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My 9 Tips To Cut Down On Exposure To Computer Radiation

Posted by Lloyd Burrell on October 12, 2010 under Computer radiation, Electromagnetic protection | 259 Comments to Read

Who doesn’t use a computer today? I happily live without a cell phones but I’d find it very hard to get by without using a computer – especially for writing this blog!

But computers are not as harmless as they might seem.

All computers emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on many different frequencies. These EMFs can be extremely harmful to your health. Cancer and other serious diseases have been linked to these exposures – studies indicate pregnant women and small children are particularly vulnerable.

In this article I explain what you can do to minimize your exposure to these harmful EMFs. I have also written a separate report on a low emf office set up – see bottom of page.

Whether you are electrosensitive or just eager to take protective measures to protect you and your family here are my (started off as 9 tips but has now grown) computer radiation protection tips.

Laptop Radiation And Computer Radiation Tips

1. Electric Fields. More and more people are turning towards using laptops and tablets, so laptop radiation is increasingly becoming a problem. There are several issues here, the first one is electric fields:

As my tests show (see video) the best way to cut down on your exposure to electric fields from your laptop is to use it on the battery instead of the mains power supply.

2. Magnetic fields. All computers as soon as they’re switched on also generate magnetic radiation or magnetic fields. These exposures can be significant particularly if you’re using a laptop or computer tablet in close proximity to your body.

Studies show elevated health risks with magnetic field exposures as low as 2 milliGauss (mG). This video shows some typical magnetic field exposures from a laptop computer (many laptops and tablets emit significantly more than 2 mG).

3. Radio frequency radiation. The third issue is RF radiation since most computers now have WiFi functionality. This means you’re being exposed to another layer of electrosmog from two sources.

Firstly from the laptop itself; most laptops are configured by default to be in WiFi mode, so even if you are on a hard wired Ethernet connection your laptop is still emitting and receiving RF radiation. Secondly there is the RF radiation being emitted by the modem/router as shown in this video:

Be careful because many modem/routers are now factory configured to automatically re-enable WiFi when they receive an update – this can be several times a day. So even if you disable the WiFi in the settings menu it may be subsequently re-activated without you knowing.

The best solution is to replace your WiFi installation with a hard-wired Ethernet connection and make sure the WiFi function is disabled. I recommend the TP-LINK Wireless N300. It’s very reasonably priced and it’s got some excellent 5 star reviews on Amazon. It is a wireless router but it’s got a WiFi on/off button built into it’s hardware. This means you can easily switch the WiFi function off and it stays off.

If your Internet is supplied by cable you need to buy a (wired) cable modem router.

4. Laptops are not for laps. The best way to minimize laptop radiation is not to use your laptop computer on your lap. Studies show that over time using your laptop on your lap can significantly decrease your sperm count.

Use your laptop on a desk or other surface away from your body. There are some good laptop radiation shields on the market but some laptop shields only shield RF radiation (which is not a problem anyway if you disable the WiFi) and some offer no protection from magnetic fields. The laptop shield I recommend is the Elite Harapad. According to the manufacturer it gives over 100% protection from magnetic fields.

5. Computer monitor radiation. On a desktop computer the biggest problem is often the monitor, not the CPU, primarily because the CPU sits further away. Reduce your exposure by sitting further away from your computer screen. This will reduce your radiation exposure, especially if you sit at least three feet from the screen (not too far to avoid eye strain) – EMF exposures decrease significantly with distance. If you’re using a desktop computer you can use a computer radiation filter over the screen or better still purchase a degaussed screen.

6. Introduce houseplants. Those of you who enjoy houseplants will be happy to learn that some cactus plants have the ability to absorb the electromagnetic radiation coming from the computer. It was actually NASA who discovered this and ever since Cactii have become my best friend; I have lots of cacti in my office. Put some cacti around your computer, I use Cereus cacti.

7. Use a natural crystal salt lamp. I’ve had one in my office for a long time.

laptop radiation salt lamp

salt lamp

Salt crystal lamps release negative ions into the air, thereby creating an effect similar to an ionizer. These negative ions supposedly help cancel out the electromagnetic radiation being emitted by your computer by helping to maintain a normal ionic balance in the air. What the exact effect is regarding EMFs is difficult to know, but what is sure is that they bring your office environment closer to nature.

8. Take regular breaks. If you use a computer for several hours a day then you’re probably all too familiar with the phenomenon of eye strain. Computer screens not only cause eye strain but the electromagnetic radiation also causes dryness and irritation.

Take regular breaks, get out of your chair away from your computer every 20 minutes or so. You can also help to counter damage and irritation to your eyes by adding bananas to your diet. Bananas contain significant amounts of potassium which will benefit the health of the eyes.

9. Antioxidant food. Much has been said about the value of antioxidant foods in keeping us healthy generally but these foods can also help to deal with free radicals caused by computer radiation.

Tomatoes, cherries, apples, broccoli, and carrots all contain significant amounts of vitamins A and C. These foods supply your body with the raw materials it needs to create its own natural form of EMF protection.

10. Wash your face. Your face is usually the closest part of your body to the screen, and the particles of radiation can attach themselves there.

It might come as a surprise to you to learn that simply washing your face after using the computer can remove the radiation that has settled there.

11. Go fully wired. Use a wired mouse, wired keyboard and wired peripherals.

Even if you are using a laptop, using a wired external keyboard and wired mouse will significantly reduce your exposure to the EMFs emitted by the electrical components situated under the keyboard of the laptop.

12. Other People’s Computers. It’s not just your computer you need to be wary of it’s other people’s as well. If you work in an office where there are several computers make sure you are not in close proximity (6 feet) to the back of someone else’s PC screen, and make sure you are not sat in close proximity to the office modem/router or any other electrical device which may be a major source of EMF exposures.

Is Laptop Radiation The Biggest Threat?

Here are my observations on laptop radiation:

  • In my tests I’ve not found that laptops necessarily emit higher levels of radiation than desktops. EMF emissions vary from brand to brand and can even vary between different models of the same brand.
  • The only way to know for sure your exposure levels is to measure with an EMF meter. To get a complete picture you need to measure the RF radiation levels, magnetic fields and electric fields, which usually means buying several meters. Start by buying a basic EMF meter.
  • The biggest single problem with laptops is improper use. A lot of people use them on their laps and on their knees which is very dangerous. Laptops are tested 20 cm, that’s about 8 inches, away from the body. Keep your laptop at least 20 cm away from your body, if not further.
  • Radiation levels vary from computer to computer. Interestingly I have found the Macbook Pro to emit RF radiation from the mouse even with WiFi disabled.
  • The radiation absorption (SAR) is related to the position of the WiFi antenna as the image below – source.laptop computer radiation

Other Things You Should Know About Laptops And Tablets

Here are some other things you should know about computer laptops and tablets:

  • They emit heat (EMFs) from the mechanical equipment inside them plus the radio frequency radiation from the WIFI antennas.
  • Laptops and tablets are tested at 20 cm from the body (FCC,Bulletin 65, 1997).
  • These devices have fine print warnings about keeping a distance.
  • When they are switched on they are susceptible to send out bursts of RF radiation.
  • Streaming video produces the highest radiation emissions.

FCC exposure standards are designed only to protect you from thermal (heating) effects. They do not protect you from non-thermal adverse biological effects which are very well documented.

Grounding and Computer Radiation

ground wire for a computerAn effective way of reducing the effects of your exposure to computer radiation is grounding. If the plug on your computer is a 3 pin plug that means its already grounded. If its a 2 pin plug you can ground your laptop or desktop computer by attaching a wire from a metal component (screw or socket) of your computer to the ground terminal on your electricity wall socket. Or you can use an alligator clip on a wire (as in photo), which you then ground by plugging into an electrical socket. Electricity follows the path of least resistance, so doing this will enable EMFs generated by your computer to ground through the wire and not through you. You can also earth yourself using a grounding mat but I don’t recommend doing this when using your computer (or in any environment where there is electrical equipment), see my article on earthing.

Use the tips listed on this page to reduce your exposure to computer radiation and reduce the effects of that exposure on your health.

This article was last updated: February 2015

  • Jules said,

    Hi Lloyd

    I, too, was told that flat screens had no radiation. What would you recommend for a) flat screen radiation filter b) screening computer cables? Also, I am now getting new plastic glasses with plastic-coated screws to prevent conduction; have you heard of anyone else doing this and whether it improved things? I get visual quivering /vibrating when I look at a computer screen for any length of time.


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jules
    I have done EMF meter testing on flat LCD screens and they do emit radiation . For an existing monitor an anti-radiation screen might offer limited relief, but the best solution is to not sit too close and restrict your use if you are getting a reaction. I have heard of people using ferrite on electric cables but I have not tried this personally. I prefer “frameless” glasses which have minimum or no metal, if there is metal then I make sure that it does not go right round the frame, in which case the glass is acting as an insulator.

  • tOM said,

    Hi Lloyd:
    I use sony laptop computer using extended battery instead of plugging to outlet when using my email reading or browsing. I only use my computer on weekends and I still want to protect myself can you kindly let me know what is the best material to buy for the screen. I have a strip attached near the keyboard and is it better to use extended keyboard. Please let me know my wife was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer and she also use a laptop. Thank you

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Tom
    First thing is to keep a good distance from the screen when you are using the laptop, an external keyboard and mouse will help you do this. Second thing is to test what your radiation levels are with a meter, otherwise you are just guessing. If the levels are still high with the external peripherals then you could go for a radiation screen. I used to use one on my laptop by just laying it over the top of the screen. It’s a bit cumbersome because it needs earthing, it makes your screen darker (because most of them are anti-glare) and it will only reduce your exposure minimally. Amazon stock them in different sizes.
    Sorry to hear about your wife.

  • gwen Mead said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Can you suggest a cheap and easy way to temporarily give protaction from radiation when using my netbook? I have ordrerd a ‘Harapad’ but not arrived yet.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Gwen
    My advice for reducing radiation from a Netbook PC is the same as for a Laptop, (see above) since a Netbook is basically a reduced size Laptop. Remember the Harapad is designed to shield you from magnetic radiation only, I would recommend deactivating the WiFi and going hardwired to eliminate your exposure to RF radiation.

  • Carole said,

    Thank you Lloyd
    Glad that someone is involved in this subject.
    I only really knew about it when I read ‘Blinded by Science’ by Mathew Silverstone. Interesting reading!
    Carole UK

  • eric nueman said,

    I switched off my microwave when I found studies in Russia caused the microwave for cooking to be banned in that nation!
    I sit in front of a computer laptop daily for up to 10 hours or more daily! My experience has been heart problems and other minor changes as described in the videos listed above! This site caused me to go battery and not use the main line immediately and keeping the screen at a sizable distance even using an external screen mounted away from the closed laptop with glasses along with hourly rest periods by using auto reminder timer software located online… I’m looking into other means of reducing Radiation as suggested! Thank you for all the great advice! I’m Canadian originally from the Sault in Ontario currently employed as a writer using a laptop daily while living in Luxembourg. Comments
    and advice appreciated! –eric nueman

  • MARGARET said,

    I was advised to use a rubber mat under my laptop. What do you say about this please?

  • Lloyd said,

    An earthed rubber mat is a good way to discharge AC current – see

  • Demi said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I’m living three floors below a cellular phone tower and due to certain reasons, not everyone in the society is willing to have it taken off. I’m concerned about the amount of radiation my family and I are being exposed to.
    Any suggestions to reduce the damage?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Demi
    Please refer to this article for possible solutions: I would also strongly suggest looking at the other potential sources of EMF exposure in your home, see

  • Louis said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    could you publish any of the readings of your emf meter? All well to say that cactii and saltcrystals absorbe or somehow reduce emf but by how much? Do you get different readings when you have a cactus next to your monitor? As far as I know most materials shield emf to some extend but only when between the meter and the device. I just ordered the trifield (as I work in highly poluted environments like server rooms and communication units/prefabs). Would be nice if I could put some kind of crystal let’s say under my monitor that would bent the field and absorbe the radiation. I also ordered some of the “known” crystals (large ones, better be sure than sorry ;)) that seemingly would reduce radiation fot a test. Would be nice if one (or more) would actually work!

    All the best,

    The Netherlands

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Louis
    Cactii and salt crystals operate on the subtle energy level, unfortunately my EMF meters (including the Trifield) are not sufficiently sensitive or accurate to measure any effects. If you were to use professional EMF measuring equipment in laboratory conditions you “might” be able to pick something up….Crystals are the same, the interaction between crystals and your body work on the subtle energy plane. You can read my thoughts on using crystals here:

  • Cheryl said,

    Hi Lloyd, your articles are incredibly helpful and informative. I hope you can help me. I also just bought a laptop w/the right weight, size and antiglare that I wanted (for outside) only to find that the LED lit keyboard and display I thought would be helpful features actually emit more EMFs! I’m trying to decide whether or not to keep this laptop that meets all my other needs or start all over again searching for a tablet and then buy an external keyboard and mouse to go with it instead of using the integrated ones that come with it. But, of course the integrated pieces would still be there, so I’m not sure why a wired keyboard and mouse is safer if I’m still using the laptop itself that has the inegrated mouse and keyboard, but that seems to be recommended. Is it because my hands won’t actually be touching the integrated keyboard but will be on the wired ones instead? Hooking up a keyboard and mouse to a tablet instead of the laptop I just got with the mouse and Keyboard self contained kind of defeats the mobility purpose of the laptop for outside writing and I think the screen on a tablet would be too small to do my writing on which I really want ot do outside. So, do you think keeping my self contained laptop would be safe enough or should i purchase the external keyboard and mouse to use w/i?. I’d only use it on battery power (which is supposed to be safer) for 2-4 hours a day (maybe less if necessary) ? I’d love to keep my laptop, but don’t want to risk my health. I would working on the laptop outside offer any benefits to counteract the negative effects of the EMFs etc? am not MCs just concerned about long term health effects. Also, I’m wondering if using the laptop outside has any positive effects to counter the negative effects of EMFs etc? Thank you.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Cheryl
    Using an external mouse and keyboard is all about putting more distance between yourself and the source of the EMFs, because although the keyboard on a laptop might look the same as that on a desktop, when you use a laptop keyboard you are in much closer proximity to the electronics of the PC…for someone who is electrically sensitive each millimeter counts. That’s why I recommend using wired external peripherals. Using your PC outside may be safer, it all depends where you use it…near a cell phone tower or the neighbors WiFi is not so good…so generally speaking outside is safer than inside but the only way to know for sure is to measure with an EMF meter. Personally I prefer to be indoors, applying all the tips outlined above.

  • pete said,

    Hi Lloyd

    Thanks for all the wealth of useful info! I have decided to never use Wifi again at home, but still would like to use cabled internet connection in different rooms. What do you think of products that use the mains power to provide such network such as Solwise 500AV HomeWise (or Devolo dLan 500)? Do they provide a solution or are they equally dangerous?

