that there are no electrical outlets. Would that be earthing safely inside the home?

  • Lloyd said,

    A Faraday cage is an enclosure formed by conductive material. It works because EMFs are naturally drawn to flowing around the surface of conductive materials, not through them. If your Faraday achieves this then it would offer protection…theoretically.

  • Lisa said,

    Two questions: did “we” decide which meter to use to identify if we are in a high-EMF zone while sitting in our kitchen, or living room, or wherever? Secondly, what do you think of products like this:

    These mitigate EMFs flying around large spaces. Seems too good to be true. Anyone?

  • Lloyd said,

    There is no one EMF meter that can measure all the EMFs that may be found in your living space unfortunately. To start with I recommend purchasing a dedicated RF meter and a meter that can measure magnetic and electrical fields.
    As regards the Safe space product, I have not tried this particular product but I have tried lots of similar ones….none of them worked, my EMF protection free report can help you on this and in choosing your meter.

  • James said,

    Sooo, what is the correct way to measure body voltage? I appreciate all the effort people here have made trying to help me understand this! I was away so couldn’t respond.

    My bedroom measurements are low on both ELF and RF frequencies according to my meters. Is there a cheap way to test for “dirty” electricity polluting the ground?

    If the concern here is truly for “high” fields, and high being defined as 50 V/M and above then my bedroom at < 1 V/M should be OK to ground in, no?

    Conversely, when using an electric razor (levels are out of this world) the consensus is that I SHOULDN'T ground myself, but instead just let my face soak the EMF up?

    I am somewhat "disadvantaged" here in a way because I don't have symptoms; I can't "let my body be my guide" so to speak. Regardless I don't want to be causing my body continual cumulative damage. Damage I can't feel.

    Would I shave, and THEN ground myself when I am no longer in a high field? Would that be advisable?

    Thanks again!

  • Lloyd said,

    You can buy a body voltage meter to measure your body voltage or even a simple multimeter will do the job. A higher AC body voltage reading when grounded compared to being ungrounded indicates the presence of stray currents in the ground…in which case you are better not to ground. I don’t think a few minutes with your electric shaver is something that you should be overly concerned about. Long term exposures are more of a concern.

  • May said,

    Hi Loyd, many thanks for your informative website; I am still newbie to emf matters & I found the protection tips are confusing to me! I stopped using grounding mats; one is used with my desktop keyboard & grounding bed sheet, I also stopping using a couple of very expensive pendants since I read they give no protections to emf; what a waste of money! I live in urban London with base stations all around my house; one is nearly right opposite my house in the primary school!

    regarding the link & video on stray voltage; are they relevant to UK where we have 3 pins on all our main socket, the extra earth terminal; how different in terms of grounding & stray voltage issue; what reason is the extra earth terminal?

    I am considering buying a bed canopy, but my bed head rest is leaning on the wall where it’s close to a main socket, my room is very small, I can’t relocate the bed elsewhere; I haven’t got any measuring meter; what is the best way to shield from the electric wiring inside the wall ( switching off the circuit at night is not possible as the circuit broad not easily accessible with a hugh cupboard in front of it)
    If I paint that part of wall with Yshield & ground it; there would still be magnetic field from the wiring??

    is a canopy with grounding gives better protection than non-grounding canopy?

    If I use a grounding sheet below my mattress ( with sprung coil) together with the canopy; will the metal spring cause emf issue?

    Thank you for your advices in advance; as I can’t afford to make any more mistakes from wrong choices of emf protection products.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi May
    Everything in the UK is 3 pin so providing your earth is good this will give you some protection…you might also want to make sure you have a proper earth…an electrician can do this for you. The Yshield won’t help if you have magnetic fields…you really need an EMF meter/s to start to understand the EMFs in your environment and be able to make the right decisions….same applies for your questions re grounding the canopy. My free report gives further clarity on many of these questions.

  • Sara said,

    Thank you for this great site and emails – just brilliant :)

    The Earthing book doesn’t really differentiate between different kinds of EMF; just that earthing fixes the problems in the body. When earthed, I still get the noise in my head but not the headache. I’ve not managed to find any info on how much damage RF radiation does when earthed versus not, or how much damage earthing can repair if you remove the RF source.

    RF EMFs give me a headache within 10 minutes if they’re strong enough – in a building with a decent-strength signal is enough, or anywhere at home with all the neighbours’ Wi-Fi and a mast 300m away. Since earthing (via a small desktop-type pad) at night I have been headache-free whilst earthed and my chronic back pain has been improved. So far so good.

    The strongest Wi-Fi in our bedroom is from behind/below the bed headboard, so yesterday I shielded the bed base and behind with several layers of alu foil, and earthed it to a grounding rod. It was a bad night for headache, ringing in the head and back pain. The mast is directly to the side of the bed. I’m assuming that the shielding – and our bed springs – acted as an antenna. Scary.

    I’ve been trying to do this to a low budget because we have to, but it’s just not looking like I can :(

  • May said,

    Thanks very much Lloyd; I think the magnetic field is most important to be sorted out first as it cause spin inversions in the body; then secondary, the rest of elf & RF as they cause disruptions to cellular communications

    I had massive spin inversion in my body which was corrected by biontology last yr, but I still need to minimise the magnetic field in my house so I don’t get spin inversion so easily; unfortunately spin inversion happens easily in airport, shopping mall, flights etc.

    Very few people are aware of spin inversion & bio-photon communications in cells

    The above article is by Johan Boswinkel, founder of biotology.

  • Paul Von said,

    To ALL readers: Please be aware that there is no “safe” level of exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields, as these electromagnetic radiation effects are generally billions of times greater than natural Earth ambient. Electronic devices that subject biological cells to further electromagnetic inductions, are NOT scientifically proven, and can exacerbate or cause further damage to delicate DNA strands within biological cells. Profiteers, who prey on the public with these types of devices, are serving no one but themselves.

    The only reliable way to protect from high frequency (RF) electromagnetic field exposures is to utilize screening or shielding materials that are specifically designed for that purpose.

  • Mays said,

    I am new to earthing. Can you tell me why grounding in a high EMF environment will make you more vulerable to the pollution? Thanks for all the great information.

  • Lloyd said,

    Electricity (or EMFs) follow the path of least resistance, in other words its always looking for the shortest route back to ground. Grounding yourself in a high EMF environment (specifically electrical fields) could mean that your body may provide the shortest path to the ground…that the EMFs are attracted to you….that you become part of the circuit.

  • Sue said,

    Hi All,

    Just adding that I used an earthing sheet connected to a sheet’s ground rod pounded into the earth in our bedroom closet’s crawl space. I was already ES, and sleeping on top the sheet with skin touching made the sensitivity much more extreme in just one night.

    Little did I know, our house ground was bad. I discovered this after the earthing sheet experience. Although all of our electrical wires were connected properly, found 400mv from our house receptacles to earth ground. Public Works checked the records and told me that when our house was built, the house ground rod was laid horizontally in the house cement foundation instead of being inserted into the earth.

    Connecting the outside electrical power panel to a new 8-foot ground rod pounded into earth removed the 400mv to ground. And happily reduced 2 ES symptoms for me as well as reduce the dirty electricity present in the house.

    This is a good example of when not to use a grounding sheet :)

  • Eric Brody said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Great website and all. I’ve been reading and rereading this page and the comments to try to get sense of what you mean by “Earthing in an environment where there are potentially high levels of EMFs is to be avoided.”

    Ok, looking at the video of the guy with grounding shoes – I see he goes barefooted or wears grounding shoes under the power line and his body voltage drops meaning that he is no longer an antenna sucking up the EMF. So I think this is a good thing.

    But when you said here that this is a dangerous situation because the EMF is looking for the shortest route back to the ground and see this pocket of low EMF field as the place to dump all the energy back into the ground? So being grounded in a high EMF field means the EMF is attracted to you and your body is an antenna sucking up the high EMF?

    The two paragraph seems very contradictory and I’m really confused. Maybe you can help me sort this paradox out for me?


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Eric
    There is a lot of confusion surrounding this topic…..different ‘experts’ are saying very different things. My on view on this, and I am not alone in saying this, is that you should not earth yourself in an environment where there are high levels of EMFs. It’s that simple. If you want to understand why this is the case the Baubiologie report above gives a thorough explanation.

  • Paul Von said,

    To all readers: Sue (posted above) said:

    “Little did I know, our house ground was bad. I discovered this after the earthing sheet experience. Although all of our electrical wires were connected properly, (we) found 400mv from our house receptacles to earth ground. Public Works checked the records and told me that when our house was built, the house ground rod was laid horizontally in the house cement foundation instead of being inserted into the earth.

    Connecting the outside electrical power panel to a new 8-foot ground rod pounded into earth removed the 400mv to ground.”

    It is not at all unusual to have an ineffective or ‘floating’ ground return path in your home wiring. As Lloyd often suggests, use a good quality meter to measure your specific grounding options, or better yet, hire a knowledgable EMF abatement service to advise you toward remedial measures.

    A good rule of thumb: If you are in an area where you cannot receive any wi-fi, cell phone signal, or wireless internet services, that’s a very GOOD situation in terms of health. You may still have some ‘dirty’ electricity in your home wiring, but this can be often filtered out using GS filters or a whole-house line conditioner.

    Lloyd has allot of excellent suggestions on this site, so view as much of the material as possible, and be good to yourselves.

  • Eric Brody said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thank you for the explanation. I consider you a true friend for all the good work you do on behalf of humanity.


  • Eric Brody said,

    Where can I read the Baubiologie report ?


  • Lloyd said,

    There is a link to it in my article, here it is again

  • Erwin Alber said,

    Thanks for all the advice!

    The only bit I have reservations about is Dr Sinatra’s advice to take one’s shoes off for a bit while playing golf, as golf courses are well known to use herbicides very liberally to the point where they are quite a toxic environment and hence a health hazard.