    Separately, is there a particular type of monitor that emits less EMF than others? And does the size of the screen matter (smaller better or worse?)

    Thank you


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Pete
    Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) or Powerline networking is the generic name for what you are referring to. The principle is simple: Because electricity courses over just the low-frequency portions of power lines, data is streamed over higher frequencies. This streaming is achieved by putting RF signals on your mains wiring. I have not tested this setup in my home but I know some electrically sensitive people have issues with this.
    LCDs emit less than the old cathode ray tubes, but beyond that I know of no manufacturer that offers a low EMF monitor. Putting a safe distance between you and your monitor is your best line of defense, a larger screen may help you to do this easier than a smaller one but this could increase your EMF exposure. Look for TCO compliance (see as to magnetic fields or test with an EMF meter.

  • Cheryl said,

    Thanks for the feedback Lloyd. I’m not chemically sensitive that I know of. My concern is more long term carcinogens or other long term health effects of EMFs. Considering that, would you think keeping my self contained laptop would be safe enough without having to add the bulk of an external keyboard and mouse to use w/it?. I’d only use it on battery power (which is supposed to be safer) for 2-4 hours a day? Thanks again.

  • Cheryl said,

    One other question: LCDs are mentioned a lot as being better than CRTs, but most laptop screens now are LED. Is LED still better than the older CRTs? Thanks again.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Cheryl
    It’s impossible to say what’s truly “safe” or not with regard to exposure to EMFs, or any other toxin for that matter, because there are so many variables, personal and environmental. But from what you are telling me using your laptop in the manner described would not expose you to unacceptable levels of radiation.
    With regard to your 2nd question, to my knowledge all laptops have LED type screens. The old box-shaped cathode-ray tube (CRT) computer monitors were and still are used on computer desktop units. These are known to generate high magnetic fields. The EMFs emitted from LED screens are much lower.

  • William said,

    Hello Lloyd, thanks for your posts. About earthing, would you say that places of green grass, not barren, would be a place to walk barefoot. Maybe the barren places have more of a chance of stray voltage, hence why they are barren. What do you think?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi William
    If you are walking barefoot the ground needs to be safe…to avoid cutting your feet on sharp objects, but I don’t think grass is a reliable indicator as to whether stray voltage exists. The only sure fire way to know if there is stray voltage is to measure with a body voltage meter.

  • Cheryl said,

    Thanks so much for your time and insight. It’s been very helpful. This is a great website.

  • Errol said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I grounded my LCD LED 20″ monitor from a metal connector on the monitor, to my PC chassis, by using an insulated metal wire.

    This really seemed to reduce the electromagnetic field
    that I could feel coming from the monitor towards my body.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Mark Trevor said,

    i have a tester for emf`s and have found that lcd monitors do emit emf`s but also have found that led`s do not and i mean 0 emf`s.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello all: It is also important to recognize that any “wireless” keyboard or mouse emits it’s own EMF hazard. Use only direct wired connections on all of your electronic devices whenever possible.
    It is also good practice to shut down your mains supply at night, as this partly isolates power-line EMF frequency pollution from entering the electrical systems in your home.
    Great suggestions Lloyd. I appreciate your efforts.

  • JD said,

    Personally I have a desktop that is completely wired right down to the mouse and keyboard. I don’t just turn the thing off at night, I pull the plug. I don’t have a cell phone either and I’m looking into getting plants for the desktop area to absorb some radiation. Sadly there is no way to convince my mother not to use wifi. I am just so so convinced that this stuff is dangerous and I cannot move out. It’s just not possible, so are there any ways to protect myself from the wifi she is using? She would kill me if I unplugged the wireless router every night or insisted we got a wire phone. Also what should I use to skpye somebody from a desktop? I currently use a wired headset but I’m wondering if there is something safer? How do I know which screens are degaussed screens? Are there any desktop screens you would recommend? I would replace my current one if there were something safer.

  • Lloyd said,

    If someone is using WiFi in your immediate proximity you have two options; can either shield (see or can switch it off.
    I use a wired USB phone for Skype. It works along the same lines as a wired headset, the small advantage is that rather than having the headset strapped to your head you can hold the phone slightly away from your ear when using it and thereby reduce EMF exposures.
    Degaussed screens are computer screens which have undergone a special treatment to reduce the EMFs they emit. You would need to order a degaussed screen from a company specialized in these services. Before you buy ask to ensure the screen has been treated for electrical, magnetic and RF radiation – a certificate should be supplied upon purchase.

  • JD said,

    Also this might sound a bit stupid but I could use a tutorial on grounding? I’m a bit slow and didn’t quite get it.

  • Lloyd said,

    The easiest way to ground is through your homes electrical system, that to say via the ground connection of an electrical outlet. The other alternative is with a ground rod. I cover the ins and outs of grounding here

  • JD said,

    I obviously cannot turn it off so shielding seems to be the way to go. But that wouldn’t work since my computer, TV and a radio clock are in my bedroom. The Tv can go but I need the other two. I’m paranoid to the point where I’m ready to just throw my pc out but I do all of my actual work on it and cannot use a laptop due to my posture (If I had one I’d have to use a docking station and larger screen which would also be too big to put anywhere else) *sigh*. And the radio clock I need because I cannot tolerate the ticking of a non radio one at night. The only other room I could sleep in is the living room. With the router. I just feel so darn stuck. I just don’t know how to protect myself without eliminating my lifelihood and the relationships I have with the people I love. We just aren’t lucky enough to have an office etc. If circumstances allowed I’d have an office with my pc and everything else completely shielded. Do stones and plants plus grounding at least help to REDUCE the radiation somewhat? I’ll definitely get a canopy over my bed to at least eliminate radiation while I’m asleep. I do walk barefoot daily in summer but right now it’s just not really possible.

  • Lloyd said,

    You can unplug your PC at night and you can replace your clock radio with a battery model (non ticking ones exist –I’ve got one)…you can introduce stones and plants into your life…you need to adapt your situation as best you can without negatively impacting your work and social life…it’s a fine balancing act but it IS possible…it just takes time and determination…lots of determination

  • JD said,

    I always unplug my pc completely already. It’s always either in use or unplugged. I got into the habit of showering and opening the window right after I turned it off, but I don’t know if that helps at all or if it’s just my mind. I just figured that that you cannot turn wifi off with our router so I’m thinking about compromising with her on that for now and getting a new router that lets you turn it off. So I could at least turn it off when it’s not being used.
    I need to look into those clocks. All I see around here in stores are ticking ones or radio, and I was stupid enough to believe that what we have locally is all there is. Learn something new every day. Before this clock I used a cell phone which was obviously the worst thing you can use. Just thinking that it was laying beside me every night during my teens makes me shudder.
    There is so much useful stuff on this website, but a lot of it seems really intimidating so I’ll just start with some little things and see how far I can go before my relationships and work suffer. I cannot wait until I can work barefoot again. I absolutely loved doing that in summer.

  • Lloyd said,

    Right. EMFs can be intimidating. I also felt intimidated at first. But you need to keep balanced about this stuff, don’t get obsessed with it…if you don’t have any symptoms being obsessed can bring them on and if you do already have symptoms it can make them worse…

  • Sebastian said,

    Computer screens and TVs in modern times have as backlights either FLUORESCENT TUBE, or LED arrays. The LED screens are muuuch more slim. I want to know which emmit more radiation, LED or FLUORESCENT lights. Thanks.

  • Lloyd said,

    A computer monitor with an LED backlight emits less radiation than a monitor with fluorescent backlight….in theory…the only way to be absolutely certain of this is to take measurements with an EMF meter.

  • Mary said,

    Hi Lloyd! Would you reccomend any personal protection like pendants?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Mary
    I don’t recommend pendants….my free report outlines the do’s and don’ts of EMF protection.

  • Mary said,

    Sorry Lloyd,
    I have another question, I live in the US with wifi everywhere,including my house where the sound system and many things work only with wifi, what is the best way to protect myself?
    Thnak you so much

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Mary
    WiFi devices emit a form of EMFs…. pulsed radio frequency radiation into your environment….countless studies attest to the adverse effects on our health of these expsoures. The best way forward to safeguard your health is to limit your exposure….

  • John said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    What are your thoughts on the DefenderPad? Is it better than the Harapad? Any better products? How about protecting the rest of my body – lungs and brain?

    Thanks for your info,

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi John
    According to DefenderPad their product is the best…I hope to write a review on this product soon. To protect your body the best strategy is to apply the tips listed above.

  • Eric Brody said,

    Hi Lloyd!

    I did some testing with a Trifeld Meter and a body voltage meter with my laptop.

    Here’s the Body Voltage I came up with

    1.5 Laptop on battery, not touching keyboard
    2.2 Laptop plugged in, not touching keyboard
    2.51 Laptop on battery, touching keyboard
    15 Laptop plugged in, touching keyboard
    0.04 Grounded using Earthling Kit
    2.2 Grounded laptop (tricky due to not finding a full metal connection

    So does this mean I need to ground myself using the laptop or use the laptop in battery mode?

    Second interesting thing I found is when putting the Trifeld meter on the laptop, it showed over 100 milliguass. Electric readin was over 100. When I measured my fields Apple laptop with 3 prong (grounded), I read very little magnetic or electric field. What’s up with that?

    Wow…sure learning alot. Thank you for all you’ve done here!


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Eric
    Using a body voltage meter is about measuring your body voltage….not measuring the voltage of electrical equipment….so I can’t comment on the readings you give. Body voltage is a means of quantifying the electric tension in your body against the ground.
    Your objective is to reduce your AC body voltage, i.e. that which is man-made and unnatural and increase your DC body voltage, thereby increasing your exposure to the earths beneficial natural electrons. I intend doing a video on how to do this – its on my to do list.
    With regard to your Trifield tests: your readings indicate the EMFs are lower when your Apple laptop is plugged in (grounded)…indicating that this is the safest way of using this laptop.

  • chris said,

    Hi Lloyd
    I have suffered from ES for last 15 years mostly mobiles, wi-fi, laptops, and microwaves etc, I mostly just use avoidance to combat the condition. I recently started to get effected by my hard line modem, what can I do to combat this? can it be covered?

    Kind Regards

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Chris
    I got your message…..I get so many messages a day….sometimes I can’t always answer straight away. I also used mainly avoidance initially to deal with my electrical sensitivity until I realized I wasn’t getting any better…I seemed to be getting worse….more sensitive. This article might help you better understand what I did to get better:

  • chris said,

    thanks Lloyd.

  • Ron said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    How can my desktop PC, totally wired, with flat screen, be emitting an RF pulsed signal ? I measured with the Accustometer and got readings 3 feet away of .07 up to 1.50 v/m about every 45 seconds . I determined that it was not the cable modem or the wired router (I have no WI-FI). Is it possible to shield the PC tower?
    Many thanks for all of your dedication.
    Ron Becker

  • LEO G YOUNGER said,

    Is there such a thing as a low-radiation e-reader?

  • Lloyd said,

    As far as I am aware e-readers like the Kindle are wireless only devices,they don’t allow you to have a hard wire internet connection. To minimize your exposure make sure you can switch the wireless function off, before you buy it.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Ron
    You can shield your tower in several ways. Painting the inside (or outside if easier) of the tower with EMF paint…..EMF netting will also work…careful not to smother it….can lead to overheating (for shielding tips see,
    A word of warning….make sure it is the tower thats causing the problem. I ran into a similar problem when I changed my desktop CPU. I kept the existing monitor and bought a new tower. My original set up was clean, no RF radiation at all. But when I connected my new tower to my old monitor I was getting an RF signal. I ended up replacing the monitor also.

  • Lucy said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I was just wondering your thoughts on the Elantra Air Ionizer? Is this a product that you’d recommend?


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Lucy
    The principle is good….restoring ionic balance by generating negative ions. I prefer to use a salt lamp….its a more natural solution.

  • Ron said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    Thanks for your reply. I checked the monitor and that was not the problem. The signal was coming from the tower. I called the EMF Store thinking that I would need to buy some shielding fabric. The helpful salesman told me to check the computer for a Wireless card which might be emitting the signal. I did this and it stopped the signal. The Acustometer showed no signal. My problem was solved for free! In case anyone wants to do this, here are the steps:

    Go to Control Panel on your computer:

    – click on the Network Adaptors icon

    – under Network Adaptors click on Wireless LAN card

    -click on Advanced tab

    – under Property, click on Radio ON/Off and click disable
    – click on Driver tab and click disable

    After doing this, there was no RF signal on the meter.

    Thanks for all your help.
    Ron Becker

  • Alex said,

    Hi Lloyd!

    I wonder if you’ve tested Orgonite, and whether it has an effect on these things similar to cactuses/salt lamps. Some people seem to speak very warmly about them.

    Thank you.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Alex
    Cacti and salt lamps are ways of introducing nature back into your life….this is what the body needs more than anything else……Orgonite is a composite man-made material….to be avoided….my free report lays all this out more clearly.

  • Tracy said,

    I found your website after several months of suffering from EMF exposure at work. Thank you for putting so much effort into educating others on the effects of EMF. I just received a Himalayan salt lamp and have a question that I hope you can help with. After plugging the lamp in, I turned on my TriField 100XE and noticed that the lamp gives a reading of almost 2 on the Magnetic (0-3 range) scale. When I turn the meter to Electric, it gives a reading of 10 when holding the meter 9 inches away from the lamp. The Electric reading is over 100 when held within 4 inches of the lamp. Is this typical for these lamps or did I just end up with a bad one?
    Thanks for your help,

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Tracy
    I’ve tested my own salt lamp at 9 inches. I get readings of “0” on both the electric and magnetic field setting. There could be a problem with your lamp or your electrical wiring. Try plugging it in in a different location or at a friends house, if its still high I would send it back.

  • Jc said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    There’s an antenna (base station for mobile phones) installed right in front of my son’s room’s window. it’s a 20 watts antenna as i was told. It has three lobes and none of them is directed straight to the room.I’m worried about the exposure. I installed a metallic sheet framed with aluminum strips, and grounded one of the extremities. Could you please give me tips to render the place a safe area for him?

    Thank you,

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jc
    There are lots of things you could do to shield your sons bedroom, but the starting point is to measure (with an RF meter) what the RF radiation levels are, shield, measure again, and so on and so forth. This is the only way to effectively shield and deal with EMFs, for more information information see

  • Angela said,

    Hi There
    I wonder if you could give me some advice, i am buying a new PC for my son at the weekend and wonder if you think a laptop or desktop would be suitable for a teen that spends hours in font of it! i am very concerned about his eye sight ( his screen is so bright) and the emf’s that they emit. He has a very big Dell at the moment.
    Thanking you in advance.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Angela
    Some computers emit way more EMFs than others but generally speaking if its EMFs you are concerned about a desktop is the best choice….make sure all the peripherals are wired…mouse, keyboard, printer etc and Internet connection hard wired…and then place the CPU (and wires) as far as the cables will allow you from where your son sits.

  • Marie said,

    Hi. You recommend two Netgear routers. Are they shielded and grounded? I cannot find a router/modem with a 3 prong cord. I want to use a router/modem with shielded cable. I was told the whole system has to be grounded. Please tell me how to do this. (My son is severely electrically sensitive.) We connected a STP ethernet cable to our exsisting router. It hurt him worse than wifi.

    Also, a matter I have not found the answer to: If you plug a 2 prong corded appliance into a 3 prong grounded outlet, is the appliance grounded? What if you plug it into a surge protector?

    Thank you very much for your time!!

  • Lloyd said,

    As far as I am aware there are no shielded/modem routers on the market….I recommend the Netgear N150….its the one I use…it has the advantage of being able to permanently turn off the WiFi. You can use this with a shielded Ethernet cable, see
    If you plug a 2 prong corded appliance into a 3 prong grounded outlet the appliance will not be grounded. But you can ground any peripheral or computer by attaching a wire from a metal component (screw or socket) of your computer to the ground on your electricity wall socket. Surge protection units can be a source of magnetic fields…try and keep it 4/6 feet from where you sit.

  • Jasmina said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    What do you think of TRENDnet 4-Port Broadband Router TW100-S4W1CA?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jasmina
    From what I can see from reading the technical specifications this is a 100% wired router and so would be a good choice from an EMF viewpoint.

  • Jan said,


    So far I am still WiFi-less but decided to go around with my trusty AM radio( marine band) to test for EMF as you suggested since I don’t have a radiation meter worthy of the name.
    Much to my surprise, both my cable modems( internet and telephone) as well as the cable router are very noisy up-close on a par with the LCD monitor.The PC barely registered.
    So, since I sleep right next to all these I pull the plug on this equipment at night.
    Thanks for the info.


  • Barry Bentley said,

    Hi LLOYD Thanks for the interesting article. I have a question. I use my desktop PC in my bedroom in the corner on a small desk. I’m surrounded by cables connected to a printer and deskjet printer (usaully turned off until I need to print)I have also a wifi telephone and the router is on the desk as well. There are lots of cables under the table where I have my legs. Sometimes I get tingling warm feeling in my legs and I’m always tired. This could be because of the long hours in front of the PC 8hrs minimum and very little exercise.

    From what you have explained of the many ways to counter the effects of the radiation. Do you see my symptoms as normal or could I be generating a more sever case of radiation excess. I look forward to your comments.
    Regards, BB

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Barry
    “Do you see my symptoms as normal or could I be generating a more sever case of radiation excess.”—-This is a ‘normal’ reaction, but ‘normal’ in the sense that what you are subjecting your body to is not ‘normal’. Consequently your body is reacting, you need to take action, if you don’t your symptoms could be much worse. 2 points: 1. even if your printer etc is switched off you are still exposing yourself to electrical fields (you need to unplug it), and 2.ditch the WiFi phone and anything else WiFi – my free report has more information.

  • chris meek said,

    Hi Lloyd
    I was thinking of getting some power line network plugs, that connect ethernet using your house wiring, have you any advice or knowledge of these as don’t want to buy them incase they emitt more RF, cheers chris

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Chris
    Power line network plugs stream data through your electrical wiring. The streaming is achieved by putting RF signals on your mains wiring. If you want to create a low EMF environment hard-wiring your Internet is the only solution.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Lloyd and readers: Seems there are many questions on eliminating wi-fi connections. First: Get a “hard wired” only DSL modem. I purchased the Actiontec GT724R a couple years ago based on very low radiation propagations from the device. Also the fact that it was a “universal” modem that would work seamlessly with many different Internet companies and their security codes.
    Don’t mess with any device that broadcasts RF into your house wiring. You’re turning your feed lines into broadcast antennas when you do this. Use standard Cat 5 cabling for modem to computer connections. Cat 5 is normally shielded and needs no further shielding in most cases. Be sure to purchase line filters for your phone line if you are getting your DSL from a landline. If you are not able to get landline service, invest in a direct satellite system.
    Get rid of your cell phone service, and never look back. All cell phones are a biological hazard, and the broadcast towers need to be BANNED.

  • john said,

    Hi Lloyd – Greetings from England. I like to use my Apple laptop whilst in bed and place it on my chest. Is that a problem? My wife thinks I should place it on a tray first. What say you?

    Best John

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi John
    Your wife’s right. Its dangerous. You can order a protective pad, google Harapad.

  • WILDROSEWI said,

    I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT TYPE OF DEVICE OFFERS THE BEST EMF PROTECTION FROM MY WIFI AND ROUTER AND COMPUTER … PLEASE HELP THERE ARE SO MANY PRODUCTS AND I DO NOT KNOW WHICH ONE TO BUY? I HAVE AN AIRPORT EXTREME BY MAC AND A MAC COMPUTER AND I bought a Motorola ROUTER for my personal use from Radio Shack. I can feel the effects and need protection. I’ve seen charms that you can wear around your neck or devices you can plug into the back of the router or whatever electrical device one has. Which one do you recommend I buy. Thanks so much. Jeanne

  • Lloyd said,

    I don’t recommend any charms or necklaces. Start by reducing wireless exposures eliminating WiFi where possible and applying shielding where its not- Download my EMF protection free report for more on this.

  • Andrew said,

    Hi Lloyd.
    What do you think about tablets and smartphones regarding emf and rf? Are there models which emits low enough levels for safe use? Is it emf or rf that cause the biggest problems with these devices?

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Andrew
    Tablets and smartphones emit harmful EMFs. Some might be marginally safer than others but there is little information in the public domain available about these emissions…for tablets apply the principles outlined above (use of airplane mode as much as possible) for safer smartphone use see,

  • Les said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Thanks so much for this wonderful forum and all your fantastic research.
    I read on the site (and can’t find where) that I should consider buying a special type of ethernet cable which doesn’t leak EMFs like the other ones. I plan to buy the NetGear router you suggest. How much do normal cables leak? Are these special cables a must?
    Thanks very much for your time and effort for the benefit of others!

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Les
    I think this is the article you are referring to I wouldn’t expect the RF levels from unshielded Ethernet cables to be significant (though there are exceptions – just depends on the circumstances & an RF meter is the only way to know for sure what your exposures are) so whether you use shielded cables or not depends on how far you want to go with your EMF mitigation….

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Les and interested readers: I installed a number of large office network systems prior to becoming EM sensitive a few years ago. I always purchased shielded cable, and NEVER advised wi-fi or wireless due to security issues, substantially lower access speed, and worker health.

    My advice is to ALWAYS use CAT5e STP (shielded twisted pair) which utilize a twisted pair for balanced signal feed. This results in fewer digital packet drops and improves system reliability. The foil shield also serves to shield LAN or Ethernet data from EM interference which may be introduced onto the signal path from outside EM sources. In short Cat5e STP cables yield better signal stability, and will also reduce any pulsed digital leakage coming from within the cable.

  • Jun Ditona said,

    I am a General Transcriber and am using my desk top almost 18 hours a day. Do you know if my 15″ BENQ LCD Flatscreen monitor emits high radiation. Will those screen filters sold in shops be enough to counter the hazards. Thank you.

  • Jun Ditona said,

    By the way, Lloyd, what about my headphones, do they also emit radiation? What can I do to avoid the risks brought about by my excessive use of headphones. Thank you.

  • Lloyd said,

    All monitors emit some radiation the only way to know if the radiation levels are high or not is to test it with an EMF meter. I wouldn’t expect a screen filter to make a significant difference but it is a fairly low cost solution which can bring some benefit.

  • Lloyd said,

    Regular headphones will emit some radiation…a possible solution is to use an airtube headset

  • Les said,

    Thanks, Lloyd and Paul, for weighing in. We will be purchasing the proper equipment to de-wifi our house this weekend.

    I have seen EMF meters recommended on this site. My mom already has a Trifield meter model 100xe (magnetic, electric, and radio). What do you think of this one?

    Thanks much,

  • Lloyd said,

    The Trifield meter is a good all-rounder but not sufficiently sensitive to give reliable readings for WiFi radiation and the like. I recommend the Acousticom 2 for its high sensitivity or if your budget won’t run to this the Cornet ED78S is also a good choice – see my reviews on these meters.

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Jun Ditona: Sorry if I’m jumping in here, but I also did quite allot of CAD design work in past years. Two things: 1.) It is important to utilize a MUCH larger screen than a 15-inch, as the larger screen size will allow you create a greater distance between your eyes and body parts than a smaller screen. I’m currently using a 19″ screen, as I’m not doing much design work recently. 2.) Purchase a 3:4 ratio screen, rather than these newer wide-screen monstrosities. 3:4 ratios yield a natural ratio of depth perception and also the dynamic ratio that the human brain is “wired” for. These new wide-screens are indeed monstrosities, and significantly alter quality of perception in the human brain > as designed… (Long story)
    If you can possibly afford it, purchase a quality 21″ screen with a 3:4 ratio. I like Samsung or Sony optics myself. If you are placed well back from the screen, the EM spillage becomes a non-issue.

  • Pat said,

    Lloyd, I have a question regarding my daughter’s college dorm room and the room’s ethernet cable connection. They had loft beds installed, putting her mattress up near the ceiling and right next to the outlet box that both girls will have their computers plugged into. (At this point they do not have wireless). The cable wiring that supply the outlet is encased on the ceiling right above her bed (leaving a foot or so of space between her and the ceiling). The outlet itself would be inches from her sleeping body. I have mentioned my concerns, but things have already been set up and she is stubborn to rearrange the whole room because of it. I also don’t want to make major issue of it or concern her, if I don’t have to. Do we need to be concerned? Would the salt lamp, cactus or some other device help as a precaution? Thank you, Pat

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Pat
    EMF measurement is the way to go here….it might be perfectly safe, then again it might not…..I wouldn’t want my daughter to sleep in those conditions without knowing what she was being exposed to. You can either buy a meter/s yourself (see my reviews) or get an EMF consultant to provide you with some EMF readings you would want readings on RF radiation(possible leakage from the cables) electrical fields and possibly magnetic fields. And then if there are exposures either shield or change the sleeping arrangements.

  • Paul Von said,

    Dear Pat: I can identify. My grand daughter is headed for a similar fate, and can’t seem to make the intellectual connection > even when she sees first hand how EM has totally destroyed my health. No one is exempt from what these radiations are doing to human health. Please take the time to review at least the first hour of this presentation. >
    The Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Human Health. Published on Feb 15, 2013

    “Camilla Rees, MBA, founder of, delivers her keynote address at the Healthy Bodies Healthy Buildings Conference 2012, explaining in clear concise layman’s terms, with compelling PowerPoint slides, the science and solutions for creating safe havens in a toxic, electromagnetic world.”

  • sarah said,

    hi lloyd,

    we’re using a book as a mousepad! we need a proper mousepad. is there one that is good to get for reducing EMF’s? do you have a link to a mousepad that you recommend? thanks!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Sarah
    I recommend using a non-metallic mouse pad. On my own computer I use an earthing mat as a mousepad – this is sold on Amazon as an earthing auto pad, see

  • Roos said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I’m interested in buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Do you have tips on how to make sure I’m buying a high quality lamp? I don’t have an EMF reader and will most probably not be able to buy one any time soon, so I want to at least make sure I’m buying a good lamp that can help me reduce the negative effects of EMFs.

    Does color matter for example? Are darker ones f.e. better in terms of counteracting the negative effects of EMF? Does size matter? What would you recommend?

    Do you have other tips? I will most probably be buying it on the web as I’m living in Colombia at the moment and have not yet found a place here to buy a Himalayan salt lamp.

    Thank you!


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Roos
    If you’re buying online I recommend buying from a reputable company who have a solid returns policy- Amazon is difficult to beat on this. Some people claim that different colored lamps affect your moods differently….so long as your lamp is made from a block of Himalayan salt with a proper base for the light then is what counts.

  • sarah said,

    Hi again Lloyd, thanks for the reply about a non-metallic earthing pad to use as a mousepad. That’s what I had planned to get initially, but then read one of your articles, and concluded that perhaps it might not be a good idea, because it could actually make the EMF exposure worse? Did I misunderstand?

    We don’t have a mater so I don’t know our EMF’s levels – but we don’t use cell phones in the house, have a corded landline, only have one desktop computer which is wired (wifi and bluetooth are turned off.) with a wired keyboard and mouse. So I presume the level of EMF in our home is low, though I can’t speak for the quality of the wiring/electricity buzzing in the walls (dirty electricity?) Would it still be ok to use this earthing pad as a mousepad? Or is there something I should do first to determine if this would be safe? Some meter I should purchase?

    “Earthing in an environment where there are potentially high levels of EMFs is to be avoided.

    If you are using an earthing sheet in your bedroom you can try and measure with your EMF meter to ensure that via earthing you are not exposing yourself to high electric fields. But this is a delicate exercise which requires obtaining what the Institute of Building Biology calls a potential-free electric field measurement. For a more complete explanation of this issue click here.

    Unless you are absolutely sure about that your electric field exposures have been reduced when you earth I recommend switching off the mains circuits to and around your bedroom. And even then, you are wise to check the EMF readings with your EMF meter. If you are looking for an easier way to switching off your circuits, an electricity demand switch can do this in an automated manner (should only be installed by a qualified electrician).

    In your office, for instance, better to earth your equipment than earthing yourself using an earth mat. Because in earthing yourself in a high EMF environment you may well be exposing yourself to significant electric fields.”

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Sarah
    The objective in using an earthed mousepad is to earth the mousepad- not yourself. I don’t advise earthing yourself in a high EMF environment. Its very difficult to say whether your environment is “low or high EMF” without taking some readings with an EMF meter….this should be your next step, to obtain readings either by buying a meter or by hiring an EMF consultant.

  • sarah said,

    Thanks again Lloyd. Sorry for so many rudimentary questions! Final thing then, what EMF meter do you suggest we get to test the environment, to know if it would be advisable to use an earth pad mousepad? Do you have a link to a meter that we should purchase? Thanks, so much appreciate all that you do!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    EMFs and heath is not that black and white unfortunately. Firstly no one EMF meter can measure all the EMFs in your environment and secondly there is no absolute level/reading where you can say “I need to buy an earthpad mouse”….but buying an EMF meter is a good place to start to understand your exposures…the Cornet ED78S or Acousticom 2 are excellent starter meters – see my reviews. And I suggest downloading and reading my free report to understand the subject better and learn more about EMF protection.

  • Rachael said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Fantastic website thank you. You recommended the Elite Harapad, to reduce laptop radiation.