  • Melinda Hood said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I have housemates that are strongly opposed to the idea of cutting off the power at night to the house and to shutting off the wifi at night.
    I am considering pitching a tent in the back yard for some summer time earthing sleep benefits. I live in suburbia. Would you recommend testing my back yard with the body meter before embarking on camping out? Thank you, Melinda

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Melinda
    For wherever you sleep (indoors or outdoors) I recommend testing for EMFs generally…..for electric and magnetic fields and RF radiation. Outdoors there could be a stray electricity issue, testing your body with a body voltage meter will help you determine if thats a problem.

  • Margie said,

    Hi Loyd, I’m certainly glad I found your site.
    I have been unwell for the last 15 years. Diagnosed with MCS, chronic fatigue syndrome/ fibromyalgia,plus alleregies to foods, mould, pollen. Exhausted adrenals as well.
    Each year I grow progressively worse. I have spent a lot of money trying to get well. Every alternative Dr. I have seen has forcused on the CFS,MCS and the other allergies. Not until all the info on Smart Meters came out did it seem to wake me up to all the info on EMFs.
    My MCS seems to be everywhere and to all things. Outside my face and ears are red and on fire as well (coal burning factory in our small town).These are the same symtems I have when I run into cleaning products and fragrances, which leaves me house bound.
    I feel now that it is quite possible that I have and am being treated for the symptoms and not the cause.
    My health seemed to hit bottom after they turned on our smart meter last fall.
    Up until this time I thought I only had a reaction to a few EMF causing decvices , one being a ground phone and the othe being my hair blower, but now it would appear that what I have been blaming on MCS could possibly be EMF’s –red and burning ears, cheeks, nose, swollen sinuses, exhaustion, the feeling of sufocation, heart palipations, aching joints, sleepless nights.
    I never had trouble using my desk top computer until after the ‘samrt meter’ was turned on.
    I sarted to take many vitamins and supplements years ago but was told by one alterantive dr. that they didn’t appear to be able to be taken up by the cells.
    It seems quite possible now that all health issues could have been brought on by EMFs.
    Have tried to lower the EMFs in my home.
    My question; after having someone in to test my house and buying a grounding sheet, putting 8 Stetzer filters attched to my electrical panel and another 5 around the house,the readings in my bedroom, laying on my ( steel spring )bed with the “body voltage meter” (no earthing sheet) were 0.800 to 0.950, with the grounding sheet on and grounded to outside the reading fell to 0.375 to 0.455. Is this considered a low enough reading ?

    I do not have the option to buy a foam mattress as the Enviro Doc says I would have a reaction to the foam.
    Sorry I find all this EMF meter/ body voltage meter quite confusing.
    Also I have a cell tower just short of 400M. from my house but the Electic Enviro tester said the readings were not exteremely high and the 1 acre of woods behind my house was proably stopping most of the radiation.

    The tester also told me I should carry a radiation meter with me when I went somewhere.
    Thank you for all your very beneficial research and for sharing with others.Which one would you suggest ?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Margie
    Firstly, to answer your questions regarding your body voltage readings….there is no “safe” level, the aim is to improve your health and well being by reducing your AC body voltage and increasing your DC body voltage.
    Yours is a long standing health issue… will require long standing treatment….its very difficult for me to do justice to your situation with a few lines comment here. You need to find someone who can help you long term….guide you through this…someone who understands and can deal with EMFs effectively….and more to the point someone who understands your body’s energies. EMFs (the smart meter particularly) is probably the trigger to much of what you are feeling but I am sure your health symptoms are the by product of a wider toxin problem. You need to deal with this globally/holistically….this’s how I dealt with my own electrical sensitivity, see

  • Dennis T said,

    Hello Lloyd,
    thank you so much for all the great articles you have posted on EMF so far. Now, that pdf you’ve linked to only talks about becoming an antenna or amplifier of the field strength if the field is located above you and the earthing mat below you. If the field is below you and the mat also still below you are protected however.

    So my question is – what happens when the field is right beside you? Like horizontally? Let’s say you’re lying on an earthing mat on your bed. The electrical appliance is right on the same level as you on the nightstand – let’s say a cell phone. (Just hypothetically) Would you also become an antenna then or would you be “protected”? I find it curious that they didn’t list this type of example in the pdf – the field coming in horizontally which would actually be the case most of the time(side, front, back). Thanks a lot,

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Dennis
    The PDF makes the point that grounding is not always the best solution. Whats best is really different in every case and needs to be measured or felt…..if the electrical appliance is horizontal (a cell phone on your nightstand is not a good example…the issue is RF radiation not electric fields)….if you don’t have sophisticated measuring equipment you need to trust your gut.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Margie,
    I read your comments regarding multiple chemical sensitivities and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have been battling with these issues for many years, and now find that I have Lyme disease in addition to EM sensitivity.
    The two seem to go hand in hand, in that the EM radiation can impair your autoimmune system, and then make you more likely to become ill with the Lyme disease.
    Once you have Lyme, all your neurological systems become much more sensitive to EM radiations, and multiple chemical sensitivities and skin rash are common.
    Chronic Lyme disease is very difficult to diagnose, and the subject is extremely controversial in the United States and Canada. Lyme disease is no joke, and can ruin your life if it goes untreated. I could be guessing wrong in your case, but please research this possibility, as it could be the bases of many of your health issues. This is a video that introduces some of the basic diagnostic issues. Take care of yourself, and hope you are feeling better soon.

  • Margie said,

    Hello Paul,
    I am very sorry to hear you have Lyme. It is a terrible disease.
    You are the second person who has thought I might have Lyme disease. I was tested for Lyme but I have since been told by someone else that unless the test was sent to the US the results which came back negative may have been from a Lab in Canada and may not be accurate.

    I do no have a skin rash persay but as soon as I start going out in the spring through to fall to garden I sart getting perfect circles of red skin on my arms and legs which stay for a month at least before the skin flakes off, leaving a scar.

    Four days ago I did garden work on the side of the house with the smart meter and ended up with a red and swollen ear which literaly throbbed. It bled some around the outer edge of the ear the first night. Was it the smart meter? I don’t know.
    I never had this happen to me before.
    It was not the sun as I wear a wide brimmmed hat.
    But every summer outside working leaves me puffing, red faced, shaky and exhausted for days.
    The enviromental Dr. is 1 1/2 hrs. away. One of his specialties is Lyme, I will go after him again about the Lyme test.
    About EMF he knows very little, except for the dangers to your health. He has throwen in his MD licsence because of not being able to recomend and use alternative treatments, thus visits have become very expensive.
    The exhaustion leaves my nerves very bad.It has been 15 years since I got sick and every year I am worse than the year before.
    I will try to find out if any Lyme tests went to the US.

    I am very grateful for your reply.
    I hope you have good luck finding treatment for your Lyme.

  • Dennis T said,

    Hello Lloyd,
    thanks for replying. The pdf specifically lists only examples of fields coming in vertically. And I have read the original German pdf since I am German.

    Also, I’m confused that you say radio frequencies are the issue and not electromagnetic fields. Do I understand you correctly here? Surely latter is an issue with earthing too?

    Besides, if its only RF – well, that comes in horizontally, does it not? I understand that each person’s situation/location may have particulars but generally speaking, I don’t see how horizontal frequencies can cause issues with one’s earthing…?
    Thank you very much,

  • Lloyd said,

    Just to clarify, RF radiation are a form of EMFs….what I was getting at in my last comment was that the main issue with a cell phone in your bedroom is the RF radiation not the electrical fields. Beyond that I stand by what I said before……grounding is not ALWAYS appropriate……unless you have very sensitive measuring equipment to determine what the grounding is doing….. you need to listen to your body as to whats best for you. If you want a technical explanation on grounding and horizontal frequencies contact who produced the report.

  • Margie said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I’m very new at this site and having a difficult time decifering all the information.

    When you speak of’very sensitive measuring equipment’, what meter would you be suggesting ?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Margie
    I am talking about the type of sophisticated equipment mentioned in the article, ‘cube sensors’, see ….this kind of equipment is very expensive and requires specialist knowledge to operate.

  • Caroline said,

    Do you have to walk to feel the benefits of earthing or does sitting down with bare feet on grass work?

  • Lloyd said,

    You don’t have to walk to feel the benefits of earthing….earthing works best when you get your skin in contact with the earth…..if you sit clothed but with your hands in contact with the ground this can also be beneficial.

  • Sue said,

    Lloyd said: “earthing works best when you get your skin in contact with the earth…..if you sit clothed but with your hands in contact with the ground this can also be beneficial.”

    You can see the discharging affect of grounding. Our grandkids come over and play with balloons. The balloons stuck to me so for fun I walked outside and placed my bare hand on the earth. The balloon fell off shortly. Works the same with syran wrap or anything that clings because of static charge.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Margie. Sorry this is delayed, but I haven’t been to this particular page for a while. Your symptoms sound very similar to EMS/lyme and co-infections. As I state above, Lyme disease can exacerbate EM sensitivity in MAJOR ways. You have many of the health complaints that I’ve heard from other EM/lyme people. Lyme is not very well understood in the medical area, because of the patent issues involved. Perhaps you will find this gentleman’s discussion interesting.
    I finally found a lyme literate physician in the US who is very knowledgeable, will advise by phone, and is willing to treat with correct antibiotics. Here is contact information:
    Contact Name: Rebecca Keith, FNP-BC
    Phone: 715-798-3557
    If you wish to discuss more information, please feel free to contact me through Lloyd’s new reader Forum. The combination of EMS and Lyme disease is life devastating. I’d be glad to help.

  • M Schultz said,

    To James

    Give up your electric razor.

    I use disposable Schick Quatro replaceable heads. Each head lasts at least a month for me. No shaving cream, just water. Simple quick. I keep one in the car for times when I forgot to shave. Can even shave dry they are so sharp.

    It would seem, judging from the comments so far, that Earthing in an urban environment is not a good idea.

    I was thinking that Earthing would discharge the EMF build up in the body.

    Good sleep is an issue for me. I had hoped that Earthing would help. Now I have my doubts. To bad.