    I am using wifi and am unable to switch to cables as my husband does not want this. Will the Elite harapad protect from low frequency electric and magnetic radiation and also the RF radiation, or just the low frequency radiation?? If not protecting against RF also, pls can you suggest something that will protect for both types. I have just bought an acoustimeter, and sitting next to my laptop, I have a reading of 1.5 V/m

    many thanks

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Rachael
    The Harapad does shield from electric and magnetic fields but I wasn’t sure whether the Harapad also shielded from RFR so I asked Harapad about this and they said:

    “Though our primary concern is ELF radiation, our shielding has been shown to reduce WiFi (RF) radiation as well. We plan to release a product before the year’s end that will reduce the RF signal at the point of user contact. However, we do strongly recommend switching to a wired connection where possible. Since a WiFi signal IS radiation in and of itself, the only way to be truly free from exposure is to eliminate that source. WiFi and ELF work in very different ways; ELF is a byproduct of electrical signal and can be eliminated without any further consequence. To fully block a user from RF radiation would render the device incapable of receiving a wireless signal.”

    It really makes no sense buying a Harapad and then using your laptop on your lap on WiFi mode….and you can’t 100% shield from RF radiation with a laptop pad…..

    My advice: if you use your laptop on your lap only do so with a Harapad (or equivalent) AND with the WiFi deactivated.

  • Kaen said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    Thank you for all your wonderful important information that you make easily accessible. I purchased the Defender Pad for my lap top before I saw your recommendation of the Harapad. I used my Accousitmeter 2 to measure EMF under the laptop then under the pad with the laptop on top. The measurements were about the same. I then went to the Harapad website which stated that we are not able to measure the EMF due to the low frequencies that it blocks. Nor will Gauss meters measure a difference. On what did you base your recommendation, other than what it states it can do? If it does not block all EMF is it worth using it? The Defender pad claims it is FCC certified lab tested and blocks 100% electromagnetic radiation. On their website, it mentions measuring with a gauss meter- but is not clear as to what the measurements might indicate. Thank you for your reply.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Kaen
    I tested the Defender pad with a Trifield meter and a 3030B Gigahertz meter, it didn’t shield against magnetic fields. Thats why I don’t recommend the Defender pad. My recommendation of the Harapad is based on the information given on their website. I’m waiting to be delivered a Harapad, I’ll let you know my results when I’ve tested it.

  • Margaret said,

    I am really confused about what “type” of EMF exposure we are exposed to from a transformer located 100 feet from our home. Both my husband and I have health issues linked to EMF exposure, so we are endeavoring to clean up our environment inside and out. (I am purchasing a meter for starters.) I do know that the transformer is affecting our bedroom and that we will need a solution. Do any of the gadgets on the market work? What would be your suggestion as to how to deal with this situation.


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The starting point is to measure the EMFs in your environment….the transformer will be a source of magnetic fields (depends on the current flowing) and electric fields (depends on the voltage) but at 100 feet these are possibly negligible…you need to test to know…a low cost meter which can give you some readings is the Trifield meter (see my review). My free report gives an overview of all this.

  • Donna said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    After recently noticing that the wifi spot device I was using was the cause of my many radiation exposure symptoms I am terminating my internet contract with the associated company and will get rid of the wifi device. The company also offers “high speed” home internet which I highly suspect offers high/intense radiation levels as well. I need internet access, and learned from your site that it’s better to get this service wired as opposed to wireless. I also learned about using the Netgear equipment on your site. I’m curious as to what internet service you use with your Netgear. Many thanks!!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    My Internet service is provided by Orange. Its cheaper to have a Live box all in one rental (wireless Internet, TV, telephone) with them but paying for a separate ADSL line and having my own modem allows me to go wired.

  • Carl said,

    Hello Lloyd,
    I don’t have telephone line at my place and I plan to use Sim-Card USB plug-in for Internet access on my laptop. How safe is it? Is this better than having similar feature but broadcast as Wifi. I have three computers here so should I buy three of those for direct plug-in or buy one and broadcast via Wifi? Thanks!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Carl
    WiFi or Sim-Card USB plug-in…..either way you’re exposing yourself to RF radiation. I suggest buying a 6 feet (or longer) USB extension cable for your USB plug-in which will dramatically reduce your exposure this means having only one computer connected to the Internet at once. (Much) safer still is to go hardwired.

  • cathy sanders said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    I am up here at a computer lab tonight. I brought my gauss meter just to see what it would do in this room.
    My meter is called a CellSensor and has H and N buttons.
    These computers are not laptops and right now there is no WIFI in this computer lab (as far as I know). What alarmed me is that the meter goes to the red zone when I put the detector on the headsets. I am doing this with the H button turned on. I guess H means “High.” Could listening through these headsets be dangerous for adults
    or children? I just wanted to see what EMF’s were flittin’ through the air, but now I am concerned about EMF’s going through the headset wires!! Maybe I should turn my gauss meter to the N setting… which perhaps means Normal. Then I would not be alarmed because there is no red zone displayed. (I have lost the instructions for my meter!) What do you think? How long can one safely wear headsets?


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Cathy
    Hearing issues aside listening through wired headsets can be dangerous…the wire in the cable can act as an antenna picking up ambient EMFs and transmitting them to your brain.

  • Amir said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thank you very much for this highly informative website.

    I’m new to EMF protection and must admit I’m quite overwhelmed by the breadth of the information.

    I am using my laptop many hours a day while lying down using this device: laptop-laidback which means it’s quite close to my body.
    What would be your advice on the best way to protect myself while still using the laptop in this manner? (after experimenting with different sitting and standing positions, i found this position to be the most comfortable and productive for me, so I’d rather continue with it).
    Thank you for all your help.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Amir
    The most effective and cheapest form of EMF Protection is often putting more distance between you and the source of radiation (in this case the laptop)….for this reason I strongly advise against the use of these kinds of devices. If you’re concerned about EMF exposures buy yourself a desk and chair.

  • Karen said,

    Hi LLoyd,
    Thanks for your report on the Defender pad. I received my Trifield 100XE meter today. I own a Mac Book Pro-laptop. Without my Defender pad I measured magnetic over the 100 miligauss range on certain portions of the bottom of the laptop, and other places on the bottom were in the normal range. (There is a U-tube demo of a pad where they only measure one area- so watch for that as that is not a true measurement or true recommendation for their product.) I then measured with my defender pad covering the bottom. I measured directly on the pad. All magnetic measurements were within normal range on all areas of the bottom of laptop. I do not know why our results would be so different using the same meter and pad, except your pad did not cover the complete laptop and my pad overlaps around 1″ on all sides. I also measured with my accousticom 2 for kicks. Of course it went crazy under the laptop with the same results under the pad. I almost feel it measured more RF under the pad???? Not sure since no digital readout. The Harapad and Defender claim to do the same thing. I await your report on the Harapad. I will keep my Defender as it is doing the job for me. It even made safe the magnetic field with my cell phone. Same odd results with the RF meter and cell phone where the pad may be amplifying the RF.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Karen
    I received my Harapad and ran some tests with my EMF meters….if used ‘correctly’ it can offer a significant reduction in magnetic field exposures….I say ‘correctly’ because their seems to be a misconception about how these shields should be used…..even with a radiation shield laptops should not be used on laps, see

  • Donna said,

    Hello Lloyd, thank you very much for the reply. I will look into that internet company or see if they have any affiliates. I appreciate it!!!

  • Amir said,

    Thank you for the reply Lloyd.

    Yes, I do realize that this position is far from ideal in terms of EMF exposure, and I did experiment with different sitting and standing positions, and found this position to be the most comfortable and productive for me, so I’d rather continue with it.
    But at the same time I’d definitely prefer to try and minimize the radiation exposure as much as possible.

    I was thinking about using the DefenderPad to put underneath the bottom of the laptop, do you have any experience with it? (I did see you weren’t too impressed with the HARApad)
    or alternatively to use the magnetic shielding foil under the laptop to protect from magnetic fields. Do you think that could work?

    and in addition to shield the body from electric fields and radio frequencies with one of the shielding fabrics or clothing on offer at lessemf.

    In your view, would any of these offer reasonable protection and are worth the expense? (considering that I would like to continue using the laptop in the lying down position, as mentioned above).

    Third and lastly, would grounding/earthing myself or the laptop while in use be a good idea?

    Any advice or recommendation would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The Harapad can reduce EMF exposures, but its not a panacea….that was the point of my article….I wanted people to be clear on the limitations of these types of devices. (For info, I tested the DefenderPad and found it didn’t work – zero reduction in magnetic fields).
    I don’t advise using either the magnetic shielding foil or other shielding garments….introducing shielding materials should only ever be done as a last resort….shielding without proper testing (EMF meter) before and after can make matters worse.
    Grounding can help….be sure to ground the laptop, not your self, see

  • cathy said,

    Thank you Loyd. I see from your reply that there are at least two good reasons to use caution with headsets. You want to keep your hearing … and you want to keep EMF’s from your brain. I am not sure what EMS’s do to your brain but I would not leave my head near a microwave oven either! I appreciate the information.


  • Amir said,

    Thank you Lloyd,

    I was about to purchase shielding materials and garments but then was surprised to see your statement “shielding without proper testing (EMF meter) before and after can make matters worse”. Can you please explain how can shielding make matter worse?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Firstly, most shielding clothing only shields you from RF radiation, not magnetic fields….the metal in the cloth can have undesirable effects with the MFs. Secondly, RF shielding clothing is generally made from a fabric with silver/metal threads….if the RF radiation gets behind the clothing it can acerbate RF exposures by reflecting RF radiation inwards towards the body (a sort of Faraday cage effect)….at best EMF protective clothing should only be use short term and only as a last resort.

  • sarah said,

    Hi Lloyd/Everyone,

    I just had a physical, and the doctor looked in my eyes, and pointed out to me that I have a pinguecula in my left eye. She said it is from UV light, and I should wear sunglasses.

    Pinguecula is a benign growth of the clear, thin tissue (conjunctiva). The growth is raised slightly from the surface of the white part of the eye.

    As I thought more about it, I believe it is from sitting in front of the computer screen for most of the day, for so many years – rather than it being from the sun exposure.

    How can I shield this radiation coming off the screen? How can I protect my eyes and the health of my eyes?

    Do I need to wear polarized sunglasses while sitting at the computer? Or something else I can do?

    We have a hard wired iMac – with wired mouse and keypad. Blue tooth & wi-fi are both turned off.

    Thank you.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Sarah
    This is probably not what you are wanting to hear but there are 2 things you can do to improve your eye health
    1. use your computer less
    2. get out in nature more
    wearing protective glasses may help too.

  • sarah said,

    Thanks Lloyd, as always!

    Do you know/recommend any radiation filters/screens to put on the iMac screen specifically, or something else, to reduce the radiation coming off the screen?


  • sarah said,

    Sorry for the repeated questions on this Lloyd! Appreciate the feedback about less computer and more outdoor time…I agree with that 100%. But for the times that I do need to be on the computer, is there some kind of specialty eye wear, specifically for computer use, to limit the radiation coming into the eyes? Or a screen filter for the iMac? Or both? Thank you!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Anti-radiation lenses for glasses do exist (there are ads on-line)…..I’ve never used them so I can’t say what their merits are.
    I’ve used screen filters in the past……there are pros and cons….some of the quality of image is lost which can lead to eye strain…they are worth a try, if you can get one big enough for an iMac. I’m quite happy answering your questions :)

  • Rachael said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I have been reading your trail above about the downsides of the shielding clothing, and appreciate your point about the Faraday effect. I have a couple of questions for you.

    I started doing research into EMF as we recently moved into a house that is 30 m away from a phone mast. Your website has been a huge source of very valuable information so thank you very much. Based on your reviews, I bought an acoustimeter in order to understand the level of RF radiation in the house and garden. The mast is only about 30m away however the readings were surprisingly low in my view: bedrooms that are closest to the mast have reading of 0.04 – 0.13 v/m. Some parts of the house have readings that average at 0.19 v/m and peak at 0.25 – 0.39 do you consider this to be high. I am not electro-sensitive, nor are my family.

    The biggest concern, is the room that was to be the master bedroom. The readings range from 0.3 – 0.8 for th average reading, depending on where standing in the bedroom, and a peak of 1.1v/m. I was surprised that this was so high given the other rooms being much lower, and then I realised that there is another phone mast about 400 – 600m away in the other direction, that is impacting this room. Ironically not the one that is right next to the house. It seems that this room is most impacted as it has a large glass double door opening on to a balcony. The lounge that is on the ground floor immediately below this room has reading of ave 0.16 peak 0.41, which I believe are lower as its on the ground floor.

    I a have moved my baby and myself to sleep in a different bedroom for now. Sadly my husband, who is not bothered at all by EM radiation remains sleeping in the room.

    The high readings from this room, also impact the upstairs hall way, which we have no choice but to move through.

    As I continued my research I understood the danger of laptops and mobile phones. I am a heavy laptop user for both work and pleasure. Our laptops are now hard wired, and we have the router that you suggested ( thank you) where you can switch of the wifi, so this is great progress.

    I have ordered a harapad and am waiting for it to arrive.

    I am a medium usage mobile user, I avoid it where possible, but do need it to carry out life and my work.

    We are hoping to try for a second child soon, and given our house is so close to 2 phone masts, and my heavy use of laptop and phone, I had decided that I would buy one of the maternity vests that are made from the shielding material. My thoughts were that this would help to protect my developing baby during my pregnancy.

    Now having read your comments for some of the queries regarding shielding clothing, I believe I am probably better without the shielding vest – ( plus they are very expensive). I would appreciate your views pls.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    All the Best

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Rachael
    You’ve read my views about shielding so I guess you know my answer to this one…..this kind of ‘quick fix’ shielding is clearly not the solution and the danger is that it can increase your exposures which for a fetus could be lethal or lead to all sorts of health complications for your new born child later on in life…..clearly you’re on the right track with the EMF question….I only wish more expectant mothers were to adopt the same attitude.

  • Patty said,

    Hi there
    I was wondering if you did any research on the Kindle Paper White reader. Will this hurt my eyes?
    I have turned on the airplane mode, so it is not getting the wifi signal from the neighborhood. I also have gotten the wifi out of the house and am in the process of getting the chorded phone with the caller ID…its a tuff sell to my hubby sometimes, but I really feel you are on to something huge here. I have been home and sick for the past 3-4 years, so I am wondering about all this radiation. I have noticed since they put in cell towers not even a mile from here, that my health surly did suffer. There is also an antenna down at the local firehouse not a mile from here. I am in the country, but there are a lot of towers around.
    Patty NY

  • Phil said,

    I believe that one of the main reasons people become EMF hypersensitive is because they’ve dropped their phones and compromised the phone’s radiation protection feature and don’t even know it!

    I have a Cornet ED75 Electrosmog meter and have encountered 4 different persons who’s phones’ RF protection feature were damaged, but they continued to use them not knowing that the phones were emitting RF radiation in excess of 180 mw/m2.

    Think of the ramifications re: children who drop stuff all the time.