  • sarah said,

    Hi Lloyd, we use a iMac computer, with a wired mouse and keyboard. We have wi-fi turned off, and have the computer hard-wired. We also have an AIO printer, which is also hardwired, no wi-fi. Besides a cactus plant and salt lamp, how else can we reduce the EMF’s? We were thinking to get an earthing pad to use as a mousepad, but it sounds like you recommend grounding the equipment instead. What do you recommend we use for our set up? Can you provide a link with any products we should purchase and from where (a screen filter, etc) or instructions for how to ground the computer. I’m not clear. Thanks, your site is great!

  • sarah said,

    Hi Margie, I have no idea how long you made your post, but have you ever had any genetic testing? It sounds like you might have MTHFR. A friend of mine was just learned she has that genetic mutation, which explains all her health issues and chemical sensitivites, toxic overloads, etc. Please look into this. 23andme is the place where you can get genetic testing.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Sarah
    If your computer has a 3 pin plug then its already grounded. If it has a 2 pin plug, you can ground with a grounding wire as explained in this article – this article also lays out how to minimize exposure to computer radiation.

  • Arthur Fomalhaut said,

    LLoyd and Paul Von,

    I cant wait to get your feedback on this.

    Loyd wrote: >>Also known as stray electricity, ground current or neutral-to-earth voltage, stray voltage can be defined as a current that arises both from design faults in the distribution systems of the electrical utilities.>>

    And? you wrote “both”. Faults my foot. At least in the US is intentional and you know Milham insists 70% or electricity returns through the ground in the US to the stations, when he failed to revamp the return wires they fraudulent and dangerously put it into the ground. A lot of the problem with dirty electricity comes from this, now exacerbated by cell towers, solar, wind and God knows. It is crucial that we find out what the situation is in Europe. I am surprised that you having read “Dirty Electricity” ignore this essential issue in this article. The cows getting ill because of the return currents is how this whole field started, Milham says. They were getting it through the hooves, though also milking machines, etc.

    I wrote to Milham a couple days ago, I am sure he doesnt mind me copying his answer here:

    Sent: Monday, July 22, 2013 1:55 AM
    To: Dr. Milham
    Subject: A quick question about dirty electricity

    Dear Dr. Milham,

    I dare contact you for a quick (possibly dumb, since I am a total layman in electrical matters) threefold question, I will take as little time as possible from you.

    The return currents through the ground you talk about, would have any bearing on people practicing barefoot walking as a means of grounding, in a similar way it was affecting cows? Barefoot walking is advocated by some as a means to “discharge”.

    Likewise, I am appalled by your assertion that you find the currents even in pristine areas and oceans. Isn’t there a way to figure out unaffected areas, such as maybe (just a guess) hills and mountains? (I suppose the currents travel the shortest possible ways, thence makes no sense them climbing up mountains?)

    Have you got any information that the situation here in Europe is as bad as in US about this issue?

    God bless you, Sir, for your service to humankind.

    Much obliged,
    A.F. (Spain)

    Dear AF,

    Grounding or earthing in the US is a bad idea, since it’s the same as hooking your body up to the utility neutral return wire.

    I have carried my oscilloscope into very remote places and to small islands which have never been inhabited or electrified. I find ground voltage there also. Most disturbing is that I find the signals in the air as well, everyplace I’ve looked including the Hawaiian Islands. Maybe it is coming from space. I have no information about Europe. In the US, the grounded Wye system is the problem, especially since the utilties dump most return currents into the ground. Best, sam

    Until this is not clear the whole issue of grounding is moot. People grounding deficiently in US are often apparently frying themselves, with the exception of when in the beach. Interestingly, Indian teachers of same and related matters consider sea sand the best possible substance to walk on.

    Ball is on your side Lloyd.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Arthur: Excellent post, and glad you’re continuing to research and disseminate information on EM radiation dangers. Bravo on your tenacity! The grounding issue has become a very convoluted picture, as many new age “Earth Grounding” sites have absolutely no clue of how distorted and dangerous our EM environment has become. The notion that the Earth’s magnetic fields and ionospheric layers are still resonating in proper relationship, is naive at best…
    Large scale open atmospheric nuclear testing in the late 50’s and early 60’s caused major shifts in the height and composition of Earth’s ionospheric layers. The flux lines in the magnetosphere are also not eventing in their normal flux densities or field strengths.
    Mr. Milham is most likely measuring aberrant field strength artifacts caused by various HAARP installations, and/or the ELF systems used for submarine surveillances and other covert military technologies. Very large bodies of water make excellent ground planes. Saline ocean’s or large fresh water bodies, generally yield greater core grounding effects. (Except locations with large electrical generation plants nearby.)

    I have an Abstract on more specific EM health effects, but it is much too large for this format. Perhaps you can contact me through the reader’s forum if interested.

  • Lloyd said,

    The grounding issue is moot, despite what some people are saying (principally those selling the mats and sheets)….. some people find it works wonders others find it doesn’t work, it makes things worse…my experience is that its beneficial in certain circumstances (as I’ve already explained) and this is why I encourage people to try it. Ultimately you have to listen to your body on this….

  • Margie said,

    Hi Paul Von,
    Sorry I am so late replying.
    I want to thank you for being so kind in passing along the URL website:p://
    I will copy the info and take it with me to my ‘enviro-doctor’.
    This certainly a very informative and caring website.

  • Margie said,

    Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for being so kind as to pass on this info on
    I had never heard of this. I will certainly look into it.

  • sarah said,

    Thanks Lloyd! Yes, computer cable is a 3 pin. Do you think it is necessary/worthwhile to get shielded cables or a shielded power strip (the power strip is also a 3 pin?) on our office set-up? If so, from where could we purchase that? Thank you!

  • sarah said,

    Maybe also a radiation filter for our iMac desktop screen? Would that be good? Do those have to be grounded? Where can we purchase one of those too? Thanks Lloyd!

  • Lloyd said,

    Shielding is only necessary if the cables etc are in close proximity to where you sit, lessemf sells conductive plastic shielding sleeves. I’ve not found radiation filters for monitors to be very effective.

  • Sue said,

    Hi Sarah,

    You mentioned using an iMac. We have one too. According to my Cornet 85EDXS radio frequency meter, ours puts out a lot of RF. I looked on the net and found that this is typical of iMac’s. Even though your wifi is disabled and the keyboard, mouse and internet are wired, you are most likely exposing yourself to a pretty intense field of RF each time you use your iMac.

    My sweetie loves his iMac, so I ordered VeilShield from and encased the computer with it. Once the wrinkles are smoothed out,
    you can barely see it, the images on the screen are sharp and clear. Doing so reduced the RF. I also taped on some thin aluminum foil on the back of iMac which reduced the RF further. If you try this, don’t use the heavy duty alumin foil because it can cause the iMac to heat up, speaking from experience :).

    Btw, aluminum foil is highly reflective, meaning it will reflect any RF from neighbors’ wifi and cell phone towers that is already present in the room, and that reflection adds to the existing RF in the room. Fortunately, the back of our computer faces the wall, so the RF in our room is reflecting into the wall of the house.

  • Arthur Fomalhaut said,


    thank you and sorry if I sounded harsh, I just try to nail down details of my interest (I am an avid barefoot walker). You made it clear that the only way is to measure the environment. I am seeing now I will eventually will have to buy equipment, had resisted till now. What a crazy world. On a positive note, I still feel beaches and mountains have to be good, they feel great.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Arthur
    No offense taken by your remarks at all, I’m here to help open minded truth seekers. I’d prefer it though if you could keep your comments on topic (I’m not referring to our exchanges here, I’m referring to your (interesting) comments on the train crash). Thanks.

  • Arthur Fomalhaut said,


    thank you as always; I seem unable to post at the forum at the moment, it would not go in ¡¿ and it appears this software doesnt allow personal messages or you show your e-mail in your profile

    so at the risk of being off-topic, pardon just this one Lloyd,

    you offer me a sort of treatise of all nice effects in this business of ours? I gladdly accept, since I am an eager compiler of effects. My list, even when just stating barely the effect, covers several pages! which I believe should appall anybody left with a brain who might read it. I am always open to perfect it. So I dont know, could you open a thread just pasting it?

    I find it so funny to have my long list of effects handy, because tells me so much of the world. For example, I listen to a local radio program on health, taking listeners calls/queries. It is so funny/distressing/idiotic to see my list spoken out day after day, some 90% of calls -not denying other playing factors to make people ill- and the doctor (even when a good naturist doctor) HAS NOT A BLOODY CLUE. He does well though in ordering people to take melatonin, but I wonder if that wont finish off the pineal for good. Example: lady calls she is distressed her hearts beats like mad when at home, and she cannot sleep. Next call: person suffering from dizzines. Nex call: person suffering impotence. On and on.

    I am figuring out logical further effects, also have theories on kind of “esoteric” effects, beyond this life. Example of the former: we have: fatigue, poor motor function, less eye-hand coordination, mental fogginess, dizziness, sudden drowsiness during daytime… what does that suggest? PRONENESS TO ACCIDENTS FOR FRACK’S SAKE. When I ve been exposed and walk for example on difficult ground I clearly feel that I could easily fall down or make a fatal mistake.

    You know there has been a train accident in Spain killing 80? Clearly the driver made a blunder/had a distraction. Not to make a clear point, but I read about him, and seems to me like an avid addicted cellphone user, calling just before and after the accident, even when covered in blood, all the time; besides trains and soon planes you know are EMR lethal these days, there was a study with all the people using cell-phones and wireless inside the train, radiation doesnt come out too well, it is bottled-up inside the train, making it an electromagnetic hell: I suppose there are heavy issues with dirty electricity as well. Anyways….
    Last night investigators were probing whether Garzon had been talking on his mobile when his train derailed while apparently doing 118mph – more than twice the speed limit

  • Arthur Fomalhaut said,

    Sorry one more thought: I think it was from Lloyd I learnt we must not call in vehicles because radiation increases when the phone franctically searches the changing closer antennas. Well, that train normally travels in the order of 200 km/hour. Imagine the EMR. The man must have his brain well microwave-cooked for at least 10 years now.

  • Margie said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Thanks for this wonderful site.
    Quick question regarding; does your internet cables need sheilding ?
    How close to where you sit would you consider they would need shieding?
    Mine are roughly 38 inches is this considered close enough to need shielding ?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Margie
    It’s impossible to say what a “safe” distance is….rather than shielding existing internet cables its easier and more effective to replace un-shielded cables with shielded ones, see

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Arthur
    Are you still unable to post to the forum? What browser are you using? Have you tried with a different browser?

  • M. Schultz said,

    Question for Sue:

    You said you encased the iMac with a shield. Encased implies covered on all sides. If it were truly encased why would you need to add aluminum to the backside?

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Arthur: It is refreshing to read your posts, as I sense your care and concern for what is befalling us all. You asked: ‘what does that suggest?’
    The human sensory system extends beyond this time and place. It is an extremely complex system – and includes all the essential aspects of higher sentience. Thus the experience that is centered in this world, also affects that which is beyond the disturbances of this world.
    When first reading of the train accident in Spain, it was obvious to me that the engineer was distracted by his phone. There were also other distractions in the cab, many of which his sensory systems were no longer able to tolerate. I usually don’t have to wait for news reports…
    Yes, waxing esoteric here, but feel it is a valid message and concept. I will attempt to post to your forum, and pass on contact information there.
    Thank you for you patience Lloyd and readers. My posts are often long…

  • Sue said,

    Answer for M. Schultz

    This is what I’ve observed – According to my Cornet 85EDXS RF meter and the way my body feels, VeilShield does not stop all of the iMac’s RF’s from coming through to the computer user. Aluminum foil is a better RF shield than Veilshield, but you can’t see through aluminum. So I combine them both to further reduce the RF.

  • Ron said,

    Do you think the Stetzer filters are a waste of money?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Absolutely not. Better to eliminate the source of the DE first and then if DE levels are still high using Stetzer filters can be very effective, see

  • richard levine said,

    I used my “CellSensor” and determined that our carport refrigerator is sending EMF’s through the wall and reaching our bed. I’d like to shield it, but can only find expensive shielding foil. Is there anything else I can use?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Richard
    It all depends what you are trying to shield if its RF radiation, mylar blankets are a very cheap solution (see my amazon store) if its magnetic fields its much more difficult….start by getting some reliable readings with a Trifield meter or equivalent this will save you money in the long run.

  • SUSAN SCAIA said,

    How does earthing work while plugging something into the wall and getting the stream of electricity through the cord and into the bed?

  • Harold MacDonald said,

    Susan;if you look at the wall receptacle, you will see two sets of holes/outlets. Look at one set of three. They are each different in shape; two different size, parallel vertical slots. Below is an opening shaped like a doghouse. This is the Earthing / grounding port. This is a neutral connection only going to ground. This takes any EMF or dirty electricity to the planets earth and hopefully neutralizing it.

  • Bill said,

    Is it safe for me to ground in my bedroom. There is a smart meter outside of my bedroom on my neighbors house. I do not have one on my home yet. I’m still fighting not to get one. There is a Burglar alarm on my house. The home is hard wired but the unattached garage is armed wirelessly to my alarm. With this set up should I not ground? I don’t want to become an antenna. Bill

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Bill
    My advice is not to ground in a high EMF environment (see my article and comments above)….what constitutes a high EMF environment is subjective….so ideally the first thing you need to do is measure your exposures and then ground as necessary.

  • M Schultz said,


    I am planning to build a new house. Should I run my wiring in conduit? The common practice is to use Romex without conduit. Will the conduit protect against EMF pollution?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    There are 2 ways to reduce EMF exposures from your wiring:
    1. use metal conduits to protect ordinary (Romex or similar) wiring – typically you’d only use conduits in ‘sensitive’ areas (bedrooms etc)
    2. use shielded wiring
    option 2 which offers superior all round protection (conduits are difficult to use in floors and are more prone to improper installation etc) – click on the lessemf banner (above right) for purchase information

  • Sue said,

    I’ve been experimenting with grounding in a way that offers people who are completely unaware of being affected by EMF’s and benefits of grounding to discover that they ARE being affected, and that grounding helps them. It takes less than 10 minutes.

    I’ve tried it on 5 people so far (friends and bodywork clients). I didn’t tell them ahead of time what to expect when they did the experiment. Instead, I asked them one on one to turn their cell phone completely off and invited them to close their eyes and take a few moments to tune into their current physical, mental and emotional state.

    Once they were done, I had them place either bare feet or a bare hand on the earth for about a minute or so. (This is earth that doesn’t have what some people call “stray voltage” or neutral wire current traveling through the earth back to the supply). Then asked them to tune into their physical, mental and emotional state again.

    After that, I asked them to walk off the bare earth, turn on their cell phones, call home and leave a message on their recorder. Then asked them to turn their cell phone completely off and tune in again to the three states.

    Once they did this, I had them ground with bare feet or hands again for about a minute and asked them to tune in. Then asked them what they noticed.

    4 out of 5 people reported feeling “scattered” or that their mind was “jumbled” or “going in lots of different directions” after using their cell phone
    for just that short time. When they were physically grounded, they described feeling “clear mentally” and “calm”. This was enough to alert them through first-hand experience that they ARE being affected adversely and discover a benefit of grounding.

    The 5th person and my close friend who didn’t notice a difference when tuning in regardless of what she was doing, sleeps next to a large bank of smart
    meters and a bank of electrical power panels on the other side of the her condo’s bedroom wall. She also lives in an area that has lots of cell phone towers.

    I’m wondering if this intense exposure deadens her capacity to notice a difference? Like if EMF’s could be likened to noise, would it be as if she is living in constant deafeningly loud noise? When she comes to my place which has much less EMF’s and uses her cell phone,
    it’s too quiet for her to hear because the jack-hammer noise she is used to deafens her?

    I’m also wondering if one of the reasons most people don’t notice being affected by their cell phone is that they simply don’t stay tuned into how their body feels and mind is operating when they are using cell phones and wifi; they are busy focusing on other things? And they aren’t grounded so have nothing to compare to?

    Any thoughts?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Cell phones (and their accompanying radiation) can have a very profound effect on people on a conscious level….your 4 out of 5 test underlines this, I suspect in a bigger sample the figure would be lower because a lot of people don’t want to admit that their cell phones affect them in this way. And then there’s the numbing-dumbing-deadening effect of these radiation exposures coupled with other toxic exposures in our food, in the air, in the chemicals we put on our skin as observed in the 5th person you observed…interesting stuff.

  • Kathleen Egbert said,

    My muscle testing indicates that soft tissue calcification and excess cholesterol deposition is occurring in those exposed to high EMF environments. I interpret this as the body trying reinforce the soft tissues with the materials at hand as an adaptive mechanism to protect itself. It most likely works to a point, but I suspect that in time, too much adaptation of these types will result in tissues too clogged up to function adequately.
    So look out for the atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis, elevated blood pressure, dementia, scleroderma, arthritis, bone spurs, tinnitis, etc.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Good information Kathleen. The ‘etc’ will surely be an extremely long list of diseases and ailments.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Sue: In one part of your comments you said: “4 out of 5 people reported feeling “scattered” or that their mind was “jumbled” or “going in lots of different directions” after using their cell phone for just that short time.”

    That’s exactly what happens to a friend of mine after he spends a few days away from the cell towers and wi-fi in the small town where I live. He’s a musician/song writer, and was having problems with his work a few years ago. His music and sense of wellness changed dramatically after moving back to the woods last year. He said he noticed it within a day or two, but felt increasingly better after a week or so.

    When he does local gigs, visits, or regular shopping etc. he gets scattered and depressed for hours after returning home. He ditched his cell phone altogether after having the same reaction over and over. He says my tips on getting clear of cell phones and grounding was the best thing that’s happened in his career in years. He has a big copper grounding stake outside his cabin, and grounds himself often. It works for him!

    Your experiment is totally valid, and is identical to the results my local acupuncturist is seeing in her clients when they come in. She has a totally EM free office, and uses grounding sheets or pads to get her clients “down” before applying traditional acupuncture methods. Some people are so wrought up they get emotional during the grounding, but it’s just the release of all the EM neurological clutter.

    In any case, Bravo for tuning people into tuning out the cell phone insanity. Best regards.

  • Margie said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Not sure where to post this sad story from the Nov 1/13 WEEP newsletter.
    (The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution)

    David Carrick Colling December 8, 1956 – October 29, 2013

    A tragic death has occurred in Ontario. David Colling was conducting an assessment of ground current (stray voltage) at a farm near to Port Perry, Ontario, on Thursday October 24th. He went to check around the farm transformer and soon after, was found unconscious. He had been electrocuted. He was airlifted to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto but died on Tuesday 29th October.

    David specialised in ground current electrical problems on dairy farms. For the past several years David has been assisting dairy farmers around Ontario by conducting detailed electrical testing and finding ways of mitigating significant ground current (stray voltage) issues.

    He is well known and was well respected amongst Ontario dairy farmers. He has probably saved countless farm animals from death and serious illness and also helped many farm families to recover their health or avoid serious illnesses.

    In recent years David’s expertise has also been greatly needed and appreciated by rural communities affected by wind farms. He has measured and documented severe problems caused by high frequencies on the electrical systems in and around wind farms. He has been helping several families who have been unable to live in their homes because of the high frequency pollution that wind turbines are causing on electrical systems.

    I first met David nine years ago, when he, as a farmer, was having ground current problems severely affecting his cows and I was also having ground current problems which caused me cancer and had made me very ill. We have been friends since then.

    His expertise is irreplaceable and he will be greatly missed by many.