    I believe that there is huge population of cell phone users that have phones with compromised radiation protection. One phone registered in excess of 600 mw/m2; the owner is now EMF hypersensitive.

    This is probably what happened to me. I have no wireless devices and cannot be anywhere close to a wireless router.

  • Karen said,

    I work as a data migration consultant where I normally use a mouse to work on the computer. However, this one client, I used the laptop keyboard. For 3 months, I worked every day for 10 hours a day using the keyboard mouse. The laptop did heat up so I am sure it transferred to my hand. I am pretty sure my right hand has radiation burns/poisoning. My right hand has an angry red color with itches at certain times. I have been using homeopathic remedies to try to heal my hand but nothing is working after 2 months. I have been using natural aloe, coconut oil, and even Epson salt baths. I am starting to get back into yoga but so far, my hand is still really angry looking. What can I do to heal my hand from this? I do not want to get cancer from this. I am normally a very active and I eat very healthily so I am surprised it hasn’t healed by now.
    Please advise. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    For the time being stop using your right hand for your mouse….limit computer time as much as possible and practice using your left hand as much as possible. As much as possible use your right hand for other things…juggling balls, playing a racket sport, gardening….anything which gets it moving and away from your mouse. Your hand will heal….know that it will heal….accept your hand as it is….but know it will heal. I had a similar problem once with my right hand….I was in great pain from using a ‘bad’ mouse…my hand recovered fully.

  • pan said,

    I am using Samsung LED monitors.Do they emit radiation?Which one is better LED or LCD?..Nowadays my skin has become dull and my cheeks are sunken..
    Please advise. Your assistance would be appreciated

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    All computer screens emit radiation to some degree only an EMF meter reading can answer this question with certainty…having said that an LCD monitor with LED backlight is usually the best choice (LCD screens with fluorescent backlights tend to have higher emission levels).

  • Jane said,

    Hi, if switching from using your wireless modem to non wireless mode and plugging it straight into computer, but using a long length of cable to reach from where phone socket is to upstairs where computer is would the long length of cable emit any wireless emissions? or does everything being connected by cable and computer wifi switched off prevent this?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    You need to use shielded Ethernet cable to avoid RF emissions from the cable, see

  • Debbie said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    l am also electicsensitive and lm also chemical sensitive, and the effects are similar. lve read that people who are chemical sensitive will mostly be sensitive to RF as well. Although its alot easier to avoid certain chemicals than it is all the new technology.
    Anyway my question is, l always had a wired modem until one blew up during an electrical storm. Years ago l was given a wireless modem, a Thomson TG585v7, and strangely enough it didnt seem to cause any of the usual symptoms, at that time l didnt even realise l was sensitive to RF then all of a sudden after years of using it l got the tingling and numb hands and legs and the fuzzy head and hung over feeling. So l went into the menu and switched off the wireless funtion.
    On the modem itself is a light that indicates wether the wireless function is on or off . The light for the wireless funtion then went off as well so l knew it was deffinately disconnected.
    Within two days of doing this the symptoms went and l felt fine again . lt was fine for several months, but within the last week l feel the symptoms as soom as lm at the computer again. l have checked the menu and the light indicating wireless and they are still off and disconnected.
    l know you said some of the modern modems can be switched back on to wireless due to updates, but this is a fairly old modem and everything still indicates that it is off and has been for months. But the symptoms are definately there again. Do you know anything about that particular modem and could it somehow be wireless again even though everything says it isnt.
    lm saving at the moment to buy the Acoustameter, so have no way as yet to tell in that respect if the modem somehow is wireless again.
    Hope all that makes sense.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I suspect what you are experiencing Debbie is not the WiFi signal re-transmitting on your modem but rather the ‘yo-yo effect’ effect of electrical sensitivity. This isn’t a medical term it’s a term I use to describe the in’s and out’s associated with this condition… think you’re better but you’re not, you’ve just moved onto a different level of sensitivity…..the only way to break this cycle is a complete overhaul…nutritional, detox, energy work….of the way you live. This takes time. But the starting point is rigorous EMF protection and step 1 is having EMF meters which can reliably measure your exposures. The Acoustimeter is an excellent choice and this is the best way to know with 100% certainty if your modem is emitting RF radiation still.

  • Debbie said,

    Thanks Lloyd for your advice. l was thinking that myself that l had somehow just become more sensitive, and you have confirmed what l was thinking.
    l have always been very sensitive to bright lights and smells, and have had migraines since l was a child, but for most of my adult life l have reduced them to about one or two per year by eliminating certain foods and triggers .
    lm a vegan and only eat organic, avoid pharma products and only use natural products. l dont use chemicals at all in my food or household or toiletry products.
    lm not sure what else l could do.
    l have never used or owned a mobile phone or laptop etc and dont like any of the new technology. My computer is about 15 years old.
    To shield my house will be expensive and lm dreading the roll out of smart meters as l know what the effect will be. l have also read that middle aged women become extra sensitive to these things, even more so if they were sensitive to start with. Have you heard that, as l have noticed that has been whats happened to me.
    lm still making my way through your website as l can only read for about 15 minutes at a time, so lm still trying to work out what to do first as far as shielding my home.
    Thanks again for your advice and website.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Debbie: I read your posts, and can identify with becoming more sensitive as time goes on. I was always sensitive to EM radiation and fluorescent lighting, then developed multiple chemical and food sensitivities later on. This phenomenon is well documented in various research papers (so it’s real) and is understood in some countries. That’s why countries like France and Sweden are creating EM safe zones for persons like us…

    The least expensive way to shield is with Mylar sheeting. Most of my apartment is covered in Mylar, and the rest is heavy-duty aluminum foil overlapped and tapped together. To gain the greatest advantage from Mylar sheeting, mount the first layer with the conductive side facing the room. There is only one conductive side, and it’s easy to determine this with an electrical meter from a hardware store. Just tape each sheet to the walls using 1½ inch chunks of masking tape every several feet or so. Use plain thumbtacks punched through tape placeholders for the ceiling panels. You’ll need to create some 1 1/2 inch squares of doubled up tape as mounting holders for the thumbtacks. The Mylar will tear at the thumbtacks if you don’t use these. I used six perimeter placed tacks for each ceiling panel. Overlap another complete layer to cover the first layer with the conductive side facing in. This will interconnect the first layer, double the shielding effects, and close any gaps in the installation. Be sure to use at least one ground wire for every wall surface. You can just use doorbell wire (strip bare about 4 inches) and tape to the conductive surface of the foil or Mylar.

    I installed this system on all the walls and ceilings of my 700 sq ft apartment for less than $150.00. The EM radiation outside my apartment often puts me into seizures in less than 15 minutes. > It’s hell… The Mylar and foil system saved my life. Here’s a link to one of Lloyd’s pages on shielding.

    How To Shield Yourself From RF Radiation Exposures – Cheaply

  • Cathleen said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I’m buying meters so i can start testing for dirty electricity, wifi, computers, cell phone, cordless phones, electric lines outside my house, microwave, the dozens of machines in my studio – including a laser welder AND I’m going to buy a new car (want to test them) and I’m putting PV on my roof! Want to check that inverter.
    After reading on your site, I’m going to buy a Stetzerizer microsurge meter, a trifield meter and one of the cornets. 85EXS, ED78S, or ED75. Can you suggest which one of the cornets would round out my collection the best for the things I’m wanting to test?

    Thanks, Cathleen

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    If you have the Microsurge meter and Trifield meter the ED75 will do the job…….better still if your finances will run to it either the Acousticom 2 or Acoustimeter.

  • Debbie said,

    Hi Paul,
    just want to say thanks so much for your helpfull post. That was very straight forward and easy to understand. l have tried to tell several people about chemical sensitivity and so on and very few people believe it. l suppose if its not on the main stream news or in a newspaper they wont believe it.
    lve had a few say its all in my mind. Thats very infuriating, so its nice, in an unfortunate kind of way to come across people in a similar situation.
    One thing lve wondered though, if you succesfully shield your house or appartment from all the radiation, what happens in the summer if you want to open the windows or sit in the garden.
    l live in a small terrace house and the neighbours joining my house all love their new gadgets and even if l can secure my house, what about when all houses have two or three smart meters, especially the water and gas ones which are attached to the outside of the house.
    lf l want to sit in the garden how to l stop the effects from that.
    lts taking me a long time to read up on all this as l cant sit more than a few minutes at the computer.
    So thanks again for that very helpfull reply. lt has saved me alot of time .
    Oh one more question, once you have put up the Mylar sheeting or the foil can you paint over it or must it remain as it is.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Debbie: Thanks for the appreciative response. Most people don’t respond intelligently to persons complaining of multiple chemical or EM sensitivities. My belief is our educational systems have manipulated human values into a minimal price tag existence. Human qualities like compassion and empathy require higher order frontal lobe thinking, and research shows these processes’s are reduced and/or redirected by EM radiation exposure. Plenty of research substantiating this, but for a condensed version of effects, see videos by Barrie Trower.
    The Mylar shielding is not nearly as effective as a well-designed shielding paint or other more robust EM treatment. My apartment looks like something out of a (bad) science fiction movie, and the Mylar can’t be painted. I guess you could cover it with cloth sheets or something, but that wouldn’t be cheap or easy to do either.
    Going outside in my situation is not in the cards anymore. I live in a small tourist trap of a town, and the cell companies and wi-fi ghouls have every street covered in massive EM radiation for the comfort of the idiot tourists. Shielded clothing for personal EM protection is extremely expensive, and (apparently) not that effective. I know this is often impossible, but if outside radiation is excessive at your residence, the only option will be to relocate to a safer zone.
    What most people fail to understand is that EM radiation poisoning often makes people unemployable, destitute, eventually homeless, weak, and hopelessly ill. Though none of this is an actual choice for an EM sensitive individual, “society” treats you worse than a leper. Like it’s your fault for even bringing up the subject. That’s why I get so militant in many of my web comments. It’s like the phone addicts and high-definition television fools have no cognitive definition for the fact we even exist…

  • Jane said,

    Hi Lloyd, great website!!!! Small thing, I have gotten rid of all the modern new regulation lightbulbs (uk) which cause dirty electricity, but have just bought a salt lamp which I notice you use too. I am assuming the light bulbs for these are new regulation too and would cause dirty electricity or is there somewhere you can buy the old style bulb?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I bought my salt lamp some years ago now….its fitted with an incandescent light bulb and I’m fortunate in having a small stock still of incandescents – unfortunately I don’t have an address for ordering these old style light bulbs.

  • Debbie said,

    Hi Paul,
    l can sense from your reply how angry you must feel and even though we are in similar situations l feel bad for you and wish things were different.
    l did’nt know that radiation could affect the brain in such a way as to make a person less compasionate or have less empathy, but l certainly believe it.
    People walking along with their heads down glued to a cell phone screen seem like so many zombies all so addicted to the technology that they are unaware of whats going on in the world. Just how the governments like it l imagine.
    lt sounds awful where you are, would you be able to move to another area?
    For me, to have my house done in Mylar sheeting and to leave it as it is all glowing silver would affect me in that it could cause headaches as l am sensitive to light as well.
    l an in the UK by the way and l live in a village in the country. So its not as bad as a city. But as l said my house is terraced so the other houses are attached to mine and my main worry is when smart meters will be installed. l have had several arguments with the power companies when l tell them l dont want them, as they, so far, are not compulsory. l am prepared though to have a house with no gas, electric or water if it ever becomes law. l will just have it all cut off.
    So the worry for me is the effects that will come from the neighbouring houses.
    England also being so small and densely populated makes the situation worse. There are few areas to escape to as its so built up and any green areas are farm land or owned by someone.
    So even if l could sell my house and move somewhere else the other houses and areas will all have smart meters in them, and once they are installed they are not allowed to be removed.
    l think about all the cell phone towers and when every house has several smart meters just how much radiation there will be, it truely scares me.
    l would go and live in a cave if it were possible. l hate all this technology and how quickly it has taken over and just how sucked in people are by all the new gizmos they think they need.
    l can remember the days before mobile phones, when people used phone boxes in the street and when we didnt have computers and we all did just fine without it, and your right, people seemed kinder and things were nicer.
    lm glad lm not a young person being born into all this, imagine developing emf sensitivity in childhood and having to spend your whole life trying to hide from it in a world even more dangerous than it is now.
    Truely scarey.

  • Ou said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Now, in my office I’m sitting next to the back of a HP laserjet printer (not a busy printer that needs to print all day but sometimes can be quite regular) and if i have to move to the other available place in my office , then i’d have to sit back to back to another active desktop (about 2 – 3 feet away from the back of my friend’s desktop). Could you pls advise me which seat is better? Should I sit at the same place where is next to the back of a laser printer or the one that is in front of my friend’s desktop that I need to sit closely to the back of the desktop?

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    It’s impossible for me or anyone else to say whats safest here….the only way to answer this question is to take measurements with an EMF meter/s.

  • Phil said,

    Lloyd, excellent wireless router video above. Please put a feature on your website so I can directly email it to others, as I’m not on Twitter, Facebook or any social network.

  • Adam said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    Thank you in advance for answering my question. I use a Macbook Pro 2011 13″ laptop – wifi off – plugged into hard wired internet cable, battery only – unplugged from electrical source, on an aluminum stand above my lap on bed, with noise isolating ear buds or big headphones plugged into the laptop in order to watch movies, tv shows and the like. Should I be worried about radiation? Thanks a million! -Adam

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Clearly you’ve taken steps to limit your EMF exposure. Are you still exposed? Possibly yes. Is it dangerous? Maybe…..taking readings with an EMF meter is the only way to determine your level of exposure.

  • Muhammed said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    What are your thoughts on the new little square chips you can stick on the back of your cellular/mobile phone to reduce radiation. A new company has come out calling them ‘xxx’ chips.

    Do they work, & would they help?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    None of the chips and diodes I’ve used have ever worked….these gadgets can be dangerous, see (I edited your post to take out the name of the company.)

  • Jane said,

    Hi, my son and his friends use their iPads all the time and can sit for hours on them. Even using them when they are plugged in charging which I have tried to stop as my elf pro meter (uk) measures very high electric and magnetic field readings when it is plugged in. (No other parent I know thinks about this). Is there a way to protect from ipad which often sits on their laps. You’ve mentioned the harapad but would this be suitable to sit on a child’s lap with an ipad on top? I think because children use them as play toys you think there’s no harm from them. Many thanks

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    That’s the danger of using a laptop radiation shield Jane….you think you’re ‘safe’……NOT TRUE…. you might be ‘safer’….if you use it correctly, see

  • Denise said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I’m definitely experiencing EMF. Main problems very very overheated face and dry eyes. I have a desktop, no wireless anything. No cell phone, portable phone, iphone, ipad, etc. Mo Kindle or Nook. No microwave, but do have a TV.