    I blame David’s death directly on Hydro One for having a dangerous electrical system, being negligent and not taking the problem of ground current seriously. I also I blame the Ontario Energy Board for failing to deal properly with the ground current problem, when they were ordered to by the Ontario Government. The OEB held hearings and made rules about ground current about four years ago, but they obviously failed in their responsibilities, otherwise David would not have been called to deal with a ground current problem at a farm a many miles from his home.

    Martin Weatherall
    Co Director WEEP

  • Margie said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Forgot to add my question to the above story.This nice man came to check my home for EMF problems last March. I could hardly believe what I was reading.
    He told me then he did these checks for large dairy farmers. When he got to my place he was just leaving his prior job for that day which was to do a check for a farmer who had a 500 herd dairy farm. I couldn’t help but say at the time this is not farming. David agreed and said;”No, its not farming, its called factory farming and everything is automated”.

    The question is; since the Ontario Energy Board did nothing about stray ground current problems in Ontario, does that mean many of us in rural and urban communities may well be walking on the very route this huge amount of stray current is taking to get back to the electrical utility plant ?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Margie
    I’m very sorry to hear about David. Not very uplifting – but people do need to know about these dangers.
    Re your question: its a real possibility that many of us are being unknowingly exposed to these stray voltages.

  • Harold MacDonald said,

    Being a long time all round electrician , this you can take to the bank; electricity will always try to take the shortest route possible. It can be capricious and at times zig-zag if there are pockets of, say, minerals, saline deposits, etc., liken it to Lightning, basically the same action. My experience here has found this to be intermittent. This I believe to be the actions of the Power companies dumping excess electricity to ground/earth when demand is low. Very costly to shut down huge generators.

  • Sue said,

    Hi Paul Vonharnish,

    That’s great to hear how your musician friend is doing now that he grounds and stays away from EMF’s as much as possible! Good work :)

    The fact that your local acupuncturist is so aware, has an EMF-free office and uses grounding in her practice is great to hear. Lucky patients :).

    Is there a way I can get this acupuncturist’s information? I’d like to contact her. I work for an acupuncturist who uses a lot wireless office technology and I’d like to pass on any information she has about her choices to him – if he’s interested.

    “EM neurological clutter” is a nice description of what happens. When I work at home, which has less EMF’s than the office, I sometimes notice a sense of “extra frequencies” in a client’s body when I first touch them. It is quite disconcerting because it feels as though my body is plugged into the extra frequencies too for as long as I touch them. I ask them to step outside and ground for a few moments before I continue to work on them. After grounding, they feel fine to touch.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Margie: Very sad to hear the story regarding David Carrick. He’s only one of hundreds of people who have been trying to help dairy and cattle farmers face the facts when it comes to the electrical grid. Donald Hillman and Mike Holt have been out there in the trenches for years.
    ALL pages that suggest “grounding” as a health panacea are false and misleading. I’ve read them all, and the people who suggest grounding for health are technically illiterate, and just plain wrong. The worldwide electrical grid is an engineering disaster. It’s trash, and there is no way to “fix” it. The utilities and communications companies are pumping over 10 tera watts into the grid at any given moment. This power factor is planet wide, and it’s destroying the entire ecosystem.
    As usual, Ontario Energy is in collusion with the utilities companies, who know damn well the grid is nothing but an antiquated pile of engineering junk. The centralized grid needs to be scraped, and no amount of political avoidance is going to save the planet from this idiocy of design. Nicola Tesla was a charlatan and just plain wrong. People need to get over it.

  • James said,

    @ Paul Vonharnish

    Could *someone* explain in plain english how a homeowner with a multimeter can see if indeed he has “stray voltage” on his ground line? From the strong language chosen it would seem like this should be very easy to demonstrate if indeed it is *planet-wide* and present without fail–destroying the entire eco-system. Throw us a bone so we don’t have to listen to “the technically illiterate”.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello James: It sounds like you might be a bit frustrated, and I don’t blame you. There are several considerations when testing for a floating ground field.
    1.) What frequencies are present? The primary AC (alternating current) in home electrical grids in the US and Canada is 60 cycles, and in Europe and other countries it is 50 cycles. To test with a multimeter you want the meter switched to “AC” voltage. Begin by connecting the black lead to the Neutral pin at the outlet, and the other at the Ground pin on the outlet. There should be a zero reading between these two potentials. Any reading above zero would represent a ground fault. Also try it with the meter switched to DC (direct current) This reading should also be zero.
    If your readings show a voltage, you still have yet to determine what frequencies are present. This usually requires an oscilloscope, or a frequency counter, or preferably a spectrum analyzer. A typical multimeter will not tell you at what frequencies the induced voltage fault is occurring. In modern environments, this could be numerous frequencies induced into the grounding system from switchmode power supplies, wireless “smart meters” or other broadcast devices. Many cheap analog multimeters will fail to respond to these currents, so a digital test meter is a good place to start. Do this same test with the black lead connected to the Ground pin, and the other pin held firmly between your fingers. This will test “body voltage” relative to ground. This voltage reflects how much induced charge the body is acquiring from the ambient electrical field where you happen to be standing. In many cases you will see somewhere between .8 and 3.2 volts present. As you walk around the house or move away from electrical cords and outlets, the voltage will fluctuate. I’ve even seen electricians trace hidden wiring in the walls by turning themselves into temporary antennas like this. These are potentially destructive voltages to the body system, and present in nearly all modern environments.
    The idea of grounding your body is to place the body at the same voltage as Ground by using a grounding mat or sheet. But it’s not all that simple, as creating the body ground also makes your body (especially the spine) into a wonderful monopole antenna. If you use the same multimeter test now, you will see zero voltages because you’re at the same (apparent) voltage as ground. However, this is a very deceiving test, because it tells you nothing about whether there might be high frequency wireless signals being induced into your neurological system or biological cells. A mutimeter cannot measure this kind of induction, so you can only estimate exposure using a trifield meter or high frequency ambient field meter.
    2.) If you do the same tests but are grounding to a copper stake driven into the ground outside, you will undoubtedly have different body charge readings, but you’re still reading overall body charge, not induced high frequency voltages. It is good practice to measure between your ground stake outside, and Ground pins at outlets inside the home. If this reading is not zero in both AC and DC settings, you have a voltage induction occurring somewhere in your home wiring. Also check between your ground stake outside and Neutral pins at outlets. This should be a zero reading, but often it is not.
    Please understand that this is a condensed discussion of a potential ground fault problem, and does not address all the issues caused by wireless digital broadcast being impressed or induced into the grid. However, this would be a good starting point in a basic testing process for your home or business. Hope that helps a bit.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi James & Paul
    Excellent information from Paul here – thanks. James – I used the same technique with a Multimeter to measure the effectiveness of grounding shoes, see

  • Margie said,

    I just want to say thank you to both Harold MacDonald and Paul Vonharnish for taking time to reply.
    This is certainly sign of our times when we cannot even trust our utility company’s to run a safe system.Greed and profits are the name of the game.
    Quote:”Until you change the way money works, you change nothing!”

  • Sue said,

    Hi Paul,

    Nice writeup on how to use the multimeter to test the neutral, ground and body voltage.

    You mentioned spectrum analyzers. Do you know if any hand-held spectrum analyzer with a directional antenna is sensitive enough to pick up signals from cell phone antennas and towers anywhere from 1 – 4 miles away?

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Sue: Your acupuncturist friend may find this article of interest. It sounds like you’re “channeling” scrambled neuro/etheric energy from initial contact with clients. I’ve heard of this happening with chiropractic persons also. Try to influence your clients toward coming a bit early (15 min) so they can neutralize or tune to your habitat for a short while before treatment. You can also offer a bowl of warm sea salt water for a hand rinse just before contact. My friend uses a hewn wood bowl and small linen towel. It’s a pleasant little ceremony, and prepars the client for their part in the healing. She also uses allot of natural tuning devices in her ambient environment. She had all office walls hand finished in clay adobe before painting. A nice collection of beach stones, drift wood, wool mats, willow, etc. in the waiting area. Soft scents like Sandalwood, Jasmine, Lavender in the background. Healing is all about caring…

  • Harold MacDonald said,

    Yesterday[ Nov.12 ],got my Digital multimeter out to test for ambient radiation. In my kitchen with the setting on 2 volt AC, just holding the – prod with my right hand fingers,and waving the + around in the air without touching the other prod with my left hand fingers, at chest height ,I was getting a reading from 0.32++v up to 0.4++v .This tells me that I am a monopole antenna as Paul said in his posting. The closer I walked to my new stove with all the new technology in it, the higher the reading became.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Harold MacDonald: Glad to see you’re checking out your EM situation. Great fun, eh? Try the same process with your negative test probe held to a local ground. Let us know what those voltages readings look like. Body charge usually measures higher as a potential to ground. When you do the test you mention above, you’re measuring a body static “capacitance” charge relative to an ion charge in the air. Do you live in the USA? Thanks.

  • Harold MacDonald said,

    To Paul.
    Some quick tests; Tester on AC,2 Volt scale.
    Neg. prod to grounding screw of wall plate ,+ free of hand =.111 to.116 ,fluctuating.
    Neg. to ground plate screw,+ prod held in hand = .504 to .350 fluctuating.
    Neg. prod to common/neutral outlet + free of hand = .070 to .073, fluctuating.
    Neg,prod to common neutral outlet + prod held in hand + .395 to .295 fluctuating.
    Hope this is of use. This insidious radiation can sure play havoc with your body. I would for sure be a basket case if I hadn’t covered all my windows and out-side doors with Shielding fabric. Still not finished , have to go further.
    I live in Canada, west coast.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Harold MacDonald: Thanks for getting back to us with your AC meter readings. These are actually a bit lower than some I’ve taken, but still not a happy face. It’s important to note that we still don’t know what frequencies are present in your readings, but my guess is that the majority is 60-cycle magnetic field induction.
    To put things in perspective, here’s a quote from Section 16 of the 2012 BioInitiative report, found on pages 7&8:

    “Starting from cell cultures maintained in a pre-industrial environment (less than 4 nT 60-Hz MF), our 5 cancer cell lines were exposed to constant ELF-MFs within the range of 0.025 to 5 μT, and the cells were examined for karyotype changes after 6 days.
    As shown in Table 2, all cancer cells lines lost chromosomes from MF exposures, with a mostly flat dose-response. It seemed that the number of chromosomes lost was more specifically connected to the particular cell type than to the MF level, although the two erythro-leukemia cell types both showed a dose-response between 25 and 400 nT.”

    “4 nano tesla is an estimated pre-industrial 60-cycle magnetic field. In the test experiment, it is found that fields as low as 25nt had biological effects on cells.”
    BioInitiative Report 2012

    The readings you report are occurring in the millivolt range (.350 – .504 T). Divide this by 25 nano tesla (.000000025 T) and the picture gets pretty grim. If you built a simple 12 inch square aluminum foil antenna, then held this and your + probe in one hand whilst grounding the other probe, you’d be amazed at the readings. Walk around the house or turn the antenna in different directions and it’s like science fiction, only for real. Thanks again.

  • k jennings said,

    Hi there – just a question for you. Is it possible to ground yourself by turning the tap on and washing your hands?

  • k jennings said,

    Or buy touching a radiator?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Washing your hands under a running tap is not my conception of grounding….grounding takes time….trying to do it under a running tap it would be extremely wasteful. Grounding with a radiator…possibly, you could also be exposing yourself to stray voltage. I don’t regard either of these practices as effective ways to ground.

  • Melinda Hood said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I am about to get a new laptop. I am going to go from an older Mac to a pc. Is it really that important to get a solid state drive for EMF reduction or is it enough to go with something like an HP Envy with an AMD processor that has a newer chip set?
    Any suggestions? I do have to use a laptop, so I am trying to make an intelligent purchase and keep the emf’s as low as possible.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    EMF emissions from computers vary so much, even identical models from a manufacturer can have vastly different EMF exposure levels due to different components being used……the only way to act with any certainty is to test with an EMF meter/s before you buy.

  • Melinda Hood said,

    Thank you Lloyd.

  • M Schultz said,

    If you house is plumbed with metal pipes and water does conduct current then washing your hands should facilitate grounding as long as the water is running on your hands. similarly, if you plug the drain when you shower, then you are standing in water, the water is connected to the pipe drain and then to the ground. So if you have metal pipes you should be grounded while showering.

    I don’t understand the comment “grounding takes time” electric current moves in a matter of milliseconds.

  • Bill said,

    Hello M Schultz. Before you get all excited about having found an earth ground in your bath tub. You need to check your plumbing with the Gauss meter. I have discovered that the water line coming out of the floor in my basement gives me full scale deflection on the Gauss meter. And that is on any scale. An electrician came out and ran a ground line from the water line to the electrical panel. This has only reduced the E.M.F. on the water line by a small percentage. Now I have full scale E.M.F. reading on the ground wire the electrician installed. I am at a total loss. I may have made the problem worse, I don’t know. So please be careful and check your water line before you hang out in the bath. Bill from Euclid Ohio.

  • Sue said,

    M Schultz said, “I don’t understand the comment “grounding takes time” electric current moves in a matter of milliseconds.”

    Chiming in on this..I find the longer I am grounded
    the better I feel, regardless of the speed in which electric current moves. If my body had a battery, it would be as though being grounded for awhile recharges it. At the same time, my nervous system seems to calm down. So I imagine there is more at work here than just the quick discharge of electrical current from my body into the ground. Perhaps being directly connected to the earth’s frequencies resets the bio-electric fields in cells so cellular communication flows more easily?

  • Ashley said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I have a desktop in my bedroom. Right next to the bed. No other printers or scanners or like. In such a scenario, would you advise that I use an earthing mat while using my desktop?

    Thanks for your advice in advance.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Make sure your computer is earthed but I don’t advise earthing while you’re using your computer for the reasons outlined above. Also, if you do have to have a computer in your bedroom make sure you unplug it at night.

  • Gordon said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Lot’s of great info on the site, unfortunately some of took the wind out of my sails in reference to grounding.

    I live on the 23rd floor of a high-rise in Chicago and work from my home which includes multiple electronic devices.

    I recently purchased a grounding mat from a popular site and was planning to use it as often as possible.

    Based on what I’m reading here, it may not be the best idea. For the record, I only have two grounded outlets in my bedroom and not a lot of electrical devices.

    In your opinion, is it a safe roll of the dice to sleep with the mat?


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    People discover grounding and then assume that its going to ‘solve all their problems’…….grounding has its pros and cons as laid out in my article and as laid out in the many messages on this page. I can’t predict if grounding would work for you….given your environment its quite possible that it won’t be beneficial….if and when you do try it you need to keep this in mind.

  • Sue said,

    Hi Gorden,

    I’d like to add that you probably don’t know the quality of the highrise’s electrical ground which you would be connecting the mat and yourself to as you sleep. If the ground has any kind of dirty electricity riding on it, which is a possibility, you would unknowingly connect your body directly to the dirty electricity. And being on the 23rd floor, I don’t know how you could check this out before hand.

    You may have wifi and DECT phone signals coming in your home coming from the neighbors, even if you don’t have these yourself, and dirty electricity from all the electronics being used in the highrise as well as from other electrical utility company customers’ homes. You are wise to question whether or not you want to sleep on a grounded mat which may make you the path of least resistance to all of these signals if they are present, even with a good ground.

    Good luck in finding ways to help yourself.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Sue and Gorden: Great answer Sue! Very clear!

    To Gorden: Living in an elevated apartment situation in a major city like Chicago is problematical at best. I’d return the “grounding mat” for a refund, or pass it on to someone who can make proper use of it.

    You would do best to focus on high frequency RF shielding materials for windows, walls, ceilings and floors. This link is to one of the best quality EM shielding and mitigations sites in the world. Their spectrum analyzers, directional probes, and shielding products are world class.

    There are other sites offering shielding materials in the US, and Lloyd has provided good links to some of these.

    Any stray ELF (low frequency) power line radiations can be a hazard too, but these are much less destructive to DNA than the “wireless” radiations. You will need a proper low frequency (60 cycle) meter to check for any ELF issues, but I’d be more concerned with cellular phone towers, wi-fi mesh systems, and digital television broadcast noise invading your environment.

    Shielding from all this RF chaff won’t be cheap, but dying a slow and excruciating death ain’t much fun either…

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The ED78S measures radio frequency radiation (as emitted by cell phones, wifi etc) and magnetic fields (as found in electrical wiring etc)….it can’t measure Fukushima type nuclear radiation.

  • Dr. Patricia Allen said,

    Will the ED78S also measure radiation?

  • Federico said,

    Hello! You are sharing a very interesting information. Thank you for that!

    I have buyed a couple of this products:

    So this makes the phone to loose the signal bars up to no service. Is this good to avoid the radiation or even worse because the cellphone is forced to continuously look for signal ?
    I hope my question that make sense.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    If you’ve no signal bars on your cell phone this means your cell phone is having to work even harder to maintain a connection with the cell towers…which means its emitting high levels of radiation (the maximum)…..which is exactly what you need to avoid…..its exactly why these products are so dangerous – my free report has more complete information on this.

  • Federico said,

    Thank you for your response!
    I have another question. If I put that product between my leg and the celphone, does that protect me a bit from the electromagnetic pollution? Is there a material that I can put there to make like a wall before my leg/body?
    I try to have the celphone at least 1 meter away on my desk/bed but when I walk and walk its impossible to have it away.

  • Nina Alviar said,

    I am so sorry to be thick about this- but I need to know if its safe for me to use earthing products in my environment. I work 10 hours a day with ipads, iphones, laptops all on a wifi router that is in the same room as I am.
    Is earthing safe/effective for me?

  • Lambert Lorette said,

    Just read your latest letter (3.13.14) and wanted to say that I do appreciate your help in this area, and your excellent standard of things that are actually helpful. Thanks for giving – Cheers, L

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Thanks Lambert

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Nina Alviar: I would not ground myself in this high EM environment, for the simple reason that your body becomes a fractal dipole antenna in these sorts of environments. The human spine, neuro-sensory systems, and actual biological cells are not designed for man-made RF and digital broadcast frequencies. Lloyd has a number of explanatory pages regarding this issue. Please refer to his pages on cellular phone and wi-fi exposures.
    The equipment you are exposing yourself to is LETHAL to biological cells and neurological systems. EM induction illness can permanently destroy your health and the health of all those in your vicinity. Get rid of this equipment, and don’t look back.

  • Matty said,

    I’m feeling confused by the info on grounding. I’m making serious attempts to reduce EMFs at home & the office.

    I have used a multi-meter to see my AC body voltage, and the corresponding drop to 0.000 when grounded.

    Considering that neither my home nor office would be what I consider a low EMF environment, am I causing more harm?

    How do I know if I’m becoming an EMF antenna? Would that be an increase in body Voltage?

  • Matty said,

    I’m also not so sure my home or office would be considered HIGH EMF either, for the record.

  • Liz said,

    I have made some interesting observations. I have an earthing mat. I also have a body voltage meter. Let’s say I’m sitting down, and my body voltage equals 300 volts. If I attempt to ground myself using the grounding outlet, I can bring it down to 100 volts. I assume this is due either to improper grounding of the wires or perhaps even dirty electricity. If I ground myself to the earth, I can bring it down to almost 0 volts. If I understand your article correctly, this reduction is not desirable because it means that my body is acting as an antenna for the electricity in my environment to ground itself. Instead I should ground myself somewhere where there is no electrical current. However, even if the electricity is flowing through me, isn’t it a good thing that at that moment in time, I am not carrying any voltage? I’m obviously exposed to it anyway. Wouldn’t letting it “flow off” be a good thing rather than have it either “collect” or stay “stagnant in me? What else would be the purpose of a grounding mat? If they turned people into electrical conduits then surely there wouldn’t be so many people experiencing improved health because I am sure many of them do not switch off the circuits around their computers or beds at night. Or am I missing something? I’d be grateful for any explanation or assistance. Thank you!