    What’s the best way to protect myself and my face. A degaussed or other type of screen? Definitely getting a salt crystal.

    Sitting 3′ away’s too far to see the 11 point type I use. I stay 2.25′ away.

    I put the hard drive (small table top box) on the floor several feet away from me). Does this help, as you said most radiation comes from the monitor.

    Any guidance greatly appreciated.


  • jane said,

    Hi Lloyd, great tele seminar with Alasdair Philips. very interesting. What i don’t understand is how a person can know if they are electrically or RF sensitive. Its so difficult and a lot of the listed symptoms are listed in many many other diseases/health problems. so it is extremely difficult to know for sure and to convince a doctor/GP of what you think may be causing it. i know there a process of elimination.. but my problems started when w moved into a new build house immediately and i have checked RF electric and magnetic fields, dirty electricity etc. and all lowish except some higher electric fields in walls and floors, and some RF pulses when electrics iare on. I switch electrics off at night. got a new metal inner spring bed (was foam before) but cannot work out what is making me feel so unwell, + insomnia +tinnitus worsening. I air the house all the time to reduce chemicals off gassing. The only thing i can see as ver different from last house is myself and my son (whose sleep is now very poor quality too) we both have high body voltage and it has increased in past 6months in house. I tried earthing but like alasdair it made me feel worse. The walls of house have foil insulation and metal rebar in concrete floor so i believe that can trap RF signal and amplify it in the house but would this not show up on the accoustimeter? Lots of neighbours wifi show up on my computer but don’t really get much reading on the accoustimeter. Something has made me feel unwell since the day i moved here a year ago but it is roving incredibly difficult to nail it and as we love the house we don’t really want to move? Do you know of any persons like alasdair philips who are experts in their field in UK who come to your house and check so we can eliminate ES.? Mant thanks

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    For a listing of EMF consultants please refer to , Alasadair is listed there under EMFields.

  • Mark said,

    Hi, Lloyd. I’m considering purchasing a glass/mesh monitor screen called “Computer monitor and tv screen shield”. I have a 20+” lcd monitor. Do you think this product will be effective in reducing exposure? Have you personally used a similar type of screen shield and if so, what worked/didn’t work for you about it?

    Are there additional measures I can take (besides the tips suggested in your article) for a large desktop monitor?

    A general tip: Several years ago I got an old microwave oven and punched holes in the back of it to run cables through. I keep my mac mini in there. It’s been very helpful. Just open the microwave door to push the power button. Serves as a ready-made faraday cage.

  • Mark said,

    Regarding the use of a microwave oven above, I should probably add that I sawed off the two power prongs on the microwave’s power cord and taped over them with duct tape. (You don’t want to punch holes in the back of a working microwave and put your computer in there to boot!) I kept the grounding plug in place and I plug that into an outlet. I used an older microwave because it seemed to be better built.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Jane: You commented: “Lots of neighbors wifi show up on my computer but don’t really get much reading on the accoustimeter.”

    Lot’s of bells went off when I reread your comments. If you are still using a wi-fi enabled computer, that is a very poor situation indeed. Wi-fi cards in computers both send and receive digital packets when in use. These frequencies are extremely detrimental to health, and the effects can last for many hours after exposures. Lloyd has a specific list of recommendations on eliminating wi-fi signals by using a “wired” modem device, rather than a wi-fi enabled modem. You will need to refer to your manufactures advice on how to disable wi-fi capability in your particular modem and/or computer. Even printers are now using wi-fi (wireless) communication between your computer or other wi-fi enabled devices. This can be remedied using a USB connection cable.

    There is some possibility that your Accoustimeter is not operating within specification or sensitivity. If you can “see” your neighbors wi-fi showing up in your internet connections tab, that is not a good sign of EM safety. Not to frighten or alarm you: But I would advise application of Y-shield paint to all interior walls and ceilings in your home. In addition, you may have to replace nylon bug screening with aluminum window screening, in order to eliminate neighborhood wi-fi and cellular communications from invading your living space. Lloyd has recommendations regarding these issues on various tabs and pages on the ElectricSense web site. Please follow his recommendations, as they are quite astute and helpful. Hope you’re able to solve this health issue in a timely manner. Best regards.

  • david BALFOUR said,

    Does anyone know a good screen to effectively block emf from IMAc desk top computer?

  • Shah khan said,

    Hi Lloyd I have just found your site trying to find out if computer radiation has ever been linked to brain tumors, swellings etc. the first thing they said to me was to stop using all computers, mobiles etc immediately. I use to use mac, PC, mobile phone 24/7 because I ran my own business. Do you have any thoughts on this. I wish I had known about your good work before. I think it needs to be incorporated into H &S at work places, schools,colleges, etc as part of policy. I hope you can direct me re info. My good friend is helping me re using computers as I am totally barred!!!!!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Computer radiation is a kind of umbrella term which incorporates lots of things….RF radiation, magnetic fields, electric fields, dirty electricity……all these are forms of EMFs which are linked to a myriad of symptoms and diseases….brain tumors are on this list.

  • tibs said,

    Just so we’re clear here, every source of EMR you’ve referenced here is non ionizing, correct?

    As in
    A) they do not cause the oxidative stress that antioxidants are helpful in preventing
    B) Aren’t related to the cancerous effects of ionizing radiation

    Also anyone here who uses a cellphone (which operates in the non-ionizing microwave range) would see so much more exposure than the sum of all the effects you’ve listed according to the inverse square law of radiation propagation, correct?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The EMFs I cover on this website are non-ionizing BUT this does not mean these exposures are safe…..these supposedly safe exposures can react with and damage DNA which can then lead to cell mutation or death which can then lead to serious diseases….including cancer.

  • Lyn said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    You should get a Medal of Honor for all of your research and assistance that you provide on this website. This has been a Godsend for me to understand how to resolve the many issues regarding EMF. I have been copying your articles into Word documents so that I can study them offline because I have become extremely sensitive to the WiFi. I switched to a NO WiFi system, but I am still reacting to the new Non WiFi MODEM from the cable company. I can’t stay online and research like I used to be able to. If I could I wouldn’t have to bug you with questions. I saw the router that you recommend, I will order today, along with the EMF meters…but is there a modem that you also recommend? I am ordering the Trifield along with Cornet as I feel that I am totally barraged by every EMF field there is now. All of this started with the Smart Meter installation, but has progressively gone from bad to worse. We put a “Smart Meter Guard” on this week, which seems to have improved the situation, but my neighbor’s Smart Meter is still affecting us so I will use the EMF meter to help convince them to use the same protection. I moved my bed and took it off the metal frame, but I am still feeling electricity traveling through my body in that bedroom, (right across from neighbor’s smart meter)and when on the computer. I now feel this when I touch the mouse (wired) and the cordless phone, which I only turn on now for short calls. I am also going to replace that with old fashioned landline, but I am feeling like I just can’t “fix everything fast enough”!!! I am following your tips regarding the computer equipment, moved the monitor 3 feet back, converted to NO WiFi. I can work on this computer offline, but online requires the modem connection which makes me feel horrible and then after a short time my brain disappears. I realize that I need to apply all of the tips you have listed here, but right now if I don’t solve this modem problem, I can’t continue online research so that I can get all this figured out. The cable company says that this “Arris” modem is the only non WiFi that they have, and of course the majority wants WiFi, because they have no idea of what is really going on with that.
    Thank you for being here, Evelyn

  • Paul said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thanks for all of your information!
    Could you please describe more about the 3 types of radiation you talk about, RF, Electric, and magnetic.

    I’ve only heard of RF before.

    thank you,

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    See my EMF protection free report for an explanation of this.

  • Laura said,

    I have a question about switching back to cable internet.
    If we’ve already got everything hooked up for wireless, do we need to have the company come in and rewire back to the old way? Or will just switching off wifi and hooking the ethernet cables back up be enough?

    Also, a suggestion for those who want to keep a distance from the screen as a line of defense and have a tough time seeing text on the monitor. On a windows computer, you hold down the Control key while simultaneously tapping on the plus sign. That will make the fonts appear larger and it’s easier to read.

    Another thing I’ve done to ease up on the eye strain, is to dim the brightness on my screen. There is a setting for that on each computer to do that. It probably doesn’t diminish EMFs but I do feel a diminished effect of eye strain.

  • Nancy said,

    I am contacting you from France. I have been working on a computer for years, several hours a day; It is not a laptop. The tower is 2 meter from me and the screen is 1 meter. I have no Wifi, neither DECT phone, and I hardly use a mobile phone. For 2 months I started to feel, the mouse, and the keyboard. my fingers are like if I have touch nettles. How should I protect myself. Gloves?
    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  • Jane said,

    Hi does anyone have ‘reactions’ to some things but not others. Ive been fine using iPad (with 3g or wifi – very limited) or my lap top with dongle, yet i just got and iphone5c and feel tiny pains in my hands and wrists when holding it (i have mobile data off most of the time, only use it for sending messages and not often and stand back when message is being sent). I tested it with the RF accoustimeter and there is no signal from it at all unless message being sent or coming in or during a call. and i don’t carry it near my body. Peculiar

    I also tested the springs in my mattress to see if they were giving off any RF signals but couldn’t get any light or noise to show up on the accousitmeter. (so i assume its just the magnetic fields that will be a problem on this)

    Thanks lloyd for your work….. Just incase anyone forgets new TVs the Smart ones have wifi signal coming from them every 15seconds. so remember to go into settings … network … and
    switch it to ‘cable’ when you are not using wifi to watch something on it.

  • Peter said,

    Having become increasingly suspicious of emissions from our various laptops, I have been taking some measurements around my (earthed) laptop. ELF electric and magnetic fields are so low that they cannot be separated from the (low) background fields, using the laptop on mains or battery. However I get a lot of noise from an AM radio close up which suggests a high level of intermediate frequency RF emissions. Would a desktop or ‘tower’ be likely to have lower emissions? At least it’s possible to increase the distance from a tower. Wifi is off – confirmed with a meter.
    Subjectively I noticed a big difference when I earthed my laptop several weeks ago.

  • Julie said,

    Hi Lloyd
    Thank you for the article on electric fields and how they interact with earthing sheets and mats. I have taken my mat away from under me as i sit at my PC as a result of the article, and will now try to earth my PC.
    Now a complex Qn: Do you have any info on how canopies and earthing sheets interact. My triaxial EMR meter measures 70mV/m when i put it very near to my earthing sheet under my canopy. I have a ground sheet on the floor under the canopy (and of course below my earthing sheet which is on my bed on top of the bottom sheet) which is also earthed. About 10 com Above the earthing sheet the meter measures 0.5 mV/m so it seems like there is an electric field in there..? I turn off the elctricity at night so there should not be any electric field at all..regards Julie

  • Agwom said,

    Mehn,bro you’ve done a job welldone,keep it up.

  • Sarah said,

    Hi Lloyd, do you know much about bamboo charcoal and its effectiveness at reducing/absorbing EMF? I’ve read some things online about using a bamboo charcoal cube or sticks, just placing them near equipment in use (computer, phone, etc) and it purportedly absorbs the EMF. Do you know about this, is it correct? There is also Binchotan Charcoal (white charcoal made from oak) that may or may not have similar absorptive qualities? Thanks Lloyd!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Sarah
    Most of the RF shielding paints you can buy are carbon based…..charcoal and carbon have a similar chemical composition….bamboo charcoal may have some shielding/absorbing qualities……I’ve never tried it.

  • Anneli said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I have bought a led backlight monitor/screen. It is connected to my laptop on 5 meters distance with vga-cable. Also my mouse and keyboard are in 5 meters distance from my laptop. I have wlan internet connection that is wired only to my laptop and the modem is also in 5 meters distance from me.
    Now my concern is are the blue rays emited from led screens. I have read arcticles that blue ray might damage eyes permanently. Do you have any information on this? Thank you!

  • Zeke said,

    Hi Lloyd’
    Thank you for your hepful remarks on people’s problems with EMF’s
    My partner has EMF symptons and takes many precautions with computer,protection with grounding mats, footwear etc. She cannot use computer [ with non WFI modem ]longer than 15 minutes
    We are concerned that the EMF readouts fom some powerpoints [including computer room are VERY high but others in house read zero or very low.
    Why is this so ? What can be done to shield/filter/block the HIGH reading power points in house ?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    1. have your electrical installation check by a qualified and competent electrician for wiring errors, show him your readings
    2. test with a GS meter (Graham Stetzer/dirty electricity meter), install filters as necessary

  • Johann said,

    Hi Lloyd
    I’m trying to reduce my amount of EMF’s as well. I love working on my computer which is bad because technology (Computer, Game/Sim software) has pretty become my anti-depressants. Reading these things have gotten me paranoid about everything, & completely removing all electronics for a long time.

    I was wondering if you can share some good EMF Sheilding for Monitors TV’s for LCD & LED. I know I hear all of the time about the distance & less EMF but after reading this ( off of an ireport on CNN. I started getting paranoid again. I know that the article doesn’t really share the sources and I couldn’t really find much info about the study or that doctor. But, these things do get to me even if that article was not fully true.
    Thank you for reading and keep up he good work

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Contact Technology Alternatives Corp, they specialize in shielding LCD and LED displays.

  • Elyn said,

    Hi Llyod,
    Thank you for all you do. I have been using my laptop with a headset for my radio show. I hardwire it when I do the show–does this cut down on the radiation coming thru the headset? thanks!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Elyn!
    1. make sure your laptop is grounded (connect from anything metal on your laptop to the Ground pin on you electricity outlet, a wire with alligator clips will do this)
    2. make sure the WiFi is deactivated on your laptop (even if you’re hardwired, most laptops still emit a WiFi signal unless the WiFi is manually deactivated)

  • Elyn said,

    Thank you Lloyd, I will do that asap. Many thanks for all you do. Elyn

  • Carola said,

    Dear Lloyd,

    I hope you can help me with the following problem. I seem to be sensitive to the computer monitor. This is a problem I have suffered from for years and it seems to be getting worse. One symptom is that my face and neck often turn red after I have been sitting in front of the computer for an hour or more. It is as if the screen were too hot, even though I do not sit that close. The accompanying feeling is hard to describe, but in general, I would say it feels like an irritation that becomes a burn. Sometimes I feel it all the way from the top of my head to about halfway down my chest – pretty much equal to the exposure to the screen. Sometimes, depending on the screen, my facial skin, especially around my mouth, starts to feel uncomfortable, irritated, pricked or burned. Hours after leaving the computer, my face looks normal, but it feels like it has been “exposed”, as if sun-burned. However, the feeling is not exactly the same as with a sun burn. Dell computer screens seem to bother me less; laptops much more. But at home, where I sit a full meter away from my screen, I get a feeling of discomfort within minutes. The monitor is a large (50 cm.) Samsung screen, model no. S22C200B (LED). This screen is covered by a UV-filter which covers most of the screen (one inch is exposed). It does not seem to make any difference. (I know the filter should cover the whole screen, but I cannot order one in the country I live in and have quite a bit of trouble getting this one shipped to me from the US).

    I am 47, but most people I look to be in my early 40s at most, so I cannot say that the computer screen is causing premature aging. I have some brown spots on the left cheek, but I have come to assume those are caused by my wireless phone or cell phone. As I write this, my face and upper torso are covered with a white cloth and I peer through a slit. But my eyes now start to feel tired within 10 or so minutes and I start to get a headache. As an academic, I am dependent on the computer for my work, and the recent acceleration of symptoms has alarmed me.

    I have talked to a skin doctor about this, who had never heard of such a problem. She thought that maybe I had a light sensitivity. She prescribed some medication (I forget the name) which is supposed to produce more tolerance from within one’s body. It did not seem to help. Besides, I have no problem with sunlight or other forms of light, only the computer screen – and now the screen of my new smart phone. Whether I have other sensitivities, I do not know, because I do not have a TV or microwave oven and the computer terminal sits near the floor, not on my desk.

    By the way, my keyboard and mouse are both wired. I have not yet disabled the wireless, which sits about a meter away, because I am having trouble setting up the modem to use on its own and cannot call anyone at the company for help (everything is on-line, of course).

    I need to find a computer screen that does not hurt my skin anymore, nor my eyes. What would you suggest? Thanks.



  • Lynn said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Thank you so much for your very informative site! I have been reading everything you have to say, but have not come across anything about IPad use?
    I would love any information about how to protect ourselves….especially our children. Unfortunately, not using one is not an option. My children’s Junior High and High School are using them exclusively!

  • Lynn said,

    I just found your article on IPads .
    I do have a grounding mat and you said it is better to ground the equipment so do I just out the iPad on the ground mat when using?
    Also, what are your thoughts on Pong cases for iPads and cell phones?
    Thanks so much for all you do!

  • Joel said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    When i’m using even a normal external keyboard and mouse I’m feeling pains. I know this is probably being caused by the low magnetic fields that are coming from them. Do you know of any mechanisms to shield the magnetic fields from the keyboard and mouse? Do you know of any company or person that does this? Thanks for your response.

  • colleen said,


    what can i use to take the pain away from a flat screen tv that my family watch. going upstairs doesn’t help.

    Also what about going out into the normal world , how do i get back to normal?

    Can you explain why we have electro sensitivity? is it the immune system weak? our nerves damaged. i would be very interested in the answer. Why do only some people feel this pain and other not.

    thank you

  • Randall said,

    I think several electronic devices can cause brain wave entrainment.

    For example dishnet and a mpeg2 sat recievers.

    My theory is the cables act as antennas, radiating emf from them.

    The only cure for this, that I know of is to shield every cable coming out the device, with 2 feet of fine steel wool. Then cover it with electric tape.

    Ferrite chokes might help. But I have not tried them.

    That should take care of vhf to uhf emf.

    My old computer went out, so I had to use a older backup computer.

    I know it was putting out a lot of emf. So I decided to shield every wire coming out of it.

    That help quite a bit.

    If your computer bios has a spread spectrum option, enable it.

    That will reduce brain wave entrainment. But might tire you out more from the digital noise.

  • Josiah Cloutier said,

    Hello. I am using a grounded laptop that has hooked to it both a wired usb ball mouse and usb keyboard with extenders so I sit about 15 feet from the 32inch LED display that my computer is also hooked to. The display has a screen shield ordered from LessEmf that is quite effective. The display is putting off <10 volts/meter which is about as low an electric field as my Trifield Meter can measure. The problem I am having is the wired mouse and wired keyboard are still carrying an electric field to my hands (15 v/m on top of keyboard and 60-70 v/m underneath keyboard. The mouse is 15-20 v/m on top mouse and about 30-40 v/m underneath. This gives me pretty immediate burning sensations in my head and is quite uncomfortable. The longer I spend the more it seems to worsen. 10-15 mins is about the limit. I was wondering if there was a way to further shield from theses electric fields? I have tried the aluminum foil inside the keyboard and did not notice an improvement in either the meter readings or the symptoms. Is there perhaps a different material to use to shield with? Or perhaps an already shielded mouse and keyboard that can be purchased? Any input would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  • Rosemarie said,

    Lloyd, I have had problems with my hand and arm even with a wired mouse but the Dell roller ball mouse available through Amazon is the best! The roller ball mouse is more accurate for gaming. I have both the wired keyboard and mouse on a grounded pad. I use two EMI filters on my computer, one on the surge suppressor and one on the outlet. My readings of EMI were so high on those outlets that the EMI meter shutdown at 1900. I have improved my computer area dramatically but I will now add the cacti and stones as you recommend.

  • Peter Williamson said,

    I’ve added a forum thread under Electrical Sensitivity Solutions as there are one or two comments about keyboard/mouse sensitivity.

  • Randall said,

    To reduce emf on a wired mouse or keyboard, shield the cables & plugs with 2 feet of fine steel wool.

    Wrap the cables & plugs with fine steel wool. Then wrap them with electrical tape.

    Any cable coming out of a computer acts as a radiating antenna.

    This should take care of the emf from a mouse or keyboard.

  • BigAl said,

    What’s an accurate digital emf meter for computers monitors at a good price?

  • Donna said,

    We had ATT U-verse for 10 months, which we didn’t realize everything was wireless, TV, Internet,& phone. After reading your information on EMF sensitivity, and my husband who has A-Fib, was pexoeriencing irregular heartbeats almost every day. We Changed from Wireless to cable Tv and hard-wired phone, we only have Wi-Fi for I-pad, which is seldom used now. My husbands heart has returned to normal beats in just one week of getting rid of wireless. Thank you for all the info on EMF. I send all the info of yours to everybody I know.

  • Manuel said,

    Hello Lloyd,
    I’m writing from Spain. Here we have probably as much electromagnetic pollution as you but a really low social awareness! For example, an expert told me that the grounding installation of almost all buildings is deficient.

    I think I’m slightly electrosensible; actually, I suspect we all are. I have an Acer desk computer and an HP laptop; even with the WiFi turned off and the laptop one meter away from my body (e.g. watching a movie), I feel that it gets me much more sick that my desk computer.

    I’m writing to ask you if you know of some comparison review on laptop brands; I would think very seriously on acquire another laptop because I need to spend hours working on it away from home and I am concerned about it.

    Thank you so much for your efforts, I’ll keep reading you,

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    I’m aware of no comparative review….I’m afraid.

  • Ann said,

    Hi, Lloyd,

    I living near power lines. How far should you be from power lines. Also, what can you do to make it safer or is it better to move. I love our home & property.

    Thanks for all of your help!

  • Peter said,

    I´m curious. Have there been any studies that you know of into the impact of constantly using our bodies (body capacitance) to make the touch screen devices work? There are plenty of studies showing the impact of technology on our capacity to think, reason, learn. Surely there has to be an enormous impact from having all these cellphone transmissions flying through the air. And, as well, an impact from constantly using touch screens. Before, the idea that cell phone usage could cause cancer in the brains of people who hold cell phones to their bodies repeatedly was viewed as absurd (sounding eerily similiar to claims that smoking doesn´t cause cancer), and now evidence is growing. Constantly using body capacitance through the use of touch screens has to have an impact, as well. Any real studies been done on this? Yes, I know the standard response is that it´s such a small amount of electricity — but a constant dripping of water on a rock will eventually wear a hole through it. Thoughts? Peter
    “We now live in a wireless-saturated normality that has never existed in the history of the human race. It is unprecedented because of the complexity of the modulated frequencies that carry the increasingly complex information we transmit on our cell phones, smart phones and wi-fi systems. These EMFs [electromagnetic fields] are largely untested in their effects on human beings. Swedish neuroscientist Olle Johansson, who teaches at the world-renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, … [states] the mass saturation in electromagnetic fields raises terrible questions. Humanity, he says, has embarked on the equivalent of “the largest full-scale experiment ever. What happens when, 24 hours around the clock, we allow ourselves and our children to be whole-body-irradiated by new, man-made electromagnetic fields for the entirety of our lives?”

  • Rosemarie said,

    Peter, I too would love to know about this! My grandson has heavy iPhone/ipad use and he has pain in his hands and seizures. High does of D-3 have helped with the seizures. I have to use an ground pad and rollerball mouse with shielded wire or my hand and entire left side have Peripheral Neuropathy.

  • Peter said,

    Rosmarie, I know what you are feeling/experiencing. Our world today has an unbalanced diet of food, of media, of technologies. We eat too much refined foods (refined sugar, for example, is one of the most toxic substances out there), use too much technology, spend too much time isolated from each other (which makes it easy for the sociopathic powers that be to manipulate and control us). We need to reconnect with nature, with each other and community. We tend to focus on symptoms (fixing problems with drugs, with distractions, etc) rather than healing the sickness at the source. Politics divides us over issues rather than uniting us to solve real problems. Doctors focus on pushing pills rather than talking about diet and exercise. A friend of mine has a son like your grandson. He was very isolated and not very happy, always on the iPad. Now that they moved to a place where there is more nature, and more kids his age to play with, he´s much more active and happy, because he´s more balanced. Best things to do from what I can see: turn off the TV and get off the computer and get out in nature, talk with neighbors and friends and family, eat a well-balanced vegan diet, avoid processed and refined foods and any kind of prescription drugs, drink Swedish bitters, do a wide variety of exercise (yoga, swimming, biking, etc), keep learning in active ways, read books… we need to develop meta-cognitive capacities: to pay attention to what we pay attention to. In these ways we can find more balance, and be healthier and happier. That´s what seems true to me, for what it´s worth. Peace =)

  • Randall Glass said,

    I am beginning to think that emf from digital devices work like amphetamines(speed).

    My main computer had gone down, and my backup computer was a old slow one, that I knew affected me with emf.

    So I shielded all the cables.

    What I found out from this shocked me.

    After shielding the cables, my interest in using the computer dropped dramatically.

    I think the emf was acting as a simulate. Similar to

    No wonder, people are addicted to their cell phones!

  • Peter W said,

    A couple of comments on some of this. Randall – I recently heard an interview with Cindy Sage (on Boil the Frog radio?) where she stated that RF radiation causes physiological addiction in the same way as drugs – it acts on the same centres in the brain. Unfortunately she didn’t quote the research supporting this, but like you I can believe it. Combine that with the psychological addictions these things seem to create and you have a very potent mixture. In the case of your computer it’s quite possible that one of the cables or components was emitting some kind of RF which was having a similar effect.
    Rosemarie, in these situations I suggest to people that rather than look for ‘information’ or ‘evidence’ they simply remove all identifiable sources of electrosmog from the child’s environment. Maybe this has already been done. It usually costs nothing except a certain amount of inconvenience and the occasional tantrum. Either it will make a difference or it won’t – nothing lost in the latter case. There’s loads of good information on this site about how to do this – I have EHS friends who find ipad’s particularly problematic. I’m sure I’ve seen references to seizures and EMF, but it might take a while to find them – you could try looking elsewhere on this site or Google/Youtube – maybe Martha Herbert or Devra Davis.

  • Rosemarie said,

    Peter, Grandchild is 29! Will not give them up! Same with all the kids so I recommend airplane mode and not placing them in bras, shirt/pants pockets…etc. I do get tantrums even though they are adults. Won’t stop me for reminding them.

  • Kevin said,

    Interesting info. Im getting some rock crystal and the biggest cactus i can fit in my room. :-). About “lap”tops,what if you put some 3mm lead sheet under the laptop? I plan on putting some lead sheet around my computer tower. What about the differance between LCD screens and those backlit by fluros? Thanks!

  • Vicky said,

    Hello Lloyd,
    Thank you very much for this wonderful info. I’d like to ask you about radiation from screens that are turned off. Do they continue to emit radiation?

  • Simone J said,

    Hi Lloyd:

    I’m so happy I found your site!! I recently bought an earthing sheet. I have been using it now for 4 days. However, I still have aches and pains. I have made sure to test if the outlet is grounded. I have even turned off the power to almost everything in the house except the refrigerator and AC through the fuse box.. Is there something I’m missing so the sheet will work?

  • Simone said,

    Hi Lloyd:

    Is there a voltage meter you can recommend in order to check of the earthing sheets are are really working.. I just read a comment a customer wrote who bought the earthing sheets and found that his exposure was 14x higher with the sheet than without…I just bought 3 sheets for my family now I worry that these sheets could be more harmful than good..your advice is greatly appreciated

  • Lanetta said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Many thanks for this & all of your email’s with great articles & advice. My husband & I hope to try for a baby next year and I’m nagging him about using the laptop.. Is it electric field that lowers sperm count or magnetic field? We’re confused. Also you recommend the Harapad which only screens electric field. We have found this that apparently eliminates wi-fi radiation but I thought that wasn’t possible. Do you know of this product? Would appreciate your help as to buy both is expensive i.e. £130 & £33 respectively.

    Lanetta & Graham. PS on your video you sound English.. Thought you were american with the .com address.. ha.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Lanetta
    Most of the science to date has focused on the effects of cell phone type radiation on fertility…..which is fairly clearly established. But we know that sperm production is affected by heat….testicles need to be slightly below normal body temperature for sperm to develop…..which means there is a potential for harm with both electrical and magnetic field exposures. Laptop shields can help but shielding of this type only ever offers limited protection, see

  • Peter said,

    Lloyd, I think I’ve accidentally discovered another source of laptop radiation….. My microwave meter (EMFields Acoustimeter) detects microwave emissions even when wifi is off. Seems to occur mainly in the horizontal plane of the laptop, and may be connected with activity on the hard drive – difficult to be sure as I only have a warning light for hard drive activity. The sound on the meter is very different from any of the standard signals – a sort of low-pitched ‘static’ crackling. On one of the laptops the lights on the meter come on indicating field strength of > .03 V/M. Do you (or anyone else) know anything about this? I’ll have to look at additional screening for this, or replace the laptop with a ‘tower’. I don’t know if this is a genuine emission or an oddity connected with the meter. Any ideas?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    The audio function on the Acoustimeter detects many frequencies which are not shown via the display. Shielding from all these frequencies is complicated…’s good to know these frequencies are there but unless you are experiencing ill health because of these frequencies I wouldn’t be overly concerned.

  • Kristina said,

    For the first video, is that just from the laptop itself or is this from wifi? I am on a laptop all day at work and I just hooked it up to a cable for internet and disabled my wifi, but does it still emit radiation?
    Thank you.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    My first video shows the electric field emissions from the laptop…..electric and magnetic fields are present even when WiFi is disabled .

  • Kevin said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I hope you can do an EMF test with 2 screen the same size but one is a LED backlit and the other the fluro non LED backlit. Its obvious which one will have more EMF,but how much is the question. Im definitely switching to a LED backlit monitor to get rid of the fluro Screen.
    Hope you do the test.