  • Liz said,

    Oops, I made a mistake on my figures.
    Here they are revised:

    My body voltage at rest 0.300 volts.
    My body voltage when grounded to the outlet 0.100 volts.
    My body voltage when grounded to the earth 0.003 volts.

    So sorry! I messed up on the decimal placement!

  • Matty said,

    I too would love to hear Lloyd’s thought on this issue, as we’re both asking the same thing in different ways.

    FWIW my readings using electric port grounding goes from about 0.340 to 0.003-0.000.

    So we clearly have a different ground from one another Liz.

    Hopefully we can get some expertise light shone on the matter!

  • Ann said,

    Although I don’t have meters to measure my body’s grounding effects from the grounding sheet, I will relate my ADVERSE REACTION to the grounding sheet: Initially I slept 3 straight nights on the new grounding sheet and enjoyed normal sleeping after about a year of terribly interrupted sleep, severe itching, etc. I was thrilled, UNTIL the 4th night when ALL of that returned in full force. I stopped using the grounding sheet of course but had no idea why I reacted thus. Several months ago I emailed one of the Earthing Book’s authors seeking an answer which was: Severe EMS persons need to start grounding products VERY minimally and gradually work up. I have yet to start again as, quite frankly, I don’t trust it any more, and then I read Paul’s explanation/warning of grounding – thank you, Paul! I had loaned the gr. sheet out to a friend who is basically an insomniac; her first night was of improved sleep but after that NO improvement. Hmmmm…. thanks for listening and would love feedback!

  • Theresa said,

    Hi, Chemtrail spraying has begun this spring and has made me even more sensitive to emf’s. The spraying is non-stop filling the air with toxic heavy metals causing my body to be more conductive. Just when I was looking forward to getting outside and “earth” now stepping outdoors just fills me with these toxins. They get into the air of our home also. Has anyone had a higher sensitivity develop because of this and if so, what do we do? My chronic inflammation has worsened and am wondering if this will detox out?

  • Dave said,

    If measuring ac body voltage with a multimeter, be aware that the meter leads will also act as an antenna, and the readings might be amplified.
    For example I measured 600mV in the bedroom (close to power wire). Removing *both* leads from the meter (and connecting body to +tive via a very short wire) dropped the reading to around 100mV.

  • Dave said,

    Oops, I meant body charge not voltage. Ie when one of the multimeter leads is connected to nothing.
    For body voltage the lead length will likely not matter so much.

  • Dan said,

    Dear Lloyd,

    I have a question :) I would like to know if earthing is beneficial for me. I bought and ELF meter which can test both electric and magnetic fields, and also an Acousticom 2.

    Below what number should the electric, magnetic and high frequency field be around my bed?

    My bedroom is high frequency shielded, but the wire goes outside into the ground where it can absord high frequency signals from cell phone towers, will that affect the sheet itself as well?

    Thank you so much for your wonderful website.


  • Ann said,

    DAN – I have been told by very knowledgeable people that the Grounding/Earthing Products are NOT helpful to EMS victims and probably adversely affects us. My story is related a few days ago on this site – might be worth you while to check it out plus check in with Kim Goldberg’s site – Refugium – where there are some extremely EMS intelligent people. good to get takes from many sources!

  • Dan said,

    Thank you Ann! I will take a look at Kim Goldberg’s site :)

  • Dan said,

    What about earthing a faraday canopy?

    Is this needed when using one? Or could earthing a faraday canopy have adverse effects?

  • Dave said,

    Dan – for effective shielding of microwave bandwidths, the canopy should be reflective.
    In theory grounding shields should work, but you are never going to get a zero inductance path to earth. Another problem with microwaves is that they will use the wire as a waveguide (like coaxial cable). If this is not terminated correctly the microwaves might reflect back to the earthing shield.
    Personally I would deal with microwaves separately from 50Hz ac fields.
    A good shielding material will also help against high frequency transients – will give -60dB @ 10KHz)

  • Dan said,

    Thank you Dave! I really appreciate your help. :)

    Unfortunately I find it a little bit hard to understand, it’s pretty new to me.

    I live in Amsterdam where there is a lot of high frequency pollution from cell phone towers, smart meters and wifi. I would like to get a canopy to protect myself from that. There may be also low frequency EMF’s from electric wiring for example. My worry is that the canopy will absorb these.. And I don’t know what to do..

    Could you please give a suggestion?

  • steve stapel said,

    Dan, I bought a canopy and a under the bed grounding mat from Aaronia Shield. It was expensive but effective in reducing low frequencies in addition to high freq.

    I grounded the mat to an external copper grounding rod. Measuring electric fields using a Gigahertz 3030B I read 12V/m outside of the canopy and 0 V/m inside the canopy.
    Aaronia Shield has a reputable commercial customer list like Boeing and NATO.

    If interested Google this:
    The 99% lie or why efficient rf and emf screening and …

    5G is now being installed on towers here in USA, might want to keep that in mind when buying a canopy


  • Dan said,

    Thank you Steve!

    So it’s actually very easy to test I see with an ELF meter! I just took a look at the X-dream mats from Aaronia. Would you advice me to use an external grounding rod in an urban area? I”m worried about the wire actually picking up RF signals, maybe a well grounded electrical socket?

    What kind of canopy do you have? :)

  • Ann said,

    Dan – the more i research the Grounding/Earthing products the more I’ve learned to trust my intuition (knowing something was wrong after using the grounding sheet 3 nites). I’ve been told recently by some very EMF knowledgeable persons that the U.S. grid actually causes the elec. to return to the grounding (there are 2 paths – out and back in – so it’s detrimental to ES persons), but supposedly Europe’s system doesn’t do that so you may be o.k. in Amsterdam. As mentioned before, the Refugium site is excellent for ES info, with Canadian author Kim Goldberg’s stories of ES persons. Sounds like you will be one of the ‘experts’ in the near future with predictions of approx. 50% of population will be ES by 2017 – only 3 years!!! So keep on learning for yourself and others out there!

  • steve stapel said,

    Dan, I defer to Lloyds expertise regarding grounding. I will add that I very much agree with Lloyd and Ann that you have to listen to you intuition and your body. That being said I believe when an offending toxin (EMF’s) are removed your body my go through a rough period as it attempts to repair itself. Google Dr. Kinghardt

    I have the Aaronia Shield rectangular canopy 50db damping. On the advice of Paul Vonharnish (very knowledgeable) I used a coax cable to connect the x-dream mat to the ground rod. At the mat connection i connected the center core wire of the coax only, at the ground rod I connected the the center core and the grounding sheath. I installed an 8′ copper ground rod on the opposite side of the house from the electric service, also ground rods need to be far enough away from the house that rain hits the ground where rod is located (not under overhangs)

    A question for Paul might be:could a diode be installed in the connecting wire to prevent stray currents from backing up into the grounding mat?

    Also, I very much recommend doing a phone consultation with Lloyd to speed up learning.


  • Dave said,

    Dan – it is a good idea to measure the levels first. I’ve got the Cornet ED85EXS for microwaves + Gigahertz Solutions ME3840B for emfs caused by the power distribution network. The Gigahertz was a bit more expensive since it differentiates between the pure 50Hz 230V sinusoid that should be emanating from the ac wiring with the (more dangerous) transient produced emfs (motors, fast switching of electric current) which can produce high frequency emfs. The meter measures to 100KHz. And the material cost as much as both meters :-(
    Some meters measure both Low and High freqencies.
    In any case, given your environment microwaves and high powered transients would be my first concern. Together with high 50Hz electromagnetic fields. If you do not live near high ac current carrying lines etc, then they can only come from building wiring. Generally there will not be heavy currents though domestic wiring if everyone is asleep, or the wires are arranged/shielded in an apartment block so they don’t have much effect. In any case we have 50% less magnetic field strengths than the US ;-).
    If 10KHz emfs from mains transients hit my Naturell-Swiss Shield material they should be reflected back with only a millionth getting through. Other reflective fabrics might perform differently.

    Disadvantages, apart from the 50Hz uselessness, is the microwaves get bounced back, so anyone in that path would get a double dose.
    And theoretically a grounded canopy would be much better if it could be correctly terminated to an unadulterated earth. A grounding rod is often impractical, but building earth could not often be recommended. Certainly not for microwaves, or high frequency transients. And if a grounding rod is used it is impossible to be sure it is an earth 100% clean from returning ac or stray currents etc.
    But the Aaronia grounded material does have impressive specs. For me a reflective canopy seems easier – and don’t think theres a risk of much higher than 4GHz at my present environment. And am only reading 12-18 mV/m on the microwave meter in the bedroom. If it had been 1V/m or I was very sensitive, then might of chosen differently. So it does depend a lot on the environment.

    For 50Hz demand switches are probably the quickest solution to both the magnetic and electric fields, if possible.
    If not, and there are too high readings that can’t be rectified via shielding or rerouting, then a grounded solution might be the only way.
    So if you have a rough idea of the frequencies and how much attenuation is wanted, it’s a matter of finding a fabric that blocks those out.
    Still, I’ve not finished the canopy yet so cannot say for certain how well it will operate.

  • Dave said,

    A question for Paul …
    I can answer that. No.

    The only component I can think of that might be ok (apart from a current limiting resistor) is an inductor.
    But only if it is absolutely certain that no HF emfs are entering the body.

    Er, anyway Steve, I did wonder if you had measured microwaves in your canopy?

  • steve stapel said,

    Hi Dave,

    Using an Acoustimeter AM-10,

    on bed – no canopy – peak .18 – .59 V/m, average 1-5 uW/m2

    on bed – with canopy – zero, i can get slight reading from my neighbors
    wi-fi (20′ distance) if I get the meter in just the right spot.

    According to there are 26 towers / 210 antennas within a four mile radius of my house, the closest is 1800′ distance. Also I can detect (with my PC) seven wi-fi’s.

  • Dave said,

    Hi Steve,

    Can’t get better than 0 :) But it looks like you’ve got an horrendous number of transmitters to deal with – certainly compared to my situation. What is it like outside, are there many trees to break it up?

    You mentioned before about stray/return ground currents. I do not know peak/average volume current densities – but assume they are at least twice as large in the US than EU. I would not think that the regular measuring instruments could be relied on to measure those.

    Might, say, a copper cylinder be placed completely around the ground rod – as thick as possible, and as wide as possible – though should think that for a very large diameter, the depth should be increased considerably (or a copper bottom attached to the cylinder).

    I would’ve thought that any volume current component in the horizontal plane would be completely bypassed. With the copper bottom also any vertical component.
    But since the Earths field is vertical, and return ac currents will tend to flow horizontally, maybe the bottom is overkill?

  • steve stapel said,

    Hi Dave,

    The terrain here is very hilly which I hope affords some protection from the transmitters. I lent my meters to a friend when I get them back i will check the outside.

    The copper cylinder idea is interesting, I do know (from working for ferguson/wosley) that larger diameter copper pipe is VERY expensive.

    Lloyd strongly suggets (health issues) I replace my metal bed frame and inner spring mattress, have not done it yet.

    I have a very high electric field (500V/m) in second bedroom, when I turn the power off (via breaker) id drops to (7V/m)….. any ideas?

  • Dave said,

    Hi Steve,

    It will be interesting to see what effect the hills have. There are quite a few trees (tho’ only a single row) round ours – and they seem to give an at least 3dB attenuation for microwaves.

    Technically any conductor would work. So maybe a larger diameter + thickness steel cylinder would work as well as a smaller copper one.

    Thankfully I have always slept on a wooden futton style bed. It makes good sense that a metal frame might act as an antenna. Did Lloyd say what would happen if the frame was earthed? – given the sleeping area in general is emf-free.

    The 500V/m is likely caused by transients. Any type of say light dimming circuit that operates on the mains will cause this. Especially if you are in the US.
    If not from an outside source the 7V/m is a bit trickier – could it be from the ac lines coming into the house? Am assuming the breaker cuts the neutral lines as well. Have you tried to measure any of the lines with a multimeter? Another, maybe unlikely, possibility could be a circuit that has been miswired (though hard to see how if both phases and neutral are disconnected at the breaker). In that case the magnetic field readings (with power on) might be higher than expected.- often mistakes in the wiring circuit cause this.

    I get around 50V/m in the bedroom. If just the lighting/socket circuit is switched off, leaving the rest on, it drops to 0V/m. The magnetic readings with power on seem to be around 25nT (0.25mG) with exceptions .. the Computer gives >2000nT up close.
    The supply is 230Vac.

  • steve stapel said,

    Hi Dave,

    I vaguely recall Lloyd advising someone about bedframe grounding however I don’t recall his advice.

    In the bedroom I replaced every outlet and switch one at a time taking measurements along the way with no reduction in the 500 V/m readings.

    The breaker does not cut the neutral lines. Something I have not tried is taking readings with the main breaker cut….. I need to get my meters back from the person I lent them to.

  • Andrew said,

    Dear Lloyd, I noticed May’s post above referring to ‘electron spin inversion’ as a result of magnetic fields causing ill health….. Is this something you encountered in your quest to get your health back? Or do you think it may be another quack theory preying on vulnerable persons when ill?
    many thanks for your advice.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Andrew
    “Electron Spin Inversion – A condition whereby all electrons in the atoms of the body turn counter clockwise instead of clockwise around their own axis” this isn’t something I explored on my road to recovery…….but I can’t discount that this may in some way explain the symptoms of electrical sensitivity.

  • Jay said,

    EMF’s are effecting me so badly it is hard to think or sleep or read. Is it safe or enough to push a copper pipe into earth outside, wrap a big copper wire around it and route it into the house and bed where my family can just hold on to it while we sleep?

    Thanks so much

  • steve said,


    I grounded my Aaroina shield bed canopy and grounding mat with an outdoor 8′ copper rod (dedicated)…..I then measured the AC and DC voltage between the grounded canopy/mat and the ground in my house wiring…… the DC voltage was in the 350V range, then I went outside and measured between the rod and the earth and had the same high readings.

    There is no one size fits all answer for grounding. Lloyd’s site allot of good information on this subject.


  • Harold MacDonald said,

    I would check the ground area out using a battery operated radio tuned to a station on the higher band that is not broadcasting. Turn up the volume and wave the radio near to the ground,if there is no screeching/static, etc. ok. If there is noise then that could be a sign of dirty electricity. This could be the result of the power co. dumping surplus electricity; not good. I found this out when I tried to ground/earth ,could not do it. But this problem was intermittent as it was not a steady thing, some times showing no dumping at all. This I could not rely on unless I tested every day. To use, a special switch to disconnect when evidence shows it happening, or a clamp easy to dis-connect.

  • James said,

    I’m just throwing this out here as there seem to be a number of very knowledgeable people that could comment.

    Could an acceptably “safe” earthing system be accomplished via a device that disconnects ground in the presence of stray voltage?

    I’m thinking of a low(ish) cost arduino based system that utilizes a cheap oscilloscope or multimeter. If the system detects voltage on the ground beyond a certain (configurable) limit, it disconnects. Or alternatively if is sees a 60Hz wave, etc. As soon as a good ground returns then it re-establishes the connection.

    Fancy green light for “ground is good”, red for “ground currently not acceptable, system disconnected”. It could also log voltages for later perusal.

    I am considering putting in a dedicated grounding pole for earthing, but I keep reading that even if your measurements are low, there is no guarantee that they will stay that way, and that they fluctuate minute by minute.

    I have earthed and felt much better, and earthed and felt horrible–all in the same house with the same ground.

    My theoretical “disconnect when unsafe” system would essentially remove the worry and concern regarding earthing, would it not?

    Interested in discussion. If this works and someone were to kickstarter it I would back it. I would think there might be enough interest in such a device to warrant funding via such a method.

    Sadly I cannot contribute much beyond this idea; I have no programming experience, I just know that the arduino is open and very affordable.

  • Lou said,

    How do you check dirty voltage or body voltage or stray outside voltage before earthing with a multimeter?

  • Jennifer Coy said,

    Hi Lloyd. After listening to your interview with Steven Magee on the weekend, and thank you so much for that, I left with some questions about Earthing. Steven said unequivocally that the Utility’s electrical frequencies go into the ground…which makes walking barefoot in an urban environment…or even a rural environment…dangerous for sensitives. As GPS still works in rural areas…there are obviously radio waves. By the same token, even in part of your home where you have no electronics, if using a grounding sheet on yourself and plugging it into an outlet, you are grounding yourself to the public utility power in your home…not connecting to nature. Because the foundation is electrified. He talked about how to ground your home from the fuse box to the ground rod. Isn’t this the only way that any plug-in Earthing product would be safe to use? I feel like there is some conflicting info on the subject. Thank you for your information!

  • Ethelyn said,

    Does the sheet ‘last’ after washing – especially twice a week?

    What is it made of and what is it’s life expectancy?


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Yes the earthing sheet is designed to be washed. It’s made from cotton and silver thread for the conductivity. I don’t know what the life expectancy is but it’s fairly hard wearing.

  • Paul W. said,

    I can’t use my Earthing pad in a high EMF environment? that’s what I bought it for! I have about 15 cell transmitters on the roof of my apartment building about 30 feet away from me. I covered my ceiling with heavy duty foil, but have not bought an EMF/RF meter yet.
    I was planning on buying a shieldite cube and using the Earthing pad to keep it grounded. Now I’m really confused.

  • debra said,

    Hello Lloyd

    You are really an inspiration to the public. So many people are unaware of these dangerous and unsafe cellphones. I have a quick story to share one night about 6 months ago I was talking to a friend on my cell phone I have a Samsung flip phone. while she and I were having our conservation chatting as usual I noticed that my cell phone very hot and fire had sparked from it. I told her joking hey, my cell phone just blew up on me. I was totally aware of the EMF, however I had forgotten all about it. And then one day last week I went on google and my question was what makes a cell phone blow up and I then seen some information about EMF. And now I am reminded and are fully aware of the EMF and now I am taking this very serious. I really am considering eliminating my cell phone next month. I am also sharing your e-mails and information regarding EMF with other people. Looking forward to more e-mails. Thanks Again.

  • A Healthy Haven,LLC said,

    If you use a grounding mat while computing make sure the computer is grounded with a 3 prone power cord vs a two prong power cord.

    For example, a laptop charging with 2 prone power cord would cause the grounding mat to make your body the ground for the technology which is not healthy.

    Also turn off WiFi and use ethernet to make grounding with a laptop safer.

  • Marvin said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    Appreciate all that you share very much! However, all this talk about earthing sounds good except … nuclear radiation and chemtrail particulate residue that is CONSTANTLY being rained down on us all over the world!!! How can it be a good idea to earth in this day and age???

  • Goose said,

    Re: Induction Cookers.

    What would be the best way to avoid EMF whilst cooking on an Induction Cooker?

    1. No shoes
    2. Wearing Shieldite / Quantum bracelet etc
    3. Wear shoes
    4. Other?

    Answers appreciated.

  • Pete said,

    Lloyd, how about magnetic Clay baths? Are they a decent alternative when earthing is not practicable? They seem to claim to have similar detoxifying effects to earthing. What is your experience, if any, with them and can you recommend any? Thank you

  • Max said,

    what body voltage meter do you recommend specifically? and i didn’t quite understand the part about exposing yourself to electromagnetic fields while using the earthing pad. can you explain this? The article you attached was very long and seemed complex. does the pad somehow magnify the surrounding emf’s?

  • Emma said,

    Hi Lloyd, can you explain what you mean by saying that, with grounding the AC current should go down, but the DC current should go up? I have a BV meter, which shows a reduction in voltage when grounding, but I don’t understand what you mean about the direct current.

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