  • Rahul said,

    Hi Llyod
    My problem lies that my young daughter suffers from Rosacea(skin condition with lot of flushing and redness over face). She is a radiologist by profession and she is required to read lot of x-rays,CT & MRI on view box and do ultrasounds on monitor.Her flushing gets exacerbated while doing her work on monitors or even on laptop.I presume it is because of UV/electrical/emf radiation or heat emitted from these monitors.Can you shed some light which type of radiation is the main cause of her agony.Can you suggest some shielding device/films to overcome this problem.

  • Me said,

    I’m buying a new MacBook Pro. Do you know if the retina displays emit more EMFs than the regular screen? I can buy an older model that isn’t a retina display.


  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Rahul
    Monitors and laptops emit a variety of non-ionizing EMFs at different frequencies…..magnetic fields, electric fields, possibly RF radiation and dirty electricity. There are many things your daughter can do…..the tips outlined on this page are a good starting point. The first thing is to deactivate the wireless function from these computer devices and ensure that wireless/WiFi/cell phone exposures are eliminated as far as possible. Even though she may not experience a direct cause/effect relationship with these exposures these EMFs will add to background levels of electrosmog and therefore impact her health.

  • Lu'ayy said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I was wondering whether you have personally measured and tested the Harapad? I find it strange that you don’t recommend the diodes and chips that claim to protect against EMFs but you do recommend the Harapad which is claiming the same thing.

    Also, you mentioned about the dangers of sitting near the back of another monitor. I work in a busy office and so I don’t think it would be possible to move. Do you think putting some tin foil on the back of the monitors would help block the harmful fields?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Lu’ayy
    There is a huge difference between shielding materials (like the Harapad) and using diodes & chips, this article explains why these devices can be dangerous
    I have tested the Harapad, see
    Tin foil on the back of a monitor may help (careful about creating a fire hazard)….you would need an EMF meter to prove or disprove this.

  • EMFScout said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    thanks for the video about Laptop Radiation. Your Laptop not plugged in still had a reading of more than 150 V/m. Do I understand it right that this is still 150x stronger than the 1 V/m which is considered of ‘no concern’ by the SBM-2008 from the Institute of Building Biology?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Yes the EMF meter in the video is showing readings around the 150 – 180 V/m range….which is considerably higher than the Inst. of Building Biology level of ‘nil concern’.

  • Mendi Bowen said,

    Hi, There is Large (2’x3′) fiber optics box in my office approximately 3 feet from by desk. Students visit my office daily and are seated less than a foot from this large blinking and humming box. Can you offer and suggesions or ideas as to how much radiation this box is emitting or how dangerous being housed in this office is posing to me or my students health?

  • Stefen said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    A lot of the focus around computers, especially desktops, seems to be the screen and not so much the rest of the machine. I’m blind, so I have no use for a screen and keep mine off at all times unless I need to show someone something. Logically, this would seem to be an advantage as this eliminates a major source of radiation.

    However, I’d still like to measure the radiation around the area. As far as you know of, are there any talking meters?

  • sgn said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thanks for all the suggestion and remedy.But I have eyesight problem.I have to work about 10 to 14 hours in a day with many computers in my class as well as my home.Can you suggest any EMF resistive glass that I can use in my eye.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Fiber optic installations use light not electrical current to transmit data but the actual box (which may be the optical emitter, receiver or just an amplifier) will have a power supply….it may be a small DC battery (quite safe) or it may use AC current (plugged into the wall) via a linear mode power supply (fairly safe) or switching mode power supply (SMPS) a possible source of EMF pollution, particularly dirty electricity. The only way to determine what your exposures are is to take readings with an EMF meter/s.

  • Mike said,

    With respect to your response to another commenter that I copy/pasted below:

    Does this mean that some CPUs can emit RF and that there nothing we could do it about it (wuch as turning off wireless adaptor or bluetooth)?

    I want to buy a new CPU but now I’m concerned about the possibility that it will emit RF even after turning off all the settings and I won’t be able to return it.

    Any suggestions?

    “A word of warning….make sure it is the tower thats causing the problem. I ran into a similar problem when I changed my desktop CPU. I kept the existing monitor and bought a new tower. My original set up was clean, no RF radiation at all. But when I connected my new tower to my old monitor I was getting an RF signal. I ended up replacing the monitor also. “

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    “Does this mean that some CPUs can emit RF and that there nothing we could do it about it?” This means EMFs can be emitted from the most unlikely sources but there is always something you can do about it… my case I replaced the monitor. The point is if I hadn’t taken readings with my RF meter I wouldn’t have been aware of these exposures…..that’s WHY it’s so important to take readings with an EMF meter/s.

  • Brian said,

    Lloyd, Great website and enjoyed your book. I just bought shielding fabric for my monitor at work. I’ve only purchased a TriField meter and haven’t yet gotten an RF sensitive meter like your suggested Cornet or Acoustimeter yet. So I was only able to measure the fabric, which I purchased at LessEMF for Magnetic and Electric fields. My Acer 23″ LCD produces around 1.5 milligauss from about 2 feet away. Up close it’s 7 milligauss. As expected, the fabric didn’t effect magnetic emissions. With the fabric grounded it produces no change. I will go back and test the RF but their website has a youtube video demonstrating its successful reduction of RF. The bad news is that the fabric made my eyes literally hurt. It was too distracting. I’m glad I didn’t have a shield constructed of the fabric with a neat frame for $100 a monitor. If you happen to test the performance of any of these fabrics or films, it would be great to see your readings and personal experience with each product. I wasted $40 on the VeilShield product and am getting ready to possibly waste more on other products or venture into a computer store with my meters hoping to not get arrested as I test all the monitors for EMR/EMF. Hah hah. Keep up the good work.

  • Nicky curnow said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    In regards to the salt lamps do you happen to know if the Himalayan salt candle holders work as well as I have these placed by both mine and my son’s computer.

    By the way have just ordered a Trifield meter by your recommend – can’t wait to use it!!!

    Many thanks


  • Mateja said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    Many thanks for this extremely important and elsewhere hard-to-find information on you website. I would like to ask for you opinion on the safety of convertible laptops vs. regular laptops. As I see it, a convertible (such as an Asus Transformer Book, Microsoft Surface with a keyboard, and Dell Venue with a keyboard) has the CPU in the detachable tablet part (behind the screen), so when using it with a keyboard, the EMF on the hands may be weaker than with a regular laptop (which has the CPU in the keyboard part). On the other hand, you mention constant microwave radiation from tablets – would a convertible radiate more like a tablet than a laptop? Or could one switch off Wi-Fi and completely avoid such radiation?

    I should perhaps mention that I am looking for an ultralight laptop to use for travel, a few times a year only.

    Many thanks for your advice,

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Mateja
    Given that you’ll only be using your computer a few times a year this issue should not be at the top of your list of EMF protection priorities BUT if I were to be in the market for one of these devices the first thing I would look at would be to make sure a hard-wired connection (WiFi free) was possible.

  • Alan Schmukler said,

    Greetings Lloyd,

    Do you know if LED monitors’s emit much less than those with fluorescent tubes. Are LED monitors also problematic?

    Thank you


  • Mateja said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    Thank you very much for your response. As much as possible, I will try to use the laptop with WiFi switched off. I have been assured that this is indeed possible since it runs Windows 8.1. The device has a USB port, to which I can attach a dongle that converts it to an Ethernet port (in fact, I plan to get one that has several USB outlets in additon to the Ethernet port; that way, I can use a wired keyboard and mouse when not on the go). So as long as hard-wired internet is available, I should be ok…

    Does that sound like a good plan, or did I miss something important?

    Again, many thanks for your generous advice,

  • Marie said,

    Hi. Would you please address Mateja’s question about convertibles, outside of wifi (say, if you never use the wifi and it is turned off)?
    Thank you very much!

  • Brian said,

    Alan, Unfortunately LCD back-lit monitors pulse. See Conrad Biologic’s Low EMF Computing article. He talks about the issues that come up with switching power supplies, both in Desktop computers and embedded in the back of LCD monitors. Switching power supplies create a lot of “noise”. You can switch the PC’s power supply out with a linear supply, but the LCD monitor is a bit more challenging. It’s rare that a manufacturer produces a monitor with an external power supply which can be upgraded. You can filter RF noise from an LCD monitor with an anti-glare film (LessEMF dot com) but unfortunately, LCD monitors throw a lot of magnetic radiation. Important to stay at LEAST 3 feet from them to minimize exposure. Fortunately Magnetic radiation drops off fast as you step back. The TriField meter shows this effect really well.

  • Kristina said,

    I use a laptop at work for approximately 6.5 hours/day. I understand that the computer emits the most harmful waves when it is plugged in the the power cord (vs. running off of the battery). Therefore, I leave it charging at work all night, and when I arrive at work I unplug it and work off of battery until it runs out.

    What if I removed the battery and just used the power cord connection? Will this decrease the amount of harmful waves? My husband suggested this, as he said he thought the harmful waves are probably emitted when the power cord is charging the battery.

    I use it at my desk all day so there really is no reason to use the battery.

    Thank you.

  • Kim Goldberg said,

    Hi Lloyd. Great advice!! Thank you. On your diagram/illustration of radiation absorption (SAR) in relation to the position of the WiFi antenna on a laptop… That only pertains if the WiFi is enabled, right? In other words, if I get a laptop and turn off the WiFi, I won’t be experiencing any of that particular radiation absorption will I?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Kim
    The diagram isn’t mine it’s from a Portuguese study, but yes if wireless functionalities are deactivated on your laptop you will not be exposed to this type of radiation from your laptop – it’s always good practice to verify this by taking readings with an RF meter.
    Well done Kim on raising awareness on this issue!

  • Kim Goldberg said,

    Thanks Lloyd! :)

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Kristina
    Removing the battery and using just the power cord may reduce EMF emissions then again it might not….any opinion I have here would be pure guesswork (because different computers can produce different results)……the only way to KNOW if this reduces your exposure is to test with an EMF meter.

  • Rebecca said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    We have the D-Link DSL 2750B modem router. There is a button to turn the wi fi off. Do you know if once the wi fi is turned off if it automatically turns back on for updates?
    Thanks in advance

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Rebecca
    Theses devices evolve very quickly I recommend testing with an EMF meter to make sure that the WiFi is not being re-activated following an update.

  • Rebecca said,

    I’ve become really electrically sensitive in the last year or so and it’s really affecting me as I work from home all day on the computer. I had to get a new laptop this weekend and I researched a lot to try to figure out the best laptop for my sensitivity. The laptop I was using didn’t affect me much but they’ve changed so much since I last bought one. All of the ones with the screen size I needed (17″) for graphic design were touch screen. Just a little background – I cannot be anywhere near iPads.. even if my husband is on the other side of the house or in the garage, I feel pain and tingles between my eyes that start to go in my nose/cheek bones – it’s the strangest thing! He used to think I was making it up until he’d use it without telling me on the other side of the house and I’d know immediately. I actually used to have an iPad that I used all the time and I had no issues at all and then all of a sudden I started getting very specific headaches from it so we’ve stopped using iPads in the house. I don’t have experience with any other types of tablets so I don’t know if it’s an Apple thing or a tablet thing (my iPhone has started causing the same thing) but I purchased a laptop with a touch screen but I bought one specifically for gamers so it’s not compact with a lot of processing power so it shouldn’t have to work too hard & stays really cool which I’m not sure if that matters but when my old laptop got hot from using it for awhile, that’s when it would seem to affect me. This is my first day using the new laptop and I am getting tingles like I do with iPads or when I use my iPhone. I’ve had to keep my cell phone (iPhone) in airplane mode for the last few months and just check it only a few times a day because I’ve become more sensitive to where the iPhone affects me like the iPad did. Do you think the tingles from this new laptop are because it is a touch screen or just the laptop itself?? I know proximity is a big deal and I’m not actually touching the screen (I’m using it like a normal laptop) but does the touchscreen technology emit something special or more EMFs just from existing? Did I actually just buy a big tablet? I’m so lost on how to select the right laptop and working on the computer is my livelihood so I have to be on a laptop. :( I love the laptop otherwise but I have to return it within a week if I’m going to return it so I need to figure this out soon. Thank you so much for your incredibly informative and helpful website! I have learned so much.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    It’s difficult for me to give an answer which does your question justice in a few lines here….make sure you apply EVERYTHING you can from my article above BUT really you need to be addressing whats causing your sensitivity in a broader sense….my Free Report is a good place to get a start on this.

  • Nips said,

    Whats your thoughts on attaching a grounding cord to the laptop USB port?

    I’ve heard many benefit from it.


  • Nips said,

    Oh lol, just got to the bottom of the article and realised you addressed this.

    Cheers dude!

  • browns said,

    I would suggest disabling the radio broadcast huge difference in rf levels

  • Jhonatan said,

    What I use to block elf lightning LCD monitor computer? What do you use? The monitor light is burning my face.

  • linda said,

    I have some concerns about my working environment – 8:30 to 5:30 sitting 8 feet away from the server room for a largish financial company. Almost above my head is a wireless router.

    I’m seperated from the server room by a partial pre-fab wall (goes to head height as I sit) … its a metallic frame with one panel fabric and another a plastic window. On the other side of my cube pre-fab wall is a metal filing cabinet – on that a plant. Other side of filing cabinet is open to a 4 foot wide corridor then the drywall seperating the corridor from the server room.

    I noticed immediately when I joined that I had a concentraton problem which I don’t have at home or at other jobs. I thought it was the stupid open cube idea, but now I’m not so sure.

    Should I be concerned?

  • Matthew said,

    Hi Lloyd. I would like to know if living in a metal trailer is safe. It’s in a trailer park. So I don’t know if this better or worse than a free standing home. Thanks for your time. Matthew

  • olive said,

    Looking to buy a mini usb keyboard to use w my laptop until I can afford to switch to a desktop. Would you say most of those simple ones w no frills should be emf free or should I buy one through that specific lessemf online store?

  • Tater said,

    what if my skin gets hot from cfl lighting and i feel like a lizard cooking in the sun? not like a vampire, more like a lizard.. what do i do about cfl lights?

  • Jenny said,


    Thank you so much for the insights and advise, it is so helpful. I am definitely buying the above mentioned WIFI equipment, plus ethernet. But I have a couple of questions. Is there a possibility to use the ethernet instead of wifi in different rooms of the house that are not close to the router? We are several people who frequently work with the computer +internet, in different rooms. I do not yet see how this could be done with an ethernet cable that connects router to the computer. My other question is, wether I can simply replace my old router from comcast with the recommended TP Link router? Thanks so much for your time!!

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Jenny
    Ethernet can be used in different rooms of the house….you need a router with multiple ports & then you hard wire each room (this is what I have in my home)… electrician can set this up for you….installing sockets so there are no visible wires etc.
    Check with your Internet provider before changing your router.

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